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#5 - Favourite Map

It has to be Rata Sum. It might seem odd not picking an explorable map, but this place wins for a few reasons. It was totes built by the Mursaat (headcanon, please ignore). It has a really cool futuristic look without going OTT. It’s the home of snarky Vulcan gnomes. They have a stage with breakdancing Asura and there is a Moa dance trainer. It’s the only capital city where the race’s bad guys (Inquest) are actually welcomed in. also Golems. I could go on, but snarky Vulcans pretty much covers it.

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Using only song names from 1 artist/band, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat a song title; it’s a lot harder than you think!

  • Pick your artist/band: Porcupine tree
  • Are you a male or female: Siren
  • Describe yourself: Pagan
  • How do you feel: Futile
  • If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Off the map
  • Your favourite form of transportation: Trains
  • Your best friend is: Way out of here
  • You and your best friends are: The nostalgia factory
  • Favourite time of day: The moon touches your shoulder
  • What is life to you: Great expectation
  • If your life was a TV show, what would the title be: Ambulance chasing
  • Your Relationship: The start of something beautiful
  • Your Fear: Last chance to evacuate planet Earth before it is recycled

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But what's wrong with being Princess Leia? :(

NOTHING!! i just wanted to be boba fett because my older brother was going as jango fett! whenever we played battlefront 2, we would play on mos eisley, with hero assault, because it was my favourite map. i would be boba and he would be jango and we’d spawnkill by the arena :^) horrible tiny mlg memers,,,,,, good times. good times.

March 2015 Monthly Ranking Charts

The Ranking Charts for March 2015 have just been released and can be found here! Along with that, we updated the Spring Season of the Ranking Charts long-term leaderboard! This month Kyshiro, _Gezo_, alienflybot and Fullerene- picked the maps for the Monthly Ranking Charts.

Ranking Charts Creation

The charts have previously been created by letting four dedicated community members select the most noteworthy maps of this month. We also reward the top beatmap in each category by providing 1 month of supporter status to the mapper.


For osu!, we decided to let Kyshiro pick their favourite maps.

Do I really have to explain myself? This map has been around for quite a while now, so many people (including me) already liked this before it got ranked and it only got better. caren_sk’s extra is fun to play, his style is just great for playing that’s no secret. Then we have RLC’s Extra, again, do you need explaination? This difficulty plays great and it looks great (I like it a bit more than caren_sk’s extra but, shh!). Then there’s the lower diffs, which again are good and polished. All in all a great map which will be remembered.

Yes! This is exactly how you map breakcore. I also like the creative slider at the slow parts. The spacing is done correctly, making it rather simple to follow, yet making it hard due to the density of the objects. Breakcore can be a pain to map due to the weird rhythms every now and then, however when mapped correctly, it plays smooth like this. Also a simple, yet nice storyboard, which changes color according to the feeling of the song.

Watching this extra difficulty go by was quite the experience, but god that is a cool looking difficulty. I’d suggest the players who can’t play this to at least give it a look with the auto mod. But hey, there’s also the lower difficulties, which also look great and play cool and are probably more playable for most people.

This felt quite unique and cool to play. I like the way the kick sliders in the Spicy difficulty are used. You can see there’s been put thought into the placement of objects, making it look clean as well. As for the guest Insane, it has the same feeling to it, it plays cool and looks nice. The lower difficulties are again the same kind of style, but simplified.

Bet you’ve heard of Asphyxia recently, mapping great extra difficulties, making them look good and cool to play. The extra difficulty has a nice flow going on as well as following the music accordingly, can’t think of a better way to map drum and bass. The wide amount of difficulties to this mapset make for a great spread and makes it enjoyable for every kind of player, from new players to top tier players.

All the difficulties here look polished and are fun to play. Yet again a wide spread to fill the needs of every standard player. The high difficulties, mostly the extra, follows the music pretty good, having jumps where there’s strong beats, streams where there should be streams and contains cool hitsounds.


For Taiko, we asked _Gezo_ about their favourite maps in March 2015.

Looking at how long the map is, some people would turn down the map despite its catchy tune. However this is greatly mapped and the map is just one of the most accurate depictions of what the song is really, yet OnosakiHito’s own touch is still present in the map in itself. A tricky yet simple map which is really worth the play, and the 7 minutes; and probably my personal favourite of the month.

There’s it. One of the best maps I have found for the month. I personally like the way each note was placed, as well as the hitsounds associated with it; and doesn’t get boring at all despite most patterns being very simple when put alone.

