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“Draw your otp/squad like this” challenge #1: my pgsm pairings! 
Rei’s probably suspecting Minako spiked the food again. xD
And I was trying to go for a smug face on Luna but failed.

Original challenge source, which I found thanks to @drawyourocrebloging​.
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if they ever choose to bring back the master i hope they continue with Missy because honestly we’ve had too many male time lords and the aesthetic of manical laughter, screams and fire whilst a woman just drinks tea with a smirk is just one of my favourite parts of Missy

We are all to blame

Inspired largely by the track of the same name: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB8Tzl-kzvg 

Other than the No man’s land scene this is my favourite part. Actually scratch that this is my favourite part of the movie because I feel that this is when Diana truly became Wonder Woman; this is the moment where she questioned whether she was doing the right thing. And this is what I love about WW; Diana is a hero that loves fiercely and isn’t afraid to express it. I love how the movie didn’t just make WW a hero because she realise it was the right thing to do, but instead went one step further and made her question it. I think that’s more important than establishing what is right and wrong; we need to understand why something is right instead of blindly following the masses. A lot of times it is seemingly easy to distinguish between right or wrong which is why I felt World War I was an ideal setting to convey this lesson because it is such a confusing war and there are no clear cut villains, as opposed to the Nazis in WWII. I also think Gal Gadot did a wonderful job portraying Diana’s naivety and steadfastness in her principles.

Pevensie Affection
The Chronicles of Narnia Cast
Pevensie Affection

↳ prince caspian cast commentary ⇾ pevensie affection.
Georgie: Will and Anna, I think that’s the first time in both of the films when the Pevensie children have actually shown some kind of affection towards each other.
(sound of grumbling and disagreement from the others.)
Anna: We all hug Skandar in the first one.
Georgie: Apart from the hugging of Skandar… it’s just Skandar who gets all of the hugs.
Anna: I hug you at the Stone Table.
Skandar: Yeah, there are lots of hugs.
Georgie: Okay, actually, I’m going to take back what I said. In this film, that’s the only sign of affection that the Pevensie children show to each other.
Anna: You hug Will in the bear scene.
Georgie: Good point.
Will: Yeah, and in the Aslan scene.
Georgie: I’m just gonna shut up.
Skandar: It’s the only time in this five minutes where they show any affection!

#yeah the pevensies never show any affection #who would think that?

Signs as Suga’s Parts in BTS Songs

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This Is Love: Part Five

Summary: Being Bucky’s PA wasn’t easy and you respond to his grumpy attitude with your own. The two of you have never gotten on, forced to stay working with him because your Uncle Tony insists you have a job. 

Word count: 3185

Warnings: swearing, mentions of alcohol

A/N: probably my favourite part so far and actually of the whole series

Part One   Part Two    Part Three    Part Four

’(Y/N) come on’ you hear Wanda whine from outside your bedroom door. ‘You have to come, it’s tradition. It’s not even like you have to go anywhere it’s inside the compound’. You roll your eyes and setting the book down you answer her irritating pleas. Swinging the door open you stand with your hands on your hips waiting for her to say something. Taking in your appearance, snuggled up in your fleecy pyjamas and beloved fluffy socks you see her wince slightly. 'You can even come in your pyjamas, no one will mind!’ She was trying to get you to come to the weekly session in which the whole team, obviously excluding Bucky and Steve, got drunk out of their minds and played a series of party games that almost always ended with someone dry humping another person’s leg. You’d decided to give it a miss this week, opting for a quiet night in with your favourite book due to your bad experience last time. Playing spin the bottle you had ended up kissing over half the team and Tony, probably not liking seeing his niece play tonsil tennis with most of his colleagues, started screaming at you all like you were kids and had even tried to send you to your room.

'I’m not going Wan leave me alone’ you’re about to swing to door shut again when she pushes it open and pins you against your wall.

'Now!’ she yells and Steve and Nat run in with handcuffs and a blindfold.

