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i’ll be there for you ‘cause you’re there for me, too.

My Current Top-Ten Anime

1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - My all-time favourite though I don’t really talk about it. It has one of the best world-building I’ve seen in anime, and I love basically everything about it. Brotherhood is better than the first anime because it has Ling Yao, Mei Chang and Olivier Mira Armstrong in it amongst other things!!

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2. Haikyuu!! - One of my favourite sports anime, I’ve fallen in love with almost all of the cast, and it’s the only manga that I follow at the moment too. I love the underdog story and they’re finally going places now! I’m really excited for what the mangaka has in store for us in the future!

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3. Yuri!!! on Ice - My current obsession if the things i’m reblogging aren’t making that obvious. This one is a game changer, a history maker! Best anime this season (that i’m watching). If you haven’t watched it yet, leave this post and get on that, stat!!

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4. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso/Your Lie in April - CRIED LIKE A NEWBORN BABY TO THIS! This is such an incredible story about getting over emotional trauma, and rediscovering your passions. Prepare a tissue box or two…hundred.

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5. Tiger & Bunny - This one is seriously underrated!! So maybe it’s not for everyone but i loved the family drama, and the relationship building between the two main heroes. The characters are all charming, the villain is positively EVIL, and the plot is great!

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6. Hajime no Ippo - In my opinion one of the best sports anime of all time. I can’t recommend it enough - don’t get put off because of it’s art style, it has some unbelievably epic matches! No match is boring!!

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7. Boku dake ga inai machi/Erased - I adore time-travel plots, and this one was interesting, and the mystery was so gripping. The ending was fab too! Bittersweet.

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8. 91 Days - One of my favourite anime this year, it was absolutely incredible. I felt like it would have made an amazing movie too, a really great story!

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9. Stein’s;Gate - I cried, I laughed, and it was super interesting! I was addicted to this one and couldn’t stop watching it until I finished it. It’s a great concept and well delivered.

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10. Puella Magi Madoka Magica - I cried my eyes out several times! And it’s so arty! Love it!

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paralian - Jimin (Spring Day series)

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(n.) one who lives by the sea

OC - Pyo Raehee 

I have a best friend.

At least I think I did… once.

I used to live in a small town secluded from the cities. It was unimportant to most maps but it was there, idle and unknown to most. The population didn’t go over a hundred and everyone knew each other like old friends.

I remembered getting up early in the morning and biking up the hill a few minutes from the main town. Daeyang was located by the seaside and it was a place where serenity lay and where time seemed to move slowly; unlike in big cities where people always seemed to be rushing after something.

I remembered both loving and hating the place. Hate because it was so small, so suffocating sometimes. I dreamt of leaving that town once I graduate and find a job in the city; maybe become a screenplay writer or even better, an actress who starred in movies (which I would be writing, of course).

Daeyang was a place detached from that world; a world that excited me, fascinated me. Once a month, my uncle visits us and brings in things like movies and the latest technology that came out like those amazing video games and cellular phone units.

Jimin liked those games a lot.


The train zipped passed and I felt the wheels rumbling beneath my feet as it rolled through the tracks.

The skies were dark outside as I’ve taken a ride in the middle of the night; a shotgun decision I had made right next to snagging the very last chance passenger slot at the airport.

My heart beat in a slow rhythm, a contrast to the whirl of emotions stirring within me.

I watched the darkened fields whipping past; a never ending sea of grass, hills, and earth. I leaned my head against the cold glass of the window as the train took me away from the city… far away from what I once thought was everything to me.

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Outlander Season 2 Meme: [5/9] Favourite Visual Moments: You are so like him.


Anthony Ramos x Reader
Words: 604
Request: Can I ask for some fluffy Anthony x reader?Like the girl loves Hamilton but she only listened to the soundtrack so she can’t recognise anybody,she works in a cafe near Richard Rodgers and she’s in charge of music so she plays Ham and Ant comes there?          

anyway, hi! hows your day? or night. I’m probably like being active too early… all my american friends are asleep cry.

my point of this note was that i have revision week next week and also exams after that, so the next two weeks will involve me not being incredibly active. like, i might write in advance and then add posts to my queue but idk how to work a queue so yeah.

enjoy! requests are open as usuaaaaal x

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You were extremely relieved to walk into your work and find out that your manager had called in sick for the day. The job was hard enough as it was, but with your manager constantly breathing down the back of your neck and telling you that everything you did was wrong… you had nearly quit, many times.

You knew that as you were basically in charge for the day, you were able to choose the day’s music. You smiled, plugging your phone into the speakers and pressing play on the Hamilton soundtrack. You made sure to take the sadder songs off your playlist, moving to the door and turning the sign.

You had been working in the café for a few months now. It was situated in West 46th Street and 8th Avenue, meaning that you were close to the broadway productions that played a massive part in New York’s culture. You had never seen a show, as they were too expensive, but you had listened to all of them. Your favourite so far was Hamilton. The original cast recording was always on replay.

The soundtrack to your favourite musical seemed to make the day go quicker and easier. You were a few hours into your shift when it started to get quiet again. You grabbed your water bottle from under the bench, taking a quick sip and putting it back when you heard the sound of the door opening.

“Hi! How are you?” You said, smiling at the freckly man in front of you. He raised his eyebrow slightly, looking you up in down.

