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more lockscreens !! 💖 my friends find it hilarious that two of my favourite things are leaf man and actual literal plants so have some planty leafy i guess ?? 🍃

Ah ha! So, the whole “mayor’s favourite things” business is going around and I wanted to contribute! Unfortunately I don’t remember who started it all, so please let me know!

First, the outfit! It’s very basic! It starts at the feet with some white socks and brown slip-ons, then some black-denim pants, up to a custom sweater that I created based on one I own myself, and to finish it off, Mayor Dylan wears some thick glasses, just like myself!

Now for the items, I had no Idea what to include cuz I’ve never had a thing for any particular pieces of furniture, but jacob’s ladders and blue pansies have always been my favourite, along with the cedar trees and their saplings! And I decided to include a new favourite, the fairy bottle!

and do not worry about the mayor’s sad expression, that’s just a part of his aesthetic!

My 10 Favourite Designs

For newcomers and for oldies, here are my favourite ten designs that I’ve scribbled over the past year.

Love Punk

Sparkling Nebula

Unicorn Reverie

Honey Pie

Twilight Candelabrum

Sweetie’s Angel Cake

Princess Birdo

Infatuation Balloon

King’s Usurper

Whimsical Wish

I hope next year I can continue to make more designs for people to enjoy, and that hopefully the next instalment of the animal crossing franchise will be announced!
Qr codes on the Wii U. Can you imagine? -drools-


Oh sweet child of the Fall

how the cold air paints

in golds and reds to hide it all

but colour always fades.

Thanks @toiletpapersims for tagging me for the 20 Questions Tag! I don’t think I missed any 😬. I tag @pixiesimsie

Name: Freya
Nickname: My cousins call me Frey Frey and it is sooo cringey 😂
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: I think I’m like 5 inches
Favourite Fruit: Oraaannnggggeeee
Orientation: I dunno, I’m only a small bean and had 1 boyfriend when I was like 5
Ethnicity: White as snow ❄️
Favourite Season: Winter because I don’t have to go anywhere so I can just play the sims *what a sad life 😂*
Favourite Book Series: Umm. Obviously Harry Potter!!
Favourite Flower: I know nothing about nature so I’m gonna say… a leaf..
Favourite Scent: Vanilla and coconuts mmmmmm
Favourite Colour: All de pastelsss
Favourite Animal: I kinda love baby tigeerrrrsss. They are v qt
Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate even though I rarely drink it
Average Hours of Sleep: 9 hours. I’m a good girl
Cat or Dog Person: doggoooo
Favourite Fictional Character: Draco Malfoy, Maggie Simpson (😂😂), Draco Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. Did I mention Draco Malfoy?
Number of Blankets You Sleep With: I got the quilt, then the mini material thingy then the blanket. I’m as snug as a bug in a rug
Dream Trip: I wanna do all the American States!
Blog Created: I think it was like October 2016??
Number of Followers: 62!!!