'What is this kinky shit?’ you scream to which they just roll their eyes and everything goes black. You let out a high pitched squeal which you don’t let up until they remove the blindfold and cuffs to see the team sat in a circle on the floor around a bunch of shot glasses and various bottles of high concentration alcohol. You hear the door lock behind you and glare at Wanda’s smug face. 'Urgh’ you moan as you sink down in the only available space. Right next to Bucky. Since your reconciliation you had been civil with each other. Hardly best friends but better than it was before by far and you smiled at each other when you sat down. 'Please don’t let me drink to much’ you whisper to Bucky who is smiling warmly at you. 'I just really don’t wanna do something I’ll regret. Ok?’ you ask and Bucky nods his head. 'Promise?’ you say in the same hushed tone holding out your pinky. He stares at it for while before realising what you want and wraps his own little finger around yours.

'I promise’ he says, echoing your whisper. He’s about to pull his finger away but you tighten your grip around it.

'No, no, no wait! We’ve gotta seal it’ you say and lean in to kiss your intertwined fingers. He seems stunned for a while before he himself presses his lips against your finger. You move away from each other and look around the circle to see everyone staring at you expectantly as if they’re waiting for you to suddenly be all over each other. 'Oh come on guys grow up!’ you sigh and Clint yells, probably to draw the attention away from you and Bucky to which you are silently thankful to him for,

'Alright let’s get this show on the road!’ before tipping his head back and downing the first shot of the night.

Bucky knows you’re way too drunk. He knows he broke his promise to you. But he also knows that when you get drunk you get giggly and ten times more hilarious than you are sober and he knows that it’s absolutely the most adorable thing he’s ever seen. You have an arm slung around his shoulders, laughing at Nat as she is dared to run around the common area completely naked and he can’t help but lean into your warmth and just pretend. Pretend that you’re his and he’s yours and that you love him back. He can’t help it but this is all his has after you unknowingly put him so far into the friend zone that he has the most minuscule chance of clawing himself back out. Now you’re too far gone with the drinks he feels that it’s a bit late to tell you to slow down so he acts as a support, propping you up when you press up against him to stay vertical, acting as your crutch when a dare requires you to stand up and laughing with you as you giggle hysterically at something that wasn’t even that funny.

Steve, the only other sober mind in the room looks at you and Bucky and can’t help but sigh. Both of you have been through so much and deserve happiness which he believes you’ll find with the other but the two of you are almost equally stubborn and neither would even consider confessing how you feel to each other. Hell, when he’d first tried to get anything out of Bucky about your relationship he had snapped, 'she’s too good for me ok? Way too good for me’, before storming out and slamming the door. So he waited and watched as the two of you grew ever closer and when he felt Bucky was ready, he initiated the conversation again. This time Bucky, in yet another fit of jealousy broke down. 'How can the universe hate me this much?’ he had sobbed. 'To give me love and to let me use it on a woman who’ll never love me back’. As much as it had broken his heart he knew he couldn’t tell you. For one you’d never believe him and two it would be a massive betrayal of his best friend’s trust.

'Ok, ok, ok, ok’ you mumble, your eyebrows furrowed and clearly deep in though over whether you’re going to pick truth or dare. 'Ummmmm’ Bucky can’t help the grin on his face as he watches you concentrate so hard it’s like you’re trying to solve a difficult math problem. 'Ok’ you say decisively. 'I’m gonna go with’ you drum roll on the floor before clapping loudly. 'Dare!’ Everyone whoops and looks at Sam who is the one to give you your dare.

'I dare you’ he slurs, pointing at you and frowning. 'To kiss’ he giggles and you feel yourself blushing, 'Bucky!’ Even in your drunken state you feel Bucky tense up next to you and you giggle again and look up at him. He’s blushing heavily, his heart hammering against his rib cage. He’s afraid that if he kisses you he’ll never be able to let you go. He’s afraid that on the off chance you remember what’s about to happen, you’ll never speak to him again out of embarrassment. His heart stops as he sees you begin nodding heavily.

