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The Wedding 

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also this is re-do of THIS drawing I did for 2016′s inktober


Tony and Peter sharing the same sentiment on why they do what they do, they both blame themselves for not doing enough, and feel the responsibility to do more and better, to protect the people and the world they love and care about
(inspired by @knightinironarmor [x])


I have always loved this moment in the book. Jamie is with Claire. The one person he can say anything to. Jamie saying that Brianna is an awful name for a wee lass is not a reflection of his love for Brianna as a person or what he thinks of Claire for choosing to name her so. Being reunited with Claire and the knowledge of his daughter being alive and well was an emotional time. He was so overwhelmed he simply blurted out what he was thinking. Around Claire he doesn’t have censor himself or choose his words carefully to the extent that he must around everyone else. He could just be himself. Which just so happens to be someone who thinks that Brianna is a terrible name for a lass.

BTS askbox meme 💌

😍 who is your bias?
😈 and your biaswrecker?
💿 hyyh or wings?
🎶 what’s your favourite song at the moment?
💙 hyung line or maknae line?
💃 who is your favourite dancer?
🔥 RM, 1VERSE or Agust D?
🌱 your favourite member in maknae line
🌳 and the hyung line
📆 how long have you been a fan?
👬 your otp
🎤 your favourite cover by the members
♋ do you share a zodiac sign with any of the members?
👀 your favourite part in cypher 4
💞 ot3 war: vminkook or yoonminseok
👽 describe taehyung with 3 emojis
🗣 what’s your favourite solo song?
👥 and the duet
🖊 who do you think is the best song writer?
💣 we are bulletproof 1 or 2
🤗 if you could spend the whole day with a member who would it be and what would you do?
🐰 describe jungkook with 3 emojis
👺 who do you think is the meme-iest one from the meme squad?
🗺 where are you from? had they ever been there?
🏝 which member would you take with you on a deserted island?
💰 do you have any merch?
🔪 your favourite part in cypher 3
🐕 choose the bts dog
🍑 describe jimin in 3 emojis
🗡 in hunger games who do you think would die first and who will survive to the end?
🍻 which member would you want to grab beer with?
👣 have you ever tried to learn any of their dances?
👓 describe namjoon in 3 emojis
🐻 ryan the bear or kumamon
👔 what’s your hogwarts house? where do you think each memeber belongs?
🏃 in scale from jungkook to namjoon how fast do you run?
📸 concerts or fansigns
😇 decsribe hoseok in 3 emojis
😸 are you shy and pure like jimin or freaky and naughty like taehyung?
💣 what’s your favourite bangtan bomb (video not lightstick)
🛩 bon voyage or american hustle life
📖 do you write fanfiction?
📣 which cypher do you like the most?
🐢 describe yoongi in 3 emojis
😪 what’s the best song to listen before falling asleep?
📚 share your favourite fanfic
🎬 if there was a movie made about any member what kind of movie would it be?
🙋 have you ever met them in person?
💁 describe jin in 3 emojis
😓 war of hormones or boy in luv
🌈 most to least Not Straight in your opinion
🖍 who’s drawings do you like the most: jungkook’s or jimin’s?
🤔 spring day or not today?


‘We’ve lost Faith. We will not lose Brianna. Ye ken that… if anything were to happen to me… ye still must follow her – ye must go.

These are possibly my all time favourite lines from Season 3. This moment in time encompasses everything that Jamie feels for his daughters whom he has never had and never will (he believes) have the chance to meet.

Sending Claire back through the stones prior to taking his place on the battlefield at Culloden Moor was one of the hardest things he had ever done. Living on without her was probably the hardest of all. But it was a sacrifice that both he and Claire were willing to make for the health and safety of their second child.

Finding each other again after 20 years meant everything to him (to both of them). He was willing to do anything and everything to keep from being parted from her again. But for his daughter Brianna? He would risk it all - again. That’s how much he loves her.

Even after all this time he remembers what it was like to lose Faith. To live on this earth while his daughter did not. He could not bear the same fate regarding Brianna. It is such a beautiful moment between Jamie and Claire. They are absolutely on the same page. They both don’t like it. They both don’t want it to come to that. But they will both do anything for the health and safety of their child. Time and time again.


We got a Norwegian James Dean, who conveys a whole universe of plagued inner life behind those intense eyes and with a magnetism that comes through the screen in a way we have never seen on Norwegian screens before.