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George helping Ringo write Octopus's Garden (part 1)

George helping Ringo write Octopus’s Garden (part 1) (part 2)

Get Back sessions, 26 Jan. 1969.

GEORGE: Have you written any more words Ringo, to that one about Picasso?

RINGO: No. Have you heard the octopus one?

GEORGE: [amused] No.

[Ringo starts playing Octopus’s Garden on piano]

GEORGE: You learned A minor, eh?

RINGO: I’d like to be, underneath the sea, in an octopus’s garden in the shade. It would be nice, paradise, in an octopus’s garden in the shade.

RINGO: That’s all I’ve got.


GEORGE: Awww, that’s great!

So, here’s what nobody asked for: A Rogue One florist AU (with a little Jyn/Cassian)

  • Cassian is the designer for the floral shop Red Allium, the owners generally aren’t involved in the day to day running of it. Kay does the general work and keeps an eye on the books.
  • Cassian is adept at making arrangements and talking people around to better choices, but eventually they get busy enough where he needs the owners to hire some help.
  • Enter Jyn.
  • She is better at hand tied bouquets (more room for improvising) and Cassian is better at arrangements in floral foam (more control).
  • She’s a bit abrasive and Cassian swears he will never leave her alone with the customers because of the things she says sometimes. But she’s good at wedding work and at pulling off near impossible requests.
  • She steals Cassian’s favourite pair of garden clippers for her own use her first day on the job. He lets her.
  • Kay constantly harps on her that she can’t use the extra flower in her bouquet or she’ll throw off their margin. She does it anyway.
  • Bodhi is their brand new delivery driver. Nothing distresses him as much as delivering weddings, but he becomes friends with Jyn and Cassian because he has an impeccable ability to think on his feet when things go wrong.
  • Chirrut and Baze are their main suppliers. Baze drives the truck that brings them their products, and Chirrut somehow manages to always find exactly what they need to fill special orders. They become very fond of Jyn shortly after meeting her, and often throw in a free bunch of flowers for the shop when Cassian places the orders. They half adopt the whole shop eventually.
  • After a rough start Jyn and Cassian get along really well. One day while building a wedding order they discuss what flowers they would want for their own hypothetical weddings, and Bodhi and Kay overhear and assume the two are dating. Kay tells Cassian he doesn’t approve of him marrying Jyn, and Cassian and Jyn have to explain that building the bouquets made them think about what they would do differently if they were there own.
  • The incident gets them thinking though, and Jyn brings up the idea of them actually dating. They decide to give it a try and everyone but Kay is delighted.