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Icecream Asks
  • Vanilla: Zodiac sign?
  • Chocolate: What makes you laugh?
  • Strawberry: Where do you stand in your friend group?
  • Butter Pecan: The last time you were disappointed?
  • Mint Chocolate Chip: What do you think of your Dad?
  • Cotton Candy: Guilty pleasures?
  • Maple: Favourite characters?
  • Moosetracks: Do you prefer movies, shows, or videos?
  • Black Cherry: Do you like fancy things?
  • Coffee: What's your favourite type of music?
  • Superman: What's a show you remember from childhood?
  • Rocky Road: How would you describe your fashion?
  • German Chocolate Cake: Favourite book?
  • Pistachio: Do you miss being a kid?
  • Salted Caramel: Name a type of clothing that you hate!
  • Birthday Cake: Do you miss anyone?
  • Neapolitan: What embarrasses you?
  • Astronaut: What scares you?
  • Thin Mint: Favourite snacks?
  • Strawberry Cheesecake: What's your new years resolution?
  • Red Velvet: What's something you wish you could do?
  • Bubblegum: Do you like to take selfies?
  • Oreo: What song is stuck in your head?
  • Cookie Dough: Favourite type of art?

“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

Hi, everyone! If you’re like me and you love a good game soundtrack or a great playlist of all sorts of game music, this is the masterpost for you. I’m one of those people who studies better with some music in the background, and what better way of making a study session more enjoyable than by listening to the soundtrack of your favourite game?

Why listen to music while you study?

Multiple studies have proven that certain students who listen to music while they study perform better academically. Unfortunately, it’s not for everyone, so you should really figure out if this is the right method for you before commiting yourself to it! The main arguement for studying with music is that research has proved that listening to classical music in particular helps the brain absorb more information and also helps stimulate one’s thinking! 

On the other hand, some people tend to lose all concentration when there’s any music or noise in the background, which leads to procrastination and lower productivity. In short, if you can’t concentrate on the task at hand and get distracted easily, this isn’t the best method for you! 


I started actively looking for playlists with game music about two years ago and instantly fell in love. There are so many good playlists of various lengths and genres that are accessable on platforms like spotify, 8tracks, youtube, etc. All of the playlists include the tracklist in the description below them! 

Note: I won’t be adding any playlists from 8tracks because they only work in the US and Canada. 

i. General

Game music for studying: Some of you might have already heard of these videos before. They’re roughly an hour and a half long and include some of the more calming tracks from a lot of different games. All the names of the tracks are listed in the description below, which is super handy if you want to find out which game it’s from! I thought I’d put in the playlist of all of them so you can just press play and enjoy!

Video game music! 2.0: Probably the longest playlist you’ll find anywhere. a n y w h e r e. 223 hours of amazingness that you’ll never regret! 

ii. Calming/ relaxing

5 hours of atmospheric game music: This is one of my personal favourites. It’s very long so you don’t have to worry about looking for another playlist when this one finishes. 

Relaxing video game music: Another gem! Once again with all the tracks in the description. This one’s great for shorter study sessions since it’s only and hour long.

More relaxing  video game music: If the previous playlist was too short for you, check out this 3 hour one! I used this one a lot last year! 

Calming Nintendo music: A super great playlist for all you Nintendo fans! It includes some really nice tracks from the Legend of Zelda series, if you’re into those soundtracks!

Jesper Kyd playlist: Ever since I first played Assassin’s Creed 2, I’ve loved Jesper Kyd’s work. This is quite a long playlist including some of his best tracks from various games. My favourites are towards the end!

Relaxing Legend of Zelda music: You had to see this one coming. The LoZ series has some of the best soundtracks to study to (, in my opinion,) and some of the prettiest and most calming tracks. I highly recommend this 42 minute playlist for those times when you just don’t feel like working.

2 hours of sleepy video game music: This is also a little series of playlists. There are 4 of these videos in total, which adds up to 8 hours of sweet, sweet music. 

iii. Epic/ badass

Epic video game music: For all of you who need a little badass music in the background! 2.5 hours of epic and awe inspiring music to really get some work done! 

Focus - video game music: Spotify has some really great playlists, so I thought I’d include a few! This playlist is a little more epic and loud, but if that’s the mindset you really need to push through, this would be great for you. It’s an amazing 11 hours long so you’ll never run out.

Orchestral video game music: Another epic playlist, including the occasional lullaby. This is a 7 hour long playlist, so a little shorter than the previous one, but by no means less epic and badass!


Compared to the playlists, soundtracks tend to be a mix of epic and calming music. Most games have their perilous moments and their I’m-so-relieved-I-managed-to-beat-that-boss-with-only-one-heart-left moments. The world of video games is vast, so I’ve selected a few of my favourite soundtracks to share with you instead of listing all of the ones I can find.

Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword: One of my favourite all time games! The soundtrack is long too, so you don’t have to worry about looking for a new one afterwards. 

Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time: This game is widely believed to have the best soundtrack in video game history. All I can say is so sit down, gather your work and to just enjoy.

Final Fantasy VI: This 1994 gem has an avarage playtime of 65-70 hours. The game has such a good storyline and the soundtrack is a little old school with a lot of non-orchestral tracks. I’d still recommend this to everyone who likes an older style of video game.

Suikoden Tierkreis: I have memories of me just going to the overworld map so I could listen to the music. It’s that good. 

Bioshock Infinite: I’ve only ever played the first in the series, but I watched a walkthrough of this particular game and I loved it so much! The music is slightly creepy and loud sometimes but it’s a really great soundtrack overall.

The Last of Us: Another game I’ve never actually played, but the walkthrough was amazing. The soundtrack is very atmospheric and doesn’t have a lot of loud parts, so it’s generally calm. 

Assassin’s creed 2: My all-time favourite game ever. As you know from before, I think Jesper Kyd is amazing, so putting these two elements together makes a truly great game. The soundtrack is actually quite well known because a few of it’s most popular tracks are featured a lot in other playlists. E.g. Dreams in Venice and The Madam

The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim: I’ve listened to this one a few times and I think it’s really good! It starts off quite strong but it has a lot of calmer songs too.

Fable 2: The Fable series is well-known for being short, so the soundtrack is also on the shorter side. I know the dialogue in the game almost by heart and I can guarantee you that there’s a lot of atmospheric music in this soundtrack. 

Fragile: This one was recommended to me by a friend on tumblr years ago. It has really sweet songs and has a lot of piano centered tracks. 

Now get to work!

I hope I’ve helped you find the perfect game music to accompany you while you study! If you have any recommendations, feel free to send me a message! I’m always up to discovering new playlists/ soundtracks.

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Dating Jeff Atkins Would Include...

This was requested by a lovely anon :) I hope I did a decent job I did write this while on the train towards college so it might not be as good but I kept the car accident out of this one just to keep it light :) 

Originally posted by 13-lara

- Studying together, the two of you always study on Wednesday nights usually at your house since your parents work late and always leave you dinner money so Jeff comes over and you study together and order pizza for dinner 

- Going for late night drives, Jeff loves driving especially at night so on warm summer nights he picks you up and he drives around with the windows down and the music turned up loud

- Dates to the cinema, your favourite place to go on dates is to the cinema to see whatever movie is on it was were you and Jeff had your first date and now you go there every year on your anniversary 

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Meet me in London

Simon meets Baz online and they become best friends.

Based on the prompt: Baz and Simon meet online and become internet friends and skype everyday and end up in love

As always a very big thank you to @eroticgropefest for being an amazing beta!

I met Baz three years ago on tumblr. One day I saw an edit of his on my dash and I went to check his blog. The guy made black and white aesthetics that looked awesome in a dark sort of way. So I started to follow him. After he reblogged a video of a guy playing violin, I decided to send him a message.

Dragonwings61: for a disturbed guy, you really have an interesting choice in music

Disturbed-pitch: So because I’m disturbed you feel like I’m not allowed to like classical music?

Dragonwings61: Shit sorry didn’t mean it like that.

Dragonwings61: What I meant to say was

Dragonwings61: I’ve never really heard classic music before but I really liked the song :)

Disturbed-pitch: It’s one of my favourites, you should try to listen to more :)

It started there and we haven’t stopped talking since. We became so close that last year I really wanted to see what he looked like. He’d become my best friend and I wanted to see his face.

Dragonwings61: Baaaaz

Dragonwings61: I wanna ask you something

Disturbed-pitch: Hey. What is it?

Dragonwings61: I’ve been thinking about this a lot

Dragonwings61: And I really don’t want you to freak out ok?

Disturbed-pitch: Go on.

Dragonwings61: I just

Dragonwings61: I really wanna see what you look like

Dragonwings61: pls don’t freak out, If you’re not comfortable with this pls forget I ever asked

Disturbed-pitch: It’s fine Simon… I thought about it myself quite a few times lately.

Dragonwings61: Ohhh

Dragonwings61: so is that a yes?

Disturbed-pitch: Yes I’d like to see your stupid face too :)

Dragonwings61: I bet your face looks more stupid than mine

Disturbed-pitch: We shall see

We exchanged photos and one day, I was having trouble with my homework–I’d never cared for math–and he wanted to help me out so we skyped. And I’m glad we did. Baz is beautiful. He rolls his eyes a lot at me and fucking sneers but… I just really like looking at him. I like Baz a lot.

