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Damon Salvatore : My All Time Favourite Moment EVER


Jensen Hiatus Love: Jensen & Cons  

↳ “When we first saw you in Supernatural we thought
“Oh well, he’s really handsome. But then we found out that there was more than that,
that you have so much more to offer.
We think that a good actor can take you to a different place and is able not to only make you forget that you are watching an actor but who also makes you care about the journey of a character.
And you really make people who watch you care about you and your characters
and not just because you have a pretty face. You handle both, tragedy and comedy,
with equal ability and your face and eyes speak a thousand words, even when you are saying nothing at all. So, when Supernatural will end, don’t think about it as a conclusion but as a stepping stone which will lead you towards a bright future, because you are Oscar material.” - a lovely fan at JIBCon 2011 [x]

Xmen thoughts

This is insane for my head to get around at the moment, but I just want to say a few things about the xmen and wolverine series since I’ve just watched logan. Okay first of all, I was born in 2000, when the first xmen movie was released, meaning I didn’t start watching until I just turned 3 years old. The first xmen DVD was in my Christmas stocking and it was my all time favourite film until xmen 2 came out, and then it all repeated. Now I’m here, 3 months from turning 17 and still wrapping my head around the fact that wolverine and professor X has now came to an end. My childhood was completely surrounded by Marvel, no matter what movie I loved it, because it made me feel something that nothing else ever could. It made me feel accepted, that it was okay to be different. So all my life up until now, at this very moment I have always watched, liked and talked about whatever made me happy, whatever made me feel accepted no matter how much people thought I was weird, or different. Because of the first film I had ever enjoyed, the first movie that happened to be xmen, I am who I am today. So this post really just expands on the fact that I know I’m not alone with this feeling, and I will never be able to express how grateful I am for marvel, the the actors and actresses and the creators, because without them, life would of been so different for me. So in honour of Logan, Charles, Erik and every other xmen old or new that made the movies so special, thank you.

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Could you do a little fic of some sort with Noctis' sister dating Ignis and ignis proposing, and it being a big deal in the kingdom with their beloved princess getting married, maybe nsfw? Of course you do what cha want with this request if you choose to write anything like this, anyway thanks for your time, love your work, you're a very talented writer!


Ignis x fem!Reader
Word Count: 2,789

Have I ever mentioned how the “Noct’s older sister” trope is one of my favourites when it comes to FFXV fics? I love love love it. So here is some fluff and a touch of smut, but also some feelings because I love writing tender moments. 

Tagging some friends! @iinkpools @chocobro-daydreams @ladyscientia <3 Enjoy!

When Ignis had invited you over to his apartment for dinner, you thought nothing of it. He cooked for you all the time, always had a new recipe that he wanted you to try, so you went over to his apartment after a council meeting with your father.

Your phone buzzed in your pocket as you rode the elevator up. It was from your younger brother, Noctis. You checked it and quirked an eyebrow. All he had sent was a photo of him and Prompto, exaggeratedly winking at the camera. You rolled your eyes and put your phone back into your purse and walked out of the elevator once it had reached Ignis’ floor.

You knocked on the door and when Ignis opened it, you saw that he was dressed in a suit. You glanced down at your clothes, an ordinary black asymmetrical top and ripped up jeans, and then back to his formal attire.

“Something tells me I’m underdressed.”

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im not sure how i found your blog but it is now my favorite, all this jikook content is saving my life i feel so blessed 🙏 if you don't mind me asking, what are your favorite jikook moments?

Awww…your making me blush you cute anon, staph it!!

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But nice to hear that you like my weird trashy blog, feel free to stay as long as you like fam ;)But back to your ask on my favourite Kookmin/Jikook moments?…dear god I’m having so many war flashbacks right now of all the Jikook moments that those dorks have blessed and also made us suffer with. Where do I even begin?!?! Guess I have to try so you can watch me go and fail to make an essay on the couple that reduced me into a mess of tears. But before I start I have to say to everyone else who might read this, that these are only my personal observations and opinions on the dynamics of these two so if you don’t like it or don’t agree with me then please do not read. :)

So anyway first I have to start with the legendary Jikook V-Live… they high key just flirted through the whole thing, the minute Jungkook came running in with his unfinished lunch at his hands. After that they just stared deeply into each others eyes,  forgot the meaning of personal space and said things like…

