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Official Roadhog face reveal

You’re welcome.


“I’m supposed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia, but I think I look more like the Chrysler Building!”

The “Chrysler” dress worn by the Roger de Bris in the musical “The Producers”


if you’ve ever wondered if i have doctor who ocs, the answer is yes
of course
who do you think i am
i’ve got like 4 seasons planned out c’mon
i’ve made them all pinterest boards bc that’s the way i am

brorneo  asked:

Hey Archy! What are your favourite mosque designs? I know that's a VERY wide question, so you can narrow it down to a country, continent, style, etc. if you want. Also, if you have any good books to recommend on the architecture and design of mosques, I'd be so grateful! Love your blog!

We have previously posted a number of mosques on the blog, you can see the posts here (it even has recommendation for a book about mosques), including a list of The World’s Most Beautiful Mosques.

Iran- shiraz. Nasir al molk Mosque