After that we became even closer. We talked almost everyday, first only for a few minutes then for hours on end. We would just turn skype on and do our own thing, like studying, or reading. Baz even played violin a few times for me to see and it was so fucking beautiful. Everything he does is perfect.

Now it’s the end of the summer and I’m going to university in a few days. I haven’t figured out what I want to major in but I’ll try a few different classes and see what sticks.

I told Baz my plan of moving to London months ago–I live in Manchester and Baz leaves in Hampshire–and he hasn’t said a word as to where he’s going. I’d love to meet him one day… I’ve just never had the courage to ask him. But I really want to touch him, make sure he’s real. I mean, of course he’s real, but I’ve never seen him outside of my screen before.

I’m at my laptop scrolling through tumblr when Baz asks to skype. I accept.


“Hey Baz.” I smile at him. I’m always happy to see him.

“Listen… I’ve been meaning to tell you something for awhile.”

I stare at him through the screen. Why is he nervous? He’s making me feel nervous “Okay.”

“I just…” he sighs and runs a hand through his hair “You know that I’m going to university.”

I look at him expectantly. Is he finally telling me where he’s going? It’s not like him to keep things a secret; not from me anyway.

“This doesn’t have to mean anything but–” he continues, and he’s blushing right now and I feel like blushing myself just by the way he’s looking at me. “I’m going to London.”

“What?” Wait, what? Did he really just say–

“London. I’m going to fucking London, Simon.”

“Why?” I ask stupidly. But I start grinning at him like an idiot. We’re going to be in the same city. Fuck, I’m gonna be able to hang out with him and actually see his face.

“Well there’s a really good school there… Besides, there’s someone I was really hoping to meet in person.” I feel my cheeks burning as he says this.

Holy shit this is really happening. I’m going to finally meet Baz. “When are you moving to London?”

“I’m already here. I just arrived at my aunt’s flat a few hours ago.” Then he grabs his laptop and turns it around so that I can see his new room.

“Baz?” I call him, and he puts his laptop on the desk again.


“I’m gonna be in London in a few days.”

“I know–”

“Let’s meet?” I say unsure, interrupting him.

“I’d like that.” he tells me, half smiling.

And there’s nothing to lose now, so I might as well try my luck. “As in, a date.”

“Oh?” He looks surprised.

“Is that cool?”

“Fuck, of course it is, Simon.”


We agreed to meet at Kings Cross, Baz said he would pick me up when I arrived (everything that I own fits into a bag) and then we would go on our date. I can’t believe this is happening, that he actually said yes to go out with me.

I’ve been so nervous the last couple of days because of this, of finally going to meet him. But as the train arrives at the station and I exit the platform all that anxiety melts away when I notice him staring right at me.

Once I reach him I let my bag drop to the floor. I put my arms around him to pull him closer into a tight hug and he does the same. He feels so good this close to me, and smells incredible, I don’t know how to describe it other than that he smells posh and it really fits him.

“Baz.” I say, grinning into his neck. I still can’t believe that he’s actually here in front of me.

“Hello, Simon,” he says, and it’s muffled by my hair. He holds me tight against him longer than necessary before letting me go.

When I step back all I can focus on are his lips. They were so close to mine. And I just really want to kiss him.

I put my hand on his neck and make slow movements with my thumb. “I want to kiss you…” I start,“but we haven’t even been on a date yet.” That gets me a eye roll from him.

“We’re not exactly strangers,” he says, leaning into me.

He’s so close now; if I just leaned a bit forward, we’d be kissing. “I know, but I still want to take you on a–”

And then he kisses me.

(see my snowbaz fic masterlist)


favourite music videos [4/20] → demon days (do it all again) by wild wild horses (dir. jennifer morrison)

Our names were meant to have arrows drawn through.

Hello! I’m new to Studyblr so I thought I’d take my first post as an opportunity to introduce myself.

  • I’m Joel and I come from the UK!
  • I’m 17 years old and I was born on the 11th February.
  • I’m a first year A-Level Student studying English Literature, History & Mathematics.
  • I’m an INFJ and a Ravenclaw.
  • I hope to study English at a University, it’s one of my greatest passions.
  • I own a bullet journal and often tend to forget to keep updating it. But, I’m trying to make Sundays my spread drawing days.
  • I’m left handed, the only one in my family!
  • I love to read, some of my favourite authors include Sarah J. Maas, Susan Dennard, Rainbow Rowell, J.K Rowling, Marie Lu & Leigh Bardugo.
  • I confess not to having read many classic novels, but I’m trying to change that this year by reading at least 15 classics.
  • I want to become an author or someone who works within the publishing world.
  • Procrastination is my worst enemy, and I suffer from it a lot! :(
  • I watch tv, play video games, listen to music or read books in my spare time. Asian dramas are the best tv, hands down.

