favourite jane austen

jane austen: this character is going to be the purest, sweetest, prettiest, kindest character i have ever written
jane austen: everybody will love her
jane austen: she is her mother’s favourite
jane austen: a rich, kind, handsome bachelor falls instantly in love with her
jane austen: the heroine looks up to her
jane austen: she has never done anything wrong in her entire life
jane austen: if she has any character flaws at all its that she is TOO much of an absolute sweetheart
jane austen: and i will call her…..
jane austen: jane :-)

Occupied in observing Mr. Bingley’s attentions to her sister, Elizabeth was far from suspecting that she was herself becoming an object of some interest in the eyes of his friend. Mr. Darcy had at first scarcely allowed her to be pretty; he had looked at her without admiration at the ball; and when they next met, he looked at her only to criticise. But no sooner had he made it clear to himself and his friends that she had hardly a good feature in her face, than he began to find it was rendered uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes. To this discovery succeeded some others equally mortifying. Though he had detected with a critical eye more than one failure of perfect symmetry in her form, he was forced to acknowledge her figure to be light and pleasing; and in spite of his asserting that her manners were not those of the fashionable world, he was caught by their easy playfulness. Of this she was perfectly unaware; – to her he was only the man who made himself agreeable no where, and who had not thought her handsome enough to dance with.

Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun…

Get to know me - nerdy & artsy edition

1. What is your favourite book?
2. Who is your favourite author?
3. What is your favourite library?
4. If you could travel back in time, to what year / period would you travel?
5. If you could travel back in time, who would you like to meet?
6. Greek or Roman culture?
7. What is your favourite Harry Potter novel?
8. Science-fiction or Fantasy?
9. Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones?
10. What is your favourite painting?
11. Do you have a favourite sculpture?
12. What is your favourite museum?
13. Paperback or hard-cover?
14. What is your favourite bookstore?
15. Who is your favourite composer?
16. Have you ever been to a classical concert?
17. Rembrandt van Rijn or Vincent van Gogh?
18. Dinosaurs or Mammoths?
19. What is your favourite Jane Austen novel?
20. What is your favourite Brontë novel?
21. What is your favourite Shakespeare play?
22. Are you more interested in WW1 or WW2?
23. What is your favourite historical era?
24. Do you read fanfiction?
25. Canon or modern Sherlock?
26. What is your favourite Disney-movie?
27. What is your favourite Friends episode?
28. Ross Geller or Ted Mosby?
29. Rome or Athens?
30. Greek or Latin?
31. Zeus or Jupiter?
32. Trojans or Greeks?
33. Do you like complete silence when reading or can you stand some background noise?
34. If you could study at any university in the world, what university would you choose?
35. What is your dream major?
36. Do you respect your teachers?
37. Do you like taking notes?
38. Italian or French?
39. Europe or the USA?
40. Moor or forest?
41. Fall or spring?
42. Are you a creative person?
43. Who is your favourite scientist?
44. Do you have a favourite philosopher?
45. What religion fascinates you most?
46. Old Testament or New Testament?
47. Are you into Yoga?
48. Do you like scented candles?
49. Would you survive in the Middle Ages?
50. Do you smell books?
51. The Iliad or the Odyssee?
52. Do you have a favourite Greek myth?
53. Do you have a favourite Greek play?
54. Chemistry or Physics?
55. Are you good at maths?
56. Could you be a teacher?
57. Were / are you a nice student?
58. Do  / did you get straight A’s?
59. What personality trait do you find most attractive?
60. Do you wear glasses?
61. Do you like to visit famous churches?
62. Do you correct people’s grammar?
63. Have you ever fallen asleep whilst reading?
64. What do you think about Romeo and Juliet?
65. Do you think the USA are uncultured?
66. What is your favourite architectural masterpiece?
67. Eiffel Tour or the Colosseum?
68. Are you into contemporary art?
69. What museum is high on your bucket list?
70. Sunset or sunrise?
71. What is your favourite quote?
72. What or who inspires you the most?
73. Is there a book or movie that changed your outlook on life?
74. Do you think YouTubers are dum?
75. Can you draw?
76. Pencil or pen?
77. Do you want to work in a museum?
78. What is your dream job?
79. If you could give 1 million dollar / euros / pounds to a charity, which charity would you choose?
80. What is your dream country to live in?
81. Big moments or small moments?
82. Did / do you enjoy being in school?
83. Do you enjoy learning new things?
84. Do you like Rory Gilmore?
85. What is your favourite palace / castle?
86. What do you think of the Pope?
87. What book is high on your to-read list?
88. Kiera Cass or Rick Riordan?
89. Have you read the Infernal Devices series?
90. Have you ever cried reading a book?
91. What fictional character is your favourite?
92. What fictional character do you identify most with?
93. What fictional character do you hate?
94. What is your favourite Hunger Games part?
95. Do you have a favourite poem?
96. Do you like Mr Darcy?
97. Can you speak French?
98. Are you a messy or a clean student?
99. Describe your dream study.
100. If you could change 1 thing in this world, what would you change?


Request from anon: Hey!! Could you possibly write an imagine where she is a little wary of Draco judging her whenever he walks past as she really likes him. But she is like Hermione where she has her head in books quite a lot and so quickly hides it when he walks past but he notices it and with a smirk comes and sits next to her and eventually tells her he likes her in some way with a wink?? Thankyou I think you’ll crush it

Thank you for requesting anon, I’ll be turning requests off after hitting post on this. I’m sorry if any of you have any ideas - I have a month until I take my exams and I really need to be revising. I’m honestly so sorry but I’ll obviously upload from time to time with the requests that have already been submitted and after my exams are finished it’ll get back to normal. So, I updated my masterlist in case any of you wanted to see all of my posts. 

