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Nickname: Tofu, Ivi, Scharta
Zodiac sign: Libra
Height: 5′1
Last Thing You Googled: Define liaison 
Favourite music artist: Does DJ count? I am in love with yellow claw
Song stuck in my head: Shape of You (Ed Sheeran) 
Last Movie you watched: Moana
What are you wearing right now: Panties and t-shirt
What do you post: Aesthetic, art, politics, cute animals, memes
Why did you choose your URL: okay so like there’s this one episode of teen titans where there’s an evil tofu monster that materializes objects out of tofu and it materialized a tofu man army but when they killed the source of the monster all the army members turned into tofu cubes and were coming down like rain 
Do you have any other blogs: I have an art blog that I use as my portfolio lol
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable being honest about.
Religious Or Spiritual: Spiritual maybe? If that means believing in the human spirit having more power than we think. 
Favorite Color: black, white, pastel pink, brown
Average Hours Of Sleep: 5 + naps in class + naps before work
Lucky Number: 8
Favorite characters: Red from transistor, ruby from RWBY, probs some others that i can’t remember
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: 1 in the summer, 2 in the winter
Dream Job: Own my game studio and produce a masterpiece like journey

20 blogs - if you peeps are feeling up 2 it no pressure ok>> i love u all 

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Paul Ricard Circuit BGM, by Yoshie Takayanagi. Video Game Music/C352/Intelligent Jungle/Jazzstep

I always wondered if the co-composer of the first couple of Tekkens/the composer of Zombie Castle had done any more work. Turns out they did, and it BANGS. 500GP’s entire soundtrack, short tracklist though it is, is fucking incredible and well worth checking out.

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  1. relationship status? afraid and alone.
  2. pets? murphy. my asshole son.
  3. last song listened to? “Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean (Ray of Hope Mix by DJ PUNPEE)”
  4. favourite TV shows? kamen rider. super sentai. there’s a new one every year and i like most of them. i also like supergirl and legends of tomorrow.
  5. hobbies? video games, pen-and-paper rpgs.
  6. nicknames? king, krackkers, kraken, That Bastard.
  7. starsign? libra. year of the goat.
  8. height? 170 cm.
  9. time right now? 1:23 PM
  10. last thing I googled? “wolverine the end”
  11. favourite music artist? too many to list but i’ll say jars of clay and biffy clyro and yellowcard are the top three.
  12. last TV show I watched? space sentai kyuranger.
  13. last movie I watched? ‘king of beggars’ (1992) was on celestial classic movies again this morning.
  14. when did you make this blog? sometime in 2011
  15. any other blogs? @underheavenunderworld​ and @sutrastoriesrpg
  16. do you get asks regularly? not even a little.
  17. why did you choose your URL? long story short, my friend was babysitting her baby cousin and pointed out my name on the irc username list. the baby cousin pronounced it as “crackers” and i was like “shit, now i have to use that name for the rest of my life so i can tell this story for fucking ever.”
  18. gender? cis male.
  19. Hogwarts house? defense main, particularly d.va. i’m not invested in the answer to find out. 
  20. average hours of sleep a night? 5 to 6 hours
  21. dream job? making pen-and-paper rpgs.
  22. amount of followers on this blog? 830.
  23. First 10 songs on shuffle on Spotify etc? 
  • ‘the fool’ ryn weaver
  • ‘horchata’ vampire weekend
  • ‘the (shipped) gold standard’ fall out boy
  • ‘driving through a dream’ andrew mcmahon in the wilderness
  • ‘in the avenue’ the family crest
  • ‘gibraltar’ beirut
  • ‘american love’ smallpools
  • ‘the great divide’ the mowglis
  • ‘loneliness and alcohol’ jars of clay
  • ‘closer’ jars of clay

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Beyond Wonderland - A Modern Bellarke AU 

Clarke had travelled nearly halfway across the world with a group of her friends to attend one of the biggest music festivals in Europe. 

Likewise, Bellamy and his buddies had been backpacking through Europe and their next stop was the largest music festival on the continent. 

Bellamy and Clarke meet in the crowd of one of their favourite DJs. While both of their friends are at the main stage watching the headline act of the day, these two meet in the crowd of one of the lesser known DJs at the rave and bond over their love of the same type of music and producers. `

Of course, there’s an immediate attraction between them which grows as the week at the festival progresses.

Couples that rave together, stay together!