@studyquill@focusign@studyblr@studypetals@caffestudy - @studycoffees -  @rhubarbstudies - @studylilacs - @emmastudies - @studywithinspo - @sprouht-studies

All of these studyblrs are amazing so I highly recommend checking them out (Although you might already have them in your followers list!)

Currently, I use a Muji 0.5mm Ballpoint Pen to write class notes with and I do my titles with a Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen. For added colour, I have the other colours in the Muji 0.5mm set but also a set of 50 Crayola Supertip Pens which are kind of like Mildliners. For Bullet Journaling, I like to use a Leuchtturm1917 notebook, I love the feel of the notebooks. 

I’m so excited to meet you all! Reblog this post if you’re a Studyblr too so I can follow you :D

Awards the boys have won over the years

•most dedicated fans (2015,2017)
 •Artist of the year (2015)
 •Album of the year - Blurryface (2016) 

 •Favourite pop/rock duo/group (2016)
•Favourite alternative artist (2016) 

 Billboard Awards
•Top rock artist (2016,2017)
•Top rock album - Blurryface (2016)
•Billboard chart achievement award (2017)
•Top duo/group (2017)
•Top radio song artist (2017)
•Top rock song - Heathens (2017)

Grammy Awards
•best pop duo/group performance - Stressed out (2017) 

 iHeart Radio Music Awards
•Alternative rock artist of the year (2016,2017)
•Alternative rock song of the year - Stressed Out (2016) Heathens (2017)
•Best duo/group of the year (2017)
•Alternative rock album of the year - Blurryface (2017) 

 Kerrang! Awards
•Best fanbase (2016) 

 MTV Europe Awards
•Best alternative (2016)
•Best live act (2016) 

•Best rock video - Heathens (2016) Heavydirtysoul (2017) 

 Kid’s Choice Awards
•Favourite new artist (2017)

NRJ Music Awards
•International revelation of the year (2016) 

Telehit Awards 
•Best rock band (2016)

reputation: track by track - first impressions

1. …Ready For It?

This is just the perfect album opener and perfect tour opener, of all the songs released before November 10th this was my favourite. The production is perfect, lyrics clever and rippled with meaning, made all the better by the beautiful music video. This is also a great opener because I can promise you, you are not ready for what is to come.

Favourite lyrics: ‘every love I’ve known in comparison a failure’

2. End Game (feat. Ed Sheeran & Future)

I was so excited for this when I first heard rumours or a Ed Sheeran collab. Sadly I find it quite underwhelming. It doesn’t feel like an organic collaboration to me, futures rap break feels forced and unnecessary and Ed doesn’t really feature that much… it’s catchy as all hell though and while overall I’m not obsessed with the song, Taylor’s Verse towards the end is the best, which is ironic.

Favourite lyrics: I swear I don’t love the drama, it loves me

3. I Did Something Bad

This particular bop has me lit as well as shook. I mean….THE LYRICS!!!!! This is by far my favourite song on the album. She did not come to fucking play and I am here for it. Here, taylor reclaims her ‘mistakes’ and lets the world know she’d do it all over (and over and over) again (so fuck you) Part of me feels like this would have served as a better lead single than LWYMMD… catch me in the club begging the dj to play this.

Favourite lyrics: ‘If a man talks shit then I owe him nothing, I don’t regret it one bit ‘cos he had it coming’

4. Don’t Blame Me

This isn’t what I thought it would be and I’m OBSESSED. The one-two punch that is IDSB and then this, is a knockout. The album could end here and I’d shower it in Grammys. Her vocals here are the best on the album. The lyrics are so self aware and SHARP. The balance of emotions amazes me… this is angry and sexy and cute and young yet mature and thoughtful… The message is clear as-well. Taylor is ruled by her emotions like every normal human being, so you can’t really blame her. This isn’t victimhood, it’s a beg to let her live her goddamn life.

