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Today I don’t have coffee but a 45min journey to the countryside where my granny lives. Thankfully I have 130+ books in my kindle romance TBR. Some of them are my beloved Tessa’s. And Tori to avoid unpleasant conversations on the coach (bus). I’ll be back tomorrow evening (Eurozone)

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I love your blog! You're unique to me :D I'm curious on how the Romanced companions would react to Synth!Shaun throwing a tantrum.

Thank you so much! It really means a lot to hear that :D

Cait – When Shaun threw his toys across the room and stamped his feet because she wouldn’t let him come with her and Sole to Diamond City, Cait didn’t really know what to do. She’d stare at him with a furrowed brow as he started bawling, confused and a little irritated at his response. “Listen to me,” she’d start before he cried even heavier. With a grumbling sigh, Cait would firmly grab his shoulders and turn him to face her. “Oi, Shaun, listen to me now or I’ll send ya to Marcy Long’s house.” That sure made him stop. “It’s too dangerous to have little tots like yerself comin’ along, okay? I promise we’ll bring ya somethin’ nice from the markets, but ya have to stay here where it’s safe.” Cait would be a gentle but firm parent, one that wouldn’t sway from the rules they lay down but would not be anywhere near as harsh as her own parents had been. She loved little Shaun with all her heart, even if he was a right pain in the arse sometimes, and she would never do anything to harm him. If anything, Cait lets him get away with a little too much around the settlement and whenever there is even a hint of danger, Cait is always there standing between it and Shaun with a loaded shotgun in her hands.

Curie – Being a new parent was scary for Curie, as it is with everyone, but even more so because she never would have ever believed as a Miss Nanny robot that she would be a synth, let alone another little synth’s mother. She was mainly worried about being a good role model, a good parent who’ll love and nurture them in the right way so they become the best of who they are in the future. But one thing she seemed to overlook was when the little guy acts up which is probably the area where Curie will be severely lacking skills in. Shaun had thrown his toy truck into the wall when he wasn’t allowed a Nuka Cola, then bursting into tears when he watched the truck fall to pieces. With a large sigh, Curie kneeled down to pick up all the pieces, trying to think of something to say to calm him down. “Monsieur Shaun, I only said no to a Nuka Cola because it will keep you from sleeping! It is only two hours before bed time and Sole and I do not wish to stay up with you all night yet again. Please calm down.” Curie would need a lot of assistance from Sole at the beginning but after a couple months, maybe a year or so, she’d get the hand of it and would become a very loving, nurturing mother that thinks little Shaun could do no wrong.

Danse – Being a father was something the Paladin would never have thought possible before he met Sole, but when they broke the news to him that they’d like to raise Shaun together, Danse never hesitated even for a second. When Shaun threw whatever it was he was working on and started crying hysterically, however, Danse suddenly wondered if he had bit off more than he could chew. “Shaun, stop this now. Crying and throwing your toys is not going to change anything.” He’d stare down at Shaun and wonder why the little boy wasn’t listening to him, surely the Institute programed him with some degree of respect right? After a while – and with Sole’s help – Danse would make a great father who would unsurprisingly be strict and firm in his rules, although not quite as much as how the Brotherhood would have been with their squires. He loved Shaun and would always be there for him no matter what, but if Shaun did something wrong Danse would make sure he learns the first time that he’s not to do it again.

Deacon – Becoming a father was one of the few secret dreams that he had and had given up on after what had happened to Barbara. So when Sole brought Shaun back from the Institute it was probably his idea to raise him together like a family, like how a little boy should be brought up. Although he was eager to be a dad, that didn’t necessarily mean he was prepared to deal with Shaun’s temper tantrums and feet stomping that were way out of his league. He’d always try to be a cool dad with weird gizmos and stories to tell a bedtime but whenever Shaun played up, Deacon would be like a lost puppy trying to find his way through a minefield. The first couple of times he would try to calm Shaun down with a few jokes and comments that he thought would take away the tension, but it only ends up making it worse somehow and so he’d have to rely on Sole to get through to the kid. Deacon would be a quick learner and would make an awesome dad who never really liked punishing the kid, so he’d probably let Shaun get away with a few things here and there when he could. He’d be the King of dad jokes.

Hancock – When it comes it kids, Hancock would be like a fish out of water and even though he was a little reluctant to be a father figure to Shaun, he never hesitated in taking the kid in. After all, he was the synthetic son of the most important person in his world. When Shaun threw some kind of machine that he was building against the wall, Hancock was at a loss. Should he punish him? Should he get Sole? After a few silent moments – aside from Shaun’s sobbing of course – Hancock went with what he thought Sole would do and so he bent down and placed a hand on the kid’s shoulder. “Now come on, Shaun, be reasonable here. Sole and I don’t want you to get hurt is all, you can understand that right?” He would be insanely relieved when Shaun begrudgingly nods an affirmative and from there he would slowly talk it out with Shaun until he’s calmed down. Hancock – 1, shitty parenting – 0.

MacCready – Because he already had experience in raising Duncan on his own after Lucy was killed, MacCready was probably the least nervous in regards to stepping into the parent role with Sole. He was quite prepared when Shaun decided to throw a temper tantrum after he wasn’t allowed to see one of the Deathclaws that Sole caught in a cage, forcing MacCready to confiscate one of Shaun’s favourite gadgets as punishment for his behaviour. He didn’t like doing it, he loved Shaun just as much as he loved Duncan but nevertheless a father has to do what a father has to do, and take his toy he did. MacCready would wait until Shaun has calmed down and apologised, relaying to both him and Sole why it was that he was getting punished and promising that he won’t do it again, before he let Shaun have his toy back. It was an effective method that Mac had practice with already and he need only threaten Shaun with doing it again to stop him from stomping around with a scowl.