In the meantime, enjoy ;)

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Charming II

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Sehun, prince!AU

Chapters: (1) / (2) / …


Looks can be deceiving. Oh Sehun is far from being a prince charming.

Belonging is a strong and inevitable feeling that exists in human nature. Coming to an unfamiliar environment I had high hopes to find that belongingness. To wed a prince for the purpose of my country.

Yet all of my hopes were scattered all in the first fifteen minutes of my arrival at the court of my fiancé.

He has already decided to be hostile without even knowing me. Without ever interacting with me. So while having tea with the entire Oh family and me and my mother, I wonder… what must I have done to have made him disapprove of me?

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Lena Luthor Appreciation Week (Day7/7)
Free Choice - Headcanon

Kara hates thunderstorms. She loves the rain and the cool air, its the thunder and lightening she hates, especially when she is flying. The clouds are so black and ominous that its like you could get lost in them forever and never find your way out. The cracks of thunder are so loud it is almost deafening, and impossible to block out. Not to mention the vibrations from the thunder are so powerful they shake her so hard it makes her teeth clack together. And then there is the flashes of lightning. So bright when you are in the air that it can make you see stars. Or in Kara’s case blind her just long enough to almost take out a tall building. 

Lena is reading in bed the first time they are together during a thunder storm. Kara crawls into bed with her, burrowing herself against Lena’s side and pulling the blanket over her head. Lena gently pokes fun at Kara for hiding until Kara, tears rolling down her cheeks, tells her about the first time she flew through a storm not long after coming to earth. How the storm pelted her, threw her around, how it encompassed her, swallowed her senses, and made her feel more alone then she ever has before. Lena holds her making comforting noises unsure of what else she can do, until Kara quietly asks if Lena will read to her. Wrapping herself around Kara, Lena spends the rest of the night reading her book out loud to Kara.  

Every thunder storm after that, no matter where they are. Lena brings Kara home to their bed where she piles as many blankets as she can on the bed for them to hide under. Bringing a light and Kara’s favourite Jane Austen book underneath with them. Kara burrows into Lena’s side, the noises muffled by the wall of blankets and does her best to focus on Lena. On Lena’s steady heartbeat, the slow melody of Lena’s voice as she reads out loud, the smooth strokes of Lena’s fingers threading through her hair gently scratching her scalp, the warmth emanating from Lena’s body. Lets Lena take over all her senses until the thunder and lightning is nothing but a distant memory. 

anonymous asked:

To all the moderators, what are your respective 'go-to' stories at dramione/org that are not included on the top list?

Sure. Here are some fics I have bookmarked as favorites so I can read them over and over again… I don’t think any of these are on the top lists.

Gingerbread Germs by scarlettcat - M, one-shot - Pansy’s plan for revenge couldn’t be sweeter. Too bad she forgot about Draco’s sweet tooth.

Who Trumps Who? by margaritama - MA, one-shot - Draco remembers what it is to be a Malfoy.  He has every intention of destroying Ron Weasley, slowly and methodically.

Sometimes a Loss is Really a Gain by RiddikulusRavenclaw - M, 2 Chapters - When Hermione and Ron have a nasty breakup, she gets drunk and rebounds…with Draco Malfoy?

Curses by maloreiy - MA, 5 Chapters - The Head Boy and the Head Girl have been captured! Stolen right out of Hogwarts and hit with an unknown curse, the two find themselves in a very small cell, very much alone, and with very unusual effects from the curse. Smut, followed by a thin plot, and ending with fluff.

Hallelujah Indeed by naarna - T, one-shot - After a love spell has gone wrong, Draco shows up in Hermione’s bedroom every night for a week. Investigations into this matter lead to revelations both never expected… (This story was part of the 2016 HP Drizzle Fest)

Pride and Prejudice and Leprechauns by Refictionista - MA, 17 Chapters -  By Jane Austen and Refictionista - Miss Hermione Granger and Mr. Draco Malfoy had never gotten along, but now they must work together to end the illegal trade in cursed four leaf clovers. Their investigation together discovers that sometimes the last person on earth you want to be with is the one person you can’t be without. (Written for the 2016 Harry Potter Get Lucky Fest)

Safehouse by Sey - MA, 22 Chapters - Four years post-war, all captured Death Eaters manage to escape Azkaban with one goal in mind: revenge. The Golden Trio is separated to assure their safety, and though the situation is hard for them all, Hermione can’t help but feel she is stuck in the worst safehouse… Or Manor, in this case.

Devil’s Snare by SunshineSundae - M, 11 Chapters - Hermione wants a new job. Will boss Malfoy let her go? “Tell me, Granger, do you often imagine me in bed?” “If you mean death bed,” she said sweetly. “Then every day.”

Waters of the Horned God by ningloreth - MA, 2 Chapters - Auror Hermione Granger finds there’s much more to her new partner, Draco Malfoy, than meets the eye.

❤️ @refictionista

P.S. Yes, one of the fics listed is one of mine, but (even so) it’s one of the ‘go-to’ stories that I’ve read it over and over again… I’m obsessed with Jane Austen.