'Mmkay’ you slur, knowing the forfeit would be something like giving him a lap dance or something. When the rest of the team cheer you turn to Bucky.

'Wait!’ you hear Nat shout. You look at her and she is grinning wickedly. 'You have to use tongues and it has to be five seconds long at least!’. You nod, too drunk to question it and position yourself on Bucky’s lap with your legs around his waist for ease of access. His hands move to your hips then your back to support you and you lean into his touch. You cup his face gingerly in both your hands, stroking his cheeks with your fingertips and then lean in, the second your lips meet sticking your tongue into Bucky’s mouth. The sound of the team counting and whooping is almost drowned out by the blood rushing in your ears as his tongue massages yours and you bite his lip, illiciting a low moan from him as his hands move to the back of your head, holding you in place. Your hands do the same and you begin gently pulling his hair, making the kiss deeper still. Your lips move in perfect sync and you hum contentedly then release a desperate moan making you blush in embarrassment but you don’t pull away. It feels like you’ve been lip locked for hours and your lungs start to burn, begging for air. You find it in yourself to pull away, gasping as you do and looking deeply into Bucky’s eyes, now darker with lust, his hands moving to grip your bum. Your face almost splits in two with a toothy grin and he copies this, pressing his forehead to yours and enjoying the feeling of holding you in your arms even if it is only temporary. This thought pulls him back to reality and he looks past you at the team, all staring wide eyed with their jaws hitting the floor. You slide off of his lap and land with a thud on the floor next to him looking around innocently.  

'Ok who’s going next?’ You ask, ignoring the stunned looks on the team’s faces and Bucky, now shifting uncomfortably to better position himself to hide the bulge slowly growing in his jeans, and pretending like nothing had happened.

'And then’ you whisper to Bucky, giggling at nothing, 'and then. Oh no!’ You exclaim and Bucky reacts immediately, tilting your face upwards so you’re looking at him and searching for the reason for your shout.

'What? (Y/N) what’s wrong?’ he questions, panicking slightly. You shake your head, frowning and then shrug.

’S'okay I just forgot my story’ you huff in disappointment. 'It was really funny I promise’ you insist, shaking his arm agitatedly.

'Ok I believe you’ he says, laughing at your pointless concern. The two of you are in your own little bubble, gripping each other as you heave with laughter or as Bucky stares in wonder at you as you get lost in another story that’s going nowhere. Steve, or Captain as you all called him when you got drunk, had told the others to give you some space and told the team to get on with their game. Of course they listened, you all get this strange idea when intoxicated that Steve has all the authority and you have to do exactly what he says. No one knows why but it seems to be like an unspoken rule that will have dire consequences if you don’t obey.

'Bucky?’ you question, a high pitched tone of curiosity in your voice. Bucky, already smiling from your voice alone, almost can’t wait for the question you’re about to come out with.

'Yes doll?’

'Are we, did you ummm’ you begin several questions before frowning again. 'Oh shoot I’ve forgotten. No! No I haven’t I remember. Did you, like, um, enjoy the kiss? Even though it was a dare and it totally doesn’t matter if you didn’t but I did so I was just wondering you know?’ His heart swells at your question and drunken admission that you did in fact enjoy kissing him. Desperate to make you happy but also to be absolutely truthful to you, he takes your hands in his.

'Doll I’d do it again in a heartbeat’. His words make your cheeks flush furiously and look down at your intertwined hands. You feel the alcohol clouding your mind but you let it.

'Well then, what’s stopping you?’ You question, almost in a whisper, looking up at him through your eyelashes. His eyes widen perceptibly and he almost laughs in disbelief. Leaning forwards his lips again make contact with yours, the kiss softer this time, less sloppy and wet. His hand move up to cup your cheek and you smile against his lips. Pulling away you look into his eyes, a soft smile on your face right before you pass out into his lap.

