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Icecream Asks
  • Vanilla: Zodiac sign?
  • Chocolate: What makes you laugh?
  • Strawberry: Where do you stand in your friend group?
  • Butter Pecan: The last time you were disappointed?
  • Mint Chocolate Chip: What do you think of your Dad?
  • Cotton Candy: Guilty pleasures?
  • Maple: Favourite characters?
  • Moosetracks: Do you prefer movies, shows, or videos?
  • Black Cherry: Do you like fancy things?
  • Coffee: What's your favourite type of music?
  • Superman: What's a show you remember from childhood?
  • Rocky Road: How would you describe your fashion?
  • German Chocolate Cake: Favourite book?
  • Pistachio: Do you miss being a kid?
  • Salted Caramel: Name a type of clothing that you hate!
  • Birthday Cake: Do you miss anyone?
  • Neapolitan: What embarrasses you?
  • Astronaut: What scares you?
  • Thin Mint: Favourite snacks?
  • Strawberry Cheesecake: What's your new years resolution?
  • Red Velvet: What's something you wish you could do?
  • Bubblegum: Do you like to take selfies?
  • Oreo: What song is stuck in your head?
  • Cookie Dough: Favourite type of art?
2016 MAMA Winners:

Artist of the Year - BTS

Album of the Year - EXO (Ex’Act)

Song of the Year- Twice (Cheer Up)

Best Male Group - EXO

Best Female Group - Twice

Best New Male Artist - NCT 127

Best New Female Artist - I.O.I

Best Male Artist - ZICO

Best Female Artist - Taeyeon

Best Dance Performance - Taemin

Best Music Video - Blackpink

Best Male Group Dance Performance - BTS

Best Female Group Dance Performance - GFriend

Best Vocal Performance Male - Crush

Male Vocal Performance Female - Ailee

Best Band Performance - CNBLUE

Best Collaboration Performance - Baekhyun and Suzy

Best of Next Artist Award Male - Monsta X

Best of Next Artist Award Female - Blackpink

Worldwide Performer - Seventeen

Worldwide Favourite Artist - Got7

Best Asian Style - EXO

Best Vocal Performance - Davichi

Best OST - Lee Juck (Reply 1988)

Best Executive Producer - Bang Si Hyuk

we all know how bad isak is at maneuvering the internet™ so what if even helps isak get to know the gay side of the interwebs (beside the gay test of couse)

even introducing isak to gay youtube like:

  • “you never watched a coming out story???” and then proceeding to show him the ones that helped him come to terms with himself
  • showing him cute couples that vlog (and picking up their catch phrases)
  • “actually there are also gay people on youtube whose videos don’t revolve around being gay. like there is this science channel that even i like to watch and they are a gay couple” and isak is really surprised that they exist

even going “isak you know you don’t HAVE to buy every film you want to watch, right?”

  • and then showing him his favourite gay lovestories including, but not limited to, “The Way He Looks” and “Jongens”

slowly easing isak into pop music again by playing him his favourite songs byy out and proud gay artists

  • think about them listening to years & years while cuddling in bed
  • isak quietly singing along to Troye Sivan 
  • even convincing isak to listen to Pentatonix and then spending an evening marvelling at their talent. he even gets isak to admit that Scott kinda rally is his type. 
  • Frank Ocean
  • feel free to add to this list

New Video: 2Baba – African Queen Remix

One of my favourite throwbacks, 2Baba aka 2Face has released a remix version of his hit song, “African Queen” which was  originally released 12 years ago..!

“African Queen” remix is a special “Annie-versary” video to celebrate his wife Annie Idibia who featured in the original, as they celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary today.

The video which was shot in South Africa, features exclusive clips from their Dubai wedding in 2013 and is also one of the official soundtracks for AY’s forthcoming movie – 10 Days in Suncity,

“African Queen” will always be a classic and I’m sure it is going to be a massive track at many weddings this summer.