Yeah they said things like that, I kid you not and also did you hear the sounds of me suffering jungkook?! Because thats what I was legit doing while bearing witness to this V Live! And his voice lowered a couple of noches when he said it and then the tension dropped harder than my sanity after that. Dear god Jungkook has no chill. Please go watch it if you have not, it’s art. Now to the next thing the back hugs. Jikook being the legendary back hug couple I just have to share with you a couple of those moments. Like this when…

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…they where taking a group photo and Jungkook? Well he seemed to just straight up ignore that, deciding to focus on hugging Jimin instead. He even closed his eyes while doing it!! I repeat he closed his eyes!! It felt like I was intriguing on something since Jungkook looked so at peace like as if Jimin was his safe haven in the middle of all that noice and flashing lights…And yes I cried when I saw it, how could I have not. And now onto this…

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….Back hug which happened somewhere after Namjoon and Jimin had their little wedding moment during a fanmeet. Not saying that there is a connection, but also not saying that there isn’t one. So as on cue let us move on to the legendary topic of Jeonlous. It being one of my greatest aesthetics I just have to include it in this. I mean Nochu has so many notp’s these days that, I firmly believe them to be the sole reason why he probably lives in the gym like his life depends on it. Like the wise satellite-jeon once said Nochu is out there lifting to win.  

Here are some great examples of the struggles of Jeonlous…

Jungkook: *sees JoonMin standing close to each other* Gotta go and separate that shit. If I could have a dollar every time Jungkook went between these two I’d be swimming in money…aaand onto the next one.

Now this had me weak I mean Jungkook just straight up pushed J-Hope away from Jimin while trying to gain Jimins attention. He also did the same thing to Jin in one of the latest V live’s, when he tried to just look over Jimin shoulder and Jungkook was like nope. This boi is struggling to keep his chill.

I have so many many more Jeonlous moments like these but this will become way too long if I try to add them all in. But what I will have to add in is him doing that tongue thing he does when ever Jimin is concerned. Because he does it so often that it can’t be coincidental anymore. I mean once is accident, twice is coincidence but three times is pattern.

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I have a whole folder full of him doing that, and if you ask why I have it…well its for science okay….*sweats nervously*. Let’s move onto the last and my most favourite moments…them trying their best to make each other laugh or smile. And I don’t think these moments even need an explanation on why they are so precious to me, because they pretty much explain themselves.

Now there are many more moments that I would like to talk about, but as i said before this will become way too long and also I need to go to sleep since it’s 04:46 am where I’m at. Meaning that this would start going downhill and fast from here if I continued and I want to keep this pg. level while my brain still allows it :D Hope that this very, very bad and messy answer in someways met your standards anon and thank you again for sending me that ask!

Btw since some of the gifs are from my save folder, because for the life of it Tumblr would not find me the ones I needed so please tell me if you know the names of the ones who made those gifs so I can credit them properly :)

do you ever get that moment when you’re listening to your favourite song and the best bit comes up and you just get a swell of something in you and it’s not quite excitement or adrenaline but it just fills you up and you can’t stop smiling and it’s just like “this is it.”

I love unmade beds. I love when people are drunk and crying and cannot be anything but honest in that moment. I love the look in people’s eyes when they realise they’re in love. I love the way people look when they first wake up and they’ve forgotten their surroundings. I love the gasp people take when their favourite character dies. I love when people close their eyes and drift away into the clouds . I fall in love with their honest moments all the time. I fall in love with their break downs and their smeared makeup and their daydreams. Honesty is just too beautiful to ever put into words. _ Jamie Campbell Bower

Memory Calls

Post 12x11. I have read a few codas about how Cas realized something was wrong because he couldn’t feel Dean’s longing anymore, but what if the opposite was true?

He didn’t think much about it when Sam let him know that Dean’s cell phone was broken. In a hunter life, few devices survived longer than a few months.

As it turned out, he should have been concerned, and as usual, he learned about it far too late.

“Hey, Cas” Dean greeted him, sounding tired. “Got a new phone”.

“I deduced as much.” The brothers were the only ones who’d ever call him from a number he didn’t recognize.

Dean chuckled. “Deduced? Did you catch old Sherlock Holmes reruns on cable again?”

He hesitated for a moment before answering, “Maybe”.

Sometimes, this behaviour amused Dean, and this time it worked.

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cAn you write something for pynch and valentines day omg i love ur pynch stuff 😩

Adam was in a hurry. 

Gansey, bless him, had agreed to take Opal for the day so Adam could prepare, and the night so Adam and Ronan could have their night. In the meantime, Blue had agreed to keep Ronan occupied with things that Adam had no knowledge of. All Adam asked was that Ronan was out of the house until six. 