Favourite lyrics: ‘lord save me, my drug is my baby, I’ll be using it the rest of my life’

5. Delicate

TRACK 5!!! You can just tell by the title that this song will ruin you (and it will). I love the concept of this song. It’s the sonic representation of cute and DELICATE and I think that the Imogen heap style production is the perfect match to the lyrics. This is at the point where everyone was against her.. her ‘reputation’ had ‘never been worse’ but she finds herself enchanted by him, despite the delicate situation she’s going to go for it and ask him if it’s ‘chill’ that she likes him’. What a cute smol bean GAHHHANWJSUS FEELS

Favourite lyrics: ‘my reputation’s never been worse so you must like me for me’

6. Look What You Made Me Do

I always have a weird relationship with Taylor’s lead singles, somehow I feel like they usually don’t fit into the album and certainly don’t serve as a symbol of the album as a whole. Maybe that’s just me? I love this song like I love every trashy pop song, it’s fun and catchy and I do think it’s incredibly clever (and gave us the best music video in the history of music videos) but I’m not sure how well this song will stand the test of time. For me, it joins shake it off and WANEGBT in the ‘great but easily skippable’ category.

Favourite Lyrics: ‘CAUSE SHES DEAD’

7. So It Goes…

Ahhhhh… I thought that the ‘…’ meant this would be a continuation of sorts from RFI or perhaps a bookmark at the middle point of the album to signify a turning point. If that is the intention then I’m afraid I don’t see it. The lyrics are good and I understand that it’s about feeling like things are finally ‘falling into place’, but other than that I don’t really understand the song… that’s not to say I think it’s a bad song, but I don’t feel like it contributes much to the album - it feels a bit same-y and unnecessary- sorry! Maybe it’ll grow on me?

Favourite lyrics: ‘hostage to my feelings’

8. Gorgeous

It’s as good as it was when it was first released. I can’t quite place why but it feels kind of out of place here on the album, sonically and thematically/lyrically - however it remains a BOP and I don’t care who is in my way when I kick my leg out on every *ding*!

Favourite lyrics: ‘I got a boyfriend, he’s older than us, he’s in the club doing I don’t know what’

9. Getaway Car

This is SO jack antanoff - which is incidentally the best and worst thing about this song…. I’m almost certain this samples Bleacher’s song ‘Don’t Take The Money’ (which I love) but I’m here for a Taylor album and while lyrically it definitely is her, I feel like this song would be better suited as a feature of Bleachers album. However, saying that, this song is a bop and I think Taylor for providing another great road trip tune. (Side note: do I hear Lorde’s vocals in the background?!?!). I love love love the lyrics and story here as-well, story wise it’s one of the strongest on the album and I can’t wait to here Taylor’s backstory for it because I. Need. Answers!!!

Favourite lyrics: ‘x marks the spot where we fell apart, he poisoned the well, I was lying to myself’

10. King of My Heart

This is most definitely not what I expected. By the title I thought we would get a cute lil ballad about how joe rules Taylor’s heart or something, but nopppeee… honestly I’m not sure if I like this song yet - at this point in the album I was really feeling like a ballad was necessary…. however I digress…. I really like the verses but I think this is my least favourite chorus on the album. To me it just doesn’t work, however I think an acoustic version could be much much better so I shall keep my fingers crossed for that.

Favourite lyrics: ‘your love is a secret I’m hoping, dreaming, dying to keep’

11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied

This song hits my chest in a certain way… the way her vocals are layered… the relentless beat and perfect melody… I want to dance to this at a rave at 2am drunk out of my mind. It’s lyrical gold dust, it’s as deep as a well but touches you like a feather and if you told me that one day taylor would make what is essentially a dance track I would have choked. Is there any genre this girl can’t do??? What a beautiful line as well… ‘dancing with our hands tied’. Only taylor could come up with that. (Side note: this song reminds me of fellow queen of pop Carly Rae Jepson and now I NEED a collab)

Favourite lyrics: ‘I loved you in secret’ ‘we love without reason’ ‘25 years old, how were you to know’ ‘deep blue but you painted me golden’ ‘you said there was nothing in the world that could stop it, I had a bad feeling’ [ALL OF IT]

12. Dress

SO. TAYLOR. In case you didn’t know before, you know now, taylor is a grown woman and she likes sex (on hardwood floors no less). This song should be played over 50 shades of grey the entire way though (then it would be a good film). At this point in the album, there is an element of ‘okay we get it taylor, you really wanna shag joe’ but if Taylor wants to give us an album about sex then you best believe I’m gonna thirst for it. In typical Taylor fashion, it somehow manages to be classy despite essentially being about having her clothes ripped off and screaming ‘ahhhh’ on hardwood floors. The way she carefully sings each syllable and builds the tension to the chorus is something only she could do - It’s not subtle, it’s not the best on the album, but I’m not gonna lie when I say it got a little hot in here. Thank god I’m seeing my boyfriend tomorrow….