Watch, share and enjoy “African Queen Remix”

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There’s something between us all. Something that keeps us together… Like…invisible ties, connecting us. Giving us strength… WE forged these ties. WE strengthen them. If we preserve them, or break them, it will be by our choices, not some “destiny”…

Ahhh I finally did prints of my favourite video game of all time! I bought Fire Emblem: Awakening a year ago around this time, and I’m still completely in love with it – the story, the characters, the game mechanics, the music… Words don’t describe how much it means to me, and how much it inspires me! And I’ve met so many great people through it. I wanted to pay homage to it by finally drawing… every single character… Haha…

Prints of both the adult generation and children will be available at Otakuthon next weekend, at Table 279 along with other prints! If I have time, I’ll cobble together a small Fire Emblem zine as well, with doodles and other fun things :)



Day 13: Favourite OIAM Era Music Video - One In A Million 💕

Iconic swoop. Black leather. Eye patch. Effortless dance sequence. This video showcased everything that made me fall in love with Aaliyah to begin with. Her originality. Her risk taking approach to music and the industry…period. Her flawless and trendsetting looks that are still constantly being emulated to this very day. Aaliyah set the precedent and became the blueprint, constantly creating and evolving within her artistry and forever staying 10 steps ahead of the pack. 20 years later, this video is STILL ahead of its time. And so is Aaliyah… 

ID #99910

Name: Aubrey
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hi! I’m Aubrey and I’ve always wanted a pen pal. I’m 18, live in California and I’m currently in my first year of college. Some of my interest include music, stand up comedy photography and YouTube. I’m currently going to school to be a classical musician and sometimes make videos in my free time! Some of my favourite movies are anything Marvel or Xmen, Les Mis, and pitch perfect. Some of my favourite musicians or Beyoncé, Drake, Gambino, The 1975 and Jon belion. Some of my favourite YouTubers are Sourcefed, The Holy Trinity and Jenna marbles. LGBTQ+ friendly 

Preferences: 16+; any race, religion gender;


Alicia Keys Dances to Wizkid’s “Ojuelegba”

Yesterday Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz got Wizkid fans buzzing after posting 15 second video clips of themselves on Instagram dancing to Wizkid’s hit songs “Ojuelegba” and “Caro”.

Swizz Beatz also informed his 1 million followers, that Wizkid is currently his favourite artist.

I think it’s fair to say that 2015 is definitely looking like a massive year for Wizkid and with his international album set to drop later this year, we are excited to see what the future holds for him.

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Blogger Blues (Ben Bruce) (Asking Alexandria)

Word Count: 879


You were a pretty popular music blogger and had a successful YouTube channel that was centred around your love of music and video games. There was nothing more you loved to do than attend concerts of your favourite bands, but luck had dealt you a crappy hand when you tried to get tickets to see Asking Alexandria but they mysteriously all sold out. This never happened to you and you were upset because they were your favourite band of all time, it may have started because you had a crush on Ben but as the years passed it became all about their music and lyrics.

You open up a new blog post on your site and decide to update your readers, they loved hearing your funny concert stories but this week they’d have to do without. It was a pretty simple post explaining that the tickets were sold out and you were upset because they were your favourite band etcetera, but it served its purpose to get all your negative feelings out.


For some strange reason my social media had been blowing up all day, yes being in a band meant I got my fair share of Twitter notifications but my phone wouldn’t stop vibrating. I had enough and excused myself from the tour bus much to the relief of the guys who had threatened to break my phone if I got one more notification.

As I scrolled through the hundreds of notifications I recognised who my followers were tweeting about. y/n was well known in the band world, she’d done interviews and YouTube videos with other band members but never with Asking Alexandria because the work schedules always seemed to clash. Her blog was quite an amusing read because she didn’t hold back; it was safe to say I was a fan of hers and knew that she liked the band.

Multiple tweets mentioned her most recent blog post and how she wasn’t able to get tickets to see us perform tonight and that I should do something because I was Ben Bruce. I could easily get her a backstage pass and it would be a great excuse to meet her in person, her Fifa videos had all the guys in stitches and they’d thank me later.


You normally ignored your Twitter DMs but something told you to read the one that just made your phone ping. You weren’t expecting anything grand until your eyes landed on the sender and you let out an inhuman noise and started jumping around your living room. Thankfully you lived alone so could freak out without your parents telling you to be quiet. Ben Bruce from Asking Alexandria had messaged you, why the hell would he message you of all people? Then you remembered your blog post and put two and two together.

@benjaminbruce: Heard you wanted to come to show tonight. Meet me at stage door at 6 and I’ll give you a backstage pass, can’t have our biggest fan missing out…

You had the best fans ever, they must have pestered Ben to death after you posted. Now you had less than an hour to get ready and meet Ben at stage door. You sent a silent prayer that this wasn’t some sick joke, because that would break your heart if he ended up making a fool of you.


6pm rolled around and I had to tell the guys because they questioned why my eyes were constantly on the stage door, they were equally ecstatic to meet y/n but said they’d keep their cool because of their reputations. At about five past my phone pinged and I saw a message from y/n stating she was outside. I all but ran to the door and flung it open nearly smacking y/n in her beautiful face; shit did I just call her face beautiful? I tried to compose myself while she laughed and brushed some of her candyfloss green hair off of her face.

