favourite female on the show tbh

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Ok so I'm kinda new to anime, please don't judge me :( I just watched free! And urie on ice fucking loved them ! Is it possible that you can list the top lgbt characters and couples ? And to anyone who has anymore comment below 👌🏻🙏🏻Thank you

Hi there! Ok so first of all I was in no way going to judge you because I’m fairly new to anime myself. Because of this I’m afraid I don’t have that many answers for you, but I’ll list all the ones I can think of from stuff I’ve watched and then hopefully, as you say, more people can add to it!

Let’s start with sports anime, like the ones you mentioned. *flicks through memo pads* oh would you look at that. nothing. this is partly why everyone loved YOI, you see. It was pretty revolutionary. But otherwise, no such luck there.

Anyway. Onto the gays.

Let’s start with our favourite tall and freckly soldier lesbian and her very small and very blonde soldier girlfriend, it’s… Ymir and Historia from Attack on Titan!

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even though these two aren’t the main characters and their relationship isn’t a big plot-point of the anime, they are definitely a couple. TBH you should probably watch the show anyway bc it’s pretty darn good. Also from Attack on Titan we have Reiner Braun (gay) and Hanji Zoe (female in the anime but genderqueer in the manga seems to be the general consensus for her)

Next up we have some boys from the pretty cool dystopian anime I’m binge-watching at the moment, it’s… Shion and Nezumi from No. 6!

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as I said, I actually haven’t finished this anime yet (I believe there is also a manga and a light novel) so I don’t know for sure how it ends. However, FandomWiki told me that they have romantic feelings for each other therefore it must be true. ((plus the gif i found i mean c’mon))

Now it’s time for everyone’s favourite bisexual drag queen father, it’s Ryouji “Ranka” Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club!

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Lets be real, he was everybody’s favourite character.

Okay, the next one may cause an argument. It is unclear what the gender and orientation of this character is, but lots of people think that they are a trans woman, and lots of people think that they are a gay man, and in the end most people realise that it doesn’t matter. At all. Anyway, the next character on our list is the beautiful, the fandom-argument-inducing, the best character in Kuroshitsuji, it’s…Grell Sutcliff!

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I love you Grell. Just wanted you to know. ((Honestly it’s worth watching this show just for them but it’s pretty amazing anyway))

That’s about it from me, but seeing this is partly a Hetalia blog I should probably put in something to make you watch it. What can I say? It’s pretty gay. However, only 1 (one) character has actually been confirmed as canonically gay by the creator.  Lock up your furniture, it’s… Sweden!

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Yes ladies and gentlemen, the landmass of Sweden is gay and canonically has romantic feelings for his best friend Finland ((Sweden is the tall one and and Finland is the slightly scared one))

Yup. As far as the other characters in Hetalia go, it’s anybody’s guess. and people do guess. oh boi, do they guess.

Anyway I hope this was what you were looking for! and please add more below, everyone, for my sake as much as anon’s. please.

see ya!

I (sorta?) ship Jonsa and am ambivalent enough towards Jonerys that I’m okay with it happening in asoiaf!verse canon. I’m happy to reblog pretty edits and gifs etc of both ships, and watch fanvids till the cows come home. I’m not overly invested in one happening over the other.

but in the show? Unless the narrative does a complete 180? Fuck them both.

As it is if either Daenerys or Sansa wind up with Jon, their characters, development, achievements, and general existence will end up taking a backseat to the Heroic Glory that is D&D’s “Jon Snow/Stark/Targaryen, King in the North For Some Dubious Reason, Somehow Legitimate Son of Rhaegar Targaryen (because fuck Elia, Aegon and Rhaenys), Sudden and Convenient Heir to the Targaryen Dynasty.”

Uh huh. Fuck that noise. Sansa and Dany are two of my favourite characters and they deserve so much better than what the show does to them.

But then every single female character deserves better tbh.

