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drunk amy is literally my favourite thing

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hi senpai ilysfm like stg I live for your daichuu work like crap I'm in love you're amazing <3 also, I read a fanfic based on your mafia boss!dazai work, but I can't find it ;-; do you happen to know the link? ilyy <33

Wait which link are you looking for the link to my mafia boss dazai or the link to the mafia boss dazai fanfic I’m crying 

Anyway I’ll just provide both:

- Link to my mafia boss Dazai is here

- Link to the mafia boss Dazai fic (that I know of) is here (Bless Athina forever I love u pls have my soul)


“Whatever happens, and whatever kind of ill will there may be, Nii-chan will protect you!”

Happy Birthday to my adorable Nii-chan, Nazuna Nito! (27/04)

hey so ive recently reached 4k so i decided to do a second follow forever because since the time i’ve reached 1k i’ve met and followed a bunch of new and great people so yeah !! 😊😊😊
(bolded are my favourites and/or friends i guess even tho i consider you all as my friends but whatever) 

# - B

2048bymichaelcera 505dancingshoes ahlexachung al-xturners alex-torner alex-tuna alexandroturner alexbandguy alexhandguy alexhandsometurner alextunrer alexturnerishot alexturnips allyourstoriesarestale alqxturner alturnertivelyalturnertive arahellaarctic—kane arctic-wankies arcticdemarco arcticgodzilla arcticmonkese -arcticmunkeez arcticspookeys(aka suckitandmeme) arcticwankies arctikalex artemou arzeticmonkeys aubrgine ayykoenig babyhaimyours baiochemistry bastardness birdgrl blackbirdsandwalruses blacktreaccle blondosonichellcat borderlinebykingkrule bound2bykanyewest brrrianstorm

C - E

capecodcasablancas caftish certainromancing cookandomalley cornerstonc coronastone crowded-of-badasses cryxnglightning cxrnerstoned dance-little-turner dancelittlearabella dandellionandburdock dcaprio do-i-wanna-know doiwannaknow doiwannasuckturner dontbeac0conut drjameh drownerrs ehkoenig eurydicechungs evi1twin eviltwinofarabella ezrainingmen ezralloween(aka chri-s ezrapissbaby ezzieforprezzie 


floorcott fluorescent-ezra francoisehardy free-as-lennon fuckingalexturner harmumford helduhrs hellkatspangledshalalala hhiley humbugprincess humbuh hurnansadness indiebands izeofthejules jmcavoy k0enigs kathrov kill-bihl kneestrokes knoeig koenigma koenigofficial koenigvibes last-shadow-puppet lhommewalk macchup1cchu mattheldersjpg mattheldersmum matthewhelderz mattshelder melophobics mileskanevevo milesmonkey mycertainromance


n-ckomalley nickomalleh nickomalleycat nikolai-fraiture no1partyblog no-1-party-anthem northpole-monkeys officialbaio officialkoeing ohiwassobold ohmyomalley oldyellobricks orpheusturners patrikstump pebbleboi phrazes-for-jules prettivisitors princeonce rngmt ronnievjr s1as secrtdoor shutupezra skaiass snuckitandsee strokingthemonkeys suckitadnsee suckitandseen suckithumbug teagvn jamesbagspooky(aka temp1es/moon of my life) thebandhaim theblaackkeys thehipwaffle theshitshockhorrors thestrckes tinyalexturner turnerandcook turnerfrutti turnerofficial ughfabmoretti unbiasedcheesemotel undercoverofharkness vaccinesmp3 valensee vanwynwhore

+all the people i follow 

pretty sure this follow forever is just a list of all the people i’m following ahahahaha but if i forgot u i’m sorry just tell me if i missed u etc etc thank u i love u guys heaps