To me one of the most fun Nightcore maps I have ever played. The map is extremely dense but it doesn’t cut out the chills I get while playing it over and over. It’s overall a well-constructed map which is strongly oriented towards a simple structure but twisted so it flows well with the melody, the lyrics or even the background noises you may hear. Almost one full thousand notes of fun, to sum it up.

A difficult map I like due to how challenging it is for the higher players, but doesn’t cut out the fun for the less experienced ones. For instance, in WereOni, the longer streams are thought to some extent, flow well and are in concordance with the rest of the pattern. It is also a map that was featured in the Taiko World Cup!

A lovely map with fairly simple patterns which still reflect properly the song. The intense feel of the song is well translated through the patterns without going for complete overmap and big notes give a nicer plus in calmer parts when there’s a clash between the calmer part and the two-beats intensity increase.

Calm difficulties for a calm song, that’s what the motto of this map should be to me. Every note fits well to what they are mapped to, and the speed change at end makes the feel in intensity more perceptible to the player.

Catch the Beat

For Catch the Beat, alienflybot was the chosen one to declare the winners of the March 2015 beatmaps.

A nice CtB map in this month for sure. The patterns in overall are not repetitive, the jumps in various difficulties are following the rhythm of such calm yet rhythmical music, which impresses me a lot. The map also takes care of newcomers with an array of beginner difficulties.

The song is quite impressive as it is a kind of Dubstep music, the jumps and patterns in the hardest difficulty pretty well suits the music. I am pretty sure that you will be tapping your feet as you are following the music. How I describe this map is, challenging and fun.

A map that takes care of beginner players with an even difficulty spread. Beginner players can advance their ways past different difficulties. Also the hitsounding in this map works well with some drumming patterns. I do recommend beginner players trying this map.

This map fulfils the drum lovers like me since the patterns and hitsounds match the drumming sounds and the vocals cleverly. More than that, the difficulty spread is even that takes care about both beginners and top players. The stream patterns in the map also impress me and other players with the strong rhythms!

The song is attractive and captivating. I loved the way how mapper emphasized the strong sound with jumps, they are really enjoyable to play with. Have fun with this map! Although the map isn’t specifically made for CtB, it’s genuinely fun to play with!

This map is pretty well-made from different perspectives. The hitsounds and storyboard play a great role in this map which are really outstanding. Better still, the jumps in different difficulties suit the rhythm of the music. You may play the map with storyboard and hitsounds for at least once!


For osu!mania, Fullerene- was able to select their personal most noteworthy beatmap from last month.

Marathons are generally more difficult to map well, mainly because the length of the song requires that the map stay interesting enough to justify its duration. This map is a feast for the eyes, and for the fingers. Many diverse patterns are used here, from calm piano chords, to intense double note streams, and even some 1/8 grace notes. Long notes are also quite dense at times, but only used in certain sections to create a distinct emphasis to specific sounds. I was taken aback the first time I watched it play when it was first qualified, and I’m happy to see it ranked. This, to me, is unarguably the best ranked map of March and deserves to be in the Ranking Charts.

Another map from ExUsagi, this time featuring both 4K and 7K difficulty spread. ExUsagi’s style of heavy long note usage makes an appearance here, most notably in the “Insanity” difficulties for each respective key-mode. Also included is a difficulty with 0 long notes for both key-modes under the “Burst!” title, for those who prefer to play maps without long notes in them. This lets players with a preference for and against long notes to enjoy the same song.

The highlight of this mapset for me was the 8K difficulty spread, mapped by dosyeru. It’s not too often that a map outside 4K and 7K makes an entry intro the ranked map pool. This 8K difficulty spread was mapped as 7K+1, drawing parallels with the maps from beatmania IIDX. That’s not to say Reikosaka’s 7K difficulties aren’t great in their own regard. SV usage, while tame in nature, is tastefully used and creates a variety of effects that all add to the experience. All difficulties also make use of keysounds, layering on top of the existing piano and violin notes. Playing this mapset was a nice change of pace from the more upbeat offerings that are seen often on osu!mania.

Interesting songs lead to interesting maps. The wildly shifting time signatures and musical phrases open up opportunities to make something unique. Ichigaki captured this well in my opinion, creating one of the hardest ranked 4K maps to this date. Containing plenty of ¼ jacks, long note patterns, and even a 1/6 stream at 212 BPM, (equivalent to a 318 BPM ¼ stream!) this map sets itself apart from others in both structure and sheer difficulty.

ljqandylee returns with another 6 star map, including guest difficulties from ExPew and collaborations with Gao. The Ex-ray difficulty contains many complex long note patterns that will give any player a challenge, with Pew’s Insane serving as the appetizer to the main course. I’m quite fond of how the calmer portions of the song are mapped, acting as breaks between the more intense portions of the maps. Some of the patterns in Ex-ray are a bit on the crazy side, but nothing that’s enough to make me dislike it. One thing is for certain, this is definitely a map that can influence those to come in the future.