Ronan didnt know Adam was back for the weekend, and Adam had worked very hard to make it sound like he had just too much homework to do to get away from school. Truthfully, he did, but this was his first valentine’s with Ronan, and he wanted, just this once, to be that stupid, cheesy, annoying couple. 

Adam didn’t change too much of the house, but enough that it looked like the kind of romantic picture he had been hoping for. It was five minutes before Ronan had to be home, so Adam had begun to heat the food that was already made in the oven just to make it warm. He looked around, admiring his handiwork. 

The lights were off, but Adam had lit so many candles that it looked as though a light was on. It was most definitely a fire hazard. The table was set, with a cold beer out for Ronan, and Adam had prepared himself a cold glass of Cola. There were rose petals scattered over the table cloth, which Adam thought was a nice touch–whether or not Ronan would appreciate any of these things was beyond him. There was music playing, not Ronan’s type of music, and not Adam’s type of music, but nice soothing instrumental things that gave Adam the feeling that he should walk through a magical forest. 

Wouldn’t be the first time. 

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Henry VII and Elizabeth of York » modern royalty au starring Freya Mavor and Michael Marcus

As eldest child of the British King, Elizabeth has been raised from a young age with one goal in mind: to one day be Queen. With her fathers’ health declining rapidly in the past months, it has become clear this day will come sooner rather than later.

Anxious at what lays ahead but determined to fulfill her duties well, Elizabeth starts preparing for her coronation. One other thing keeps her family and members of parliament busy: whom will she marry? After all, every monarch needs a consort to procure children and for personal support.

Everyone has their opinions on who it should be. All the matchmaking exasperates Elizabeth, yet she can’t help her mind wandering to her mothers’ favourite candidate. Henry Tudor is the son of an old family friend and as such, Elizabeth has known him for a long time. He is not conventionally handsome, yet she is attracted to him nevertheless.

Henry might seem uptight at first glance, but from their private moments she knows he is just as fond of dancing, music and card games as her. That he has been ever so supportive through her fathers’ illness is certainly more testament to his quality of character.

Perhaps then, falling in love and getting married would not be such of an issue to Elizabeth…

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Consumed is one of my all time favourite episodes, so many beautiful Caryl moments! I never get tired of watching it and see something new every time. I know you love this one too..what would be your top five moments in it?

Oh yes Nomy you are right, it’s probably one of, if not my fav episodes ever. So I’ll see if I can narrow it down to 5 in the episode cause the entire thing was beautiful.

Ok so one would be..

The entire conversation they had their first night at the DV shelter was wonderful to me. Starting with Daryl seeing that book laying on the desk. Watching the way his fingers shook as he asked her ‘you stayed here?’ and then him watching her sit by the window, taking the first watch because she can’t sleep.

This entire conversation, about starting over and trying is just poignant to watch. Without using a lot of words, they say a lot to each other. Most others wouldn’t ask the questions they ask each other and if they didn’t wouldn’t get the honest answers they get from each other. And I just love watching Daryl play with his hands nervously as he talks to her. And as she comes over and lays down next to him.

And how nervous he sounds when asking the question that’s been bothering him for quite a bit now. A question he’s clearly afraid to hear the answer to. And how they companionably next to each other and we start to feel that.. you know.. tension thing going there don’t we?

Which is of course interrupted by the next scene I love and talked about many, many times.

When they hear a noise and go to investigate and what do they, but the mother and child walker.. a somber moment to be sure for both. Especially knowing where they are what they’ve both been through in their lives. But Daryl looking as he realizes what this means to Carol..

And how Daryl stops her from doing it because he knows what it would do to her. Putting his hand on her and telling her she doesn’t have to. Just the way he looks at her when he tells her this. Tells her essentially it doesn’t have to be her. And lets her sleep and does it for her.Its so selfless that he does this to spare her more pain, not even knowing what happened yet. It just kills me every time I watch it. Was literally a wreck for about an hour after this episode because of this one scene. I’m not even joking..

Will put the rest behind the cut because I’m gonna run on a bit here per usual..

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To go along with this post. Some Lily/Narcissa and Drarry!

