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Disney Songs in German

Disney songs from some popular Disney films dubbed in german! Music is a brilliant way to immerse yourself in your target language, and what better way than the Disney way? Many of these songs are from our childhoods, so it’s some nice nostalgic immersion. 

*The english titles next to the german is not necessarily a translation, but rather the english title. Also the year next to the title of the film is the year that the initial english film was released, not necessarily when it was released or dubbed in german.

Some notes: I apologize if your favourite Disney film or song didn’t make the list, I definitely didn’t get all of them. Maybe a part 2 is in order? Also, I tried my best to find videos that had subtitles and a translation, but unfortunately not all of them have it. You can always do a quick google search if you want the lyrics and/or english translation. Be sure to check the descriptions as well, some of them have the lyrics in there. Some videos are better or worse quality than others, but they’re all generally listenable.

I’d also like to give a huge thanks and credit to the creators who translated and subtitled these videos! They did all the work, afterall.


Mulan (1998)

Pocahontas (1995)

Dornröschen [Sleeping Beauty] (1959)

Tarzan (1999)

Cinderella (1950) 

Note: While the german name for ‘Cinderella’ is ‘Aschenputtel’, she goes by Cinderella in the german-dubbed Disney version. Aschenputtel is also an alternative title to the film.

Aristocats (1970)

Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge [Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs] (1937)

Note: Disney’s Snow White has been re-dubbed a couple times in german for some reason, so the particular year a song is from may differ from another. They’re all from the same movie though.

Arielle, die Meerjungfrau [The Little Mermaid] (1989)

Note: Same situation as Snow White.

Aladdin (1992)

Der König der Löwen [The Lion King] (1994)

Der König der Löwen 2 – Simbas Königreich [The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride] (1998)  

Küss den Frosch [The Princess and the Frog] (2009)

Rapunzel – Neu Verföhnt [Tangled] (2010)

Die Eiskönigin – Völlig Unverfroren [Frozen] (2013)

Das Dschungelbuch [The Jungle Book] (1967)

Alice im Wunderland [Alice in Wonderland] (1951)

Hercules (1997)

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Send me a colour
  • Turquoise: What’s your full name?
  • White: What’s your age?
  • Red: What’s your zodiac?
  • Blue: What’s your eye colour?
  • Yellow: What is your natural hair colour?
  • Lavender: When is your birthday?
  • Mauve: How tall are you?
  • Orange: Any pets? And if you have, what is their name(s)?
  • Purple: What’s your sexuality?
  • Lilac: What’s your gender?
  • Navy: What’s your first language?
  • Pink: Do you have/want piercings? If so, what kind of piercings?
  • Brown: How many hair colours have you had?
  • Green: What are you currently studying/hope to study?
  • Black: Do you have any bad habits, if so, what?
  • Amber: Name of your parents/guardians?
  • Burgundy: Favourite month?
  • Grey: Favourite movie?
  • Coral: Favourite book?
  • Magenta: Favourite disney movie?
  • Violet: Favourite song?
  • Auburn: Favourite band/singer?
  • Indigo: Favourite smell?
  • Beige: Favourite sound?
  • Lime: Favourite weather?
  • Vermillion: Favourite flower?
  • Maroon: Favourite dog breed?
  • Pastel: Favourite cat breed?
  • Fawn: Favourite word in your first language?
  • Cerice: Do you believe in aliens?
  • Tan: What do you think happens after death?
  • Peach: Dream job?
  • Sienna: Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Cream: How many languages can you understand?
  • Ivory: What’s your religion?

All at one everything looks different
Now that I see you
- At Last I See the Light (Disney’s Tangled)

½ (Tina’s POV) Newtina, At Last I See the Light

(A while back I was asking for playlist suggestions and @nicolela599 suggested this song which is one of my favourite Disney songs of all time so I couldn’t stop thinking about it)

(I’ve also made one from Newt’s/Flynn’s POV if you wanna see :) )
Singing Meme

Send me a symbol and I’ll sing you a song:

♠︎ Favourite disney song?
♣︎ Favourite song from a musical?
♥︎ Your least favourite song?
♦︎ A guilty pleasure song?
♚ A song that isn’t in your native language?
♛ A song of your choice?
♜ Your favourite song?
♝ A song from a video game?
♞ Sing a song in-character (any character you choose)?
♟ A song from your childhood?
♔ Put your music player on shuffle and sing whatever song first plays
♕ A song starting with letter: (asker choose a letter)?
♖ A nursery rhyme?
♗ A song that’s been stuck in your head for awhile now?
♘ The strangest song you’ve ever heard?
♙ A song with cheesy lyrics?
⚁ A song from a television show?


