favourite moments in gaming

My Fave Game of Thrones moments...

Seasons 1 - 6:

1. Sansa & Jon reunion

2. “Fuck the King”

3. Daenerys fucks up the Masters of Astapor

4. Jaime’s speech in the bath, a.k.a. I thought I just heard a pin drop

5. Jon’s utter hopelessness as he leaves Hardhome and realises everyone’s pretty much fucked


A few people were asking me what my favourite Promptis moment is..
But.. The sad fact is, that neither of them have actually been included in the game so far.

My favourite moments happened long before FFXV became FFXV.
My love for Promptis goes way back to 2011, when XV was still called Final Fantasy Versus XIII.
I was one of those unfortunate people who waited for trailers to come out every year.

But to answer the question:

Prompto saving Noctis butt in battle before the Citadel, is my most favourite Promptis moment (as shown by the gifs above).


Vote between this 5 options!

1. Game convention - Tyler holds Craig cup as he drinks.

2. Gmod prop hunt - Craig yells “If I don’t make it, I love you Tyler!”

3. When Tyler crashes Craig’s stream and talks to him a little, before leaving. Craig’s face grows really red (AND ITS ADORABLE).

4. When Tyler was in the chat of Craig’s stream, and commented “LOL I LUV YOU STUPID”

5. During Craig’s group AskMini, where he falls onto Tyler and hugs him like a koala.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate Tatsuya’s dream. It’s so pure and innocent and my favourite moment in the game.(also this is why tatsujun is the canon ship). Anyways, it’s really sweet that Tatsuya still remembers that promise and this scene shows us how Jun is, in fact, very important to him. He could dream anyone from The Masked Circle, since they’re all friends and they are like a family, which supports the claim that Tatsuya holds romantic feelings for Jun. But, there are also claims that he liked Maya romantically and that he and Jun are just friends. First of all, I always got the feeling that he saw Maya as an older sister and of course he’s overprotective of her because who wouldn’t be if they saw a person who was like family to them die in their hands? I think also this scene is quite symbolical because if they weren’t the canon ship, or if they were just best friends, they would talk in front of a toy shop, candy shop, something characteristic for two friends. But, no, they were making a promise in front of a wedding dress shop, which is more likely for a couple. They both still held their mementos, even after 10 years of not hearing for each other. This is truly my OTP because of everything.