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Send me a musical character
  • Elphaba: A musical character you relate to?
  • Che: Your favourite musical narrator?
  • Matilda: Your favourite musical heroine?
  • Simba: Your favourite musical hero?
  • Danvers: Your favourite musical villain?
  • Utterson: Your favourite musical supporting character?
  • Ulrika: Your favourite musical friendship?
  • Christine: Last musical song you listened to?
  • Maybelle: Your favourite cast recording?
  • Elisabeth: Your favourite musical solo?
  • Lovett: Your favourite musical duet?
  • Elle: Your favourite comedic musical song?
  • Chauvelin: Your favourite villain song?
  • Alexander: Your favourite opening number?
  • Sally: Your favourite 11 o'clock number?
  • Deloris: Your favourite finale?
  • Roger: Musical lyrics you relate to, or lyrics that hold a special meaning to you?
  • Nabulungi: A performance that has left a lasting impression on you?
  • Cosette: Describe your dream production of your favourite musical.
  • Rosemary: Your favourite musical comedy?
  • Maria: Your favourite musical with a sad ending?
  • Von Krolock: Your favourite horror or fantasy musical?
  • Donna: Your favourite jukebox musical?
  • Old Deuteronomy: Your favourite concept musical?
  • Desirée: An actor you'd like to see perform in your favourite musical?
  • Florence: A musical you have fallen out of love with?
  • Lucheni: Your favourite musical souvenir?
  • Adrian: Review the last musical you saw in three sentences or less.

anonymous asked:

For the musical ask meme: Von Krolock

Von Krolock: Your favourite horror or fantasy musical?      

Horror: Repo! The Genetic Opera (I actually like Jekyll and Hyde better, but I would not consider it ‘horror’)

AND Fantasy: mmmmmh this one is tricky. I’m not a huge Wicked fan and unless we consider Disney fairytale musicals (and Into the Woods, I guess) as fantasy the only one that comes up to my mind is the Lord of the Rings one but I don’t think that one is good either :/

To this day, I am honestly baffled by the fact that neither Labyrinth or Nightmare Before Christmas have been adapted into Broadway/West End Shows.