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The Many Faces of Yuuri Katsuki - Episode 8

After a short hiatus, I bring you episode 8! 80% of the gifs from this episodes were Eros but even so Yuuri managed to have a range of expressions too large for 1 gifset. I enjoy how straightforward this episode is for Yuuri as a whole. It feels like he has control the entire time, even when life throws him curve balls.

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Bonus because I can’t in good conscience leave out a scene I love as much as I do (even if it’s not all that Yuuri-focused… it’s close enough to count!):

Destiel in numbers

Me: Notices that it is 147 days between Cas dying in 12x23 and 13x01, 148 counting the premiere date.

Me: Remembers this:

Buffy: How long was I gone?
Spike: Hundred forty-seven days yesterday… um, one-forty-eight today. ‘Cept today doesn’t count, does it.


“About a fortnight after John and Cyn started going together, I happened to stop in at Mendips a few moments before she was due to turn up. Though I was expected elsewhere, John insisted that I stick around. ‘You’ll want to see this one,’ he said. ‘She’s not Brigitte, but she’s really all right.’ I couldn’t remember John ever having seemed so excited about a girl; he even kept running to his bedroom window to check whether Cynthia’s bus arrived” -Pete Shotton

“One day, not long after we had first met Cyn, I was at Mendips with John and he told me that Cyn was coming from town on the bus. I was twelve then and I was looking forward to seeing her again, wondering what arty, studenty clothes she would be wearing. Mendips is right on the main road, which meant that you could see the bus stop if you looked through the upstairs windows, which is why John ran up and down the stairs to his bedroom whenever he thought he heard a bus engine. You could hear whether or not the bus stopped to let passengers on or off. When the bus did indeed deposit Cynthia on the pavement, John shouted ‘Yes!’ and then flung himself downstairs to watch for her coming through the gate. Then he sauntered through the kitchen, as if he didn’t even know she was coming and he was bumping into her in his own garden by sheer good luck! I couldn’t believe his cool. I loved it! Cynthia was dressed in black from head to toe, just like John. A couple of art students, in love and looking like art students…in love. It was tangible.” -Julia Baird

My favourite lesbian couples in manga / manhwa / manhua

Mel x Lynn from Pulse

Cha Yoon x Erae from The Love Doctor

Mei x Yuzu from Citrus

Kase x Yamada from Asagao to Kase-san

Akko x Mari from Girl Friends

Sun Jing x Qiu Tong from Tamen De Gushi (yes, I know they’re yet to start dating, but still)

Kim No-rae x Baek Seol-a from Fluttering Feelings (not yet dating though, sending all my love to Ssamba, may you get better soon)

Tokaku x Haru from Akuma no Riddle (you don’t know how happy I am they’re canon)

Guk-hwa x Jang-Mi from It Would Be Great If You Didn’t Exist


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