Favourite lyrics: ‘out secret moments in a crowded room, they got no idea about me and you’ ‘all of the silence and patience, pining and anticipation, my hands are shaking from holding back from you’

13. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

(Queen of long titles) HOLD ON TO YOUR WIGS LADIES. If you thought LWYMMD was savage, then you are definitely not ready for this. I wasn’t. I didn’t know what to expect from this song but it certainly wasn’t THIS. I am obsessed and I will fight anyone to the end of time who doesn’t agree this is Taylor’s most savage song (yet). Who’s been teaching her how to throw shade over the past 3 years?? Also why was I not invited to this Gatsby party? This song sounds like ‘it’s a hard knock life’ from Annie and now I’m just picturing a Taylor Swift jukebox musical, but anyway…. While there are certainly references, this song isn’t about anyone specific… it’s about the world in 2017. People look to hurt and tear people down more than they do build up, even when they open they’re homes/lives to you…. Taylor Allison Swift isn’t gonna take it anymore. You woke the dragon, don’t blame her. It’s simple, you break something good then you don’t deserve it.’ If you’re going to act like a child then you can’t have nice things. You treat someone like shit, you don’t deserve them.

Favourite lyrics: ‘did you think I wouldn’t hear all the things you said about me’ ‘feeling so Gatsby for that whole year’ ‘so I took an axe to a mended fence’ ‘If only you weren’t so shaaaadddyyy’

14. Call It What You Want

Taylor Swift is in love with a beautiful MAN and you can call it what you want, she doesn’t care. He stayed. He loves her for her. Nothing else matters and I AM DEAD.

Favourite lyrics: ‘they took the crown but it’s all right’ ‘all the liars are calling me one’ ‘you don’t need to save me, but would you run away with me… yes’

15. New Years Day

Don’t. Touch. Me.

Okay so I had literally no idea what to expect from this, from the way secret sessioners TS we’re talking I was thinking maybe All Too Well but happy?

However, no, taylor decided to kill me with this HAPPY BEAUTIFUL MAGIC DIAMOND. I love love love how personal this is. You can just tell that every lyric, eveything she’s singing about is just her remembering. hArDwOoD FlOoR!!!!! We may never know the story and we will never understand the particular feeling - and we don’t have to. The emotion of this song doesn’t come from taylor making us identify with the same feeling, it’s too specific for that. This is a song for the fans, those of us that, above all, just want to see taylor happy. This could be the last song she ever releases and we wouldn’t mind, Safe in the knowledge that Taylor finally found the one. Forevermore.


Favourite lyrics: ALL. OF. IT.

In conclusion:

She’s done it again, but then really, what did we expect? I stan a legend

fan wars are ridiculous

First of all, what the actual hell? Hacking a website? Setting up viruses to hack into someones IP? Bashing another person for liking a different group? What the hell? This isn’t even a matter of “Oh, you’re just being sensitive because you stan them. This is just a joke.” NO. This is NOT a joke anymore. Fanwars are not only ruining the image of a group, but also ruining places on social media that are suppose to be safe environments! 

I’m not going to lie. Breaking records and seeing your favourite group succeed is a good feeling, but can’t we just agree that all groups are successful regardless of the number? Like shit. They’ve trained for more years than I’ve been in high school! They’re out there making more money, doing things with their lives while you’re sitting behind a computer screen bashing another group because they managed to get more views. Congratulations, but I don’t think you’re on the winning end of the bargain. 

I’m not telling you to like all the groups in the industry. I’m not telling you to stop loving your group. I don’t care what you do in your fanbase, but don’t ruin the experience for others. Have you ever thought that maybe your favourite group doesn’t actually care about the numbers on the YouTube counter? I can bet you that they make music, beautiful music videos, and spend their time just so you, the fans can enjoy it. The views are just a little something extra for the hard work that the group puts in. 

I sure as hell am not telling you to stop supporting your group, but do it in a way where it makes the experience fair and fun for every one. When we got into kpop years ago, we weren’t signing up for 10 paragraph long arguments about which group is better. We go into it because the song was catchy or there was something appealing about the MV. Never did it ever start with “oh this has so many views, I’m going to stan them now.” Never. Let’s rewind a little and just enjoy everything that there is. 

Fan wars, hate comments, no one deserves any of this. Idols work hard enough, don’t ruin that for them. 

Adventure//Shawn Mendes

Request for: https://kd2022.tumblr.com/

Being with Shawn was an adventure in it’s self, the places you got to see, the feelings you had the pleasure to experience. It was all truly amazing, but Shawn would always be your favourite adventure.

Life on the road wasn’t what you expected, when you joined Shawn on his second world tour it was a indescribable feeling, watching Him do what he loves filled you with so much pride, he had come so far in the last 3 years and there was so much more to come, you were beyond proud of the man Shawn had grown to be, because he fought to become him.

