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9 Favourite Albums Tag!

I was tagged by @shaddyhatter , thanks bud! :)

1) The Party Scene, All Time Low

I can’t make a list of my favourite albums and not put The Party Scene in there. That album is just raw energy and voice and so packed full of meaning. This is one of those albums I can’t choose a favourite because I love them all so much, but Hometown Heroes, National Nobodies is a great one; We Say Summer, Running From Lions and ofc Lullabies have special significance to me. And let’s not forget about Sticks, Stones and Techno. Let’s not let ATL forget it either

2) Selfish Machines, Pierce the Veil

AHHHHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH because it opens with Besitos and you have ‘a diamond bullet from a gun made of gold she was covered in blood last seen in San FRANCISCO’ I mean, I die every time. And it finishes with The Sky Under The Sea which is like, the best. And there’s just so many bangers on this album, including The Boy Who Could Fly which is one of my favourite songs ever oml

3) White Noise (Deluxe), PVRIS

Okay the reason I’ve put White Noise Deluxe and not just White Noise is because of Empty, I gotta say the first time I heard that song I felt the most fundamentally human, raw connection with it and it was just beautiful. Ofc there are so many good songs on this one too, Holy and White Noise are two of my favs :3

4) So Wrong, It’s Right, All Time Low

Yeah okay I put two ATL albums in this list I am t r a s h leave me alone :) God I just love this so much, I especially love in Let It Roll when it goes ‘take a breath, we’ve got all the time in the world to get a grip on the fact that we don’t last, but right now I wanna watch the tide roll in with my best friends’ AHHHHHH yass and also, Vegas is on that album, and Stay Awake, and I actually want some of these lyrics tattooed on me one day because Stay Awake means a lot to me <3

5) California 37, Train

Haha, not many of you (if any) know this but I used to be a huge Train fan. They took a hiatus and I’m not really into them any more, but this album still bangs. We Were Made For This is probably my fav from it, or perhaps Feels Good At First. It brings back 2012 vibes for me, serves as a nice bit of nostalgia <3

6) Gravity (EP), Against the Current

This was the first EP by ATC that I listened to, and it was like a week before ATL last year and I fell in love with it. Gravity in particular means a lot, because it reminds me of the people who mean Gravity to me; who keep me safe and grounded.

7) Summer (EP), Cassadee Pope

k, one word: ALIEN, oml that song is my j a m, I relate to it so much. Cass’s voice on anything is just incredible and she always shows such an emotional connection to the lyrics. I was tempted to put Frame by Frame on here, but it had to be Summer. I feel like her style really took a jump from Frame by Frame to Summer and it’s just so impressively wonderful.

8) Collide With the Sky, Pierce the Veil

Yep I put PTV in here twice too. This whole album has significance for me. A lot of it I associate with hard times, but in a good way. These songs made me feel so much less alone, particularly songs like Props and Mayhem, Bulls in the Bronx, Hold on ’Till May. Yeah, they mean a lot. This album is full of bangers too ofc

9) okay., As It Is

This album just dropped in January and I love it so much! It’ s so brilliantly honest, and the glo up from Never Happy, Ever After is insaaane. I especially love Soap, as well as The Coast is Where Home Is, because I live on the coast so I’m like ayyyyyy :3  also I really relate to okay, which is about the hard shit Patty went through, saw a therapist, etc. so I connect with that a lot. And Hey Rachel is such a tune oml

I know this is long but I have an irrational need to overshare :) soooo imma tag @matcha-merlion , @lunavos , @fried-demon-potato , @saltie1-8 , @jackbarakitty , @edgeofbarakat (even tho ye aren’t really on tumblr anymore) and @xxgeorgiehamxx . And anyone who wants to do it just say I tagged you lol :)

zeroiasd  asked:

Who's your favorite Transformer?

My favourites in the IDW continuity are Megatron, Starscream, Shockwave, Thundercracker and Arcee. There’s a bunch of other characters who I would call borderline favourites whom I haven’t quite made my mind up about yet; I’m waiting to see how their character arcs develop before I decide if I call them favourites or not.

I love Megatron because on one hand he was once this sort of philosopher poet with a wonderfully life-affirming and individualistic manifesto that I could totally get behind, but on the other hand he became this terrifying monster that annihilated entire species to satisfy his sadistic lust for vengeance and domination. Then underlying these two very serious aspects of his character is this vague hint of the Saturday morning cartoon villain ridiculousness that he’s based on. Each of these elements on their own make for a fun character, but mashed altogether it’s like having a deluxe triple-decker sundae with hot fudge, cookie pieces and mini churros - you get to try and bit of everything in one dessert. On top of all that he now has the opportunity to evolve in a new direction, and the fact that IDW is giving these characters the chance to develop far beyond their initial roles, while still paying heed to where they came from, is what I love about this continuity. I’m very curious to see what Megatron will become. 

