met Oscar Isaac today outside the theatre for Hamlet.

me and Sahsha got there three hours early becuz we didn’t have seats together and wanted to appeal to the box office ahead of time. we were sitting on the steps outside of the theatre and this beautiful motherfucker- talking on his phone- just walks up and sits down next to us. for like 15 minutes. just sits there. and so i looked over at him a couple of times and we locked eyes and he knew that i knew who the fuck he was but i wasn’t gonna pester him.

later on, when he got off the phone, he came over to us for the pictures Sahsha wanted. I asked him the burning question i’ve had ever since i first saw his face “so when are you playing Al Pacino in the biopic?” and he laughed… *swoon*

then we talked about Dog Day Afternoon (his favourite movie) and told him we were gonna see the show which made him really happy- like we weren’t just asking for photos but were actually invested in him. and the show was SOOO GOOD. he and Keegan-Michael Key were incredible together and the production was really engaging. so much so that at some point, when he said “he’s for a jig, or a tale of bawd, or he sleeps” he literally pointed at  man sitting in the front row, sleeping. 

and then, of course, he spent the entire 2nd Act without pants. like.. no pants. and let me tell you, as someone who was sitting ten feet away and above.. Oscar Isaac’s ass is just.. oh my god. it is fuuuucking gorgeous. ass and thighs. out of this world. no joke. so juicy that me and Sahsha have literally not stopped talking about it since we got back to the hotel two hours ago. so good. 

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What are your favourite movies?

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Léon the professional, the hp series, the lotr series and I love pulp fiction. But also Donnie darko and the Addams family. Also really love documentaries! I’m watching a burlesque documentary on Netflix atm :) xx

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Maybe that's me being a movie nut for DC and Marvel movies, but if we do get a little prequel of Carmelita's growing career, I would highly recommend Patty Jenkins to direct it. Especially directing the fight scenes.

The fight scenes in Wonder Woman were fucking rad so I would be utterly on board for this