• Okay so Lily and Narcissa dated for a few years, in secret. (Yes I know age difference blablabla shut up not in this au)
• Of course it didn’t work out, as much as they had wanted it to. Narcissa had to marry a pureblood man, Lily was far from.
• Nonetheless, both married someone they were in love with, but it stung.
• They’d see each other in Diagon Alley or a quidditch game, and it stung.
• When Lily got pregnant, a few months after Narcissa had, they met up in secret.
• “I know it’s to be a secret, but a muggle pub Lily?”
• And they talk about their children. About what they’ll be like, how they’ll act with wach other. “Maybe they’ll be friends.”
• And they’re born, and both of them wonder what they’ll be. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.
• Skip to the end of the first war.
• Lily’s dead. No one told Narcissa, no one figured she’d care. She got up in the morning and read the paper. She got happy because the Dark Lord was dead and her child could grow up in peace.
• And then she reads about Lily’s death. Her heart shatters.
• No she wasn’t in love with her anymore. But it hurts so much, she can’t stop crying for hours on end.
• But her boy lives. Harry Potter lives.
• And when Draco goes to Hogwarts, she knows Harry Potter will be there too.
• And above all her expectations, his name is mentioned three times in Draco’s first letter.
• Hatred. Draco hates him.
• Narcissa can’t blame Draco of course, but it hurts. She can’t help but think if this would’ve been the same, had Lily been alive.
• But his letters change over the years, and maybe she realizes it before Draco does, but she knows he’s falling in love.
• And christ, she hopes he’ll be more lucky then she was.
• Skip to the war, where Narcissa is bending over Harry Potter.
• She risks her life with a lie, not only for her son but for Lily’s boy too.
• A year later Harry Potter is introduced to her as Draco’s boyfriend. When she talks about it with Lucius and Draco later, she understands her son.
• “It’s the eyes, my dear. Quite addictive.”
• Lucius laughs, Draco is confused but nods anyway.
• And her talks with Harry are just… right.
• She discovers his abuse, and feels guilty for not being able to have helped him.
• After a few months, she shares stories of his mother with him.
• “Treacle tarts were her favourite too, you’ve inherited more than her eyes, Mr. Potter.”
• Draco’s still embarrassed, but Harry loves hearing more about his mother. Everyone tells about James, but no one alive knew Lily as well as Narcissa did.
• He loves listening, Narcissa loves finally bwing able to share all those moments.
• Well maybe not all.
• And when one day she and Harry first visit the graves of his parents, the first time she’s ever been there, they both cry.
• But she smiles at him, and tells him about the talk in the muggle pub about him and Draco.
• “She’d have screamed with joy if you had told her about the engagement, you know? More than Weasley will.”



Day 11 - The Devil’s Mark

3 iconic Jamie and Claire scenes, 2 amazing supporting actor performances, and 1 perfect straight-out-of-the-book moment.

(1) Ned Gowan, lawyer extraordinaire, played masterfully by Bill Paterson. I have loved Ned throughout the series but in this episode he really shows his true colours. He’s determined to defend Claire, despite Colum’s displeasure and he will use everything in his power to do that. But in the end, when his superior knowledge means nothing and the women are condemned, I love the fact that emotion takes over and he resorts to waving his gun around in order to protect the women. Go Ned, the least likely hero you ever did see!

(2) Geillis truly comes into her own in this episode too. She’s a character that I have felt real ambivalence for until this point, deliberately so, I’m sure, as Lotte Verbeek has made her especially mysterious. But at the moment of crisis, as Claire is flogged, Geillis steps up and proves her worth, saving her fellow prisoner, with what appears to be the ultimate sacrifice. You can’t fail to admire Geillis here, and Lotte Verbeek was outstanding throughout the witch trial scenes.

(3) One of my all time favourite book moments is Jamie interrupting the witch trial and saying these iconic words ’ I swore an oath before the altar of God to protect this woman. And if you’re tellin’ me that ye consider your own authority to be greater than that of the Almighty, then I must inform ye that I’m no of that opinion myself’. To hear Sam Heughan say these words aloud, just as I had always imagined them being delivered, gave me chills and I still get goosebumps now on subsequent viewings. Jamie is Claire’s ‘army’ and by golly, do you believe that watching this scene ( Sam’s face here is extraordinary)

The last twenty minutes of this episode contains for me 3 iconic Jamie and Claire scenes, the confession (4), the fireside lovemaking (5), and the farewell at the stones (6). Each and everyone of these scenes was played exquisitely by Caitriona and Sam : Claire’s vulnerability as she finally (finally!) tells Jamie the whole truth and Jamie’s acceptance and even humour at such a moment ; the piercingly sweet and achingly sensual lovemaking as Jamie attempts to memorise every single thing about his wife, quietly did me in, his touch is so reverent, and so very tender ( it’s also unbelievably hot) ; and at the last, that hillside goodbye.

