favourite gaming moments


“Kaito said it best… I’m not alone. That’s right. I have friends.
Not just my friends here, but also friends who have died… They
all gave us their hope too. That’s why… I’m going to live.
I want to live for everyone who died. Despair cannot defeat me.
I will hold on, and survive no matter what. Thank you… Kaito.”

My Fave Game of Thrones moments (updated)...

Seasons 1 - 7:

1. Sansa & Jon reunion

2. “Fuck the King”

3. Daenerys fucks up the Masters of Astapor

4. Jaime’s speech in the bath, a.k.a. I thought I just heard a pin drop

5. Jon’s utter hopelessness as he leaves Hardhome and realises everyone’s pretty much fucked

6. “I will be your champion”

7. “Fuck off!”

8. Single Take Tracking shot

9. Jon bonds with Drogon

10. Joffrey dies, providing some brief joy

  • Someone: so what's your favourite game of thrones moment?
  • Me: Game of Thrones? I don't know her. Oh you mean the Jaime and Brienne rom-com? Oh right, the first time Jaime saw Brienne, the time Jaime and Brienne had a swordfight, that time they shared a bath together, when Jaime jumped in the bear pit for Brienne, when Brienne called him Ser J...
  • Someone: *runs away*
  • Me: *running after them, screaming* LISTEN their love is the purest most wonderful thing in Westeros, when they bang it will be so hot all the white walkers will melt away, winter won't be coming no mo' because Jaime and Brienne did.
30 Day Linkin Park Challenge

Day 24 - Favourite interview/behind the scenes moment

Another one that’s basically impossible to chose, especially since LP shared so much through their LPTV series. They are probably the most approachable rock stars ever. xD

Live Nation UK interview
A cute little interview where Chester and Mike interview each other. It’s just amazing to see their friendship.

Carpool Karaoke
This is how I want to remember Chester: Singing, smiling and making everybody laugh. It’s hard to believe it was recorded only 6 days before he died…

Emoji Songname Game
Just the band being their silly selves and having fun. Can you guess all the songs? ;)


game of thrones → s7e07; the dragon & the wolf + best of jorah
favourite episode moments + ♡ favourite iain moments

Jorah’s had a lot of these “Sure, side with him instead of me” & “I survived greyscale for this?” moments. The jaw shift in the 2nd gif pretty much sums it up. At least they gave him a line of dialogue.