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Camp Nanowrimo Day 24

I wrote a lot that I liked today. Also, turns out I’m absolutely heartless. Is there a correlation between these two things? Of course there is. 

Words Written Today: 477

Total Word Count: 14476 

Favourite Lines: “ Something that might have once been a dead spider floated in the dregs at the bottom of the now-empty bowl. She decided it was a piece of fuzz, for the sake of her sanity.”

anonymous asked:

I HAVE POLY HEADCANONS SO HERE TF WE GO; the praise kink with reader x evan x jared x connor (or w/e variation) works more so as low-key jealousy like if the reader praises one of them the other(s) just softy growls (connors personal favourite line is "oh really baby girl/boy") and it encourages them to be slightly rougher it's the best -praise kink anon


ximperfectxx  asked:

Soooooo, here are my favorite lines from your stories: I just sit here and fall in love with every ounce of who you are just at the sound of your voice / she was the missing piece to my crazy puzzle / He’d lean down and let his nose tip brush against your ear before whispering “I’m so glad to be home” refering to home being you and not a place / Maybe we were kids in love, being forced to finally grow up? (all time fav) / It was a way of saying I love you, without using the words (part 1)

Aww love, this is so cute. I love hearing your favourite lines. Honestly this made me so fucking happy!<3

The Wedding 

dedicated to freak-is-the-new-princess

@randomlyrandon suggested with Grantaire, Enjolras and Drink With Me lyrics
also this is re-do of THIS drawing I did for 2016′s inktober


Tony and Peter sharing the same sentiment on why they do what they do, they both blame themselves for not doing enough, and feel the responsibility to do more and better, to protect the people and the world they love and care about
(inspired by @knightinironarmor [x])

BTS askbox meme 💌

😍 who is your bias?
😈 and your biaswrecker?
💿 hyyh or wings?
🎶 what’s your favourite song at the moment?
💙 hyung line or maknae line?
💃 who is your favourite dancer?
🔥 RM, 1VERSE or Agust D?
🌱 your favourite member in maknae line
🌳 and the hyung line
📆 how long have you been a fan?
👬 your otp
🎤 your favourite cover by the members
♋ do you share a zodiac sign with any of the members?
👀 your favourite part in cypher 4
💞 ot3 war: vminkook or yoonminseok
👽 describe taehyung with 3 emojis
🗣 what’s your favourite solo song?
👥 and the duet
🖊 who do you think is the best song writer?
💣 we are bulletproof 1 or 2
🤗 if you could spend the whole day with a member who would it be and what would you do?
🐰 describe jungkook with 3 emojis
👺 who do you think is the meme-iest one from the meme squad?
🗺 where are you from? had they ever been there?
🏝 which member would you take with you on a deserted island?
💰 do you have any merch?
🔪 your favourite part in cypher 3
🐕 choose the bts dog
🍑 describe jimin in 3 emojis
🗡 in hunger games who do you think would die first and who will survive to the end?
🍻 which member would you want to grab beer with?
👣 have you ever tried to learn any of their dances?
👓 describe namjoon in 3 emojis
🐻 ryan the bear or kumamon
👔 what’s your hogwarts house? where do you think each memeber belongs?
🏃 in scale from jungkook to namjoon how fast do you run?
📸 concerts or fansigns
😇 decsribe hoseok in 3 emojis
😸 are you shy and pure like jimin or freaky and naughty like taehyung?
💣 what’s your favourite bangtan bomb (video not lightstick)
🛩 bon voyage or american hustle life
📖 do you write fanfiction?
📣 which cypher do you like the most?
🐢 describe yoongi in 3 emojis
😪 what’s the best song to listen before falling asleep?
📚 share your favourite fanfic
🎬 if there was a movie made about any member what kind of movie would it be?
🙋 have you ever met them in person?
💁 describe jin in 3 emojis
😓 war of hormones or boy in luv
🌈 most to least Not Straight in your opinion
🖍 who’s drawings do you like the most: jungkook’s or jimin’s?
🤔 spring day or not today?