Your eyes open slowly, squinting as they adjust to the light. You try to sit up but immediately ditch that idea as your head feels like it’s being split in two. All you remember was Bucky promising not to let you drink too much and you silently curse him. 'Some promise’ you mumble to yourself, trying to push your tangled hair out of your eyes.

'What was that?’ you hear a familiar voice and your blood runs cold. You look up the tiniest bit and see a very almost naked Bucky walking towards you with a glass of water and what looks like two aspirin in his hands. Your mouth falls open and you groan.

'Oh my god we did not fuck!’ you say, as loudly as your hangover will let you.

'No we did not 'fuck’, you passed out on me so I carried you to bed. I tried getting you to your room but without your voice to unlock it I wasn’t getting in’.

'And did you sleep in the same bed?’ He smiles amusedly.


'And did we, like, cuddle and shit?’ At this his smile becomes oddly calm, like he’s remembering his fondest memory.

'We did’. At this you retch and Bucky looks hurt. You’d actually just smelt the large amount of vodka consumed last night on your pyjamas and you sit up, ignoring the headache and pelting to his bathroom where you bend over his toilet and heave. When he realises what’s happening he is soon at your side, holding your hair back with his metal hand and rubbing small circles on your back with the other. Finally finished you sit back, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand and wincing. 'You can use my toothbrush if you want’ Bucky offers. 'And here’ he says, tossing you one of his shirts, 'wear this so you don’t make yourself sick again’.

'Thanks. Are you sure? I’ll get your toothbrush all sicky’.

'I’ll get a new one’ he shrugs before leaving you in his bathroom, you assumed to get dressed.

Stepping out of the bathroom in nothing but Bucky’s shirt, which reaches to your mid thigh, with his toothbrush in your mouth you pull your hair up and point to it, indicating that you need a hair tie. A smile lights up his face, being overcome with joy as he takes in the sight of you in his shirt having just spent the night in his bed and he feels around for one without taking his eyes off of you, finally finding one and handing it to you. You turn back around to finish brushing your teeth and minutes later step out again, still a mess but needing something to eat. 'Breakfast?’ He asks as if reading your mind and you nod.

'Wait Bucky’ you command.

'What? Are you ok?’

'I’m fine just’ you pause. 'Did I do anything last night that would mean getting laughed at by everyone today?’ Wanting to spare your feelings and hoping no one else remembers he shakes his head. You breathe a sigh of relief and head down, Bucky following close behind.

'Hey you’ Wanda greets you over enthusiastically and you frown a little at her strange behaviour.

'Hey?’ You reply, heading over to the cupboards, Bucky getting your bowl and cereal and then propping himself up against the counter watching your every movement like he’s trying to memorise everything you do.

'Oh my god you don’t remember’ Wanda says giggling. Your heart stops and you look at Bucky. He looks guilty. 'Nat she doesn’t remember!’  She yells making you wince.

'Hey enough with the yelling. Some people get hangovers in this place’ you hiss, rubbing your head. Nat runs in stopping next to Wanda and looking almost greedily at you, it’s kinda terrifying.

'You don’t remember anything? Anything at all?’ She questions. You shake your head.

'I remember Bucky promising me that he wouldn’t let me drink too much’ you throw a playful glare at Bucky who still looks like he’s killed a man. 'Ok what’s going on?’ You turn to face the girls who are about to explode with excitement.

'You don’t remember feeling anything? Even if it’s not something that happened just a feeling’ Nat asks and you frown, forcing yourself to remember something.

'I remember this tingling feeling in my stomach, and being incredibly turned on’ you state honestly. Bucky coughs, no more like chokes, at this and you look at him confused. Nat and Wanda are now giggling messes.

'A tingling feeling means’ Wanda says, pausing for effect, 'you really, really, really like someone! But who could it be?’ She says, obviously already knowing.

