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100 Goals you can have as a language learner

A follower of mine asked me what are some realistic goals when you’re learning languages but before giving you 100 examples, i want to mention that you can have daily, weekly, monthly or/and yearly goals. If you get easily distracted and need motivation, set goals for each category; however, if you can focus and be motivated for a longer period of time, you might not need daily or/and weekly goals.

Also, the numbers/minutes/hours are an example, you can change them according to your time, resources, motivation etc.

Daily goals

  1. Read 1 article in your target language.
  2. Learn 10 words.
  3. Learn 1 poem in your target language.
  4. Learn a song  in your target language.
  5. Watch a movie.
  6. Read 1 page from a book in your target language.
  7. Sing 1 song in your target language.
  8. Talk with a native for 10 minutes.
  9. Learn 2 idioms.
  10. Translate 1 song.
  11. Translate 1 poem.
  12. Write 1 short text about anything.
  13. Watch 1 episode from your favourite show dubbed/subbed.
  14. Get 50points on duolingo.
  15. Make a vocab list.
  16. Learn 1 new grammatical concept.
  17. Think in your target language for 10 minutes
  18. Read to a podcast for 15 minutes.
  19. Learn 1 tongue twister.
  20. Spend 15 minutes on WordBrewery.
  21. Play on Babadum for 15 minutes.
  22. Use Clozemaster for 15 minutes.
  23. Listen to an audio book for 10 minutes.
  24. Revise your notes for 20 minutes.
  25. Learn 1 vocab list.


  1. Read 10 articles in your target language.
  2. Read 2 books for children.
  3. Learn 5 poems.
  4. Learn 3 songs.
  5. Watch 3 movies.
  6. Learn 10 grammatical concepts.
  7. Talk for 2 hours in your target language.
  8. Learn 5 vocab lists.
  9. Learn 100 new words.
  10. Finish 8 lessons on duolingo. (i mean the entire bullet/dot/set of mini-lessons)
  11. Watch 10 episodes from your favourite show  in your target language subbed/dubbed.
  12. Learn 30 idioms.
  13. Write 3 A4 pages about anything.
  14. Translate 5 songs.
  15. Learn 3 vocab lists.
  16. Revise with the help of some tests online for 2 hours.
  17. Change your phone settings to be in your target language.
  18. Make a summary for the books you’ve read.
  19. Read 10 pages from a complex book in your target language. 
  20. Make 5 vocab lists.
  21. Write a motivation text of 10 lines for your in your target language about why you enjoy learning languages.
  22. Think for 2 hours in your target language.
  23. Translate 3 pages from a book in your native language.
  24. Translate 3 pages from a book in your target language.
  25. Discover 10 new songs in your target language.


  1. Learn 350 new words.
  2. Read 1 advanced book in your target language.
  3. Finish a grammar book.
  4. Finish 10 stories for kids.
  5. Learn 80 idioms.
  6. Learn 20 vocab lists.
  7. Finish 35 lessons on duolingo. (the bullets/dots/set of mini lessons)
  8. Make 20 vocab lists.
  9. Watch 10 movies in your target language subbed/dubbed.
  10. Translate 10 songs.
  11. Learn 10 poems.
  12. Learn 5 songs.
  13. Talk to natives for 10 hours. 
  14. Write summaries for every chapter/article you’ve read.
  15. Watch 15 youtube videos in your target language .
  16. Make a story of 5 minutes while looking at a random picture on google.
  17. Understand a song (that you don’t know) without checking the lyrics too often.
  18. Read 20 articles.
  19. Make a dish while reading the recipe in your target language
  20. Revise for 20 hours.
  21. Keep a journal with your daily progress and at the end of the month, read how many things you achieved.
  22. Read to a podcast for 24 hours.
  23. Think in your target language for 24 hours.
  24. Play babadum/wordbrewery/clozemaster for 10 hours.