Nick Valentine – Unfortunately, his role as a criminal investigator puts him into contact with a lot of children from time to time and having to deal with all that unintentionally bestows upon him some skills in talking to young kids. Despite that, Nick would still be nervous about taking young Shaun under his wing, what with him clearly being a synth and all. So when Shaun decided to stamp his feet and yell and cry about not being allowed out of Diamond City for a few days, Nick went into cop mode. “Now listen here, kid, Sole and I are only telling you this just to keep you safe and out of harm’s way. You can yell and scream all you want, it’s not going to change anything.” He’d stare at Shaun until he’s satisfied he’s got the message before he’d straighten and offer to take him out to the playground or a bite to eat. He was an intimidating father but one that wouldn’t let Shaun get away with much.

Piper Wright – Raising Nat all by herself prepared her for many things when it came to looking after Shaun with Sole, but one thing it didn’t prepare her for was the mega tantrums the little guy would throw. Nat was always well behaved, she’d have her moments of course but the majority of the time Piper didn’t have to practically wrestle her whenever something didn’t go her way like her and Sole had to do with Shaun. He was stamping his feet and crying when Piper said no to him fiddling with a robot’s hardware – after all, what if something went wrong and the thing tried to kill him? – and was trying to explain that to him but clearly she was getting nowhere. So Piper was left to do the only thing she could. She dragged Shaun off to his room and closed the door, effectively locking him in there so he could calm down. “You can come out when you calm down, Shaun! I’m only looking out for you, okay?” She’d wait on the other side of the door for however long it takes for Shaun to settle down and apologise and when he finally did, she’d crack open the door and give him a big hug accompanied by some gumdrops. Piper would be fiercely protective of both Shaun and Nat and would be the type of mother to instil curfews and other little rules here and there to ensure that they’re safe and kept as far away from danger as possible in the Commonwealth.

Preston Garvey – Preston would never have thought he would live to see the day that he would find someone he loved as much as Sole, let alone be raising a child between the two of them. Most of the time, it was perfect with just the three of them, but there were times where Shaun would act up and stamp his feet while crying because of something that he didn’t like. Preston would talk him through it calmly, having the patience that spanned a mile long and the gift of talking to children in such a way that calmed them down and made them behave. Preston was a natural and would be the most loving father little Shaun could ever get.

X6-88 – X6 would require from Sole a lot of coaching and help in being more nurturing and less robotic in his parenting style. Although such a demeanour was useful for him when Shaun decided to throw his toys about in a tantrum when told that he couldn’t come to the surface with Sole. “Shaun, the surface is not safe for a little boy. Please do not be throwing your toys around, it is not going to solve anything.” X6 would try his very best for Shaun and Sole, knowing that even though Shaun was a synth and not Sole’s real son, he meant a lot to Sole and therefore meant a lot to him. X6 even cracks a smile or two whenever Shaun runs excited up to him to show him his latest invented gadget he created to help them both on the surface.

30 Days of DCMK
  1.  When and how did you first start reading/watching DCMK?
  2. Favourite male character?
  3. Favourite female character?
  4. Favourite detective?
  5. Favourite BO member?
  6. Favourite police officer?
  7. Least favourite character?
  8. Favourite case?
  9. Least favourite case?
  10. Biggest OTP?
  11. Biggest BROTP?
  12. Biggest NOTP?
  13. Favourite Kid heist?
  14. Favourite movie?
  15. Favourite opening song?
  16. Favourite gadget?
  17. Manga or anime?
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  20. Favourite manga volume cover?
  21. Favourite manga that Gosho’s written aside from Detective Conan and Magic Kaito?
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Doctor Who 30 Day Challenge | Day 25: Favourite gadget | Sonic (and laser) Screwdriver

“Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, "Ooh, this could be a little more sonic”?“

"What, you’ve never been bored? Never had a long night? Never had a lot of cabinets to put up?”

Doctor Who Challenge (non-hater) - Day 20: Favourite Gadget

This is somehow an easy one: Psychic paper! I don’t know what it is about it, but I love this little item. Need an invitation to watch the end of the world? Psychic paper. Hitting on strangers? Psychic paper. Pretending to be a mature and responsible adult? … Oh, no. Maybe not.


Day 25: The Sonic Screwdriver

Following in the range of totally generic but honest answers, I’ve gone with the sonic screwdriver.

The ultimate toy for everyone’s tool-kit. No one could say that they’re life wouldn’t be so much better if they had a sonic screwdriver, its so handy.

Speaking on the marketing side of things, its genius. The BBC gets to produce lots of noisy lights on a cool handle and make loads out of it, its a genius product. It’s lot like, say, a lightsaber where its expected to emit this CGI-heavy beam that comes out of nowhere. it’s just a light in the show and a light on the toy, genius!

But it’s the whovian’s favourite thing too. Having placed itself in Doctor Who as an iconic monument, like the TARDIS or the Daleks. Whe you pretend to be the Doctor (and don’t lie, everyone does it), you hold your hand up and make a noise, pretending to have a sonic screwdriver in your hand. That is what makes people the Doctor. Unless of course they have the toy, then they use that.