Claire’s completely unprepared for reaction to seeing the stones, and what it actually means: that to go back to the 20th century means leaving this amazing, intelligent, strong, gentle, loving man, who has fought for her, killed for her, cared for her throughout their time together. Finally her head catches up with her heart, because by now Jamie is the ‘heart and breath’ of her body. And all these emotions can be seen on Caitriona ’s face in the course of this scene. 

This is equally true of Sam’s performance here, the audience feels every ounce of Jamie’s pain, as he readies himself to say a final goodbye to his Sassenach, the woman to whom his heart is eternally pledged, steeling himself to survive the next how ever many years without her. If you didn’t cry buckets at this moment then frankly you must be some kind of automaton.

And lastly a bonus image (7) of the tear that launched a thousand more. I had just managed to gather myself at this point when I espied that tear slowly falling down that cheek, and that totally and utterly destroyed me. Again.

So on that thought, roll on Season 2, say I. Expect rivers of tears, people, rivers, nay, oceans will be unleashed…and I. Can’t. Wait.

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how can fili be your favourite he gets hardly any screen time we don't even know him really

Well, you’re right about the screen time – I’m still mad about that – but imho what we do see of Fili shows a character who’s brave, selfless, loyal, protective, and honorable. I could probably write an essay on the “I belong with my brother” scene alone: Fili is willing not only to stand up to Thorin (and he’s one of only two dwarves who ever do) but to give up a huge moment of achievement that’s been the goal of the entire quest and all the hardships they’ve endured, just because he cares more about his brother than about personal glory. He constantly looks after Kili, throws himself unarmed at Orcs to protect Bard’s children, refuses to harm Bilbo even when Thorin tries to physically force him to carry out his orders, his dying thought is to urge the people he loves to get to safety. To my mind he’s a guy with a lot of admirable qualities.

Plus, I think he’s really hot. So there’s that.


Read the rules before requesting, please!

*= Recommended by yours truly.

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First Impressions

[All fun :D]

Laws of Attraction


One Shots:


{Summary: The reader has wolverine powers and is a new recruit. No one knows about her powers until she saves Bucky out on the field and when they come back she shuts down.}

[fluff, then angst]


{Summary: Bucky is irrevocably in love with you, but someone already owns your heart.}



{Summary: telling Bucky you aren’t ready}

[smut? more like making out]

Late || Early (Sequel)

{Summary: Bucky’s late all the time, and you’re beginning to think that he never had the time for you anyways.

[angst, disappointment, death, funerals]

Sky Painted Pretty Colours*

{Summary: You and him hate each other, and stages of your relationship}

[lots of angst and swearing, but cute stuff too.]

Change in the Time of Year

{Summary: Ever since you were gone, there was something horribly different in the time of year.}

[Christmas angst and fluff]


{Summary: As Bucky spends a morning with you, he goes through some of his favourite moments with you which had unknowingly etched itself into his mind.}

[pure fluff]


{Summary: After being subjected to torture for years, you and your partner decide to break free.}

[angst, angsty fluff? fluffy angst?]

To Be, or Not to Be

{Summary: Shy reader who acts alongside Bucky in a school play.}


Through The Years*

{Summary: Through the years of your relation with Bucky from the day you met him.}

[1940s Bucky. Fluff,  all the works :D]

Coffee With A Hint of Sarcasm

{Summary: Midnight coffee with Bucky with sarcastic commentary and sleep deprived reader.}

[sarcastic reader, few curse words.]

Missing From Photographs

{Summary: Reminiscing Bucky as you go through sweet and brutal memories of him.}

[1940s Bucky, angst, fluff, angst, angst, fluff, angst]


{Summary: Bucky knowing exactly what to do when you’re down.}

[friend!Bucky, fluffy angst, talks about sensitive topics.] 

Letters. *

{Summary: Communicating with him through letters, gradually becoming the one he associates ‘home’ with.} 

[really sad angst]

Space and Half Drunk Secret Spilling 

{Summary: Picking up drunk Bucky and having interesting conversations on the way.}

[fluff fluff fluff]

Weird Surprises*

{Summary: Bucky hears you on a phone call and thinks you’re cheating}

[fluff, small angst and more fluff]

I Kinda Like Nothing*

{Summary: Being proud of Bucky after his play.}


Rhyming Names and Cute Threats

{Summary: Annoying Bucky until he blurts out something he’s been keeping to himself.}


Not There.