'I don’t know Wanda, who?’ You sigh. Nat runs over to you, pulling out her phone and getting a video up. You hear Bucky mumble 'oh no’ under his breath but ignore him as Nat presses play. You watch Sam dare you to kiss Bucky and you almost have a heart attack. Then you watch as you mount Bucky, grinding your hips against his crotch as you groan into a very, very intimate kiss, as he moans too. You feel your face getting hotter by the second as a kiss that was only dared to last five ended up lasting more like thirty seconds. Hold up, Bucky was sober. He knew what was happening. Your mouth falls open as you watch him kiss you again, this time not even for a dare and then you pass out. You look up from the screen, staring at Bucky with wide eyes. He’s blushing heavily too and you feel something, butterflies you think, erupt in your stomach. He’s just as embarrassed as you are, maybe he’d be just as willing to forget. Ignoring the butterflies you pull him into a tight hug and press your lips to his ear. 'I get it’ you whisper. 'It was a dare. Let’s just forget about it, kay?’ He nods when you pull away still blushing and you look at Wanda and Nat. 'It was just a game guys get over it’ you roll you eyes at them, trying to brush this of casually.

'Yeah but the second time-’

'Just a game’ you cut Wanda off, desperate to cover your feelings.

’(Y/N) he was completely sober he knew exactly what was happening and he enjoyed it! Doesn’t that say something?’ Wanda almost pleads to your turned back as you walk away leaving Bucky behind feeling more embarrassed than ever at Wanda’s last comment. As you walk away Nat looks at your outfit and almost screams. She waits until you’re out of earshot before she launches at Bucky with questions.

'Why was she wearing your shirt? I didn’t show her that video of you hiding your boner to spare her do you want me to go show her? Hm? Did you sleep with our best friend?’ She shouts and Bucky winces, wanting to go back to his room and never emerge.

'Hell no’ he huffs, looking at his feet. 'I’ll never be that lucky’. This was a mumble. It was only supposed to be heard by himself. But when he hears the squeal of the girls he knows he’s fucked up. He’d just told your two best friends that he wanted to have sex with you. 

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Hello!!! For the color palette challenge, I was wondering if you could do pallet #5 with the word ‘dream’. (uwu)

Dreams full of magic (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Woody: [answers question mid-way]

Woody: [sees Elizabeth Banks] [greets Elizabeth Banks]

Woody: [smiles and touches her arm] 

Woody: [lost focus and has no idea what the interview question is] what was that?

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Favorite JoJo part besides Vento Aureo?

I’d definitely say JoJolion!

Maybe it’s because I’m getting to experience it as chapters come out, but I’m loving the mystery, and the chemistry between the members of the Higashikata family is really enjoyable, like how Hato and Joshu insult each other, or the way that Norisuke and Jobin get along. I’d love to see more of Mitsuba at some point.

Josuke is also probably my favourite JoJo overall; he’s got a lot of lighthearted quirks - sometimes missing social cues, or coming off stilted - but he can be pretty formidable and scary.
I love the villains a lot, too, and I can say that at least one of them has been genuinely terrifying to me thus far.

Honestly, overall, I think it combines strong elements of both parts 4 and 5 that I love - like some of the pacing of 4, and the gray morality and general uncertainty of 5. Its tonal shifts strike a good balance, I think.

I had a great Saturday at Birmingham Collectormania hanging out with @awesomelesbiansurgeon and @room-2o3, and meeting this special bean:

(no Jemma, holding the mic to your ear does not, in fact, help you hear the questions, but thanks for being so cute.)

Anyway, nothing special here but I’m just writing things down for my own benefit while I still remember something. This post is basically just me rambling for far too long.

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I always get super uncomfortable when people draw naruto as this uber manly hurly burly GRRRR masculine dude 

cause like have u seen him?

pls don’t forget about this part of him it’s literally the most important thing thank u