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Supernatural 30 Day Challenge | Day 19 : Favourite Gag Reel Moment

     ↳ I just find actors accidently calling each other by their real names amusing. I love how Jared shouts Jensen’s name with such certainty and authority, and then turns into a giggling munchkin 0.2 seconds later. Plus the fact Jensen just runs off anyway.

Supernatural season 11 gag reel highlights

Here comes the last gag reel look-over as observed from under my shiny hat. This is going to be a long post… this flick is just stuffed with coupley cuteness. Let’s get started.

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Ah, the dirty jokes! Jensen is trying to be grumpy in the last gif, but his poker face fails. Well, it’s true, isn’t it? Surely he’s good at it, too.

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(psst, it’s about Jared’s hair. How I wish it was the other secret ;) )

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That smolder impresses me, too.

Padabooty time! I wonder if that’s Jensen in the background, totally oblivious of his boy’s silliness?

This is definitely my favourite moment from the gag reel, even if it’s not as shippy as some of the others. Jared’s face beams with absolute glee and Jensen just goes along with the joke. This is all too cute.

Jensen messes up a line and goes into heart-eyes mode. Seeing Jared crack up can do that to a person.

“You’ve seen Lady and the Tramp” says Jensen, while Jared is prepared to demonstrate. For the record, I haven’t seen Lady and the Tramp, so do go on and let me see what you’re talking about. ;) 

Okay, be prepared for the final push. Here comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for - complete with slow-motion milking.

(something about mosquitos that I didn’t quite catch)

How f*cking reverent Jensen looks here. Those are not just heart eyes, they’re eyes filled to the brim with love, adoration and arousal.

This here is the perfect ending to our story, don’t you think?

See the gag reel here! I hope you enjoyed my series and had a good time this holiday season. 💝

So I’m picking up where I left off before exams:

Day 19: Favourite gag reel moment? - HOW THE HELL AM I MEANT TO CHOOSE THIS i mean 




i love these guys 





do they ever get anything filmed?!