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i was tagged by the exceptional @elektranahtcios​. thank you so much 💙💙💙

  • star sign: capricorn, though technically a sagittarius
  • gender: female!
  • MBTI type: i/entp
  • height: 5'4
  • time: 2:37pm
  • birthday: december 27th
  • favourite bands: whoever sounds good tbh i don’t pretty much car
  • favourite solo artists: james vincent mcmorrow, blackbear, and halsey at the moment
  • song stuck in my head: electric ladand y ft solange by janelle monae
  • last movie I watched: the legend of tarzan (2016)
  • last show I watched: snowfall (on FX)
  • other blogs: a suggestion blog, a blog for inspiration for a fic, another blog for inspiration for a possible future fic or novel
  • when I created my blog: july 2014. wow that’s a long time ago!
  • what I post about: aesthetic posts, multi fandom, sometimes writing and headcanons but i’m beginning to consider just stopping
  • last thing I googled: my new address at this apartment i’ve moved to
  • following: 380. i need to go on another unfollow spree
  • followers: 3866. i lost some and i don’t know why
  • favourite color: vibrant blood red, marble white
  • average hours of sleep: 9 to 11
  • lucky number: i don’t have one
  • instruments: used to play flute and violin. always wanted to learn guitar
  • what I’m wearing: a lounge-around green and blue shirt, batman yoga pants
  • how many blankets i sleep with: 1. sometimes 2
  • dream jobs: a screenwriter and/or great author 
  • dream trip: atlantis! but really anywhere, really
  • favourite food: a top favorite is lamb tikka masala with garlic naan
  • nationality: american

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1) Nicknames: i dont really have one lol
2) Gender: female
3) Star sign: taurus
4) Height: 5′2″
5) Time: 1:43pm
6) Birthday: may 1st
7) Favourite bands: if we’re talking k-based that’d be like bts/exo/bigbang
8) Favourite solo artists: d e a n
9) Song stuck in my head: taeyang - wake me up
10) Last movie watched: table 19
11) Last show watched: i finished bride of the water god (unfortunately)
12) When did I create my blog: july 2016
13) What do I post: mainly kdramas but some kpop here and there
14) Last thing I googled: don’t remember tbh
15) Do you have other blogs: @missamysantiago is my main
16) Do you get asks: i wish :(
17) Why did you choose your url: its a memorable line from the Iconique kdrama wfkbj
18) Following: since its based off who i follow on my main blog as well, 463 lol
19) Followers: im not a leader so how would i have followers bitch!!!! 383 rip
20) Favourite colours: blue and purple
21) Average hours of sleep: since its summer rn, lets just say way too many
22) Lucky number: one?? idk
23) Instruments: the tambourine and my eating utensils when im impatiently waiting for food
24) What am I wearing: lol so brown but a cotton shirt shalwar rn
25) How many blankets I sleep with: just one
26) Dream job: no clue my dude
27) Dream trip: canada to visit my friend but also venice seems hecka cool
28) Favourite food: depends on my mood but im always down for noodles
29) Nationality: american indian
30) Favourite song now: i refuse to answer this impossible question, good day madam

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1. Nicknames?

Emmi/Em or Elmo lol

2. Gender?


3. Star sign?


4. Height?


5. Time?

10:45 am

6. Birthday?

November, 30th

7. Favourite Bands?

There are so many but for once Thirty Seconds to Mars and alt-J

8. Favourite solo artists?

Allan Rayman and Dennis Lloyd. Tbh more artist don’t come to my mind rn :/

9. Song stuck in my head?

After i read this in my head by Jason derulo but yeah none at the time

10. Last movie you watched?

The Giver *-* great movie, but the end is like ,,,what? This is it? its frustrating tho

11. Last show you watched?

I guess it was smth in tv like big bang theory or greys anatomy

12. When did you create your blog?

June 2016 i guess

13. What do you post?

Supernatural and its cast ❤ and spn edits and arts sometimes too :)

14. Last thing I googled?

It was the village ‘Montepulciano’ because tonight !!!! my class and me will drive to the Toscana and i have to guide them through Montepulciano 👀

15. Do you have any other blogs?

Yes, @monstersinsideyourhead (:

16. Do you get asks?

Lol why would I :/ sadly, no.

17. Why did you choose your URL?

Well, I had help with it, @elizacorp helped me finding the right one <3 and its perfect! I love cas and I’m wayward af lol

18. Following?

250 awesome Blogs



20. Favourite colours?

Mh like soft rosa and green

21. Average of sleep?

7-9 hours

22. Lucky number?

I don’t have any :o

23. Instruments?


24. What am I wearing?

Grey pants and a black pullover

25. How many blankets do you sleep with?

At the time, 3

26. Dream Job?

I honestly don’t know. But maybe something with dancing or like something with a psychology studies

27. Dream trip?

To Australia.

