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Mikayuu Fanfiction recommendations

There are around 184 Mikayuu ff in AO3. I read most of them so… I thought, maybe… I’d be of some help?

Ignore the order, please. These are my favorites but I can’t decide which’s better tbh  (◡‿◡✿)

I hope someone finds this useful ^^

Memento Mori

by Nayru Elric


What other people don’t know about Mikaela is that behind the facade of tranquility he wears on the outside, there’s a weakness he never let the others see, not even Yuuichirou. Even before vampires took over the world, Mikaela didn’t allow his dark past in his everyday life. When Mika comes back from Ferid’s more exhausted than usual, Yuu demands to know what’s going on.

My comment: 

Angsty but cute :’) <3 

This writter’s so good and the characters are so in-character I strongly believe it could have happened in canon.

To Be A Family

by lemishie


Glimpses of the daily lives in the Hyakuya family after the apocalypse and taken captive by the vampires.

My comment:

The hyakuya children being cuties and showing Yuu what family means <3

Mikayuu as kids <3 !

Lots and lots of fluff.

I highly recommend.

Do I Wanna Know

by Crazyloststar


Guren Ichinose runs a boy’s love cafe in Tokyo, to spite his family and because why not. Mika works there with a crew of young men.

One day, a familiar face from Mika’s past shows up for his first day of work, and nothing is the same.

College Days

by Mikayuu_Trash


Working in a bakery and living a pretty simple college life, Mikaela is doing pretty good despite not having a significant other. Well, yet anyways.

Rated M for future Mikayuu sex ;)


by CsillaDream


Mikaela is a Reaper, who is sent to the human world as punishment for skipping out on his work, but what happens when he becomes friends with the person he’s supposed to reap? How is he supposed to separate work from his personal life when death is constantly around him?

My comment:


Cute <3

Angsty in the latest chapters.

It doesn’t have as many kudos as it deserves. 

The AU is much better than it seems! You’ll actually be surprised.

Dear God

by Roriette


He begged, “You can take everything – everything, so please. Please don’t take Yuu.”
500 years; 6,000 months; 182,500 days; 4,380,000 hours.
What a terribly quiet world it is.
A world without Yuu.

Afire love

by strikedawn


After Nagoya’s failed mission, an unsteady truce is formed between Shinoa’s squad and Mikaela Hyakuya, making Yuu feel conflicted inside. On one hand, he’s got Mika back, his friends are alive, and they seem to be trying to be civil with each other, even if it’s just for his sake. On the other hand, Guren is being held captive by the vampires, Shinya has just given them a mission Yuu doesn’t like, and Mika… Yuu doesn’t really know what Mika is feeling.

Maybe not even Mikaela knows what he’s truly feeling, after all.

My comment:

Everyone’s so in-charater it’s perfect.

I wish this happened in the manga…

Saving You

by seredemia


The war’s over and the world looks forward to a brighter future ahead of them. Mika and Yuu have survived the worst, but soon find that they still have one more challenge left to overcome.

Living together.

Wait a Minute



There is a reason you don’t mess with people’s feelings.

I’m Right Here

by seredemia


Guren struggles to face the future after a recent divorce. Shinya’s desperate to run away from his past. Yuu just wants a family, whereas Mika’s absolutely terrified of his. Nothing’s as easy as it looks on the surface and all four of them have definitely got issues to face before they can even grasp a semblance of happiness in their lives.

Somehow, a chance meeting at the local supermarket puts into motion a set of events that will finally change their lives. Whether it’s for the better or for the worse is another matter entirely.

My comment:



It’s a gureshin fic but, in my case, I could barely even notice with ALL THE ANGST.

A Musical Matchmaking

by Sarah737


“Who died and placed Ferid as the moderator for the Theatre Club?”

“The real question is: why you still decided joining it?”

 Arms of the Ocean

by Camiella


Ever since his beloved family was murdered, Yuu’s dreamt of Mika being alive. Over the years their dream meetings won’t stop reoccurring with Mika growing older alongside Yuu.

