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i have always loved your taako design and that model you just did really hammers that home! he looks so bouncy and alive and full of personality, and I can really hear his voice and general vibe coming off him in a way that a lot of other designs don't do for me. and he looks like a cool video game npc who gives you a cool quest! really great job!!!

OMG… THANK YOU… THIS MESSAGE IS SO INCREDIBLY SWEET… my design for him is honestly my favourite character design i’ve ever done and it means SO MUCH to me to hear that it resonates with other people and really truly feels like Taako to them. this is such a wonderful message thank you so so much

INCREDIBLY exciting news: I’m now a published greeting card illustrator. Loyal @drawingsofdogs fans may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much about my greeting cards recently. That’s because a year after I medically suspended from my PhD, a greeting card company @ustudiodesign contacted me to ask if I’d like to collaborate on a card range with them. They’re a wonderful, Bristol-based gift and card publisher. We’ve been quietly working away on these, and now they are publishing 12 of my favourite designs (with some beautiful added colour). They’re available in the UStudio physical, and online shops, and they’ll hopefully be stocked by lots of other retailers soon. They’ve printed quantities that would have been well beyond me.


This is a huge step forward for me and has - along with some other secret projects in development - inspired me to try to make it as a freelance illustrator. I’ve set up another tumblr - @somewhatnicer - where I’ll be publishing new illustration work. Don’t worry though, I’m going to keep posting dog drawings here. 

I’m doing a takeover tomorrow on the UStudio Instagram: instagram.com/ustudio.design Check it out, to learn more.

everyone always talks about jesus of suburbia and i would like to take a moment just to talk about homecoming because. i am so thankful that song exists.

A new rpdr ask thing bc i still see that one going round that was made before season 7 and it annoys me

1. Fave runway outfit ever worn
2. Least favourite outfit ever worn
3. Favourite season 1 queen
4. Tatianna or Detox
5. Ideal lipsync song
6. Favourite design challenge
7. Laila or Cynthia
8. Aaa girls or team NYC from s8
9. Favourite season 6 queen
10. Who is more iconic: jasmine masters or gia gunn
11. Phi phi or Roxxxy
12. Shalaska or Katlaska(?) friendship
13. Trixie or Bianca
14. Favourite top 3
15. A queen who was robbed of being in the top 3
16. Best lipsyncer
17. Best makeup artist
18. Funniest queen
19. Best Rupaul pun
20. Fave Rupaul outfit
21. Favourite queen who went home first
22. Most shocking moment
23. Favourite catchphrase
24. Willam or Latrice
25. Ideal guest judge
26. Kim Chi or Thorgy
27. Favourite underrated queen
28. The time the fans needed to chill the most(other than just generally)
29. Unhhhh or Fashion Photo Ruview
30. Predict a season 9 top 3 and a winner