“I’m good, how are you?” he asked, pulling out his phone.

“Good, how can I help you today?” You asked, smiling when you heard Story Of Tonight Reprise come on.

“I was just wanting to get a few coffees. But I’ve been refused at the last few cafes I was at. How quickly can you make twenty coffees?” He asked.

“Do you have five minutes?” You asked, grabbing a notepad.

“Yeah, easy,” He replied. You passed him the notepad and a pen.

“Just like, get your order down and then let me know when you’re ready,” You replied, smiling cheerily.

“Of course,” He replied, starting to write his order down.

“Have you got a meeting or something to go to?” You asked, adding his order into the cash register.

“Oh, no. Just an uncaffeinated cast,” He replied, handing you the notebook back.

“Nice,” She replied, starting on the coffees.

“Is this your music?” He asked, leaning against the bench.

“Yeah. Well, usually my manager chooses what we play, but today she’s away, so I get control of the speakers,” You replied, finishing the first few coffees.

“Do you work here often?” He asked.

“Yeah, I have daily shifts. Pays the bills, you know?” You replied, starting to fold the cup holders.

“So Hamilton, huh?”

“It’s a work of art. I’ve never heard anything like it before, and I’ve listened to a lot of Broadway shows.”

“You should come see it sometime,” He suggested. You chuckled quietly.

“I don’t have that kind of money.” You put the cups into the cardboard holders, pushing them towards him. “That’ll be seventy dollars.” He slid the money into your hand, smiling.

“My name’s Anthony by the way, you probably know me better as John Laurens and Phillip. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

You froze up slightly, your eyes widening. “I-uh….,” You blushed.

“Come by the Richard Rodgers sometime soon. Good coffee, by the way.” He smiled, dropping a tip into the jar and leaving.

“Oh, uh, thank you!” You called after him, blushing wildly.

The Gotham Cast is so super nice

I was at German Comic Con in Frankfurt yesterday and met Robin Lord Taylor, Drew Powell, Sean Pertwee and Erin Richards.

Erin was so cute and kind to me and Sean talked to me about his mother and how much fun he had on Comic Con.

Drew said my English was awesome (it’s not my mother tongue) and talked to me about his trip to Poland and where I’d recommend he’d go next time.

I told Robin that he is a great role model in terms of acting and LGBT+ support and that I really love his acting. He liked my pride flag and was so cute and blushed when I made him compliments.

They’re all precious people and I’m so glad I met them and actually had the chance to just casually chat with them. ☆

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Be more chill

Favourite Character: Jeremy

Least Favourite Character: I love them all sorry

Favourite OBC Cast Member: I fuccing love George he is a good pal

Favourite Current Cast Member (If Applicable): N/A 

Favourite Song: Two Player Game

Least Favourite Song: Probably the instrumentals 

Favourite Act (If Applicable): One

Favourite Ship: mcfucking Boyf riends

Least Favourite Ship: None

If There is Something I Would Change about The Musical: Make it gay

Ratings: 10/10


Had an AMAZING time at Wales ComicCon this weekend, got to meet three of my favourite knights and Alex Vlahos fangirled at my Triskelion tattoo, all of the Merlin cast were so lovely and really funny, such a great time! <3


A Tribute to the TMNT Incarnations & Voice Actors, 1987-2014

Which one is YOUR favourite?

For me, I’m very biased towards the more recent incarnations; my favourite Leo voice is Michael Sinterniklaas, my favourite Mike voice is Mikey Kelley, my favourite Raph voice (by a LONG way) is Nolan North and my favourite Donnie voice is Sam Reigel. My favourite cast all together is the 2007 cast and it’s also my favourite incarnation and style, it’s damn beautiful. That said, I also adore the 2012 cast and that incarnation.

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Heathers (for the musical asks)

Favourite Character: Veronica 

Least Favourite Character: idk none ?? I kinda appreciate all of them in some way

Favourite OBC Cast Member: Barrett Wilbert Weed

Favourite Current Cast Member (If Applicable): Teddy(?) (female JD) in the new gay heathers lmao

Favourite Song: Fight for Me

Least Favourite Song: Big Fun

Favourite Act (If Applicable): Act 2

Favourite Ship: Veronica/Mcnamara

Least Favourite Ship: JD/Veronica

If There is Something I Would Change about The Musical: not anything I can think of rn

Ratings: 9/10

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for the musical asks, be more chill!

Favourite Character: Michael Mell!
Least Favourite Character: uhmm.. I’m not actually sure. Squip is a dick but they’re an enjoyable character? If that makes sense?? All the characters are enjoyable.
Favourite OBC Cast Member: George Salazar!
Favourite Song: call me basic but… Michael in the bathroom.
Least Favourite Song: I’m not sure? There’s bits in every song I like. I guess it depends on how well I’m coping with suggestive stuff when I listen to it.
Favourite Act (If Applicable): *shrugs*
Favourite Ship: boyf riends!
Least Favourite Ship: I’m honestly not sure. I don’t think there’s any ships that I’ve heard of that are particularly bad. None that I’ve heard of.
If There is Something I Would Change about The Musical: I’m not sure! I’m satisfied with how it is at the moment. Obviously some days I wish that it wasn’t so suggestive at times but I try to ignore it in favour of the music on those days.
Ratings: 10/10 good musical