favourite fight

The beginning

Characters: Doctor Schneeplestein, Chase Brody, Jackieboy Man

Warnings: injury, homelessness

I woke up covered in sweat and feeling gross.
Another nightmare.
The clock on my phone read: 2:14 am.
The same as yesterday.

I shambled to the living room and plonked onto the couch beside Henrik.
He was flicking through a comic book, but I got the idea he wasn’t all that interested in reading it. 
“Ah, hello Chase.”
“Hey man. That one of Jackie’s?”
“Yep.” He it down on the coffee table.
“So.” I said, sinking into the back of the couch. “What are you doing up?”
“Bad dreams.”
Henrik rubbed his temple wearily. 
“Hah, twins.”
He raised an eyebrow.

I stared at the comic book. It was one of Jackie’s favourites, about a crime fighting duo and their pet cat.

“you worried about him?”
Henrik exhaled slowly.
“Of course. He’s aways landing himself in trouble! You saw his nose yesterday.”
“Yeah. Dude can take a punch.” 
I was pretty impressed, but I felt Henrik’s worry. 

“He’s out at it again, apprehending the criminals and serving justice!” 
He spoke with humour (and maybe a bit of pride), but there was a slight strain in his voice.
“He’ll be alright.”
I meant to be reassuring, but I don’t think it worked. 
“I hope so.”

“It still surprises me that he actually fights crime.”
Henrik chuckled.
“Yes, well, it surprised me too when I found out.”
“When was that? I don’t think you guys have told me about how you met.”
“Would you like me to tell you?”
“Hell yes.”  I turned to him, and tucked my feet up underneath me. “So?”

“So.” Henrik grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch and pulled it around his shoulders. “When I met Jackie-”
“-Toss me the other end of the blanket.” 
He threw it to me, and I snuggled underneath it.
“Alright, go on.”

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What happens when you take the greatest choreographer the world has ever seen and put him with the second greatest choreographer the world has ever seen? And then you give them sticks.

You get this fight scene.

I can narrow down a number of favourite weapon fights when it comes to kung fu cinema and this would definitely be in my top five. Maybe even top three.
And best of all? It’s not even an old school fight. It’s a fast, modern fight that just so happens to be with old school poles.
Lau Kar Leung was 55 years old in this scene. That’s only 9 years younger than Jackie Chan is now. He never got enough credit for doing bananas shit while being an old man.
Unbelievable fight. And the crazy thing is that there’s a good two minutes of empty handed fighting before this bit.

Anyone wondering what film it is, it’s Pedicab Driver. Do yourself a favour and pick up the DVD here. It’s the only remastered version of this film out there and while it has terrible subtitles, if more people buy it, Warner might actually dig in their vaults and release the other classics they have stored away.