“Why Ben was someone eager to see me?”

I scoffed before dangling the backstage pass above her head causing her to pout, she was a lot smaller in person then what you saw behind the computer screen.

“If anything you’re eager to see me y/n. I read your blog so I know I’m your favourite member. What do I get in return for this pass?”

Her face blushed red and I knew I had her, but then she composed herself and tapped her fingers on her chin before smiling.

“If you give me the pass I’ll kiss you Ben. Clearly you’re a fan of mine because you’re talking about a pretty old blog post.”

Was she being serious? I leant down and she stood on her tip toes, but before I could kiss her she smirked against my lips and grabbed the pass from my hand.

“If you want the kiss Bruce you’re going to have to earn it.”

She laughed and put the pass around her neck before patting my shoulder. I shook my head and grinned.

“Oh it’s game on y/n.”

Her eyes widened and she all but ran behind me through the stage door with me quick on her heels. No one left Ben Bruce hanging, I would get my kiss.

anonymous asked:

1, 4, 6, 12, 22, 33, 57, 91, 113, 149:)

1. Who was the last person you held hands with?

I think my friend Nicole, when we were last out dancing.

4. Are you easy to get along with?

I like to think so.

6. What kind of people are you attracted to?

I’m attracted to a lot of different types of guys, but usually: intelligence, passion, manners, and above all else a complete lack of interest in me.

12. What are your 5 favourite songs right now?

Symphony - Clean Bandit (The music video makes me cry though!)

Aftertaste - Shawn Mendes

Hang With Me - Robyn ( @staches-and-sabres excellent suggestion)

At This Time of Year, At This Time of Night - Girlfriend

Best Friend - West Orange County

22. Where would you like to travel?

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and parts of the US.

33. Spell your name with your chin.


57. Favourite food?

Pizza! Peppers, red onion, black pepper and it’s gorgeous.

91. Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?

One person I’m kind of mad at. It’s not really fair to be mad at them though, haha.

113. What was your childhood nickname?

I didn’t really have one, actually.

149. Do you believe in ghosts?

Not… really. But I want to, haha.

Thanks for the questions!

The Awards Won In The 1989 Era


  • Grammy Award for Album of the Year
  • American Music Award for Favourite Pop/Rock Album
  • Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album
  • Billboard Music Award for Top Billboard 200 Album
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards Albums of the Year
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards Best 3 Albums

Blank Space 

  • MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video
  • MTV Video Music Award for Best Pop Video
  • American Music Award for Song of the Year
  • iHeartRadio Music Award for Best Lyrics

Bad Blood

  • MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year
  • MTV Video Music Award for Best Collaboration
  • MTV Europe Music Award for Best Song
  • Grammy Award for Best Music Video
  • Teen Choice Award for Choice Collaboration
  • Teen Choice Award for Choice Break-Up Song
  • NRJ Music Award for Video of the Year

Shake It Off

  • Billboard Music Award for Top Streaming Song (Video)
  • People’s Choice Award for Favourite Song
  • Radio Disney Music Award for Best Song to Dance To
  • iHeartRadio Music Award for Song of the Year
  • BMI Pop Awards Award Winning Song
  • Myx Music Awards Favourite International Video 


  • Favourite Female Artist
  • Emmy Award for Original Interactive Program
  • 50th Anniversary Milestone Award
  • American Music Award Favourite Adult Contemporary Artis
  • BBC Music Awards International Artist of the Year
  • Billboard Music Awards Woman of the Year
  • Billboard Music Awards Top Artist
  • Billboard Music Awards Top Female Artist
  • Billboard Music Awards Top Hot 100 Artist 
  • Billboard Music Awards Top Digital Songs Artist
  • Billboard Music Awards Billboard Chart Achievement Award (Fan Voted)
  • Brit Awards International Female Solo Artist 
  • Elle Style Awards Woman of the Year 
  • FiFi Awards Fragrance of the Year: Women’s Popular
  • IFPI Global Recording Artist Award Global Recording Artist 2014
  • MTV Awards Best US Act 
  • Nashville Songwriters Association International Award Song Writer/Artist Of The Year
  • NME Awards Best International Solo Artist 
  • NRJ Music Awards International Female Artist of the Year
  • People’s Choice Awards Favourite Female Artist 
  • People’s Choice Awards Favourite Pop Artist 
  • Shorty Awards Best Singer
  • Telehit Awards Best Female Artist 