  1. Be mistaken for a native.
  2. Know 50 poems.
  3. Be able to sing most Disney songs in your target language.
  4. Watch movies without subs.
  5. Learn 10.000 words.
  6. Read 10 advanced books.
  7. Finish duolingo/whatever course you use.
  8. Be able to think in your target language effortlessly.
  9. Master irregular verbs.
  10. Have at least 5 native friends that talk to you in your target language.
  11. Be proud you didn’t give up.
  12. Study a bit daily.
  13. Finish 3 grammar books/workbooks/books for advanced learners.
  14. Have a decent accent.
  15. Be able to read without translating anything.
  16. Watch more movies in your target language than your native one/English.
  17. Have favourite youtubers that are native of your target language.
  18. Keep a diary and read how your year has been.
  19. Be able to talk about advanced stuff.
  20. Have very detailed descriptions.
  21. Know the most popular songs in your target language.
  22. Read mostly in your target language.
  23. Know several new recipes that cooked only in the country where your target language is spoken.
  24. Being able to say that you’re bilingual/multilingual/a polyglot.
  25. Learn your next language through the one that you mastered already.
15 Self-Care Tips

Simple tips and tricks for when you’re feeling down, under the weather, or just plain stressed out! 

1. Scream into a pillow
     • Release all that pent up energy and scream!
2. Take a 30-50 minute nap
     • A quick cat nap can help you feel rejuvenated, without wasting too much of the day.
3. Clean / organize your room
     • Decluttering your personal space helps declutter your mind (in my experience).
4. Take a hot bath
     • Light candles, pour in some aromatherapy soap (bath & body works stress relief is amaaaazing!), play some snazzy tunes and drift into your dream world.
5. Take a cold shower
     • Wake your entire body up! Shock yourself back to life, it gives you so much energy after and you feel ready to run a marathon!
6. Go for a walk / run
     • Being physically active always helps me clear my mind, and it’s also productive too!
7. Sit in a field
     • Enjoy nature, feel the grass on your legs and arms, listen to the birds and the animals, sit in nature and just be!
8. Go window shopping
     • Even if you can’t spend any money, it’s always nice to look at / try on new clothes, look for new shoes or accessories, and just getting out of your house is always nice!
9. Go out to eat
     • Try a new cafe, or go visit your favourite one! Any good food is comfort food, fuel your body and your brain and #treatyoself while you’re at it!
10. Cook your favourite meal
     • Whether it’s a five-course meal or just mac n cheese, your favourite dish always tastes so much better when you put effort and love into making it!
11. Binge watch your favourite shows / movies
     • So you’ve watched The Office seven times already? Doesn’t it make you feel good? Well… why not do it again?
12. Colour / draw
     • Doodle, draw, paint, or pick up a cheap adult colouring book from your closest book store and go nuts! Try new colour schemes and patterns, or try using one base colour for an entire page. Go crazy!
13. Watch storytimes on YouTube
     • YouTuber’s spill out their life stories for us FOR FREE??? Try and find the craziest ones you can, or it’s always nice to hear about other people’s life experiences, whether amusing or motivating!
14. Go to the gym / workout at home
     • Once again, physical activity is important for your body and your brain! Help release all your pent up stress and stay active while doing it! If it’s 5 minutes or 50 minutes, see how hard you can push yourself!
15. Re-read your favourite book
     • It’s your favourite for a reason, right? Try to find new descriptions you’ve never noticed before, bookmark your favourite passages / quotes, or just read it normally! 

Life isn’t always easy, and it isn’t meant to be! When things get tough, it helps to just take a deep breath and take a break from reality for a bit. Stay positive everyone! 

1/100 Days of Productivity

remember me not

Drabble Request: 35. “Why are you looking at me like that?” + Hoseok || for anon

Characters: genie!hoseok x you

Words: 14.1k (oml this is monstrous)

Inspiration hit me like a train and gave birth to this mess. This was also supposed to be a Valentine’s Day gift, but that didn’t happen so now it’s a gift since Hobi’s birthday is coming up. Special mentions to Admin Z, @kittae, @ssconce, @pink-strawberry-flavored-kpop and @suha-min​. To readers, enjoy! and happy reading!

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magpiesarefluffy  asked:

One of my favourite Big Deal Moments was from Carpe Jugulum, when Granny Weatherwax and Mightily Oats talk about what sin is, and she says it's when you start treating people like things- that one's stuck with me for years.

That is probably one of my favorite Big Deal Moments in the entire series. It’s such a small one! Granny just puts it out there, for half a page, and then they go on to talk about her beliefs and the book moves forward. But that line has probably come up the most in the notes for the Big Deal Moments post, so it clearly sticks with you forever, and that’s just so cool

“It’s not as simple as that. It’s not a black and white issue. There are so many shades of grey.”



