favourite moments in gaming


A few people were asking me what my favourite Promptis moment is..
But.. The sad fact is, that neither of them have actually been included in the game so far.

My favourite moments happened long before FFXV became FFXV.
My love for Promptis goes way back to 2011, when XV was still called Final Fantasy Versus XIII.
I was one of those unfortunate people who waited for trailers to come out every year.

But to answer the question:

Prompto saving Noctis butt in battle before the Citadel, is my most favourite Promptis moment (as shown by the gifs above).

SoulsBorne asks!

Choose a letter for the game and a number for the question!

a) Demon’s Souls
b) Dark Souls
c) Dark Souls 2
d) Dark Souls 3
e) Bloodborne

  1. Your favourite boss?
  2. Your least favourite boss?
  3. Boss you had the most trouble with?
  4. The easiest boss?
  5. Normal enemy that always gives you a hard time?
  6. Your favourite area?
  7. Your least favourite area?
  8. Favourite NPC?
  9. An NPC you always try to save?
  10. Favourite Soundtrack?
  11. A moment that made you emotional?
  12. Favourite moment in the game?
  13. Your funniest online experience?
  14. Things invaders do you hate?
  15. Are you part of a (gank) squad?
  16. A funny story from your first playthrough?
  17. Something that you will never foget?
  18. Favourite Fashion Souls/Borne outfit?
  19. Favourite build?
  20. Favourite weapon?
  21. Do you have a creative/funny build?
  22. Does your character have a backstory?
  23. Do you make funny or pretty looking characters?
  24. Highest NG+?
  25. Something that made you really proud?
  26. Do you summon or prefer to play solo?
  27. A general opinion on the game?

i think my favourite moments in this game are the ones where you get to stop and breathe? finishing the trawl through a super-mutant-infested high-rise and sitting on a balcony watching the sun rise over the ruined city with your companion. it’s just stopping and watching the broken down but still beautiful and somehow alive world when i feel most connected to my survivor. just. taking a breath

Destiny Asks
  1. Do your Guardians have back stories?
  2. Do you have your max guardians?
  3. Do you have one of each class?
  4. What is your favourite class?
  5. What is your favourite super to use?
  6. Do you play the Crucible?
  7. Favourite armour?
  8. Favourite weapon?
  9. Favourite Exotic?
  10. What weapon/gear seems to elude you?
  11. Favourite raid?
  12. Enemy class that you love to kill?
  13. Favourite planet to go to?
  14. What’s your goal on the game?
  15. How many hours have you played it?
  16. Last exotic achieved?
  17. What NPC is your favourite in the game?
  18. Favourite race?
  19. Biggest downfall of the game, in your opinion?
  20. Do you have all your Guardian classes maxed out?
  21. Favourite thing to do on the game?
  22. Best moment you’ve had?
  23. Luckiest thing ever had happen/did?
  24. Stupidest reason you’ve died?
  25. Most hated bounty?
  26. Something that always happens to you?
  27. Do you have a favourite fireteam?

the-archangel-of-zeref  asked:

Grey, white (even though Ik some prob XD) purple,

Grey: 2 facts about my favourite things

-I have several sketchbooks full of drawings.

-My favourite video game series at the moment is Pokemon.

White: 3 facts about my personality

-I don’t talk much in real life until after being around someone for a while

-I have a terrible memory.

-I procrastinate a lot, but I’m trying to fix that.

Purple: 10 facts about my room

-Most of it looks organized, except the shelves at the back.

-I have a white carpet by the bed.

-My cat is in my room half of the time. Usually napping.

-I tend to keep a lot of things I don’t need.

-There are two drawings on the walls: one of some sea lions, and an attempt at drawing an elf from when I was twelve (I need to replace them both with newer drawings).

-I also have a whiteboard. It’s mostly used for reminders.

-I keep both my laptop and my printer/scanner in my room.

-There’s a bookshelf on top of my bed, but there isn’t much on it since most of the books are kept downstairs.

-It has a window facing the road.

-It’s always cold, except in summer. Probably because I keep the heating down to about twelve degrees.