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I’ve been doing these sketchy portraits of my favourite fictional ladies over the last few days and having so much fun. I think I’ll probably do a couple more.

I’ve also been posting progress videos while I work on these. You can see those (and more tiny videos about stuff I do) if you follow me on Instagram.


I always fall for dem redheads with funny hairdos.

Could’ve also picked Dahlia to represent Ace Attorney because man, I love her so much, but since Ini doesn’t get nearly as much love as Dahlia does, I went with her. Lynne bby and Luna dearest were no-brainers, they’re my favourite fictional ladies! ; v ; <3

Do not use these anywhere without permission OK? <3


“The people, they’re…” Emma gave a half-hearted swing of her arm towards the town, before bringing it in and letting it fall back to the drink in her hand. “Mary Margaret is my mother. The woman i’ve wanted to know my entire life and now she’s this brain dead zombie who’s living out some sick groundhound day curse  of yours. You know i asked her is she was happy, Regina, and do you know what she said? She shrugged and said ‘I hadn’t thought about it before’. She hadn’t even thought to ask if she was happy or not. It’s awful, it’s sick, and I should be jumping straight in to fix her, to rescue them all and give them back their lives. It’s what I was made to do right? I’m supposed to be this big hero? But i can’t and I have to look them in the face every single day and pretend I’m not this awful, weak person scared to the right thing.

Favourite Fanfictions in a Gifset - 6/?

Memory Cloud - Chapter 6

By wily-one24


A small set of my favourite fictional ladies paired with Pokemon~ starting from the top left and going right:

Rena Ryuugu (Higurashi), Miss Martian (Young Justice), Astrid (How To Train Your Dragon), Heather (Silent Hill 3), Ikaros (Sora No Otoshimono), Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw)

This has been a great warmup and drawing exercise for me! I had gotten a little rusty after not drawing much during the school year. I did extremely well in my summer course too, so I am feel well-rested and great! uwu

I will be drawing my favourite males later, but for now you’ll have to enjoy the ladies~ I have some other things I need to draw.

Please do not repost, edit, use for profit, etc~


Favourite fictional ladies : Akane Tsunemori

« Compared to the power of anger and hatred, the feelings that everyone carries in their hearts are something that can quite easily break down. People have prayed for a better world throughout time. In order for those prayers to continue to hold meaning, we have to try our best to protect it to the very end. We just can’t give up on it. »