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Book Inspired Asks!
  • Harry Potter: What is your Hogwarts House?
  • The Bone Season: Do you believe in clairvoyance?
  • Firebird triology: Do you believe in alternate universes?
  • Acotar: What is your favourite season and time of day?
  • Throne of Glass: Who is your favourite female fictional character?
  • Shatter Me: If you could have any power, what would it be?
  • Percy Jackson: If you were a demigod, who would be your godly parent? 
  • The Raven Boys: If you could find out when you die, would you want to know? 
  • The Mortal Instruments: Would you rather be a shadowhunter, warlock, werewolf or vampire? 
  • Skulduggery Pleasant: If you could control one element, which would you want to control?
  • Geekerella: do you believe that you can fall in love with someone you have never met?
  • The Sun is also a Star: Do you think you can fall in lovewith someone in  a day? 
  • Anna and the French Kiss: Where in the world would you most like to live
  • The Lunar Chronicles: What is your favourite fairytale?
  • The Infernal Devices: If you could live in any time period, which would it be?
  • To all the boys I’ve loved before: What is your favourite sweet treat? 
  • The Lux Series: Do you believe in aliens?
  • Queens of Geek: Who is your favourite youtuber?

Representation matters: my six favourite black female fictional lawyers.

  • Clair Huxtable (The Cosby Show)
  • Maxine Shaw (Living Single)
  • Joan Clayton (Girlfriends)
  • Jessica Pearson (Suits)
  • Olivia Pope (Scandal)
  • Annalise Keating (How to Get Away With Murder)

“So rule number one, never, ever give me the "a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do” speech before you strap on your six-guns and leave me back at the ranch with Ida the prune-faced android. Two, you don’t crack my boyfriend’s skull. And three, you don’t date my roommate. Got it?“
-Wendy Watson  | The Middleman

Favourite Fictional Females Tag Meme

Pidge Gunderson/Katie Holt from Voltron Legendary Defender

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Stubborn, sarcastic, and highly intelligent, Pidge goes after her goals with a  single-minded determination. She might be small, but you don’t want to underestimate her, she is both physically and verbally capable of wrecking you.

Haggar from Voltron Legendary Defender

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She’s a magical mad scientist and the power behind the throne.

Temari from Naruto

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Can and will blow you away. She’s tough, but she still has a soft side when it comes to her brothers and (sometimes) Shikamaru.

Eve from Black Cat

Eve can transform parts of her body using the nanobots in her bloodstream. In the manga she has a really great character arc, growing from an emotionless girl with only the most basic uses of her power to an absolute powerhouse of a sweeper.

Reyna from Heroes of Olympus

My favourite part of The Blood of Olympus was Reyna and Nico working together to get the statue back to Camp Half-Blood. Reyna has a really interesting set of powers. The book also gave us a closer look at her tragic family circumstances. Her relationship with Nico was adorable too.

Momo Hinamori from Bleach

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Most underutilised character in the whole manga, and that’s really saying something. Hinamori has ties to the main villain and she’s important to the emotional stability of one of the captains. She’s also stubborn but sweet, and skilled enough to make vice-captain.

Franziska Von Karma from Ace Attorney

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An absolutely ruthless prosecutor who is apparently allowed to bring a whip to court. Has a soft side buried deep…very very deep.

There are loads more, of course, but I’m lazy.

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First ever fandom? Harry Potter

First ever ship? Hameron from House 

First death that made you cry/upset? Sirius Black! I cried so hard when he died also at Dumbledore’s and Snape’s

OTP? I have so much OTP’s LOL. Ironwidow, Caryl, Hameron, Prossi, ClairexFrank from House of Cards

NOTP? Moreid and Ralvez. These two ships really bugging me 

Least favourite fictional character? Lucius Malfoy

5 favourite female fictional characters?

  • Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds)
  • Allison Cameron (House)
  • Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead)
  • Natasha Romanoff (Marvel)
  • Claire Underwood (House of Cards)

5 favourite male fictional characters?

  • David Rossi (Criminal Minds)
  • Gregory House (House)
  • Negan (The Walking Dead)
  • Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)
  • Tony Stark (Marvel)

5 favourite actors/actresses?

  • Paget Brewster
  • Jennifer Morrison
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  • Melissa McBride
  • Robert Downey Jr

6 favourite characters who died/left the show?

  • Hershel Green (The Walking Dead)
  • Beth Green (The Walking Dead)
  • Elle Greenaway (Criminal Minds)
  • Aaron Hotchner (Criminal Minds)
  • Allison Cameron (House MD)
  • Walter Bishop (Fringe) - he didn’t die but he got erased from the time so i guess that counts-

3 favourite characters from shows you stopped watching?

