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The Irish mythology in Berserk is to die for.

One of the most underappreciated things in the world is most certainly Irish mythology and folklore and to see it showing up in one of my favourite manga of all time is a dream come true. lemme break it down.

1. skellig island

heres a picture of skellig island, right well guess what? Skellig is most certainly named after the skellig Islands of ireland. The Skellig Islands are a pair of rocky islands of whick Skellig Michael is most famous. It was settled by christian monks and to this day is dotted with the remains of cells and stone buildings

Also you’ll notice the spiral covered rocks well those spiral patterns were synonymous with celtic tradition. Its called the triskele and it was a major part of celtic paganism and celtic christianity where it could represent the trinity.

This is a picture of the triskele in Newgrange tomb in Ireland, fun fact Newgrange predates the pyramids of Giza by several centuries. (3200 bce).

2. fairies and Danann

One of the major parts of Irish folk-history are the five invasions. These invasions describe the major settlements of people onto Ireland and were passed on orally before being transcribed by christian monks. In mythology the fourth invasion was led by the Tuatha dé Danann, who became the Gaelic Irish pantheon. Instantly you can see the connection, the namesake of all the gods of Ireland is a character in berserk.

Ireland also has an extensive Fairy culture, now when you hear fairy you might imagine the likes of Tinkerbell from peter pan but in Irish folklore almost all of the supernatural spirits were called fairies. There were exstensive amounts of warding techniques and some families continued using them as late as the 50s and 60s. creatures such as the Dullahan, leprechauns, changelings and Banshee all count as Irish fairies, The Tuatha Dé Danann are also counted as faries and its believed that when the monks of ireland wrote of Fairy kings or queens they’d actually be writing about God of Irish mythology and simply refused to call them gods.

3.The Otherworld

Berserk features a lot of extra-planar shenanigans and the witch’s village on Skellig is comparable to the gaelic concept of otherworld. The people who lived in Otherworld included the Aos Sí (meaning people of the mounds), they were said to live in bountiful kingdoms under the hills of Ireland. In these kingdoms time always worked differently, in tales such as Oisín i dTír na nÓg, a couple of years in the land of youth would be a couple of centuries in Ireland, but I’m familiar with a tale where a man is taken prisoner into the underground until he is busted out. when he returns he has a basket of harvest fruits because he had been in otherworld for half a year, but he returns to his Halloween party with none the wiser as to why he was gone for a while.

Inuyasha is my favourite manga of all time, and I finally decided I wanted to design something for it. In all my years of being part of the Inuyasha community, I’ve never seen a detailed map of the places the characters travel to, and I decided that was a good place to start.

Over the course of nearly a year I reread the entire manga, taking notes and placing locations on a generic map as I kept track of their travels. I determined locations using various angles. 1) Inuyasha undergoes a transformation every new moon. Using a calendar from 1995 (the year the manga takes place) I was able to keep track of every new moon and thus be able to track the time of their travels. 2) I researched how far a human can travel in a day and doubled it for Inuyasha, who is a half-demon. I now knew how far they could travel. 3) I used a map of feudal Japan (where most of the manga takes place) as a guide to where major villages and shrines were, using many of those places for unnamed locations in the manga. By doing this I was able to place every major and minor location the characters travel to as well as I could.

Without consulting the manga artist this fan-made map can never be confirmed or held to be canon, but with the information I have at my disposal, it is a good attempt to locate the travels of Inuyasha and his companions.

My favourite mangas & mangakas #04

* 01 - Akira Toriyama
* 02 - Boichi
* 03 - Takeshi Obata

Today I’m going to tell you about Yukito Kishiro, but to be honest I will only write about one of his mangas: Gunnm, also known as Battle Angel Alita.

If you know it already and don’t recognize the names I use, it’s because I read the French version and the names are closer to the original version than in the North American version.

Let me simply start by saying that Gunnm probably is my favourite manga of all times. I’ve read the nine volumes several times already and I’m never bored, I always love the story, the art, and it always makes me think and feel a lot, it’s not a simple story. It’s something more, something personal and universal at the same time, with violence but also love and psychology, philosophy… It really is a complete work of art, making your mind work as well as your imagination. So obviously: if you haven’t read Gunnm, read it! And I’m not saying “read it” like I said for Dragon Ball. You HAVE TO READ Gunnm! It’s only 9 volumes and you will not regret it.

