favourite face in the world

My favourite thing in the world is clueless people’s faces when they order an espresso macciatto because it’s one of the cheapest things on the menu and they realize it’s only like 4 ounces in size at most and they look so crushed and defeated but also they accept that this is what they deserve.


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

i'm glad i married you (m)

part one: marry me.

pairing: taehyung x reader 
word count: 5.8k 
genre: fluff & smut 

prompt: I know you not taking requests but can u pleassseeee write a continuation for the Tae fluff you’ve posted?? 💕😫 only if you want to and got time, if not just ignore please maybe one where they got married and are on honeymoon and you can add smut since you don’t have any Taehyung smut 😉😉 thank you fighting 🎀 

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Hey can you please write a hc about Isak hiding his face by hugging Even cause he's embarrassed ? Thx !!

okay SO

isak has a hard time letting go when he’s dancing, he remains pretty stiff, mostly just bobs his head to the music. it’s just. it’s not fun, it’s something he’d force himself to do at parties, dancing with girls and trying to play and look cool. and the thing is that he doesn’t really dance at parties since he’s with even, because even would never force him to, and it’s been a while since he’s cared about what people think of him, about looking cool 

but the thing is that even wants to dance with isak. even loves to dance, he’ll often put on a song while they’re in their room or in the kitchen and just start dancing and singing along. and one day isak is sitting on the couch under even’s loft bed, his notes on his lap, and even puts on fy faen by hkeem and he starts dancing, smiling wide at isak. and isak keeps looking down at his notes, pretends not to smile, but then even comes and grabs his hand and tells him “baby come on” and isak frees his hand from even’s hold, tells him “i’m studying” and even shakes his head but keeps moving to the rhythm of the song, tells him “you’ve been studying all afternoon”. and he grabs isak’s hand and pulls harder, lifting him up, isak’s notes falling to the ground, isak ending up pretty much pressed against even 

and even puts his arms around isak’s neck, whispers “hey you,” and isak can’t help but smile a little at that. but he’s still not really moving, not letting himself go, and then the song is ending and he shrugs, says “oh well, that’s too bad!” and he leans in to kiss even, expecting him to stop dancing, but the song just starts again. and even breathes out a laughter, says “i put it on repeat” and isak whines, tells even “i’m so bad at this”. and even shakes his head, whispers “you’re so good at this, you just need to let go. no one’s watching us, just move with me” and as he says that, his hands go down to his hips, and he starts making isak move the same way he is, and isak finally. starts moving by himself and even’s hands are simply placed on his hips, not guiding him anymore, just as a way to feel closer to him. it’s nice, moving together and kissing each other and smiling into the kisses. it’s  fun and sexy and warm and even thinks to himself that he could do this all day long, that dancing alone is nice, but it’s nothing compared to dancing with isak 

that is until even’s mom opens the door of his room, letting him know that diner was ready. and isak freezes, eyes wide, and mouths “oh my god”. and even chuckles, says “oops”. isak remains motionless, speechless for a few seconds until he lets out a little wail, buries his face against his shoulder, and he starts mumbling all sorts of things, from “i can’t believe your mom saw us dancing like that” to “this was the worst idea ever” to “i’m never dancing ever again. nope, nope, never again in my entire life”. and even simply wraps his arms around him, trying not to laugh, telling him “you’re totally dancing with me again, baby, tomorrow you’ll be dancing with me” 

they’re at a party the next day. and fy faen starts playing again, and even looks at isak wtih a grin, and isak just mouths “no”, but then even is asking sana, whom isak was hanging out with, “do you mind if i borrow him for a bit?” and sana raises an eyebrow, but her and even share a knowing smile. and isak lets out a sigh, and he actually takes even’s hand. and even kisses him softly before they start dancing, like they were yesterday, same movements, same song, and feeling like they alone in this room. and isak looks into even’s eyes and even thinks that what he loves the most about this moment is not the fact that he gets to be so close to isak and dance with him, but rather the fact that isak really seems to enjoy himself. because that spark in isak’s eyes is one of his favourite sights in the world. and when isak buries his face in his neck, he doesn’t do it because he’s embarrassed this time. he simply breathes even in, smiles against his skin 

chase the dark clouds away

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The first thing Tooru sees when he wakes up his that all-too familiar pair of brown eyes.

He blinks slowly, his vision hazy. He reaches out to the side for his glasses, but they’re not where he usually leaves them on his nightstand.

In fact… his nightstand isn’t where it usually is. What’s going on-

“Hey, Tooru. Here.”

Hajime’s voice interrupts his train of thought, and he looks back up at his face. Tooru doesn’t need his glasses to see his favourite smile in the world. It lights up Hajime’s face, and Tooru nods and accepts them. He presses them up on his face, blinking a few times to get acclimatized.

He looks around at the white walls, white curtains, white bed sheets-

Oh, right.

He’s in the hospital.

He gazes down at his leg, which is wrapped up tightly, elevated up off the bed. It doesn’t hurt, but the dull ache in his arm from the IV is probably to thank for that.

But… it’s okay.

Tooru looks up to see Hajime grinning down at him, standing just beside his bed. His best friend reaches for his hand, and their fingers press together with familiarity.

His hands are warm.

What’s he have to be scared of, when Hajime is right here with him?

“Hey…” Tooru starts, but his throat feels dry and scratchy. He swallows once, and tries again. “Hajime… hi.”