Fate must love being cruel to Yuu because there’s no way his dreams are real. After all, dreams are made up in your own head and Mika is dead…right?

Driving with You

by ShearGlacier


Yuu sneaks into a car (Kimizuki’s) and drives off and Mika takes a car to see his sick sister. The two crash (literally) into each other and change their lives completely.

A Latte of Mishaps

by haisenana


Wherein Yuu is a barista at a cafe and Mika is stressing over his research paper that is due at the end of the week.

Little Red



Based on “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault.

Fast Food of the End: Do You Want Fries With That?

Emma (KarasunoShugoshin)


Mika is a poor university student working at McKruldo’s in order to make end’s meet. He hates his job, but it was the only place that would hire a kid with a temporary address. Yuu on the other hand, has his own apartment that he lives in while attending university, but as a stipulation of getting his own place, his parents require him to work at the fast-food restaurant where his uncle is the Assistant Manager. Working at Hiiragi Fried Chicken is a drag, but Yuu figures that at least it’s better than McKruldo’s across the street.

One day, Mika’s sweeping the parking lot of McK’s in order to get away from the General Manager’s constant sexual harassment, when he sees a black-haired boy cleaning the windows at HFC, their main competitor. Their eyes meet, and…

cerulean blue

by sunflowerfaun


Our eyes met, and everything around me began to fill with colors beyond imagination.

My comment:

Cute soulmates AU.

A Dance on the Spider’s Web



If anyone ever dared to look Yuu in the face and say that life of an idol trainee must be idle, he would punch them in the face. If anyone dared to say the same thing to Mikaela, they would be needing a spot on the nearest cemetery.

Singing, dancing, and acting on a daily basis, a nine-people idol unit begins the journey towards their debut. Little do they know about the truth in the rumours surrounding their group from the days before it was even founded. Show business is ruthless to those who cannot adapt - and even worse to those who can.

My comment:

First chapter is the funniest thing ever.

if home is where the heart is

by atrophy


Like this, Yuu can almost make himself believe that it’s just the two of them – like they’re the only people left in the world.


by kanacchi


When his delinquent best friend, Yuuichirou Hyakuya, almost got himself hurt in a fight, the head of the student body, Mikaela Hyakuya, decided to abandon all of his charismatic charm to teach his friend a lesson.

little games



There’s a boy that has always attended Shinoa’s parties. His name is Mikaela, and he’s the cutest person Yuichiro has ever seen.

My comment:

Yuu is so akward and Mika’s a prince charming (◡‿◡✿)

Dream Remedy

by thatdankKoushi


When Yuu first escaped from Sanguinem and met Lieutenant Colonel Guren, he couldn’t help himself. He broke down, he became depressed and he felt drained of the all the life he used to have.

My comment:

Cute scenes between Guren and Yuu. It has more Mikayuu than expected(even though Mika’s “dead”, I mean).

Communication Is Key

by Esatea


As opposed to most stories about childhood friends being separated, they actually did stay in contact. They made sure to call each other at least once every week, and talk for as long as either of them could possibly afford to. And if a night passed without at least a dozen text messages exchanged between the two best friends, that was more of a miracle than Yuu actually cleaning his room.

I actually believe all fanfics here deserve a try. We were blessed with great writters in this fandom (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Plus, there are some stories with a lot of potential but, since they’ve barely even started, I didn’t think I should have added them.



23rd February 2017

This is scene is just so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Every time I watch this scene it breaks my heart, I love how they don’t even need to say much but you feel every emotion.

Honourable mentions:

- Break up (13/7/17)

- January Argument (19/1/17)

- Underwater ssw scene (20/10/17)

- Bathroom scene after baby reveal (26/5/17)


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“I think it’s my job to risk looking foolish. One of the things I’ve learned from the actors I’ve worked with is you don’t get something for nothing. If you don’t risk looking foolish, you’ll never do anything special.”

devil may care, heaven will weep.

summary: Marinette throws Ladybug away to protect her friends, her partner, and her home. Adrien watches the rest of the aftermath unfold through uncertain eyes. 
a/n: This idea has been playing on my mind all day, and I decided to write it up. It’s been a little while since I’ve done a non-prompted piece, and this one will certainly be longer than my usual fics. Also, this is my first attempt at a semi-action scene. Any criticism will be welcome! I hope you enjoy this piece, and I hope I got the tone right.
warnings: mentions of injuries, blood, and self-harm (though not due to depression).
[PART 2]

“Ladybug!” Adrien ran around the rubble, frantically turning his head and trying to spot his partner amidst the aftermath of the chaos. 

