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“So rule number one, never, ever give me the "a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do” speech before you strap on your six-guns and leave me back at the ranch with Ida the prune-faced android. Two, you don’t crack my boyfriend’s skull. And three, you don’t date my roommate. Got it?“
-Wendy Watson  | The Middleman

I have a confession to make.

Dragon Age Origins was my very first RPG experience, I had absolutely no idea what roleplaying was, how it worked and how my choices affected my companion’s decisions and so on. I rushed through Origins and Awakening because I was eager to start Dragon Age 2 (which was newly released at the time). Still inexperienced with the genre, I made most of my choices at random in the couple first playthroughs resulting in Isabela fleeing with the tome of Koslun in act II. I really hated her for that. But by the third playthrough I was starting to understand how the game worked so I was more careful in my choices, I was surprised when she returned with the tome. And throughout act3 I got to know her better, listening to her banter, her reaction to various events and her personal quests, and later on learning more about her background from “Those Who Speak” I grew to love her character. Now she’s at the top of my list of favourite fictional female characters, right next to Miranda Lawson (ME2) and Lagertha (Vikings).

It’s a long story but I’m glad I learned instead of continuing to hate on her. 

p.s.: jewelry and outfit are not accurate, this was drawn without a reference.

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