favourite jdrama


(some of) my favourite shows and dramas of twenty sixteen:
                          agent carter - bromance
                          chronicle of life - five children
                          love o2o - love that makes you cry
                          oh my venus - shopping king louis
                          stay with me - when a snail falls in love


Favourite friendships
↳ Shuji, Nobuta and Akira | Nobuta Wo Produce

I never understood what loving others meant but because of Nobuta I think I understand.
Like eating together and having fun, seeing the same scene and thinking i’ll never forget this moment or laughing like crazy, at times getting worried and thinking you wanna spend more time with them.

Simple happy things like that…


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Hello you guys, I’m finally back! How have you been? I hope you enjoyed summer to the fullest ^_^ 

But now it’s time for us to to get down to business, so

Flowers for Algernon

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vs Boku no Ita Jikan

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Which one is your favourite?

pyreflyes  asked:

How good is Mare 2015? I want to watch it but it's 156 episodes long. Any other good JDramas you can recommend?

Mare is my favourite jdrama ever!!! EVER!! Never be scared by 156 episode asadoras because each episode is only 15 minutes so it’s like watching 39 one-hour long episodes (which is still significant but trust me that time flies by). Of course, it really depends what you’re into cause asadoras are very slice of life relationship-focused. I always say watching an asadora feels like you’re watching real life because they’re really authentic. They have everything that makes jdramas so precious and special! Amachan is another awesome asadora!

  • In terms of other recommendations, have you ever watched We Married As a Job (Nigeru wa haji da ga yaku ni tatsu)? One of my ALL-TIME faves! So so hilarious! 
  • Long Vacation! An oldie but goodie that’s not to be missed! 
  • I also really love the Hotaru no Hikari series (2 seasons and a movie) but that’s only if romcoms are your thing! 
  • Other dramas that are less romance and more friendship/life are Orange Days and Manhattan Love Story (neither of which I’ve watched but they’re next up on my list!)

These are just a few recommendations since I could talk about dramas ALL day! Let me know if you check any of these out!