A well known map from osu!standard, Harbyter brings this song to osu!mania with a 4K mapset. Jacks and short bursts of long notes are the norm in this map, while not being overly rough on the wrists. Ene’s SC is more focused on mapping the main phrases, while the Rubik’s Cube difficulty challenges players with its progressively heavier layering. All of the difficulties have their own little quirks and mapping concepts, which puts it in my list of the most notable ranked osu!mania maps in March.

The March 2015 ranking charts will end on the 15th May 2015. For the next month, we will elect new community members to pick their favourite beatmaps, so stay tuned!

Past Ranking Charts results

Congratulations to the winners of the February 2015 Ranking Charts. They receive a month of supporter status for their efforts!

Good luck with the new charts! We’d love to hear any and all feedback you have about the new format and selection process for the charts - feel free to leave a comment below!


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♣ Favourite Role to Play♥ Favourite Map☾ Favourite Warcraft Hero

♣ Favourite Role to Play

Ranged Assassin >:D

♥ Favourite Map

☾ Favourite Warcraft Hero

Haven’t played many of them at all but - 

((Seriously I barely touch Warcraft champs though :P))

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5 fave songs

Thank you so much for asking darling! I can’t even choose so I’ve used my top 20 most played list to help ~

12) My five favourite songs right now

♢ Maps - ( covered by ) The Fray
♢ How to Save a Life - The Fray
♢ Perfect - Simple Plan
♢ Migraine - Twenty One Pilots
♢ Backseat Serenade - All Time Low

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Birthday:22 Jan 


Sexual orientation :Straight 

Favourite Colour :Antwerp Blue 

Time and Date of the current moment:11;10pm Tuesday, April 28

Average hours of sleep:6? i guess ..

Lucky number: 7  :3

Last thing I Googled : “ 33.514597,73.059230 “ tried this in google maps XD

Favourite Books/Anime/TV Show :not a guy who reads a lot of books …but my personal favourite would be “Digital fortress” :3 …anime ? ergo proxy and knb (notable mention: sket  dance :3)TV show :Sons of Anarchy,Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones ..

Favourite Food :Death by chocolate 

Dream vacation: hmmmm? antarctica XD :p

Dream Job :Getting paid without working :3

First word that comes to mind: Smite

How many blankets I sleep under:  -_- -_- 

Favorite fictional character: Roger ‘verbal’ kint ,Aomine Daiki ..and Gowther :

i am not tagging anybody …whoever wants to, may go ahead :p 

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♣ Favourite Role to Play♥ Favourite Map☾ Favourite Warcraft Hero

Support, someone’s gotta keep the idiots alive :P

Favourite map, Temple Map.

Favourite Warcraft Hero, Supporting for days! \o/

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♣ Favourite Role to Play ♥ Favourite Map

♣ Favourite Role to Play

-coughs- I’m pretty sure it’s assassin XD. 

but yeah I really like Assassins because my play style for these kinds of games have always been, jump straight into the trouble do lot’s of damage , maybe escape.  

♥ Favourite Map

Dragon shire, or The Spider tomb.

Becaus the Objectives on both of those maps are completely make or break. Like you can still recover if the enemy team gets the dragon or the Webweavers. 

Ribbit Ribbit Rabat

Rabat has been quite the city to visit thus far. Rabat is the capital city of Morocco and it truly shows. It presents itself to be much cleaner and put together than Casablanca. Our hotel is located about 100m from the train station, yet again a prime location to be in.

We are staying in Belere Hotel, which for the price we paid (not overly expensive at all, definitely not a backpackers style a by any means) is quite luxurious. Which of course is nothing we can get used to, this has definitely been quite the treat.

Our first day in Rabat consisted of getting pleasantly lost and absorbing in the wonders and architecture of the city. Wondering a new city on the first day is my favourite. No maps, ( or at least trying your best not to use one) stumbling upon new sites, and eventually discovering what they are ( usually on a later date). We actually ended up looking at majority of the city by the end of the first day on foot, which tells you how accessible everything is within the walls of Rabat( and how much walking we did). We enjoyed cheap delicious food at the market. Paid only 20Dh (which isn’t even $3 CAN) for a shawarma pita, fries, and 2 sides.