“There’s no greys, only white that’s got grubby. I’m surprised you don’t know that. And sin, young man, is when you treat people as things. Including yourself. That’s what sin is.”

Sneak Peek at the X!

        The MARVEL:AGAIN! ride doesn’t stop, no matter how much you scream. 2017 is going to be a very exciting year for superheros fans everywhere. For the first time in decades, CHARACTER X will star in his own new ongoing, and it will be brought to us by all-star creating team of award winning writer Wright O’Words and artist Wastin Miink.

        One might cynically claim that the new Character X’s ongoing is due to the recent announcement of his movie, set to be released for 2023 as part of phase 8 of the MCU, but editor in chief Nat Imaas assures this is not the case: “We already had plans for a relaunch of Character X. The announcement of the movie is just a fortuitous coincidence [laughs].”

        O’Words gives us juicy details on the project: “It’s a new, fresh, hip, accessible take on the character,” he explains. “We’re going to take Character X out of his element in a series of adventures that will challenge him like he never was before. It will make him more relatable and grounded. We’re really looking for what makes him tic, and exploiting it in a whole new setting. And while we’re updating the character for a new age, we want to keep an eye and respect his rich history as well. I was always a big fan of Character X, I remember well reading his adventures when I was a kid. Those comics mean a lot to me, and moving forward doesn’t mean ignoring them.”

        Nat Saami has other opinions: “I was never a big fan of Character X [laughs harder]. But that speaks volumes of how much I admire Wright’s pitch. This really is a different brilliant take that will surprise old and new fans alike.”

        On the art side, Miink has some amusing memories on the creation of the new costume. “I started out only slightly tweaking the original version, that like all best superhero costumes, was a simple and easily recognizable design. Saami then broke into my house, and beat me up for hours, screaming “You’re making me do this!” He then strapped me to a chair, kept my eyes open with duct tape  and forced me watch the entire MCU on fast forward. From there, I took the original design, and added lines everywhere to make it look like it’s made of kevlar plates, and then added even more lines because I was bored. So yeah… redesigning Character X was a really interesting experience for me, and it helped me grow as an artist.”

        O’Words adds: “I speak no hyperbole whatsoever when I say that this book is most certainly Miink’s best work in his entire career. Every page is like, WHOA”.

        But that’s not all! Miink’s sketches reveal the presence of a new star, ready to take the book by storm. “Yes,” reveals O’Words. “We wanted it to be a surprise, but here it is! We’re expanding Character X’s cast by adding a new recurring member that I’m sure will become a fan favourite in no time.”

        “Generika is a snarky, funny, adventurous, brave, super competent and average, relatable teenage girl. She’s smart, always ready to enter a fray, never backs down from a fight! But she’s also very, very flawed: she’s stubborn. She’s a very strong female character is what I’m trying to say. She brings color to Character X’s world, and allows us to see him more outside the costume. He may have saved the planet a dozen times, but when it come to opening a tin can on his own, he’s absolutely inept in a way that makes you really depressed and miserable. Generika is there to help you see that, and, who knows, maybe one day she’ll go on the field on her own as well? Only time can tell.”

        Saami concludes “Fans need to get ready! We’re rebuilding Character X from the ground up, redefining him as he moves forward with the rest of our line. It’s going to be an epic tour de force, a no holds barrel adventure, that still maintains a strong sense of humor [laughs hysterically]. A perfect jumping on point for everyone that wants to enjoy the one and true Character X!”

        Our beloved hero comes back this fall! Don’t miss CHARACTER X AGAIN #1! I’m excited… are you?

100 Days Challenge for Langblrs

Since the langblr community seems dead and studyblrs have this challenge that seems very productive, i thought i should try to make a langblr version.


  • There are 100 activities and you have to finish 1 task daily. 
  • There’s no particular order for these tasks. You choose what you feel like doing that day.
  • The tag for the challenge is #100daysoflanguages. In this way i can see how your studies are going and other people can get motivated knowing that someone else is doing the same challenge.
  • If you have time, write in your post what words/idioms you learned, what you’ve read/watched etc.
  • You can do this challenge for 1 or more languages.
  • Where i didn’t mention, there’s still a 95% chance that you still need to use your target language. [yes, i stopped writing “in your target language” at some point]
  • You don’t have to post about the challenge if you don’t want to, but i’ll be glad to see your progress or a post after you’ve finished the tasks. ^^


