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twenty-five days of OUTLANDER [4/25]
favourite LINE DIRECTLY FROM THE BOOK → in which master raymond answers a question (2.07, “faith” / dragonfly in amber chapter 25, “raymond the heretic”)

  “Why do you call me madonna still? My hands rested on the slight concavity of my stomach, gently as though not to disturb the shattering emptiness. “I’ve lost my child.”
  He looked mildly surprised.
  “Ah, I did not call you madonna because you were with child, my lady.”
  “Why, then?” I didn’t really expect him to answer, but he did.

Ten questions for… Adam Gillen

On this day in 1791, the real Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart passed away, leaving behind him a too-short lifetime’s worth of music and the inspiration for Peter Shaffer’s play, Amadeus. 225 years later, we interviewed Adam Gillen, who is appearing as the composer in the current production of Amadeus.

Adam Gillen as Mozart in Amadeus. Photo by Marc Brenner.

  1. Who do you play in Amadeus?
    I play Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

  2. Is there a scene you particularly enjoy performing? 
    Probably the scene at New Year’s Eve as it’s beautifully bonkers, everybody’s in it and the music’s amazing. 

  3. And do you have a favourite line in the show?
    ‘Music is easy, it’s marriage that’s hard.’

  4. Do you have any pre-show rituals?
    Honey, lemon and ginger tea – and a nap.

  5. What would be your dream role?
    Other than this one, Richard III. 

  6. Who is your backstage hero?
    Ruth, my dresser, because she knows what’s coming next even if I don’t.

  7. Where’s your favourite spot in the National Theatre?
    The canteen at lunch when everyone’s on one big table. 

  8. What’s the most memorable on-stage moment you’ve seen or been part of that has made a lasting impression on you?
    Breaking a breeze block wall with a sledgehammer in my first ever play which was at the Cottesloe. It was pretty satisfying and I couldn’t believe they let me actually do it. Feels so much better to actually do something than just to pretend. 

  9. What advice would you give to aspiring actors? 
    Try and trust the fact that nobody can do it quite like you, work hard and keep going. 

  10. Finally, could you describe Amadeus in three words?  
    Epic, thrilling, fun.

Amadeus is now playing in the Olivier Theatre, with best availability from February. Click here to learn more and book tickets.

NT Live will broadcast Amadeus live to cinemas on 2 February, with Encore screenings in selected venues. Find your nearest NT Live venue and book.


Hey look, it’s the Twelve Doctors of Christmas!

So, early this month I decided to set myself a goal (that I really didn’t expect to reach) and paint all twelve Doctors before the Eleventh regenerated… And I actually managed it, I am so happy!

Merry Christmas, guys! ♥


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