I was already predisposed towards liking Starscream in IDW because the other big Transformers continuity I’m familiar with is Aligned, and while I loved most of the Decepticons in TFP, Starscream was by far my favourite. I feel that IDW Starscream is similar enough to TFP Starscream for a lot of the reasons for loving the latter to carry over to become reasons for loving the former, but he’s also different enough to feel like a distinct character. A big part of what I love about IDW Starscream is that a lot of things that were implied or teased about TFP Starscream are actually being delivered with IDW Starscream. For instance, I got the impression at points in TFP that they were trying to say that Starscream harboured feelings of self-doubt, and had certain redeemable qualities, but they never explicitly stated any of these things. Conversely in IDW they’ve gotten around to actually addressing these notions fairly unambiguously. On the topic of redeemable qualities, I’m especially interested in where Starscream’s character arc is headed; if he is experiencing a redemption arc then it’s been fantastically rocky and drawn out - the way I feel redemption arcs should be. The one thing that really bugs me about IDW Megatron is that his bad guy-good guy conversion happened WAY too fast. However, there’s enough ambiguity in terms of Starscream’s character development that he could be headed in another direction entirely, and that could potentially be even more interesting. 

Shockwave is great because, like Megatron, he has these too polarised sides to his character; there’s the cultured, charismatic philanthropist on one hand and the coldly logical mad scientist on the other, each of which are cool characters in their own right. But part of what makes Shockwave fascinating is the fucked-up sci-fi horror manner in which he went from being one of these characters to the other. Then he caps it all off by having the sickest destroy-the-universe motivation and ploy ever. Dude wanted to become a black hole. Follow your dream little Shockwave. 

Do I really need to explain why I love Thundercracker? I mean, what’s not to love? I already have a thing for villains who abandon the bad guys because they find they have a conscience, and despite most of my favourite characters in general being callously murderous assholes, I do paradoxically find it easier to like a character if they have some reservations about killing. So leaving the Decepticons over not wanting to wantonly kill humans was a good start, but making him a human-weeb and dog lover who writes hilariously misinformed screen plays? C’mon, he’s perfect. 

Arcee’s closer to the borderline than the others, because I don’t have quite as clear an idea of what it is I like about her or whether her character arc is headed anywhere interesting, but the fact that she’s had some intriguing backstory hints in the most recent OP issue helps. There’s just something about the way Barber writes her that I find oddly endearing. She’s this violent loner, and she certainly has her angst, but she also has this weird sort of…matter-of-fact(?) attitude about it all that I like. I’m not entirely sure how to put it into words. 

Man, I love robots (and these robots in particular).

chloepriice  asked:

hey! i just started listening to mucc (even i listen to japanese bands for like seven years now lmao) and honestly, i'm hooked. I found your blog and it's really cool that you do all the translations, but do you have any songs or albums to recommend? And do you perhaps have a masterpost with all the lyrics you translated? Keep up the great work :D

Hello, and thanks for your nice words!
Recommending is hard, it’s impossible to pick only a few. When it comes to albums my favourite from them is Karma. I prefer the gloomy songs, Sorawasure, Shangri-La, Hanabi, A., Hane, Kokoro no nai Machi and Heide just to mention a few. Libra is also really precious for me, as this was the first one I heard from them. And Ware arubeki no basho as the lyrics is very meaningful for me.
You can find all my transltaions if you search for ‘translation’ in the menu, but I don’t post lyrics translations. Honestly, I find them hard to translate. :D Harder than a 4-5 pages long interview. They are really simple gramatically, and frequently omitting the noun and the verb, which makes it difficult to figure out the exact meaning.

ruthlessanduseless  asked:

I do not know how I have come to your blog, but omg, i've been reading your fics on ao3 for awhile, and whilst scrolling through your sprace tag (cause my babes) BUT LIKE HOLY SHIT I LOVE YOUR FICS, AND JESUS CHRISTI FOUND SO MANY MORE FROM STUMBLING ACROSS YOUR BLOG. THANK YOU FOR THE JOY YOU HAVE BROUGHT INTO MY LIFE THROUGH HEART BREAKING STORIES ABOUT MY LOVES

Omg thank you! Yeah I’ve amassed quite an archive of fics by this point! Sometimes I see people go through and favourite them all and I’m always super impressed by their sustained dedication.
I’m glad you enjoy my writing ^.^


Okay, fine..this? I wasn’t mugged. Alright, I was trying to help Guardian and I… If he showed up two seconds later, I would have-

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Sherlock: Is a phone call possible? 

Mycroft: Phone call? 

Sherlock: Sherlock has a brother he may wish to say goodbye. John has a daughter he may wish to say goodbye.


guess my favourite character dynamic


Endless List of Favourites + Relationships ||  Queenie Goldstein & Jacob Kowalski (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

  “There’s only one like you.”

anonymous asked:

Hey just curious but who in Stardew are you gonna romance with farmer Amelie?? She's super cute and I kinda love her

…and she’s walked home the same route very day since!


How many others did you love before me?
I loved five others before you: Who, What, When, Where, Why. You’re the sixth.
Sixth, so which one am I then?
You’re none of them because you’re all of them.