The entire plaza had been turned on it’s head. Stones had been unearthed, glass made the ground glint with the red of the sun, and the whole area had been evacuated. It was like searching for phantoms in a ghost town. 

He didn’t care what person had been infected with the Akuma this time. All that was business said and done. 


The entire thing was a blur. Ladybug had been pinned against the wall. His arm throbbed white-hot pain. They were close to blinkering out, and she had…

Adrien shook his head. “Can’t think about that now. Can’t… Ladybug!” Trying to keep his mind focused, his feet pounded against the ground, and he ignored the shooting pains coming from his left arm. 

Everything was grey. Dusty. Nothing was there aside from ruined rubble and torn flags. 

Adrien’s lungs screamed at him to stop running, and his body forced him to take a few moments to try and catch his breath. He bent over, hands on his knees, trying to steady the labouring wheezes from his throat. 

It was when he went to take another step, that the colour caught his eye.


Underneath a broken piece of debris, he saw it. A tiny, bloodied hand, curled out and unmoving. 

His stomach lurched as he took a closer look.

Keep reading

Happy holidays everyone!! Since its nearing the end of 2015 and I’ve made so many great friends this year, I figured it’s time to put together my very first follow forever!




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hey so ive recently reached 4k so i decided to do a second follow forever because since the time i’ve reached 1k i’ve met and followed a bunch of new and great people so yeah !! 😊😊😊
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pretty sure this follow forever is just a list of all the people i’m following ahahahaha but if i forgot u i’m sorry just tell me if i missed u etc etc thank u i love u guys heaps

To thank every single one of the blogs that I follow, and the blogs that follow me, for making my tumblr time wonderful :)

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For now I wish all of you (also my other followers: just because you’re not in this list doesn’t mean you’re not amazing) a very happy 2016!

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(soo some people may not have made the connection but this is a side blog and origamigiraffes is my main so we’re totally the same person! this blog is way more active though)

Okay it seems like everyone is doing follow forevers and I haven’t been around for that long but i’ve been really enjoying the people i follow. I don’t really follow very many people so if you’re on here you’re very special indeed! hover over your URL for a special message :)

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Thank you all for your wonderfulness <3333

I also want to give a shout-out to all my great followers and let you know that I love and appreciate all of you and if you ever want to chat my inbox is always open. I love personalities on my dash, and if you talk to me I will likely follow you and develop that relationship further. I love getting notifications from you and think you’re all fabulous!!


hi everyone!! ♥ it’s been over a year since i last made a follow forever and that one only had about 20 people on it, so i thought i’d make a big one this year!! if you like video games i seriously recommend you check out these amazing blogs.

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I love your blog! I was following lots of book blogs on tumblr but they were all too similar so I unfollowed most so now I follow around 30 people.. You are my favorite can you tell me other blogs that post content similar to yours or your favurite blogs?? Blogs that are varied like yours, not just young adult. Please give me over 25 suggestions because my dashboard is nearly always empty....

Oh my gosh, thank you! <3 And of course I can recommend some of my favourite blogs to follow! Here’s a short list of the people I stalk regularly admire from afar: 

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These are the blogs that I’ve noticed I either reblog (a lot) from or look up to because of their wit and humor, or because their tastes are similar to mine and/or we have a rapport. You asked for over 25 blogs, I’ve given you a list of blogs thats close to 50 (Sorry, not sorry) and even then its not the entire list of all my favourite blogs! The aforementioned blogs contain varied content like you asked and trust me, your dashboard will never be empty or dull any more! Cheers!!