favourite movie of all time ever ok


Ok this movie man is one of my all time favourites mainly because there is hardly any dialogue through out the film just Wall-E pretty much making noises and saying his name with other characters. Also Wall-E and Eve (or Eva which I prefer to call her) show the concept of love way better than some humans ever could.

Like the end scene just fucking tugs at the heart strings and I feel all warm inside when wall-e comes back to his normal self after Eve gives him that little “spark” which is the robot form of kissing. Just gah it’s so fucking cute I can’t even.

Maddie’s livestream on ig:

things I remember:
- she face timed with Millie last night
- she cuts Lilia’s hair ever time she’s there (!)
- she’s still totally obsessed with Greys this cutie
- she moved in a new house (?) didn’t really catch this one
- she makes Lilia watch like a thousand dance videos which she is inspired of
- this was her first livestream on ig and she kept getting distracted by all her friends on the stream lol it was hilarious
- they made a joke about the pyramid on DM
- Maddie will only leave LA for her book signing tour
- Jess and Gabriel are some of her favourite youtubers
- “Hunt for the wilderpeople” is Maddie’s favourite movie right now
- Maddie is 5′5
- Maddie will be in LA for a very long time
- Kenzie was with Brynn last night
- ok she says she will be “here” at least till July (not sure if she meant LA tho, but sounded like it)
- Kalani was commenting on the stream and being hilarious, actually so many of her friends were and kept commenting hilarious stuff
- Maddie got food poisoning or something like that at the end of the Australia tour when she ate a burger and has been scared to eat one ever since

this was all i was able to catch, feel free to add! :)