favourite music videos list


🎶  Endless list of favourite songs/music videos (2/?): Third Eye - Florence + The Machine

Hey, look up!
Don’t make a shadow of yourself,
Always shutting out the light
Caught in your own creation
Look up, look up!
It tore you open
And oh, how much!

‘Cause there’s a hole where your heart lies
And I can see it with my third eye
And oh my touch, it magnifies
You pull away, you don’t know why


infinite list of favourite music videos: Mr. Simple by Super Junior

I can’t just get angry when the world doesn’t go my way. There’s no need for that. Stop worrying for nothing, let’s not cling to little issues too much. Grades can get good or bad, so what? Results can go up or fall down, it’s something that happens. Anyway it’s okay, it’s good to take some rest. If you are so anxious to death, let’s hang out for today. Wait, save it off, because your day will come soon. Don’t worry now, good days will come to you. Smile brightly today, your bright smile makes everyone happy.