  • also, these tasks don’t really work for sign languages, at least not all of them
  1. Learn 5 new words.
  2. Learn 10 new words
  3. Learn 2 idioms.
  4. Sing a Disney song for 3 times.
  5. Translate a song.
  6. Memorize a poem.
  7. Read 1 article online about something that interests you.
  8. Name every thing that’s in the room for 5 minutes. Write down new words.
  9. Try 2 tongue twisters.
  10. Learn 15 words.
  11. Learn 4 idioms.
  12. Watch a movie/episode from a serie subbed or dubbed in your target language.
  13. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  14. Write about your day in 3-5 lines.
  15. Send a motivational message to another langblr. (in your target language of course) [it can be only a “don’t give up”, it still counts]
  16. Find 3 new songs in your target language and learn 5 new words from each.
  17. Learn 30 words.
  18. Learn 5 idioms.
  19. Write about your goals/dreams in 5-7 lines.
  20. Read 1 page from a book, any book.
  21. Write a dialogue between 2 people about anything; person A and B having each 10 lines.
  22. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  23. Write about your passions in 5-7 lines.
  24. Learn 5 words related to pets. [e.g. fur, claws, whiskers, paws, tail]
  25. Translate a short poem or song.
  26. Learn 1 Disney song. (you don’t need to learn it perfectly, if you know 3-5 lines without looking for the lyrics, that’s great)
  27. Try to talk for 3-5 minutes with someone and if you don’t have natives to talk to, write a mini dialogue about why you like languages.
  28. Choose a vocab list from tumblr, learn 10 new words/structures from there. [yes, it’s time for us to use those vocab lists]
  29. Read 2 articles about something that you like.
  30. Change your phone’s settings to your target language for 1 day.
  31. Learn 20 words.
  32. Learn 3 idioms.
  33. Watch a movie/youtube video subbed or dubbed in your target language.
  34. Write 5-7 lines about your favourite movie, serie, drama, anime, cartoon, youtuber.
  35. Talk to yourself for 5 minutes. [even if you don’t know a word, look it up, or change the entire sentence; just think in your target language]
  36. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  37. Read 3 pages from a book/comic/magazine.
  38. Translate 1 song.
  39. Translate 1 paragraph from a book in your target language. [if you don’t have a book, tell me the language and i’ll find you a pdf]
  40. Watch 2 videos on youtube in your target language or about your target language.
  41. Translate 1 paragraph from English/your native language to your target one.
  42. Translate 1 song from English/your native language to your target language.
  43. Write a motivational message in your target language to 2 other people.
  44. Write in 5 lines some things that you dislike.
  45. Learn 15 words.
  46. Talk to someone for 5 minutes/write a dialogue about anything.
  47. Write in 3-5 lines what you like about your target language(s).
  48. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  49. Read 2 pages from a book in your target language.
  50. How was your day? Tell me in your target language.
  51. What do you want to become? Why? Tell me in your target language.
  52. Tell me in your target language how you decided to learn your target language.
  53. Sing 1 Disney song.
  54. Learn 15 words.
  55. Make a vocab list of at least 10 words. You choose the theme. [if you want one; you could just choose random words]
  56. Try 2 tongue twister.
  57. Think in your target language for 10 minutes.
  58. Talk about your favourite animals in 3 lines.
  59. Learn 10 words related to school.
  60. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  61. Talk about your favourite sweets. [no limit]
  62. Talk about yourself. [no limit]
  63. Talk to someone in your target language for 10 minutes/write a dialogue/text.
  64. Learn 2 idioms.
  65. Read 1 article and talk about it a bit.
  66. Translate 1 paragraph from English to your target language.
  67. Translate your favourite quote to your target language.
  68. Summarize 1 page from a book, in your target language.
  69. Sing a song.
  70. Talk about your favourite celebrity. [no limit]
  71. Learn 15 words.
  72. Talk about your favourite book. [no limit]
  73. Watch a movie/episode from a serie/youtube video subbed or dubbed.
  74. Talk about a friend of yours/langblr that you like.
  75. Learn/Revise 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  76. Talk about a happy moment from your life. [no limit]
  77. Give in your target language 3 tips for learning a language.
  78. Translate 2 quotes that you like in your target language.
  79. Write in 5-10 lines anything. You choose the topic.
  80. Talk about your fears in 3-5 lines.
  81. Read 5 pages from a book.
  82. Learn 10 words.
  83. Write in your target language a sentence with the following words: earring, nightmare, bracelet, seahorse and jar. You can use the plural of these words.
  84. Talk about a pokemon. [no limit]
  85. Learn/Revise 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  86. Write a motivational message in your target language to 2 other people.
  87. Write an advice.
  88. Read 1 article.
  89. Sing a song.
  90. Learn some lines from a poem.
  91. Summarize a story in few lines. [it can be a story from your life or a fairytale]
  92. Learn 10 words related to hobbies.
  93. Learn 3 swear words in your target language.
  94. Read 1 page from a book.
  95. Translate 1 paragraph from a book.
  96. Talk about a book you like.
  97. Translate 3 quotes that you like.
  98. Sing a disney song.
  99. Describe your room.
  100. Talk about what motivates you.