  • Emma Swan (OUAT)
  • Belle (OUAT)
  • Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy)

3 favourite characters from shows that have ended?

  • Whole Friends cast. I love them so much!
  • Walter Bishop (Fringe)
  • Stella Gibson (The Fall)

2 favourite shows you started in the last year?

  • Stranger Things
  • Twin Peaks

Favourite TV Show: Criminal Minds (with The Walking Dead and House of Cards)

TV Show you want to watch: The X-Files, Breking Bad, Penny Dreadful

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ahh shatter me and throne of glass<33

shatter me: if you could have any power, what would it be?
ahhhhh mind reading hfjdjdjs
throne of glass: who’s your favourite female fictional character?
oh shit i cant decide,, they’re all so completely badass and independent and amazing and beautiful

I have a confession to make.

Dragon Age Origins was my very first RPG experience, I had absolutely no idea what roleplaying was, how it worked and how my choices affected my companion’s decisions and so on. I rushed through Origins and Awakening because I was eager to start Dragon Age 2 (which was newly released at the time). Still inexperienced with the genre, I made most of my choices at random in the couple first playthroughs resulting in Isabela fleeing with the tome of Koslun in act II. I really hated her for that. But by the third playthrough I was starting to understand how the game worked so I was more careful in my choices, I was surprised when she returned with the tome. And throughout act3 I got to know her better, listening to her banter, her reaction to various events and her personal quests, and later on learning more about her background from “Those Who Speak” I grew to love her character. Now she’s at the top of my list of favourite fictional female characters, right next to Miranda Lawson (ME2) and Lagertha (Vikings).

It’s a long story but I’m glad I learned instead of continuing to hate on her. 

p.s.: jewelry and outfit are not accurate, this was drawn without a reference.

Just a Friendly Reminder: Strong Women Can Have Love Too!

Why is it whenever you ship a ‘strong’ woman with someone, you are suddenly ‘anti-women’? Why does shipping someone with a lead character automatically mean you want all of her stories wrapped up in that pairing? As if she can only have a good story or a good romance. Please explain to me why can’t she have both!?!?! Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can’t she kick ass during the day and still come home to a nice piece of ass at night? Explain to me why wanting a well rounded character who is fulfilled in all aspects of her life is ‘anti-women’?

While you’re at it, explain to me why this happens so often to women of colour? Why is it whenever you pair a WOC with the leading man, her ‘strength and independence’ are all of a sudden in jeopardy? But the same people so worried about the ‘strong woman who don’t need no man’ are gushing about pairings with white women? What happened to all your righteous feminist ramblings all of a sudden???

And this argument that said woman is somehow ‘too good’ for said man is equally insulting. You really need to stop putting WOC on these pedestals like they have just evolved beyond all human flaws and vulnerabilities. “She’s just so strong and capable, she doesn’t need to be with anybody.” No one should need to be with anybody, but that doesn’t mean she can’t want love and companionship. And again, where is all this ‘feminist’ bravado when it comes to the white women???

No one wants to see women reduced to extremes where they’re either a strong, flawless badass who is an island of emotion or a codependent damsel in distress who revolves around a man. Neither one of these scenarios is a feminist ideal and neither one of them is particularly healthy or realistic. There is a happy medium, whether you ship her with someone or not.

If you’re a <insert character here> fan and you don’t ship <insert ship here>, cool. No one’s making you ship anything you don’t want to. But understand that we are also fans of the character and shipping does not lessen that in any way. We can want compelling stories for our favourite character while supporting a ship at the same time. These things are not mutually exclusive. If you’re not a <insert character here> fan and just don’t like <insert ship here> getting in the way of your ship, too damn bad? We actually like said character and we want them to be happy so come off it and leave us alone.

Just stop trying to guilt trip shippers for celebrating all sides of a character’s story, especially strong independent woman of colour. Stop telling people who ship ‘strong capable women’ with a leading man that they are ‘anti-feminists’. Stop telling people who enjoy shipping that they aren’t ‘true fans’. Stop implying ‘strong and independent’ women can’t have it all. We can and we do and we can want the same for our favourite fictional females.

Got it? Good.

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Wait other wlw experience the "all my favourite fictional characters are females" thing too? Oh wow I thought I was the only one! I always rooted for the women on any quiz shows I watched too, thinking at the time that it was a girl power thing. Anyone else do that?