Hajime squeezes his hand. “Hey, sleepyhead. My mom told me you’ve been sleeping since your surgery.” Hajime brushes a hand through Tooru’s hair, which he’s sure is a mess, but the soft touch is welcome. Tooru doesn’t usually let him touch him like this - it’s too embarrassing, too close , too soft - but he’s tired and compliant right now so he doesn’t fight it. Tooru closes his eyes and leans into it, so Hajime repeats the motion, soft and careful. “Have you seen the doctor yet? I should probably go get them-”

“No!” Tooru interrupts, tightening the grip on Hajime’s hand, opening his eyes again. “Don’t leave.” Hajime stares down at him, so Tooru continues. “Just… not yet, okay?”

“Okay.” Hajime offers him a smile. “How are you feeling?”

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So about TOS...

So you may not know this but I am a huge follower of World of Warcraft and after waking up this morning and finding out just what Illidan has done all I could think of was

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and also wonder if the adventurers (after just defeating Kil’Jaeden no less,) feel like

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beat: sirius black

Despite your boyfriends compliments that came on a daily basis, you didn’t feel enough. Didn’t feel enough because every time you got up in the morning, you would dread looking at yourself in the mirror. It felt like every eye was on you, staring silently and picking at your flaws like they were berries off of a bush. Of course it wasn’t the case, everyone was busy, and they hadn’t the time to pick on one another. It just took you a long time to realise that.

You were scratching at your skin in the white tiled bathroom, wishing that they would go away. You were angry, everyone else had seemed to have their acne under control, but it wasn’t the case for you.

“What are you doing?” Sirius asked, resting his body on the wooden door frame with his arms crossed. You jumped and quickly pulled away from the antique mirror, hoping he didn’t see what you were doing. He had, and he was upset.

He pushed himself off of the door frame and walked towards you, your face was bright red, hating that your insecurities were getting the better of you.

“You know you are absolutely beautiful?” He gushes, grey eyes boring into yours. You shook your head, tears loosely cascading down your face.

“You are Y/N! Please don’t cry, I don’t want to see you like this, you are beautiful, you are beautiful,” Sirius repeats, wishing you would see yourself the way he saw you.

He was holding your shoulders and his eyes are warm, studying your face carefully. The tears were still flowing freely, but he knew just the thing that would make you feel better.

“Okay,” he says, pacing around the ruby coloured room. He was looking for something.

“Okay what?” You hiccuped, smiling slightly at his lanky figure darting around the room, pulling up pillows and throwing the lids of boxes in every direction.

“Found it!” Sirius exclaimed and was quick to hide it behind his back. A mysterious glint was in his eyes and he beckoned you over with his hand. You obliged, wearily, and silently walked over to him. He showed his hands and it was a record, the record that you gave Peter for Christmas last year.

There was no initial reaction, why is he showing me this? 

He laughed at your face expression, charming the record to float towards the record player. It began playing your favourite song in the world. A smile undeniably broke over your face, the soft sound of the piano echoing across the dormitory.

“Dance with me,” he whispered in your ear, grasping your hands.

“No Sirius I cannot dance for the life of me.” You sigh, swaying your joint hands slightly.

“Oh but you have to dance with me! It’s your favourite song,” he replied dramatically, spinning himself in a circle, laughing like there was not a care in the world. Before you could reply, Sirius reached for your hands again and pulled you close to his chest, the smell of his cologne lingering in the close proximity.

“Fine,” you whine, the only reason to you agreeing was because this was your boyfriend, and that he smelt incredible. 

“That’s the spirit,” he jokes, a hint of sarcasm in his tone. Your feet moved in sync to the slow beat of the song.

Sirius pulled away and twirled you, a giggle of delight falling from your lips. He twirled you again and it felt like a dream. And you felt a little dizzy, too. The song had slowly faded away from your ears and all you could think about was Sirius, Sirius, Sirius.

“The song’s finished babe,” he mumbles, the reverie you were in bursting like a bubble.

“I know but I like dancing with you,” you confess, a smirk was plastered on his lips.

“But I thought you didn’t want to a few minutes ago?” He questions, his playful attitude coming back.

“It’s because you’re absolutely enchanting, Sirius.” Your sarcasm dripping from your lips. He lets out a bark of a laugh and sits on his bed, his back rested on the headboard.

“C'mon love, get in,” he says, hands gesturing towards the spare spot on his bed, you immediately slide into the vacant spot and rest your head on his stomach. His fingertips were softly twirling your hair, something you wish he did more often.

“If you need to talk to me, for the love of Merlin please do, I hate knowing that you feel like this,” he admits, beginning to messily braid your hair, something you had taught him which felt like years ago.

“I know, it’s just sometimes hard y'know? It’s a process, I guess. I’ll get there. Eventually.”

“With me by your side I’m sure you will.” You let of a huff of a laughter, but you knew what he said was genuine. You grasped his t-shirt even tighter than before, and you felt the feather-like kiss that Sirius left on your hairline. You felt at peace and ever so grateful that you had someone like Sirius, always picking up the pieces that you happened to drop of yourself along the way.

All it took was to realise that you were you, and that your physical appearance didn’t measure who you were as a person.

yo fam

this is patrick when gabriel starts talking about harvey and donna:

(a.k.a how to politely look uninterested)

when he mentions darvey:

(want this on a t-shirt cause same fam

when gabriel starts turning that shit around:

when gabriel starts talking about who he ships:

(he’s kinda like “hoe don’t do it” but “omg this is it” at the same time???)

when gabriel says i’m not gonna go there /bc he already knows the answer anyway:

like do u need more proof????????????????????