28. Favourite food?


29. Nationality?


30. Favourite Song right now?

Something good by alt-J

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-nicknames: don’t have one tbh ^^”

-star sign: aries

-gender: female

-MBTI type: infp

-height: 178 cm 

-time: 08:27 pm

-birthday: 7th april

-favourite bands/groups: BTS, Mamamoo, LOONA, NCT, Red Velvet

-favourite solo artists: Melanie Marintez and Marina and the Diamonds

-song stuck in my head: TT  by Twice (why is this so catchy??)

-last movie I watched: I don’t remember, probably something on tv

-last show I watched: Koi to Uso ♡

-other blogs: don’t have any, I used to have two sideblogs, but I deleted them

-when I created my blog: May 2015 I think??

-what I post about: multifandom anime, kpop, aesthetic pastel stuff ❤

-last thing I googled: shigatsu wa kimi no uso i think?? (I finished it btw and omg why haven’t watched it earlier, it was beautiful *cries*)

-following: around 400 blogs (I should probably check if there are any unactive ones)

-followers: more than I deserve (*ノ▽ノ)

-favourite colour: pastel pink, blue, purple, red and black

-average hours of sleep: during school about 5 hours ;u; now I sleep like 8-10 hours and it feels so good~

-lucky number: 7

-instruments: i wish i could play any ;u;

-what I’m wearing: comfy clothes ^^

-how many blankets i sleep with: one

-dream jobs: i have no idea tbh, definetly something where I can use my strengths and earn a lot money (//▽//)

-dream trip: japan!

-favourite food: there’s alot lmao

-nationality: polish

Answer 30 questions about yourself and then tag people you want to get to know better.

i got tagged and now i have to say things

1. Nicknames?
no official ones 

2. Gender

3. Star sign?

4. Height?

5. Time?
is an illusion

6. Birthday?
i do have one, yes

7. Favourite bands?
idk man a lot? i’ll listen to almost anything but dramatic rock/emo bands from the mid 00s hold a special place in my heart amen

8. Favorite solo artists?
no clue tbh

9. Song stuck in my head?
power rangers theme song

10. Last movie you watched?
i tried to watch it, that was a mistake

11. Last show you watched?

12. When did you create your blog?
last year

13.what do I post?
my boy dean and his boy cas

14. Last thing I googled?
do sheep squat when they pee 

15. Do you have any other blogs?                                                                    

16. Do you get asks?                                                                                            
i get asks and then forget to answer them

17. Why did you choose your URL?
dean. love him. he’s a star

18. Following?
like a 100 people maybe too lazy to check

also too lazy to check but i think around 6k

20. Favorite colors?
i like pastel colors and fall colors and colors in general colors are good

21. Average hours of sleep?
5 but sometimes i get 3 and sometimes 8 (hoo boy look at this healthy mfer)

22. Lucky number?

23. Instruments?
i can play like two and a half songs on the guitar

24. What am I wearing?
yoga pants and a flannel shirt (truly a fashion icon)

25. How many blankets do you sleep with?

26. Dream job?

27. Dream trip?
i wanna go to ireland. oooh or scotland

28. Favourite food?
fruit any fruit

29. Nationality?
american but i’m on the run

30. Favorite song right now?
idk?? lmao. nothing atm

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1. Nicknames? preets 

2. Gender? female

3. Star sign? cancer

4. Height? 5ft1/157cm 

5. Time? 10.02pm

6. Birthday? june 23

7. Favourite bands? dnce, maroon 5

8. Favourite solo artist? taylor swift

9. Song stuck in my head? good times-chic

10. Last movie you watched? probably storks bc andy samberg

11. Last show you watched? b99 (tbh it’s always b99 HAHA)

12. When did I create my blog? 2011

13. What do I post? b99, taylor, and memes

14. Last thing I googled? “how to keep the footer and page number in word” bc i was doing an assignment and im slightly technologically challenged. anyways…i never got an answer to that question smh

15. Do you have other blogs? nope

16. Do you get asks? very rarely 

17. Why did you choose your url? iconic b99/peraltiago quote 

18. Following? 693

19. Followers? 1407

20. Favourite colours? black

21. Average hours of sleep? 6-9

22. Lucky number? ?? no idea m8

23. Instruments? i used to play piano, guitar and ukulele but just like everything else in life, motivation gets lost along the way

24. What am I wearing? an old school tshirt and pajama pants

25. How many blankets I sleep with? 1 huge ass blanket

26. Dream job? teacher

27. Dream trip? finland/switzerland/france/uk

28. Favourite food? steamboat 

29. Nationality? singaporean

30. Favourite song now? lwymmd & ready for it by taylor swift

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30 questions challenge

I’ve been tagged by @iride9scent, thank you and sorry its taken me so long! Here we go.
1. Nicknames: um i don’t really have one.cat ghost from outer space maybe lol?

