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What are your favourite group numbers if you had to pick a top 10? Mine would be Somebody to love Don't stop believing Some nights We are young Hall of fame Rumour has it / somebody like you Survivor / i will survive Paradise by the dashboard light Loser like me Born this way


1. Control

2. ABC

3. Rumour Has It/ SLY

4. What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

5. Born This Way

6. Bad Romance


8. My Love Is Your Love

9. Imagine (mercedes sounds so pretty :’U)

10. Bills Bills Bills

“My dreams came true in Vancouver, but reflecting on that has made me think that what I really enjoyed most was the process: training and working together and created these programs, which are a piece of us, kind of like a child.” — Scott Moir on MacLean Magazine 17/12/2013

(Talking about their own choreography of their new exhibition program) “It’s like our baby” — Tessa Virtue on SN 590 Fan Radio 13/03/2014

Glee Season Five Music Survey
  1. Name an episode, I’ll tell you my favourite song from that episode.
  2. Name an episode, I’ll tell you my least favourite song/worst song from that episode.
  3. Three season 5 songs that you liked on Glee better than the original.
  4. Three songs you didn’t know before this season that are now on your playlist.
  5. Name a character, I’ll tell you their three best songs this year.
  6. Favourite group number.
  7. Name a song - I’ll tell you what’s better original vs Glee.
  8. Best original arrangement for a song.
  9. Best broadway number.
  10. Best duet (Or a. Best Klaine duet, b. Best non-klaine duet)
  11. Biggest song mistake of the year.
  12. Song that was okay on listen but rocked in the performance in the episode.
  13. Song that you prefer to just listen to because the performance took away from the awesome.
  14. Best Beatles cover
  15. Best Billy Joel cover
  16. Best cast music performer of season 5.
  17. Most underused voice of season 5.
  18. Song you wish had been sung by a different character.
  19. Most emotional performance 
  20. Best episode of the season for music.

For ease of reference - here is a list of all the season 5 music by episode. And here is my ask.

What I learnt / Things that happened at the London Chinwag
  • Ok so first, they started really late because every time one of the cast members came into the corridor a load of kids ran out of their seats and it took ages to calm down
  • Abby said the producers are devils
  • The open auditions were originally meant for casting AUDC season 3 but the producers put it on hold so had to use the auditions for something else - so made up the ‘new team’
  • Abby thinks the new team is a ridiculous idea because she would never want to put a team directly against her own
  • A former student of Abby’s is the director of dance at Wicked the musical all around the world
  • Gianna is the sweetest thing , I got a photo with her
  • Melissa can’t count (sorry)
  • The girls danced to girl party and Mackenzie was wearing a headset and was lip-syncing and then when they went to answer questions this man gave the other three girls a microphone and Maddie got up and said 'Mackenzie needs one too because that mic isn’t real’ and then they started laughing because it was supposed to look like Mackenzie was singing and it was really cute
  • Nia said there was a rumour going around that she was at Chloe’s house and Chloe pulled out her weave - when Nia said Chloe’s name Abby glared at her then told her to tell the story
  • Someone asked what they thought of Kalani and Maddie got really excited it was so cute
  • They danced in the audience and I got a high five from Kendall
  • Abby said that the mums are always drunk , then said 'not the ones with me but the ones not with me’ meaning Christi and Kelly
  • Nia is homeschooled
  • Mackenzie is going to write some music with her producer
  • The guy from Sheer Talent was just walking around straightening his leaflets and he didn’t say a word to anyone it was creepy
  • Maddie was so sweet when people were getting their photos taken , to one girl she said 'you’re so pretty’ and when she walked away she kept telling Kendall how pretty the girl was
  • Another girl walked past Maddie and she had really long black hair and Maddie started saying 'woah guys look at her hair, it’s amazing' 
  • Abby said she had yelled at 3 mothers because they were distracting their kids whilst they were getting their photos taken
  • Nia said she considers all her fans her friends
  • Kendall’s favourite group numbers are 'Yum yum’ and 'Sugar babies' 
  • They all love the upcoming nationals group number
  • When the girls chose people to ask questions, if they said 'um’ first Abby wouldn’t let them ask the question
  • There were two cast members from Matilda in the audience who asked them to come see their show and Abby asked for free tickets and the girls were in awe of them it was adorable
  • The girls said they have seen hate accounts for themselves on Instagram but Abby said it’s just 10-12 year olds with no life and they ignore them
  • When I went up to Gianna I asked for a photo then I asked to buy a T-shirt and she said 'finally someone that’s actually wants my help’
  • Melissa’s accent in real life is so strong and her voice is super high 
  • Abby told the story about how she and John came up with Dance Moms
  • Apparently Abby wasn’t originally supposed to be featured in the show but the producers saw what she was like and put her in
  • She said that the kids on SYTYCD are too old to be competing and should be working 
  • Some people asked really stupid questions , like 'how old are you ?’ and 'what characters were you in Freaks like me?’
  • Maddie learnt the 4 minute chandelier routine in 2 hours
  • Maddie says Sia is a huge Dance Moms fan and knows all the dances
  • Maddie was scared to walk around the Chandelier set at first and wanted the director to come with her 
  • When Maddie was organising Chandelier , the producers said they would have a couple of days to learn the dance and Abby said Maddie only needed a couple of hours because she’s so quick
  • The girls get off a the plane after spending all week together then ask for a sleepover

I’ll probably think of some more stuff later, but the girls were really sweet and the mums chatted to everyone :) i’m just annoyed my video didn’t work because it was PERFECT sorry 

Dance Moms Challenge! 

► Favourite dancer(s) 

► Favourite mom(s)

► Favourite dance teacher(s)

► Favourite Jazz dancer(s)

► Favourite Acro dancer(s)

► Favourite Musical theatre dancer(s)

► Favourite Contemporary dancer(s)

► Favourite Lyrical dancer(s)

► Favourite Ballet dancer(s)

► Favourite Hip-hop dancer(s) 

► Favourite solo(s)

► Favourite duet(s)

► Favourite trio(s)

► Favourite group number(s)

► Favourite senior dancer(s)

► Favourite mini dancer(s) NO KENZIE!

► Favourite dance move(s)

► Favourite ‘DM’ song(s)

► The most underrated dancer(s)

► The most improved dancer(s) 

► The cutest dancer(s) 

► The best Voice(s) 

► The best music video(s)

► The best model(s)

► The best sharkcookie photoshoot(s)

► The Best Dawn Biery photoshoot(s)

► The Best Sisters

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