You were starring in his new music video for there’s nothing holdin’ me back, it was a new experience for you but Shawn made it easier. Running around Paris hand in hand was something you never thought you wanted to do, filming was difficult because of the location changes,
Jet lag was slowly creeping up on you, Shawn could see how much it was affecting you.

“Baby? I know you’re tired it’s okay you can sleep, there’s still 10 hours left until we’re home.” He whispered softly, trying not to wake a sleeping Geoff.

“I want to stay awake for you.” You yawned, going 48 hours without sleep was hard for you, you were exhausted.

Shawn ran his fingers down your jaw, inching closer to your face to connect your lips in a soft but passionate kiss, he sighed into your lips.

“Sleep babe, I’ll be right here.” He smiled and kissed your forehead, travelling with Shawn was amazing, experiencing the world with Shawn was a treat but being this close and near Shawn was what you really loved, feeling his arms wrapped tightly around you.
Protecting you made it all worth it.

The Awards Won In The 1989 Era


  • Grammy Award for Album of the Year
  • American Music Award for Favourite Pop/Rock Album
  • Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album
  • Billboard Music Award for Top Billboard 200 Album
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards Albums of the Year
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards Best 3 Albums

Blank Space 

  • MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video
  • MTV Video Music Award for Best Pop Video
  • American Music Award for Song of the Year
  • iHeartRadio Music Award for Best Lyrics

Bad Blood

  • MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year
  • MTV Video Music Award for Best Collaboration
  • MTV Europe Music Award for Best Song
  • Grammy Award for Best Music Video
  • Teen Choice Award for Choice Collaboration
  • Teen Choice Award for Choice Break-Up Song
  • NRJ Music Award for Video of the Year

Shake It Off

  • Billboard Music Award for Top Streaming Song (Video)
  • People’s Choice Award for Favourite Song
  • Radio Disney Music Award for Best Song to Dance To
  • iHeartRadio Music Award for Song of the Year
  • BMI Pop Awards Award Winning Song
  • Myx Music Awards Favourite International Video 


  • Favourite Female Artist
  • Emmy Award for Original Interactive Program
  • 50th Anniversary Milestone Award
  • American Music Award Favourite Adult Contemporary Artis
  • BBC Music Awards International Artist of the Year
  • Billboard Music Awards Woman of the Year
  • Billboard Music Awards Top Artist
  • Billboard Music Awards Top Female Artist
  • Billboard Music Awards Top Hot 100 Artist 
  • Billboard Music Awards Top Digital Songs Artist
  • Billboard Music Awards Billboard Chart Achievement Award (Fan Voted)
  • Brit Awards International Female Solo Artist 
  • Elle Style Awards Woman of the Year 
  • FiFi Awards Fragrance of the Year: Women’s Popular
  • IFPI Global Recording Artist Award Global Recording Artist 2014
  • MTV Awards Best US Act 
  • Nashville Songwriters Association International Award Song Writer/Artist Of The Year
  • NME Awards Best International Solo Artist 
  • NRJ Music Awards International Female Artist of the Year
  • People’s Choice Awards Favourite Female Artist 
  • People’s Choice Awards Favourite Pop Artist 
  • Shorty Awards Best Singer
  • Telehit Awards Best Female Artist 
Hey Swen:

Calm down. Relax with the rumors. We’ll know the fate of the show when they make it official. As for Swan Queen? Don’t forget that it belongs to us. Swan Queen is ours and no one can take it away from us. We’ll still be here no matter how or when the show ends. We’ll still be here no matter how much they butcher our favourite characters. We’ll still be here fifty years from now because our fandom is full of wonderful, creative, loyal people who will never let Swan Queen die because of what it means to us, because it will continue to live on in art, fanfiction, videos, music, and so much more. I love SWEN and I have no doubt that we’ll still be one of the biggest and most wonderful fandom families for many decades to come, so don’t let them get you down. We don’t need their canon ridiculousness to give our girls their happy ending. Emma and Regina already have a million happily-ever-afters because of fanon.

Never forget: Swan Queen belongs to us. ♥ 

And I am so proud to call you all my friends and family. :)

Studyblr Intro!!

hi everyone!! I’ve been on tumblr for a few days now, and i decided to make a studyblr! i’m hoping that through this studyblr i can enjoy studying what i love, and be more productive. i’d like to make new friends in this community too!

— about me
+ i’m kali!
+ i’m fourteen this year (practically a fetus)
+ capricorn and infp-t
+ i live in singapore, south-east asia, but i love travelling, especially because of all the different cultures and sights around the world!

