favourite marvel men

honestly i just keep looking at pictures of teen kurt for the new x men movie and for all the potential sadness his ‘angel markings’ might hold (if they go for the same reasoning as X2) i can’t get over his emo hair and little blue highlights like…did he do that himself, did he carefully bleach and dye himself a bright blue streak, did someone do it for him??? i mean that can’t be natural he’s not a deviantart OC, weird as he does look i mean…he had to have consciously chosen to do that to his hair??? and aaaahh what a cutie

and then there’s the thriller jacket to look forward to, like!!!

look at that, oh my gosh. i mean, that’s got to be an MJ reference. and the actual thrller jacket honestly looks more like kurt’s classic ‘V’ costume than this does! so is this kid a fan of MJ. does he know the dance, oh my god. is he a lil michael jackson wannabe??? what’s his favourite song??? does he charm people by busting out his MJ impression???

his whole look is so contrasting but i think its like…the best possible interpretation? ‘cause in X2 he just seems sad all over and doesn’t get much of a chance to show off any of that swashbuckling nightcrawler charm, but kodi smit-mcphee said he was going to play kurt more like in the comics - so more fun, so the ‘i like pop music’ is such a good thing to give him??? especially since he’s covered in all those scars like…whatever happened to this boy??? but whatever did happen hasn’t succeeded at pulling him down, we see him dressed all flamboyant and heck yeah just– i am so excited, i love this character, i need this movie yesterday