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Lauren & Lucy - Just Friends?

Lauren Jauregui and Lucy Vives cause constant uproars within the Harmonizer fandom due to speculation that the two are in a more than friends relationship. With the majority of the fandom shipping Camren, it’s easy to see that their favourite duo is being threatened by Laucy, the ship name given to Lauren and Lucy. In this post we take a look at Lauren and Lucy’s relationship from the beginning and how it developed - and we look to see if they are really dating - or not. 

The two have been friends since before Lauren auditioned for the X Factor and became part of one of the biggest girl groups in the world. 

Lucy was a prominent figure in Lauren’s life for a while after she became famous. She even hung out with Camila and the other members of Fifth Harmony. 

For a while afterwards, it seemed that Lucy was off the scenes, for some reason or the other. It seemed that she and Lauren had drifted apart. 

Lucy even tweeted this towards the end of 2014, when her and Lauren hadn’t hung out for quite some while. It didn’t seem as though they weren’t on agreeable terms, just simply the fact that life had gotten in the way of their friendship. Though they did hang out during 2013/2014, it wasn’t as much as now. 

But towards the end of 2015 / beginning of 2016 Lucy was back on the scene. Their friendship seemed back on for good, and stronger than ever. They were first spotted at the airport where they were allegedly mobbed, a story you can read about here. In this video here you can see that Lucy clearly puts her arm around Lauren and drags her away from the chaos that fans were causing in the airport.  This is one of the many spottings of Laucy together. 

Then, texts and pictures of Laucy together at Lucy’s college together emerged and the person in the texts claimed that Lauren was dating Lucy - 

Lucy even commented on the photo which was posted by a fan account on Instagram, in which she seemed extremely angry as her privacy had been breached: 

Furthermore, when Lauren, Dinah and Normani went to get piercings together, they snapchatted the encounter and it appeared that Lauren had a picture of Lucy as her background…. You can watch the video from from 2:43 here. Who puts their “friend” as their phone background?….Now if this was Camren, and Lauren had a picture of Camila as her background… Well we’d never hear the end of it. 

Let’s not forget the birthday posts that Lauren made for Lucy and the “adventure” they had to celebrate. 

And then they went to Coachella together and well…speculation about the two dating was getting more and more hype. 

You can watch the videos of them at Coachella together, here and here which Lauren posted on her Instagram. Just two friends at Coachella together? Probably. 

They were also spotted in London together, leaving the hotel together, Lucy holding Nala. 

This is also where the alleged Camren kiss on the cheek occurred - which you can watch here. So even though Lauren and Lucy are spotted toegther in London, Lucy holding Nala nonetheless, the Camren “kiss” made people dismiss Laucy. 

When the 7/27 Tour begun in South America, Lucy was with Lauren and she was spotted at the airport and together in other places a lot. 

Lucy at the airport in Chile 

(Fan taken photos of Lucy at the airport with the rest of 5H on their way to a country in South America for the tour)

Then a video emerged of Lucy at the same airport at the same time saying that 1000 hands is her favourite song on the album. You can watch here. Now, this strikes me as odd simply because Camren shippers often say that 1000 hands is Camila and Lauren’s song…but what does it mean that Lucy said it’s her favourite? I’ll let you think about that. 

This photo of them - on closer inspection it looks as though their fingers are intertwined..

The alleged Laucy kiss…

Lauren’s post about her birthday 

Spotted at a Fifth Harmony concert on June 26th - 

Lauren smirking/smiling at Lucy during Big Bad Wolf (1)

Watch here and read this.

And then again, more recently, Lucy was in the crowd again, and a bra was thrown at Lauren from the direction of Lucy. (2)

Lucy at the concert, laughing/blushing whilst Lauren performs.

Wearing the same shirt: 

Lauren saying she would go to Loyola University in New Orleans, the same one that Lucy attends.

Then on National Girlfriend day Lauren posted this

There are many more spottings of Lauren and Lucy together but I think for now we get the point. Now I didn’t want this post to become something that would out Lauren and Lucy or a theory post because I don’t particularly ship them romantically. I just wanted to provide you an alternative to the multitudes of Camren theories. And in reality, if half of these things had happened with Lauren and Camila, the romance rumours would have been everywhere. 

The purpose of this post is to show you the friendship between Lauren and Lucy. If we gather everything in this post plus some of the other stuff, it’s clear to me that Lauren and Lucy are very close friends. It’s immature of any of us to assume that they’re in a relationship simply because it’s disrespectful. 

A lot of Camren shippers and other Harmonizers are also saying that Lauren and Lucy are in a PR contract so that Lucy has a large platform when she releases her debut single and album. 

Whilst it does seem believable that Lauren and Lucy may be under such a contract, I find it hard to believe nonetheless. Why? Because Lucy is the daughter of Carlos Vives a renowned singer in Latin America. She already has a platform and has performed with her father on stage. Furthermore, Lauren is always refuting Camren rumours for one of two reasons. Either because she personally doesn’t like Camila or because she doesn’t want people to say that she’s interested in girls. This doesn’t mean she’s homophobic in anyway at all, it simply means that she is uncomfortable with people saying wrongful things about her. Same as if she were being shipped with a guy and she wasn’t straight. So why would Lauren go into an agreement to be in a PR relationship with Lucy if it means she’ll have an identity crisis? Would she simply indulge in something that is untrue to get away from Camren rumours? I don’t think she would because the recent Camren moment in That’s My Girl’s music video seems to say otherwise. 

Although it is true that Lucy has gained plenty of fans from the Harmonizer fandom, it’s silly to think that it was planned. What about Keana Marie, another close friend of Lauren’s? She’s also gained a fair share of fans because of her association and friendship with Lauren. 

Whilst I’m generally reaching the conclusion that Lauren and Lucy are no more than friends, I find myself unable to shake the fact that Lauren may use Lucy to get rid of Camren rumours. Not in a mean, horrible way but in the way that she posts tons of pictures with her and Lucy and is generally open about her friendship with Lucy because she’s come to the realisation that the fandom is always going to ship her with a girl, so she’d rather be shipped with someone whom she actually is close with. I’m not saying that Lauren and Camila aren’t friends, but their initial closeness has disappeared. Camren shippers often bash Lauren too, so it isn’t surprising why she gets mad at them a lot. For now, all the evidence suggests that Lauren and Lucy are friends. They could be more, but we don’t know and we don’t want to assume. 

The amount of time Lauren and Lucy spend together is one of the factors that people use to fuel the idea that they are dating one another. But if Lauren’s travelling all the time, she barely gets to see her friends. And if her and Lucy are really close, it would make sense that Lucy visits her friend often. 

I really wanted to make a Laucy post just to sump up everything about them with no exact direction of where my thoughts are simply because I didn’t want to be anything like a Camren shipper. So take what you want from this post, it’s yours now.

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Disclaimer: Some events may not be in the correct order. 


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