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2015: favourite hyung line moments

thank you for keep being the two strong pillars in the group, for taking care of the kids, for comforting each other when in need, and for staying happy even when you’re tired—let’s love each other too in 2016!

Kid!Namjoon ( BTS as Children!Series)

I don’t have enough time to finish the Namjoon Halloween imagine so i’m doing my series a bit earlier and i’ll post the imagines on Wednesday and Friday -Admin RJ

- Loves the bed night stories and asks for more 

- Has a very rich imagination as a kid

- Always tells his parents crazy stories about his day but they are mostly made up

- The type to prepare his backpack the night before classes

- Doesn’t like playing outside much

- Prefers hanging out with older kids since they are more mature

- He has a favourite hyung that he looks up at

- Probably has a secret obsession with a superhero or something

- Daydreams about himself being a hero and fighting different monsters

- Is quite shy, especially around new people

- But one day he discover a person that also likes superheroes

- So they exchange comics and play with figurines together

- May have broken some of those figurines but shh

- Can look quite scary so a lot of kids are intimidated by him

- But he just has a scary expression when concentrating

- Has a soft spot for his younger friends and helps them out with their homework or with bullies

- Studies well, because he believes it will bring him a good future

- Enjoys reading philosophical books, even though they are a bit complicated for his age

- Have you seen how chubby and cute he was back when he was a kid??

- Is a smart kid and everyone says that he will go far

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Gift for jj4everlove - JiKook

“Jungkook’s reaction when he first sees his fav hyung in his new concept clothes and everyone is lusting after HIS hyung”

Hope you’ll like it ( @jj4everlove ) and sorry it’s so short.

Jungkook was just done with his makeup and wanted to see how the hyungs looked. They were filming new MV and the concept was….it honestly looked really kinky. The maknae was really curious what clothes the rest are wearing so he wandered around and looked for them. He caught a glimpse of Hobi and Taehyung doing god knows what together, probably secretly eating something, but they looked as good as he imagined. Next was Seokjin and Jungkook almost said out loud that his handsomness could save the world, which true. Namjoon looked really cool and the only word he could think of to describe Yoongi was prince. He literally looked like a prince. Jungkook complimented them all and went to look for his favourite hyung. He was nowhere in sight and Jungkook started pouting. He wanted to finally see Jimin. It was like his prayers were listened and the elder was suddenly in front of him. “Jungkookie?” Jimin asked, worried about the younger. Jungkook was too stunned to say anything tho. Jimin looked way better than he could imagine. Silver hair styled perfectly, velvety choker on his neck and that low v cut shirt. Jungkool could feel himself getting hot all over, his cheeks tinted with red but he couldn’t look away. “Liking what you see?” Jimin asked him with a smirk. It pulled the younger out of his not so innocent thoughts about Jimin doing things to him, and he averted his gaze, blushing furiously. Jimin chuckled and wanted to say something but they were interupted by their coordi noona telling them it was time to film. Jungkook padded after his hyung, still a bit dazed. The rest of Bangtan whistled when they saw Jimin. “Whoa Jimin, you look so sexy” Hoseok said, which was followed by Taehyung’s yelling and more screams from Hobi. This type of reaction wasnt really something new but the way they stared at Jimin made Jungkook uncomfortable. He could see something more than just admiration in their eyes, something nearing…lust and he certainly did not like that. The elder was his cinnamon roll, okay, more like sinnamon right now but he was his nonetheless. Jungkook really wanted to just drag Jimin away from the rest but they had to film.

The maknae somehow managed to survive the filming and not snap at the members for staring at Jimin. But the second the PD called it a wrap he stormed to where Jimin was standing, grabbed his wrist and dragged the surprised boy to the dressing room. “Jungkook? What was that?” Jimin asked. “I…umm…"the maknae stutterd, he didn’t think that far, he just wanted to hide his hyung from the lustful stares. "I just…they stared at you…and I just…” “You just what?” Jimin interupted him “Were jealous? Didn’t want them to stare at me like that?” He added with a smirk. Now Jungkook was super embarrassed. He stared and his shoes, his cheeks burning. “Cute” Jimin said before wrapping his hands around the younger and hugging him tightly. “Don’t worry, Jungkookie, I’m all yours” he ensured. “You are?” The younger asked, kinda surprised at the statement. “I didn’t say all the *I like yous* for no reason” Jimin answered with a smile. “But do I have to remind you that you were staring too?” He added with a chuckle. Jungkook let out a whiny “hyung”, making Jimin laugh. “So how do I look?” The elder finally asked. “Really hot” Jungkook answered without thinking but gasped when he realized what he just said. “Thanks, Jungkookie” Jimin said before leaving a soft kiss on Kook’s lips. The younger stood there dazed for like five minutes, cuz Jimin left him to get changed, until someone actually found him and dragged to the dressing room as they had to go back to the dorm.

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ASTRO!!!!!!!!! and 24k if you know them and if you don't, get started. :D ❤❤❤❤❤


My first bias: bin
Your current bias and why: mj because he’s so silly and he laughs with his entire body and it’s adorable
Favourite song: colored
Favourite MV: confession
OTP: hyung line
Member you think has the best smile: sanha
Favourite choreography: hide & seek
Favourite era: autumn story
Do you own any merchandise: no
Have you seen them live: lmao no
Favourite voice/singer: bin
Favourite dancer: rocky

24k – i’ll get back to you on that but also i just watched two of their mvs aND SO MANY THINGS ARE HAPPENING I AM OVERWHELMED

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Imagine Chanyeol feeling inspired after successfully making a tissue flower for Kyungsoo. He continues to create various tissue origami gifts, labels them with “Your Favourite Hyung,” and places them beside Kyungsoo’s dressing room table or beside his bed at the dorms. After a few days have passed with Chanyeol keeping silent about his craftsmanship (because of course he doesn’t want Kyungsoo to feel embarrassed by all the attention he gives him), Chanyeol proudly barges into their room to announce that he, Park Wondorigamimaker, was indeed the secret gifter. Right as Kyungsoo is scrunching his face in concentration as he picks up the tissue origami and hurls it into a plastic bag.

When he ends up in tears beside a half-empty bag of marshmallows, Chanyeol doesn’t hear Kyungsoo’s confused apologies for throwing away what he thought were used kleenexes.