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ID #41908

Name: Jana
Age: 17
Country: Germany

Hey everyone, I’m Jana and I always wanted to have a pen pal. So I would love to email with someone.
I love books, movies, shows, anime and manga. My most favourite book series of all time is Harry Potter and Game of thrones is my favourite show. I love Marvel and Disney.
In my free time I love to draw and I’m trying to learn Dutch at the moment. I just started a short while ago and I’m still not able to build a single sentence but I’m trying my best and I have fun and that’s the most important thing in my opinion.
Oh and another thing I really love is music. I’m listening to it every single second.

Preferences: Someone between 15 and 20 would be great.
I don’t care about gender, sexuality, religion, country, etc. but I really don’t like racism, homophobia etc. So someone open-minded would be pretty cool :)


Unchangingly, he continues as gracefully as ever, to smile.

After finding the Godchild fandom on tumblr(!) I was inspired to read the series again (for the millionth time) and omg it broke my heart all over again….so I had to draw this piece in dedication to my all time favourite manga.

I’m thinking I might do more of these pictures for Jizabel, Riff and Mary Weather….stay tuned!

The Line art for a Berserk Poster I’m working on… sort of took forever mostly because I was unhappy with the initial resolution and ended up blowing up and reoutlining the entire thing. :o  I had to draw some Berserk art, seeing as it’s one of my all time favourite anime/manga series and I’ve never ever drawn anything for it yet… which is dumb since I’ve been a fan for at least a decade.. :/


Loads of you guys on insta have asked me to do a shelf tour, so here you go! If you follow my anime acc (bokouto), then you’ll obviously know that I have a fair amount of merchandise 🤗 I have about 14 figures too but they’re in my bedroom lmao.

I read a lot, but only have a few books out, my favourites out.  Its not here, but right now I’m reading the Diary of an Oxygen Thief, and omgg its so good! I read a lot of psychological books too. And of course, manga.  Haikyu!! is my all time favourite series, but theres only a few volumes officially out in english right now :(

I also have some language books (you can see one of them here) as I really enjoy learning languages and different cultures 🌹

Top 5 Manga Boys

Ahhh i’m trying to finish a bunch of animes so I can post them on thursday so this is kind of a filler post…. Anyway here’s my top 5 Boys from Manga. The list has no order really… probably and i’m not including any that i’ve also watched the anime for. 

Shishio, Satsuki (Hirunaka no Ryuusei):

Ahhh one of my all time favourite manga leads (sort of) ever. God he was attractive… Also one of the only times I actually couldn’t decide which guy I wanted the female MC to end up with… so tragic. 

Mamura, Daiki (Hirunaka no Ryuusei):

I’m telling you there can’t be one without the other. I can’t choose which one I liked better in Hirunaka no Ryuusei. Mamura was so damn cute…. but Shishio was really hot… but so was Mamura….. help!

Miyamura, Izumi (Horimiya):

Could Miyamura just not? The one thing I can’t figure out… do I like him better with short or long hair… One thing I know for sure… his shirt should come off more. 

Yoshida, Haru (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun):

That adorable idiot.

Suwa, Hiroto (Orange):

Oh man this love triangle killed me a little. I felt so bad for Suwa. Heartbroken. 

anonymous asked:

I'm surprised (and a bit disappointed) that you don't have Gray in your top 10! o.o. I thought both Lucy and Gray would make it, not just one over the other haha.

Gray is one of my favourites. Or, rather, he started out as one of my favourites and now he’s like a favourite but not a top tier favourite. I just happened to end up preferring other characters over him? Lucy only just slid in there to be honest. She’s one of those characters that I enjoy in waves of I love her so much and she’s great but she’s not my fave. 

There are just too many characters??? I tend to prefer the villains, too. Or the anti-heroes. My favourites change all the time. Especially in a long manga like Fairy Tail where the characters just grow and change so much.

The only thing that doesn’t change is that I feel nothing towards Natsu. I know I’m supposed to care about him but he’s just kinda there for me. I neither like nor dislike him. He’s the walking definition of learn to take your own advice. xD


One of my favourite Anime opening of all time, The animation is not perfect but the imperfections and style is what makes it so good, aswell as the compliment the music gives it.

anonymous asked:

Favorite animes?

WOAGH ok so this is really hard since ive watched alot over my years but ill try and list a few of my faves!! (not in order!!!!!!!!)

1. love live school idol festival (I ALSO HAVE THE GAME I LOVE IT??)

2. senyuu



5. hunter x hunter

6. this doesnt really count as an anime but i had to fit pokemon special on here its my favourite manga of all time holy shit?

My beloved whale (Itoshi no kujira) Part 1 (manga by: A)

My beloved whale series: [tag] [part 1]  [part 2]  [part 3]  [part 4]  [part 5] 

(translation: konekojita / typeset + cleaning: tiazara  / QC: heichoustoilethumor

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