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quintis wedding countdown:
day two - favourite s2 episode: 2.18 the fast & the nerdiest

I made one last monster bet. I’m gambling that a skinny, moderately good-looking pain-in-the-neck like me can land someone like you. It’s the biggest gamble of my life.

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WHAT!!! ULAZ!!! I just watched ep 3 of s2 and??? he became my favourite character for a split second before he DIED AND ULAZZZZ NOOOOOOOOO HE WAS BARELY IN ONE EPISODE AND HES MY FAV why am i like this

Literally all of my favorite characters right now are either dead or missing. 

I’m not kidding. Ulaz? Dead. Thace? RIP. Sendak? Missing, likely dead. Shiro? Who the fuck even knows

Give me my favs back

Favourite FDTD S2 Ep 10 Moments.

Maia calling Richie lover boy over Kate.

Richie being so desperate to keep Kate alive that he was willing to turn her.

Kate’s eye being in Richie’s hand (at least I think it’s her eye? It’s Green ain’t it?)

Scott finally realizing what a disgusting asshole Carlos is. First the creep shoots his sister then he says “You’re adopted!” as if that makes it okay!

Seth’s face when he found out about Kate’s death literally haunted me! 

Seth & Richie fucking shit up and all in the name of Kate! 

Seth telling Carlos not to say Kate’s name does things to me. 

Scott getting to chop Carlos’s head off was like the best thing ever because whether you’re adopted or not YOU. DON’T. MESS. WITH. FUCKING. FAMILY. CARLOS! 

That lady running back for her purse was asking for it. Like who even runs back for shit at a time like this? “Oh there’s vampires around me? Who cares got to make sure I have got my money in heaven!” 

Santanico riding off and hopefully meeting up with Kate where they can become like a dark version of Thelma & Louise (OMG I need this in my life!)

Freddie being alive because I was not accepting that anti climatic death for him. Plus Billie and Margaret need him! 

Ugh not exactly a favourite moment but why is Sex Machine still there? What’s his point? 

Richie flipping off that big Culebra dude had me giggling like a fool because it is exactly something I would do. 

But best of all Kate Fuller being alive after all! I don’t care if she’s evil now and about to go all Carrie on everyone because I would have traded my life for her to live so now I am going to go and praise the lord!