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4. From the Darkness We Rise

4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue? // From the Darkness We Rise.


Idk, really. And I just reread it again too. I mean it’s a huge story, it’s a little like trying to find red pieces of straw in a huge pile of straw, except there are like 100 red pieces and it’s really hard to pick a favourite.

It’d probably be something either Pitch, North or Jack said though. Or the Nain Rouge. I remember having so much fun when I started writing the Nain Rouge’s dialogue. The part where she opens her gross fur coat and brings out the guns and says:

‘Bitches, that’d be about the last thing you’ll ever do. Don’t mess with the wight from Detroit, I say.’ 

Before shooting the place up and hitting Pitch, I was like man I am having so much fun with this fic and reading back over it sort of makes me always remember what that was like. :D

I really loved this exchange between Jack and Pitch later on:

‘We’re never going to talk about it, are we?’ Jack said, and Pitch blinked once at his notebook.

‘Us kissing?’ Jack added, as Pitch continued to deliberately writing in his notebook.

‘Because,’ Jack continued, flushing, ‘if that was just some kind of post-almost-dying make-out fest, I’d like to know now, so that I can be there for the next time you nearly die and then heal yourself.’

It just felt so much like how Jack would deal with it, and I was dealing with writer’s block at the time and I felt like Jack was poking me with his staff going ‘if you just listened to me I could help you.’

And then:

The hounds caught up to the stag first, and they swirled around them both, sniffing and barking, and then ran off, happy to leave the stag alone now that he had been caught. Jack caught Pitch’s eye and felt flushed at the approving expression on his face. Gwyn didn’t seem at all disappointed that Jack hadn’t killed the stag. Jack was surprised to see him so relaxed. He seemed entirely unlike the Gwyn that came to North’s Workshop every day and trained grimly for hours on end. He was a wild creature, a piece of starlight fashioned into a forest wight.

Because you know, that was around the time I realised I didn’t actually really dislike Gwyn as a character. Also that entire Wild Hunt scene.

Also this:

‘You are like…the biggest romantic. I swear. Pitch and I haven’t even, we haven’t even talked about this stuff. It’s not even like that. It’s just a thing. I don’t even know what it is. I don’t even know if we’re friends. I don’t even know why he’d like me. And I don’t mean that in a self-deprecating, like, ‘Oh, poor Jack, no attractive qualities’ way. I mean seriously. Look at him. Down there. With like the King of the Seelie Court. He looks like he’s always belonged with them. With these grand, noble warriors who have all this inner strength and dignity and… then there’s me. And I hate deadlines, and strategy meetings, and planning, and I think being dignified is over-rated, and…’

‘The heart wants what it wants,’ North said, on a smile.

We’re going to be here for a long time tbh I have quite a few lines that count as favourites. *hangs head.*

Oh one more, one more because I can’t help myself:

Jack closed his fingers around the locket until his hand was shaking and it was cutting into his palm. If Pitch was trapped too far beneath the shadows to keep it safe, Jack would have to do it for him. It was all he could do, until he found his way through the shadows back to the man he loved.

Okay okay, I’m done.

Dracule Riskua Facts

Just a short list of some fun facts and running gags that are/will be included in Marines;

Suited Flower;
o    Lily

Blood Type;
o    S, O

o    Everyday

Sea of Origin;
o    Grand Line

Least Favourite Food;
o    Grapefruit (It’s foul)
o    Fish
o    Peppers

Typical Hours Sleep;
o    1am until 7am, 6 hours (+naps)

Suitable Career;
o    Writer

Specific Number;
o    29
o    04

Specific Colour;
o    Brown

Specific Smells;
o    Like fresh parchment and ink

Favourite Type of Island;
o    Autumn on a Summer island

Favourite Food;
o    Pasta and anything that compliments mango juice

As a Family;
o    Eldest Daughter

o    English

o    Her boobs are significantly smaller than average, so she can’t get bras in anything,  other than custom made or teenaged ‘training bras’. It’s also something that never fails to be commented on by the 'perverts’ of the series. Though Sanji can see nothing but slim-line beauty from this feature.

o    Very little body shame.

o    Despite her incredibly strong resemblance towards Shanks, the fact she has Mihawk’s eyes has everyone instantly assuming she’s his daughter instead, something neither Dracule bother to correct for a long while, though it does bemuse Riskua constantly. People always assume Mihawk is her father and she gets everything else from her mother. This is not cleared up with the Marines until into the time-skip; Mihawk finds it funny so never bothers to corrects them.

o    She impulse buys gifts for those she holds dear all the time, and yet is always late with birthday gifts.

athos-silvani  asked:

For "Stuck on the Puzzle", if that's ok-- I know you're kind of "off" the DA fandom, so no worried if you don't want to think about it right now :) 2: What scene did you first put down? or 4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue? or 5: What part was hardest to write? or all?

