favourite married couple


River x Doctor Appreciation Day 21st April || Favourite ‘Old Married Couple’ moment.

“Hi Honey I’m Home”

“and what sort of time do you call this ?”

The Doctor apologizing to his wife for being late and she being ‘supposedly’ angry ;) 


River & the Doctor appreciation day || 22.04.2016

Aaaaaaaaaaayyy, it’s the time of the year again! It’s the time to celebrate the timey-wimey and space-wacey marriage of the incredibly gifted, beautiful, amazing, smart, resourceful and talented archaeologist and her dumb space-and-time-hopping husband. 

You know what to do: fics, fanarts, gifsets, graphics, fanmixes, videos - whatever comes to your mind. You can also take part in a countdown challenge - if you feel like it. 

Countdown challenge:

#1. April 18th: River and… Ten, Eleven or Twelve?

#2. April 19th: Favourite kiss.

#3. April 20th: The best flirting moment(s).

#4. April 21st: Favourite ‘an old married couple’ moment(s).

#5. April 22nd: Happy Anniversary!

Use tags  #river doctor appreciation day and #rd edit to tag your works. Have fun, enjoy and reblog to spread the word. See you there and then!