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Aquarius

4. Height: 5′5″

5. Time: it’s 10:00 a.m

6. Birthday: 2nd of February

7. Favourite bands: My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the disco, Watsky, dance Gavin dance, H.I.M, Get Scared, Coheed and cambria. special shout out to Polyphia as well because they are getting up there in my fav list

8. Favourite solo artists: Brendon Urie? i’m pretty sure that counts lol

9. Song stuck in my head: summertime gladness by dance Gavin dance

10. Last movie I watched: i don’t even remember tbh

11. Last show I watched: the cosmos

12. When did I create my blog: 2011 but i wasn’t active on it until 2012

13. What do I post: just a whole heck of a lot of bullshit haha. skate stuff, space, bands and the likes

14. Last thing I googled: new tarot spreads

15. Do you have other blogs?: @enigmaticsoul11

16. Do you get asks?: hahahahahahahah not really. and the last two i got were anon hate :/

17. Why did you choose your URL?: because i’m just a ghost

18. 19. Following/Followers?: followers 570 following 1177

20. Favourite colours: purple, grey, orange, black

21. Average hours of sleep:5-6

22. Lucky number: any combination of 1′s 4′s and 7′s

23. Instruments: my voice?

24. What am I wearing: pajama pants and a my Chem t shirt

25. How many blankets do I sleep with: one

26. Dream Job: astrophysicist 

27. Dream Trip: somewhere deep in the northern forest where nobody can find me lol

28. Favourite food: that depends on my mood. right now i don’t think i really have one

29. Nationality: Polish/ Scottish

30. Favourite song right now: bitter sweet by polyphia and young robot by dance gavin dance

again sorry its taken so long to do this 

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  1. Nickname: i don’t have one everyone just calls me Andrea.
  2. Gender: female
  3. Star Sign: taurus
  4. Height: 163 cm
  5. Time: 1:43 PM
  6. Birthday: 25th April
  7. Favourite Bands: bts, seventeen,gfriend, exo
  8. Favourite Solo Artist: Hyuna
  9. Song Stuck In My Head: Energetic by Wanna one
  10. Last movie watched: Alien covenant (i didn’t like it tbh)
  11. Last show watched: boku no hero academia
  12. When did I create my blog: one month ago
  13. What do I post: kpop, korean fashion, aesthetics and some anime.
  14. Last thing I googled: “victon”
  15. Do you have other blogs: no
  16. Do you get asks: not a lot :(
  17. Why did you choose your url: because i love Ushijima Wakatoshi but the url Wakatoshi was already taken lol
  18. Following: 20
  19. Followers: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  20. Favourite colors: i love baby blue, baby pink and any other pastel colors.
  21. Average hours of sleep: i usually sleep 10 hours
  22. Lucky number: 25
  23. Instruments: guitar
  24. What am I wearing: a white pj t-shirt and orange pj shorts.
  25. How many blankets I sleep with: in summer none but in winter minimum 3.
  26. Dream Job: i don’t have any dream job but something that let me travel around the world
  27. Dream trip: mexico, singapour, japan, hong kong, anywhere lol
  28. Favourite food: duck with plumps and kfc chicken
  29. Nationality: Spanish
  30. Favourite song now: Love Paint by nu’est