I’m totally okay to write about Stuck on the Puzzle! :D (And I’m still thinking about future stories and stuff, I sort of drift all over the place fandom-wise. I wish I had more time for reading/writing - like if I wasn’t working on two original stories and one epic fanfic right now I’d also be working on Cold Red Light).

I’m answering all of these. e.e

2: What scene did you first put down?

Y’know, the first scene I put down, hmmm…. actually it was the first chapter? But I wrote the first chapter as a standalone (I mean a standalone that…promised a lot more, but I genuinely thought that was all I’d write) for a Cullen/Bull prompt week where one of the prompts was ‘negotiation.’ And I just kind of had this concept of Cullen being the most awkward person ever and then I thought maybe he wouldn’t negotiate for sex, but corporal punishment because I wanted to try something a little different to what I’d seen in the rarepair so far.

So that actually came pretty naturally. :D

4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue?

*casually spends like an hour going through the story.*

All the exchanges where Bull is itemising all the things that he thinks Cullen is attracted to, and Cullen immediately starts gnashing his teeth. And that this continues across the story, all the way to item number 6, lol.

Many of Cullen’s rants I really enjoyed for how bitchy they were. There’s a point where he just belligerently goes off his top re: Searidge and he says:

‘You telegraphed your concern,’ Bull said, and the flash of anger Cullen felt then was too large to contain.

‘Do you think I’m unaware of that?’ Cullen said, turning on Bull. ‘Do you think I didn’t know that’s exactly what I was doing? It was what he was waiting for. Of course he knows that it matters, because it matters! I apologise that we haven’t all had the training that you’ve had, some of us weren’t sent to the equivalent of a qunari intelligence university. It’s not as though I didn’t try to pretend it didn’t matter. But he already knows it does. If you came up here to tell me I should have presented a better game face to him, I’m going to agree with you, and then I’m going to tell you to get out.’ // ‘There,’ Cullen said, staring at him, ‘is that mouthy enough for you?’

Anything like that, I really love rereading.

And for some reason I feel like I had an okay handle on Cassandra’s dialogue? So there are some of her lines that I just love because I can really hear her voice in it:

‘I already have that,’ Cullen said, and felt like they were in some staring competition where she was mentally trying to will him into saying yes. The worst part was he could already feel it working. Like a willow branch being bent slowly into place. ‘No, Cassandra. It’s not my idea of a good night. It’s not-’

‘It’s no one’s idea of a good night!’ she exclaimed. ‘The children will be nervous. The adults will be wanting it to be over. We all know it’s meant to be late spring but it will probably snow. I’m not sure anyone really enjoys Summerday. That is what…’ Cassandra waved her hand, ‘the frivolities of Satinalia or even Wintersend are for. You were Knight-Commander, it would have been your duty to oversee the Templars during their coming-of-age, yes?’

Like that’s not the most interesting exchange or anything and I’m sure some people skip it but I just think that moment where she says: ‘we all know it’s meant to be late spring but it will probably snow’ will go down as probably my favourite Cassandra line that I’ve ever written because I can just hear the exasperated way she says it.

Oh and finally this: 

‘Oh really?’ Cullen said, turning his hand so that his fingers could touch Bull’s palm. ‘You like the criminal element?’

‘Yeah,’ Bull said, and Cullen could hear the smile in his voice. ‘Show me someone who practices the petty theft of floggers, and I’ll show you a hard on.’

(And the exchange that follows it).

5: What part was hardest to write? or all?

Haha, I had major areas of writer’s block throughout Stuck on the Puzzle, but easily the hardest scenes were always the sex scenes. It took me a while to get what was going on there, it was partly my own irl discomfort in writing sex scenes (I went through a period of like a year and a half thinking I was trash at them and I’m only just now coming out of it), and then it was actually kind of vibing too hard with Cullen’s demisexuality / awkwardness around sex in general.

So what would happen is I’d start of the scene in Cullen’s headspace given he’s the narrator, and Cullen was always like ‘honestly I don’t really care about the sex :/’ and then mysteriously as the writer I’d be like ‘I don’t…really feel this sex scene. I don’t even feel like it’s hot. Idk, what the hell…’ And later I realised that once Bull sort of started to get going, and Cullen started to see the point, it was like ‘oh holy shit. It’s a block because of Cullen’s character.’ It was the weirdest thing, and it also always happened, even once I knew it was there and what was causing it.

The punishment scene was tough, because writing the difference between ‘flogging that is punishment’ and ‘flogging that is reward’ within the same scene was a weird sort of dance where I worried it wouldn’t come across. There’s a moment where Cullen’s like ‘how is something I really like ever going to be a punishment?’ and I’m like ‘I feel ya buddy. I feel ya.’ Lol. I mean I got there in the end, but I sort of had to think through that scene a lot, and I’m not entirely sure I got exactly to where I wanted to get to. Like, I think I achieved some of what I wanted to, but not all.