Where Ryosuke picks up a stray cheetah cub cat and they become good friends `ω`)b


I heard a version of Good Company (from Oliver & Company) sung by Okamoto Nobuhiko (Ryosuke’s Seiyuu) a while ago and I couldn’t help myself… ` ω`);;


1. Do you have a Daddy/Mommy/Caregiver?

2. Do you have a favourite stuffie?

3. What’s the name of the first stuffie you got?

4. Who is your favourite Disney Character?

5. Do you have rules from your Daddy/Mommy/Caregiver?

6. What’s your least favourite rule?

7. What’s your favourite cartoon?

8. Do you have a paci?

9. Do you have any cute pets?

10. What’s your favourite colour?

11. Do you have a favourite blankie?

12. What’s your favourite Disney song?

13. What’s your favourite bedtime story?

14. What do you like most about being little?

15. What makes you go into little space?

16. Would you be little 24/7 if you could?

17. Do other people irl know you’re little?

18. What’s your favourite little space snack?

19. Do you have a favourite onesie?

20. What’s your thoughts about diapers?

21. Do you wear diapers?

22. Do you like superheroes?

23. Who is your favourite superhero?

24. What is your little age?

25. What things do you do in little space?

26. When did you know you was a little?

27. If daddies/mommies/caregivers had rules, what would they be?

28. Do you have a bedtime?

29. What’s your favourite thing your daddy/mommy/caregiver does for you in little space?

30. Do you have a little best friend?

31. Do you have any games/apps on your phone for when you’re in little space? What are they called?

32. Do you have a favourite sippy cup?

33. How many sippy cups do you have?

34. Have you ever been to Disney world?

35. Do you like Barbie movies?

36. What’s your favourite animal?

34. Do you have bath toys?

35. What’s your favourite thing about the cglre community?

36. Do you have a plate and cutlery set?

37. Do you have a divided plate?

38. What’s your favourite drink to have in little space?

39. Do you like dinosaurs?

40. What’s your favourite dinosaur?

41. Have you ever been to the zoo with your daddy/mommy/caregiver?

42. Do you dress little in public?

43. Have you ever called your partner daddy/mommy/caregiver in public?

44. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

45. What’s your favourite sweeties?

46. Do you like stickers?

47. What’re your favourite sticker?

48. Do you have a favourite colouring book?

49. Do you like to colour in crayons/felt pens or coloured pencils?

50. What advice would you give to new littles in the cglre community?


favourite disney songs [3/20] 
↳ at last I see the light from tangled.

All those days watching from the windows, all those years outside looking in. All that time never even knowing just how blind I’ve been. Now I’m here blinking in the starlight. Now I’m here, suddenly I see. Standing here it’s all so clear. I’m where I’m meant to be. [x]


I won’t lie, this is probably my favourite Disney song :))))

scienceoftheidiot  asked:

I want to say ALL OF THEM but eh. Have 2, 9, 10, 32, 18, 33, 40 :D

2. A song that reminds you of school : In Too Deep by Sum 41

9. A song with no percussion : Comptine d’un autre été by Yann Tiersen.

10. Something you’ve heard performed live : Power To The Peaceful by Anti-Flag

32. A song whose lyrics shocked you once you were old enough to understand them : Chic’N’Stu by System Of A Down

18. A song that demands lipsyncing into a makeshift microphone : We R Who We R by Ke$ha

33. A song you have zero patience for : Hello by Adele

40. Favourite Disney song : Be A Man from Mulan

frozen-illusion  asked:

10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 for the disney ask meme

From this meme

10. Favourite Disney movie from the 1960’s? The Sword in the Stone

20. If you could date one of the characters, who would it be and why? That’s not really my thing, but i hard core ship the hell out of Kristoff & Anna. Let them have all the happies

30. What are your top three favourite Disney songs? Be Prepared (Lion King), Poor Unfortunate Souls (The Little Mermaid), and Heffalumps & Woozles (Winnie the Pooh). What can i say, i like villain songs :p

40. Is there a scene or movie that makes you cry?

sad feelz under the cut…

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