One thing I can definitely check off my list for Morocco is getting Henna done. Mind you how it happened was quite hilarious to be honest. We were touring around near the end of our first day by Old Rabat/ Kasbah and a lady who was quite nice walked up to us. Her name was Hennan. Pulled out this needle and it kind of scared us both, as soon as she saw us jump back a bit; “oh don’t worry it’s not sharp here let me show you”. Me and my ‘alright, sounds good attitude’ stuck out my hand and got stuck into a what I’ll call a 'sly selling technique’. As she drew away on my arm and hand we talked about henna and where we were from. The henna was stored in a small container quite thick in consistency, “shit” brown in colour (as mike would call it) and has quite a sweet smelling fragrance. Henna itself is used protect against evil spirits and supernatural forces. It purifies and beautifies the wearer. Out of no where ( and to be honest I can’t really remember where the heck she came from) another lady sat down beside me and grabbed my other arm and started doodling away. “ Do you like?”, “Isn’t it pretty”. Mike got a pretty good photo of me with the two ladies absorbed into their work on my hands. It was quite entertaining. Anyway I ended up paying 150Dh to each lady; not what I was expecting to pay out but they did a decent job and it was something I really wanted anyway.

Side note: you know how I mentioned in my previous posts about wondering what the statistic of car accidents are in Morocco. Well we have yet to witness one( pretty close on several accounts),but I’m almost positive we walked by a man near the Rabat train station that did get hit by a car. It was awful to completely walk by and not even offer to help. Broke my heart, considering that no one was helping him at all. Anyone that was around him stood there and stared at him like he was a wounded animal. As we walked by I caught the expression of one of the bystanders; it was almost as you see the fear in his eyes of what had happened as he shook his head.

Our second day in Rabat mainly consisted of site seeing throughout the city. We started off our day by visiting the Mausoleum of Mohammed V and the Hassan tower; unfortunately the Hassan tower is under construction at this time so we weren’t able to really see the detail of the tower. Inside the Hassan tower isn’t open to the public. In between the Hassan Tower and the Mausoleum is a huge court yard with several columns lined up in rows. At the time of being there I had no idea what they were for/ from; they are the previous remains of the Hassan Mosque’s prayer hall which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1755. The Mausoleum of Mohammed V (who is the father of Moroccan independence) is remarkably beautiful. It’s embellished with fancy mosaic work, mahogany hand crafted ceilings, marble columns,and stained glass windows in the dome of the ceiling. The tomb itself that Mohammed V is in, was carved from a single block marble laid on top of a slab of granite.

We then toured to the Oudaïa Kasbah which of course someone heard us speaking English and said “come, come” to show us around for some Dh. He was quite nice, and it was good to have someone that could tell us a little about the place, in a language that we could understand. After our little tour we headed to the Cafe Maure for some Moroccan tea and then to the Andalusian Garden. These little places were all located within the Kasbah walls.

Ending our day off we spent the evening at the beach watching the sunset, just below the Kasbah. Which was a nice treat considered we were both pretty tired from all the walking and being in the sun all day. I think I’ll never make the mistake again of forgetting to put sunscreen for the rest of the trip! My poor shoulders…

Are you the president of a nuclear weapon wielding superpower? Congratulations! There’s an app for that.

Introducing the “Big Red Button” app for the Apple Watch — launch the nukes from the convenience of your wrist.

Targeting has never been so easy with a variety of options:

  • Select your target destinations with Siri dictation. Relies on Apple Maps. It’s never wrong
  • Tap a location on a zoomable map
  • A Favourites list of your colleagues from other countries will automatically target their location
  • Quickly rotate and let go of the digital crown to randomly select from a list of predefined targets and let it go. We call this feature “Atomic Russian Roulette”. It’s addicting, you’ll want to rotate and rotate!

Additional ground-breaking features include:

  • Approve launches by signing with your finger on the watch face or by dictating “Sure, why not”
  • Satellite view and the map update in almost-realtime after the target is hit by downloading latest imagery from military satellites. Terraforming has never been so fun
  • Feel the hearts of your enemies stopping with the fantastic haptic feedback of your new toy. (Requires an In-App-Purchase of a backdoor access to their Apple Watches)
  • Uses Force Touch technology to select size of warhead. Press harder to hit them harder
  • Game Center integration to compete with your foes, complete with Leaderboards and Achievements

Download now or you’ll be out of the game first!