Since i made this challenge, you have for sure 1 partner if you decide to do it. We can motivate each other! ^^ I hope that many langblrs will try it. Good luck!

catilinas  asked:

39, 44, 48, 49?

thank u tate my Friend

39: What book that has made you cry?

*trash brain*: merlin fanfiction

I cried through the entire last 50 pages of the song of achilles rip it was a gross affair. like I won’t deny it’s a Problematic text in areas but miller’s emotional register is just right there

44: Favourite book quote, go. 

this one (one of many!) is from maurice:

When love flies it is remembered not as love but as something else. Blessed are the uneducated, who forget it entirely, and are never conscious of folly or pruriency in the past, of long aimless conversations.

48: Do you write, highlight, underline etc in your books?

I write in them in pencil cos I’m a HEATHEN

actually it’s kinda why I buy books and don’t just borrow them, so that I can write in them. I do like annotating bits, or underlining a nice quote. more recently though, I’ve taken to putting in those little sticky tabs (my copy of fire from heaven has yellow tabs for gay bits… and there are a lot of yellow tabs)

49: Worse book you’ve ever read?

damn I just ranted about 3 I didn’t like but here’s another: the picture of dorian gray. it’s so supremely overrated; I found it rambling, self-contradictory, misogynistic, and oddly moralistic. I’m sure a lot of people on this site would fight me about this assessment, but I can defend my opinion with evidence from the text lmao. also it’s way less gay than I was led to believe


Review: A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird #1) by Claudia Gray

[Goodreads Link]

This is the story of a teenage girl named Marguerite and the journey she takes to track down her fathers killer through multiple dimensions. It’s also the story of how she falls in love with him. 


Once upon a time there was a genius who fell in love with another genius and together they had two children, one of which becomes our main protagonist, Marguerite.
Being physicists, they also created Firebirds, a machine capable of jumping around the multiverse. It works by allowing your conciousness to jump into your own body in another dimension, so you can not jump into a world in which you never exist or in which you have died. The science behind it all is actually really interesting, I loved it. 

For whatever reason, I was initially surprised that the story focused so much on the love interests, even though it was in the blurb, but I got over that pretty quickly because as Marguerite fell in love, I did a little, too. 

There was a lot of background information for the first 100 pages or so, but after that it picks up rather quickly and becomes much better, and all the info is very important to the story. 

The book deals with grief, as well, although not too deeply. Marguerite goes after her fathers killer because she’s angry, but as she jumps around the dimensions, she sees her father again. So not only is she dealing with knowing her father is dead, she’s dealing with seeing him again as a different version of herself in a different world that is not her own. 

Also, the plot twist at the end, I did not see coming, so that was entertaining. 

General Comments:

For the first book in a series, it was very well done. I’m finding it incredibly difficult to explain this book without giving spoilers, actually. Overall though, it was fun, engaging, and it wasn’t difficult to keep up with. The writing was plain, but I appreciate that in a novel like this where so much needs to be explained. 

While the book is heavy on the love interests, it’s very plot driven, too. There was a steady balance after the first 100 pages. 

I also really enjoyed seeing the other possible dimensions that this world could be. There are only four dimension jumps in this first book, but I’m excited to see what the next books have to offer.

Favourite Non-spoilery Quote:
“Now I know grief is a whetstone. It sharpens all your love, all your happiest memories, into blades that tear you apart from within.”

Overall Rating: 

my favourite bit from the entire stream was the actual frickin’ battle Mark had with his piano book that kept turning pages without his permission and he kept bitch-slapping the page