1. Best New Male Artist: iKON

2. Best New Female Artist: TWICE

3. Best Male Artist: J.Y.Park

4. Best Female Artist: Taeyeon

5. Best Male Group: EXO

6. Best Female Group: Girls’ Generation

7. Best Dance Performance Solo: Hyuna’s Roll Deep

8. Best Dance Performance Male Group: SHINee’s View

9. Best Dance Performance Female Group: Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake

10. Best Vocal Performance Male: Zion.T’s Eat

11. Best Vocal Performance Female: Ailee’s Mind Your Own Business

12. Best Rap Performance: San E

13. Best Band Performance: CN BLUE’S Cinderella

14. Best Collaboration & Unit: Zion.T & Crush’s Just

15. Best Music Video: BIGBANG’s Bae Bae

16. Album Of The Year: EXO’s EXODUS

17. Song Of The Year: BIGBANG’s Bang Bang Bang

18. Artist Of The Year: BIGBANG

19. Asia Worldwide Favourite Artist: BIGBANG

20. Best Asian Style: EXO

21. Next Generation Asian Artist: MONSTA X

22. Global Fan’s Choice Female: f(x)

23. Global Fan’s Choice Male: EXO

24. World Performers: BTS

tagged by @carriecomehome whom I love

1) relationship status? kraft single
3) last song listened to? I can be your light - Hugh
4) favourite TV shows? bob’s burgers, daria, mash
5) hobbies? video games, drawing, reading fanfiction
6) nicknames? cor, corrie anne, sweet pea, pookie
7) starsign? pisces
8) height? 5′10″
10) time right now? 9:54

11) last thing I googled? when does publix close
12) favourite music artist? NONE I can’t choose
13) last TV show I watched? spongebob
14) last movie I watched? MOANA
15) when did you make this blog? uh like 2 years ago? I mean i joined tumblr in like 2011 but I keep remaking
16) any other blogs? @itsallpeachykeen my gay art blog
17) do you get asks regularly? just from pals
18) why did you choose your URL? i love peaches and they look like little butts, also i love butts 
20) gender? gal
21) Hogwarts house? ravenpuff
22) average hours of sleep a night? 4-13

23) dream job? concept artist
24) amount of followers on this blog? like 300 something?
25) First 10 songs on shuffle on Spotify etc? oh my god- hollow wood, rosalee - caroline glaser, attention - wyatt, cavalier - james vincent mcmorrow, do you remember - jarryd james and that’s it i’m bored now

tagged by @illvminovs !!

1) relationship status? been in a realationship for a year and a half with @kalo-the-program !!
2) pets? 1 fishy name Kara
3) last song listened to? Mr brightside by the killers haha
4) favourite TV shows? my FAVORITE has to be Hannibal
5) hobbies? drawing, playing video games, and recently writing :D
6) nicknames? toot, tit, letty
7) star sign? sagittarius 

8) height? 5′5
10) time right now? 1:10pm
11) last thing I googled? pointing at self meme
12) favourite music artist? Marina and the diamonds xoxo
13) last TV show I watched? Snapped
14) last movie I watched? Alien lol
15) when did you make this blog? March 2011 
16) any other blogs? a few
17) do you get asks regularly? nah
18) why did you choose your URL? i really liked an anime called tatami galaxy lol
20) gender? female my dude
21) hogwarts house? no 
22) average hours of sleep a night? 6-7 hours maybe
23) dream job? my dream job changes a lot but right now its art therapist lol
24) amount of followers on this blog? 1500+
25) First 10 songs on shuffle on Spotify etc?
Starbomb - Luigi’s Ballad
Lauren Aquilina - Lilo
Marina and the Diamonds - Homewrecker
Kimine Matsume - Drop Pop Candy 
Alterniabound - Arisen Anew
Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
That fucking six same faces song from Osomastu-san
Queen - Flash
Hatsune Miku - Kimi no Taion
Florence and the Machine - Between two lungs

i tag @romance-with-bread @glitchkid @rasticore @catp @kalo-the-program @youlickweiners @itsmildlyjune @justadeh !!


`*:;,.★  T.M.Revolution - Happy 20th anniversary!  ☆・:.,;*

Takanori Nishikawa(西川貴教) debuted as T.M.Revolution on May 13 1996 with the release of 独裁 -monopolize-. In the span of 20 years, as T.M.Revolution, Nishikawa has released 34 Music videos.

Here are the top six favourite PVs voted by tumblr fans.

1st. 魔弾 〜Der Freischütz〜
3rd. Vestige
4th. FLAGS
5th. Naked Arms
6th. ZIPS

Here’s to the future  ~☆・:.,;*