{Summary: when Bucky discovers the truth about his relationship.}


I Don’t Cry.*

{Summary: The many times he doesn’t cry, and the one time he does.}



You’re Too Good For Me

{Summary: Helping him with an anxiety attack.}


The Little Girl and the Solider Man: 

She didn’t understand… where had mummy gone?

Holding on to her childhood comfort, the little girl soon began to cry.

Why was everyone running and screaming? Why were they leaving? She was so confused! But all the girl could think of was finding her mother. Who had disappeared only moment before all the commotion had stared. Soon gunshots could be heard in the distance. Firing in her general direction. And then, only seconds later, all the little girl could do was watch as people were shot down by the very people who should have been protecting them.

But unknown to her, and to everyone else, those very men were as scared as them all. Powerless to the inevitable…

Powerless to stop what was coming… The end of the world.

Wiping her tears away, the little girl ran as fast as she could over to the spaceship play area, where only moments ago children played and laughed together. Now there was only silence. A cruel and ominous sign of what was about to happen. She climbed into the steel frame and decided to wait. Her mother knew this was her favourite place to be and the little girl knew if she ever got lost, this would be the first place her mum would look.

Time passed, and no one came. Gun shots and screams broke the silence again however. It would almost seem like they were taking it in turns to fill the air. Still the little girl sat alone, waiting for the mother who would never be coming…

Then out of nowhere, she heard footsteps, they were loud against the padded floor of the play area. Thinking then it was her mum coming back for her, she stepped out and shouted. But it wasn’t, it was a man in uniform. He saw her and she saw him. She could see the fear in his eyes, the dread. He looked mad, scared… alone.

“You gotta run girl!” He shouted. But before she could do anything, another man came up from behind him. He didn’t even hesitate. He pulled up his gun and fired. The last thing the little girl ever heard was he other man screaming “no”, but nothing more. The bullet slammed itself into her chest. She gaped,. No words passed her lips.

The bullet pierced close to her heart. Killing her almost instantly. She fell into the metal cold floor. Dying…

The very man who had tried to save her climbed into the frame after her, and he knelt by her side, knowing there was no hope he picked her up into his arms. Sobbing himself, the man tired to give the girl some false hope. He smiled at her through the tears and the little girl tried so hard to smile back. But she just couldn’t. All she could see was his kind eyes as her vision began to cloud, and then, cold and without hope… she died.

Her hands went limp and her childhood teddy dropped to the floor. The solider just held her tight to his chest now, so he wouldn’t die alone as then the world shook and the bombs fell.

Sole stopped dead in her tracks. Not this again… The teddy was still by the little girl’s side.

“Oh my fucking—” Sole didn’t even have the words. She just turned and left. It was just all too much.

You Don’t Shave Every Day (GOT7)

“got7 reaction to their gf not shaving everyday ( legs / armpits ) because it’s not good for her skin and she doesn’t mind the hair ( people need to accept that women are hairy too! )”

(gif credits to the original owners)

He’d be curious at first. He’d ask why you chose not to shave every day. It’s only because you were cuddling one day. He’d run his hand along your leg and felt the hairs. You’d shyly admit you didn’t like to cause irritation and he’d completely understand, and he’d never bring it up again. He’d whole heartedly accept your decisions and let you know it didn’t bother him in the slightest. He’ll steal a kiss on your neck and just continue cuddling you.

Originally posted by jehbum

(he has the most gorgeous eyes - straight up.)

I sense he’d be nervous to bring it up with you at first. He wouldn’t want to upset you or make you uncomfortable in any sense. Of course he didn’t have a problem with it, but he’s probably not good at bringing things up like that. He’d shyly stutter out something about how he thinks you’re perfect in every way, no matter whether you shave or wear makeup or make an effort. You’ll just giggle, telling him you just want to look after your skin. He’d feel silly for being so shy, but it’d all be okay after that.

Originally posted by markificent

(have you seen what this boy has been doing recently? rude. flawless.)

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Tomb Raider: 30 Day Challenge.

Day 25: Favourite Boss Battle.

I know that this is the most generic answer ever, but the T-Rex in Tomb Raider (1996) is one of my all time favourite gaming moments so it is definatley my favourite Tomb Raider boss of all time. I just remember being a kid and seeing the T-Rex for the first time. It was awe inspiring and terrifying!