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  1. nickname : sienie, sientje, minnie, kleineke ( aka ‘little one’ in dutch lol ) ( mainly my close friends and parents… )
  2. gender : female
  3. star sign : pisces
  4. height : 5′8″
  5. time : 8:59 pm
  6. birthday : march 16th
  7. favourite bands : i cannot pick just one RIP I LOVE BANDS… the script, coldplay, imagine dragons, little mix, twenty one pilots, panic! at the disco, the fray, maroon 5, 5sos, fall out boy…
  8. favourite solo artists : harry styles, ed sheeran, halsey…
  9. song stuck in my head : the megamix from the musical ‘on your feet’ tbh
  10. last movie watched : erm… failure to launch
  11. last show watched : younger ( and i’m loving it !! )
  12. when did i create my blog : i don’t… remember… ?? somewhere in the beginning of 2016 i think ??
  13. what do i post : character musings, inspirations and roleplay help stuff
  14. last thing i googled : dinah jane icons ( for my affiliates page lol )
  15. do you have any other blogs : i have an indie @lvnata, my rph @sienofrph & then some roleplay accounts but… that’s not really useful lol.
  16. do you get asks : yes…
  17. why did you choose your url : i wanted something that said muse/musing and inspiration… and then… i came up with musepirations… because i mainly wanted to be a musing blog. and later i decided to add rph as well.
  18. following : 973
  19. followers : 5.842
  20. favourite colours : i have always loved navi blue… ‘cause you can combine it w so many other colours… but i’m a sucker for pastel colours as well… idk it changes a lot.
  21. average hours of sleep : around 6-7 hours, i think
  22. lucky number : i was once told it’s 7… but idk how i calculated that lol.
  23. instruments : i wish i could play the piano or the drums or guitar or something… i also wish i could sing but… none of it rip.
  24. what am i wearing : my pj and a sweater
  25. how many blankets do i sleep with : two
  26. dream job : i’d love to work in a company revolving around an amusement park or like, rollercoaster building companies ?? but who knows where i’ll end up lol.
  27. dream trip : AMERICA !!
  28. favourite food : italian, and greek i think…
  29. nationality : belgian
  30. favourite song now : idk… i love A LOT of songs at the moment…

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Answer these 30 questions about yourself, and then tag 10 other blogs you’d like to get to know! (i didn’t nesscery get tagged, i saw it on  @dervlathedog blog and i wanted to do it soooooooooo LETS GO!!!!!!)

1) Nicknames | Skyzie
2) Gender | Female
3) Star Sign | Pisces ♓
4) Height | 5′3 - 5'4
5) Time | 8:04pm
6) Birthday | 28th February
7) Favourite Band | not a big fan of bands tbh
8) Favourite Solo Artist | it changes all the time but Zara Larsson atm
9) Song Stuck in my Head | Heads, Shouders, Knees and Toes (its frickin everywhere atm)
10) Last Movie I Watched | Dispicable me 3 (really wanna watch IT coz the old one is lit🔥)
11) Last Show I watched | Master Chef (pretend its casualty)
12) When did I create my blog | Mid 2015 but i didn’t use it properly till early 2016 👿
13) What do I post | Here - Casualty and some Holby City. Other one - Memes and anything not casualty related 😂
14) Last thing I googled | Lemmings… fml 😂😂
15) Do you have any other Blogs | yes @skyzieeexx
16) Do you get asks | never, ever, ever (in tune of Taylor Swift’s song
17) Why did you choose your URL | Here - l like ethan hardy and i feel sorry for him, Other - my nickname (and it’s the name of most of my other social media’s)
18) Following | 30 something
19) Followers | about 34 (45 if you add my two blogs together) (problems with none of my friends being on tumblr 😢😢)
20) Favourite Colours | blue and white (NOT together)
21) Average hours of sleep | 8 hours atm (6 if i have college) 😴
22) Lucky Number | don’t have one
23) Instruments I played | used to play guitar🎸
24) What I am wearing | Pjs
25) How many blankets I sleep with | uno
26) Dream Job | somewhere in the media-ish area
27) Dream Trip | Anywhere coz I never go anywhere 😭
28) Favourite Food | Crisps
29) Nationality | All Britain 🇬🇧
30) Favourite Song | my heart will go on coz Titanic is lit 🚢

i tag casualty and/or holby city fans…… GO!!!!