The action scene regarding Cullen / the red lyrium / having the infection etc. was also pretty difficult mostly because it was the most ‘in canon’ thing I did (i.e. situating it within an actual event people have played, using real-time dialogue) and there were a lot of moving parts given it was an ensemble team and Cullen was on the downward spiral of ‘hey I have a major infection that’s scrambling my brain.’

(Conversely some parts really flowed. I came to really look forward to Cullen and Bull having discussions together, because even if their progress came in stops and starts, there was something about them both in a room that just had me writing very happily, forever).

Dreamy asks🌙

Moon: A childhood book + your favourite line from it?

Stars: Who’s someone you’d sleep on the stars with?

Sun: City night lights date or meadow picnic date (or both) and why?

Comet: A movie/show/book that taught you something important you’ll never forget?

Space dust: Night rain or day rain? Soft rain or thunderstorms?

Fairy lights: Soft candlelight or warm sunlight?

Meteor shower: Favourite song(s) to fall asleep to?

Vanilla twilight (hehe): If you wrote a ‘concept’ post about your dream future in your dream home what would it say?

Milky way: If you could go back in time where and when would you go to? Why?

Saltwater room: Sunrise or sunset? Do you like saying hello to the sun or moon more?

Dandelion wishes: What is one thing that always gives you hope?

Rose petals: Where do you want to be the most in the world and why?

Floral: Would you rather live underwater or in the sky?

Constellations: What is your favourite instrument to listen to? What is your favourite instrument to play (or that you want to play the most)?

for nadya @assholecashtons

‘Did you know that you have gold in your eyes?’

Calum laughed under you, his eyes crinkling. ‘I didn’t know that, darling,’ he said. ‘Thought they were just brown.’

You shook your head, pressing a quick kiss to the tip of his nose. ‘There are little tiny bits of gold in them,’ you mumbled, running the tips of your fingers over his eyelashes. ‘They’re very pretty.’

‘Yeah?’ Calum murmured, a little breathless. His fingers pressed against the soft skin around your hips, pulling you against his chest. Slowly, you moved your fingers down the curve of his nose, running them over and around his lips, laughing a little when he pouted to kiss them. His cheeks were red from sitting near the heater for so long, and you couldn’t resist pressing your lips against them, feeling just how warm he was.

‘What are you doing to me?’ Calum asked quietly, reaching up to push your hair away from your face.

You nudged your nose against his. ‘‘M just loving you, is all.’

BTS askbox meme 💌

😍 who is your bias?
😈 and your biaswrecker?
💿 hyyh or wings?
🎶 what’s your favourite song at the moment?
💙 hyung line or maknae line?
💃 who is your favourite dancer?
🔥 RM, 1VERSE or Agust D?
🌱 your favourite member in maknae line
🌳 and the hyung line
📆 how long have you been a fan?
👬 your otp
🎤 your favourite cover by the members
♋ do you share a zodiac sign with any of the members?
👀 your favourite part in cypher 4
💞 ot3 war: vminkook or yoonminseok
👽 describe taehyung with 3 emojis
🗣 what’s your favourite solo song?
👥 and the duet
🖊 who do you think is the best song writer?
💣 we are bulletproof 1 or 2
🤗 if you could spend the whole day with a member who would it be and what would you do?
🐰 describe jungkook with 3 emojis
👺 who do you think is the meme-iest one from the meme squad?
🗺 where are you from? had they ever been there?
🏝 which member would you take with you on a deserted island?
💰 do you have any merch?
🔪 your favourite part in cypher 3
🐕 choose the bts dog
🍑 describe jimin in 3 emojis
🗡 in hunger games who do you think would die first and who will survive to the end?
🍻 which member would you want to grab beer with?
👣 have you ever tried to learn any of their dances?
👓 describe namjoon in 3 emojis
🐻 ryan the bear or kumamon
👔 what’s your hogwarts house? where do you think each memeber belongs?
🏃 in scale from jungkook to namjoon how fast do you run?
📸 concerts or fansigns
😇 decsribe hoseok in 3 emojis
😸 are you shy and pure like jimin or freaky and naughty like taehyung?
💣 what’s your favourite bangtan bomb (video not lightstick)
🛩 bon voyage or american hustle life
📖 do you write fanfiction?
📣 which cypher do you like the most?
🐢 describe yoongi in 3 emojis
😪 what’s the best song to listen before falling asleep?
📚 share your favourite fanfic
🎬 if there was a movie made about any member what kind of movie would it be?
🙋 have you ever met them in person?
💁 describe jin in 3 emojis
😓 war of hormones or boy in luv
🌈 most to least Not Straight in your opinion
🖍 who’s drawings do you like the most: jungkook’s or jimin’s?
🤔 spring day or not today?