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Ask me how deep the ocean is.

Shut up.

Come on, just ask me.


‘Cause I know the answer.

Oh! Do you?

Yes, I do.

How deep is the ocean?

I’m not gonna say.

I’m brokenhearted.

The ocean is six miles deep.


Isak and Even | Hiding tonight 

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Some headcanons about the guys and their favourite(s) Disney film(s)?? Think about it- It's just TOO cute-

MMMMM - this would be cute!  I don’t really watch Disney as much (thus one of my good friends (or just @dawnthecreator​) saved my ass helping me with this) so, enjoy!

Nathaniel, hands down, favorite movie would be ’Atlantis: The Lost Empire’. He’s very much into mystery/action films and likes to piece the puzzles together before the mystery is solved. Regardless of him watching the movie multiple times already, he loves the plot it has as well as the diversity between the characters. In his own eyes, he thinks it’s actually one of the best animated films in the history of Disney itself. He’s definitely an Atlantis fan.

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Castiel doesn’t watch much movies in general. If he had to pick one, it’d be ’Pirates of the Caribbean’. He’s into action movies with some comedy in them and he’s definitely a fan of Jack Sparrow, even cosplaying as him once. The movie hasn’t kept him bored once, he’s always up for binge-watching it. Though he’s not a total movie geek he’s watched nearly all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and wouldn’t mind doing it again.

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Lysander’s favorite movie is obviously Alice in Wonderland. His favorite part would be the unique traits of the movie as well as the chess-theme it composes of. ‘Unique’ being the characters and all of their personalities in one movie, he loves having to see so many different characters interact with each other. He also really likes the fashion Alice in Wonderland has the queens dresses, the checkered scenery, everything it just great. Thus, Alice in Wonderland is his favorite.

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Armin can’t really choose just one movie to love, let’s be real. Being on a supposed ‘date’ with Candy, it’s his (or a geek’s) 2nd favorite way to pass time. One movie he’ll never get bored of, is Spirited Away. He’s equally into animated movies and live action, but one thing he loves about spirited away are the characters. There’s not one character that doesn’t stand out from the rest, everyone is good in their own way. He probably ships Haku and Chihiro.

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Kentin isn’t much of a movie person. He’ll watch a film here and there, but he doesn’t watch a lot of them. His favorite would be ’The Incredibles’. He’s into action/comedy movies and he likes how each (or most) of the characters have their own uniqueness to him. Not to mention he loves the plot, it’s a lot different from most movies he’s watched. He laughs every time when the ‘where’s my super suit’ scene comes on, he just can’t. He probably even snorted.

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My favorite part of the film is when even and isak are lying on the floor,on new year eve's I think,and they seem to be drunk as fuck and not having the energy to go to bed,but they don't care bc they're on the floor with each other's favorite person in the world and that's ok.

cryiNG!!! 💗
It’s such a beautiful moment

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Even teaching Isak to drive makes me kinda tear up too, because usually your parents/family teach you but Even literally IS Isak's family right now, they live together and Even's teaching him how to drive and I just...fuck

u just took my heart, ripped it out, jumped on it, and gave it back…
w o w .. 
last night i was actually thinking about how they’re their own little family now. 
Even teaching isak how to drive… i’m…. it feels like i’m gonna throw up my emotions omg help

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My favorite part of the video to Isak was the first part where Isak is freaked out over driving. I don't think that's a side he would ever show to his friends. But with Even he'll show him at his most vulnerable even if that's him having an adorable 5 year old freak out about driving.

nooo stop :((((


favourite films: pride and pejudice

He’s been a fool about so many things, about Jane, and others… but then, so have I. You see, he and I are so similar.