30 questions tag
i was tagged by @ajys, thank you ily 💕

1. Nicknames: i don’t have any :(
2. Gender: female
3. Star sign: cancer
4. Height: 5'11 so i think 180cm?
5. Time: right now it’s 11:36 pm right now
6. Birthday: june 24th
7. Favourite Bands: i’m just gonna assume people would only care kpop wise so gugudan and bts !!
8. Favourite solo artists: going with kpop again, lee hi and ailee
9. Song stuck in your head: happiness by red velvet
10. Last movie you watched: moana
11. Last show you watched: probably spongebob tbh
12. When did you create this blog: this year on august 6th
13. When do you post: i don’t really have a set schedule for posting
14. Last thing I googled: how big is the worlds biggest cow,,, the answer is 6'2
15. Do you have any other blogs: yes, my kpop blog is @soyeesgf
16. Do you get any asks: not really ajsbsjs
17. Why did you choose your url: soyee is my bias in gugudan, sojin is her real name but that was taken so i just changed the i to 1
18. Following: 30, i have to follow more people
19. Followers: 354
20. Favourite Colours: light pink, white, and pastel yellow
21. Average hours of sleep: 6? i try to get at least 9 though or else i have to take a nap at some point
22. Lucky number: i don’t really have one but 6 sounds good
23. Instruments: i know how to play the oboe
24. What am I wearing: hello kitty pajamas
25. How many blankets I sleep with: just 1, i have two though, so my cat always chooses the one we sleep with that night
26. Dream job: honestly i don’t know, being a chef sounds cool, acting would be cool too i think
27. Dream trip: i really would like to visit greece because i studied so much about it in school and japan so i can see my family there
28. Favourite food: garlic bread !! i also really love strawberries
29. Nationality: american
30. Favourite song right now: summer night by herz analog

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30 questions tag!

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Nickname: Kate, KT , Nikia calls me witch a lot i guess lmao
Gender: Female
Star sign: SCORPIO
Height: fuck idk i think im 170cm dead 
Time:  7:42 pm 
Birthday: 10th November 
Favourite solo artist/s: G Dragon, Hyuna, Jessi , Dua Lipa, SURAN , zico , Jonghyun’s solo stuff
Song stuck in my head: My walk by Jessi 
Last movie watched: some shitty western movie my dad was watching at like 1am 
When did i create my blog: I’ve had this blog since July 2013 YIKES 
What do i post: Mostly BTS n Min Yoongi, but tbh i post loads of other kpop as well like exo n hyuna. Also cats n sunsets :’( 
Last thing i googled: ‘Kpoptown preorder HER ‘ lmaoooooo
Do you have other blogs: MY SIDEBLOG @4hyungs lmao its like a 10x more chill blog than this n its dedicated to the hyung line
Do you get asks: Sometimes, but not very often 
Why did you choose your url: minsugageniusjjangjjangmanboongboong was taken LMAO
Following: 473 dskfjnjkfs

Favourite colours: it changes all the time but atm its definitely pastel colours like PINK N PASTEL ORANGE

Average hours of sleep: 6-9 hours lol take ur pick
Lucky number: the first number that came to my mind was 7 
Instruments: sdfjknfkdjfn i have a certificate that means im supposed to be able to play the piano but…
What am i wearing: an oversized hoody n pajama bottoms
How many blankets i sleep with: a big duvet 
Dream job: Horse Trainer or a Psychologist lmao either or 
Dream trip: I want to travel the continent more ive barely seen any of europe gdi
Favourite food: Cheesy Chips omg
Nationality: British
Favourite song now: Babe- Hyuna and Water- Dumbfoundead 

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@kangyungbrian ~  thanks for the tag!

Rules: using only song titles of one artist/band cleverly answer the questions and then tag ten people

Artist/Band: GFriend

What is your gender: One (lol I dunno.. this one was hard to look for ^^”.. female)

How do you feel?: Falling Asleep Again (more like all the time)

If you could go anywhere…: Neverland (I just wanna be a kid again with minimum responsibilities pls, thanks)

Mode of transportation: Mermaid

Your best friend: My Buddy

Favourite time of day: Summer Rain (not really a usual time of day.. but there’s just something refreshing about summer rains)

If your life was a tv show: Click (the sound of your remote changing channels, cuz my life’s pretty boring tbh)

Relationship status: LOL (it’s been non-existent since the day I was born)

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(I don’t have a lot of mutuals who listen to kpop, so I had to scroll through my activity feed to see who’s been liking/reblogging kpop posts, and you guys came up ^^”.. so yeah this is the first time I’m talking to most of you.. so umm yeah, hi! Also if you’ve been tagged already, sorry, cuz again I don’t have that many mutuals :D)

seijou  asked:



  • favourite female character: Uraraka
  • favourite male character: Aizawa & Deku (i can’t choose i love them both)
  • least favourite female character: toga prob she’s the first one who comes to mind tbh 
  • least favourite male character: overhaul & mineta
  • favourite ship: bakugou/deku
  • least favourite ship: mineta & life 
  • film/tv show rating: 10/10

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