— interests
+ i do soccer, horse riding and ice skating
+ i play the cello and er-hu (chinese instrument)
+ producing music and videos seem really interesting to me and i’d like to try them out!
+ photography and videography
+ i actually try quite a lot of things, and like bouncing around from hobby to hobby!
+ kpop! especially Got7! i love music in general

— study favourites!
+ i love learning languages; and i’m fluent in english and chinese, and i can read korean, irish, and russian! a few more languages on my list are japanese and norwegian!

+ since i’m fourteen, i haven’t chosen my subjects yet, so i’m taking everything. some subjects i am definitely taking later on are: physics, biology, chemistry, geography, and history!

— some studyblrs i admire

@eintsein || @acdemic || @studyblr || @jiyeonstudies || @petitprincepolyglot || @juliasacads || @grracestudies || @studynotepad || @studiees || @mygnotes || @studyeols || @quotestudy || @solsticestudies
|| @gloomstudy

thank you for reading this! i’m really looking forward to meeting people in this community, y'all seem so nice!

— kali <3

So, now that Yuuri and Victor are about to travel to my home country - Spain - to compete in the Grand Prix Final, I think it’s time that I talk to you guys about one of the most interesting skaters this show has led me to discover (as recommended to me by the wonderful @danuuss​): Spanish skater Javier Fernández.

Honestly, I don’t know how I haven’t seen a single post about him yet. He’s the current male ice skating world champion, won silver at the last Grand Prix Final, and has placed first at both the Rostelecom Cup and the Trophée de France this year, barely three weeks ago. Plus, he trained alongside Yuzuru Hanyu in Toronto and they are very close friends. Case and point:

(Don’t misinterpret this though, Javier’s in a relationship with skater Miki Ando :P)

But enough about Yuzuru, I’ll just let Javier speak for himself. The following is his free program from last year’s World Championship (which he won). Out of all the videos in this post, I think this one is honestly my favourite - I could watch it forever, the music is fantastic and his performance is near perfect.

Okay, so you watch this and you think “Pretty suave”, right? Well, here’s the thing: Javier Fernandez is literally the most Spanish athlete I have ever seen. And by that I mean that he always finds the time to make a joke. Without further ado, his performance for the 2014 Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony.

Literally the most Spanish thing ever s2g. 

For those you who are interested, I’ll also include his programs from this year. I like his free program best to be honest, but the way he gets super into his short program is just amazing to watch.

Short program (I really like the commentary in this one):

Free program:

I’ll leave it there because I really don’t want this to turn into a super long post, but I hope you enjoyed getting to know one of the top skaters in the world! I get the feeling that in this fandom we tend to be really focused on just a handful of skaters, and I think we should definitely broaden our horizons a little more and get to know other skaters as well, especially those from our own countries!

And God Created Woman

25 Year Anniversary Of The Symbol Album

My favourite track of the album has to be “And God Created Woman’ just listening to that Bass intro gives me chills!
I know there isn’t a video for this amazing track so i decided to make one of my own, i took clips from the 3 Chains O Gold musical opera and edited them together to make some sort of visual counterpoint to the track, i really hope you guys enjoy it.

What are your favourites on the album? i love the whole Arabic influence/vibe that runs through the whole project, it really does feel ‘ethnic’ and a very ‘other-worldly’. I know some fams have said the album is to loud, bombastic and over the top but thats what i really admire about the whole opus, it’s very larger than life and takes you on this cosmic futuristic journey. Yes he’s made better and more accomplished albums but as one of his 90’s albums it sure is one of his finest and up there with the likes of The Gold experience and Come.

anonymous asked:

What awards did each of the guys win solo so far?


  1. People’s Choice Awards: Favourite Breakout Artist
  2. Radio Disney Music Awards: Best Male Artist
  3. iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards: Fan Fave International Artist or Group
  4. Teen Choice Awards: Choice Song: Male Artist
  5. Teen Choice Awards: Choice Summer Male Artist
  6. Telehit Awards: Video in English
  7. American Music Awards: New Artist of the Year


  1. Teen Choice Awards: Choice Male Artist
  2. Teen Choice Awards: Choice Rock Artist
  3. Teen Choice Awards: Choice Style Icon


  1. Teen Choice Awards:  Choice Best Collaboration
  2. People’s Choice Awards:  Solo Pop Star Will Rule Summer of 2017
  3. MTV EMAs:  Best UK & Ireland Act


  1. Attitude: Sexiest Man of the Year

hey gamers i reuploaded the “bugframe musical trilogy” which were very old videos of mine showcasing some of my favourite bugs in warframe

i just watched them after like, a year and i enjoyed them and reuploaded them

theyre absolutely worth the watch, some of these bugs are still my favourite from the game’s lifespan