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Guardian tag

Rules: This is for your guardienne. Fill with what your Guardienne could answer (if you have more than one OC then please feel free to do as Many of these as you want!)

I was tagged by: @eldarya-love(Thanks! I like this kind of stuff! Sorry that it took me so long time, i just lost this in notifications!)

Tag more than 6 ppl: Nooo :( I don’t know anyone here who play!

Name (or if she has a nickname): Syanna (english server)

Gender: Female

What race is she (faeries/Human/ or something in between: Unknown (really, i have no idea yet :/ but some kind of elf or faerie or both)

What guard is she in?: Shadow Guard, obviously.

Which Companion does she have?: young Lovigis. Because it was gift from Leiftan she love this companion even more but she never say this loudly.

Favourite food: All kind of sweetness, sucker for ice creams.

Favourite Color: Black (love wearing clothes in that color while missions in every other day too actually).

Crush (and why): Leiftan, probably because of his patient, gentle and kind character (or al least he seems to be that kind of person). More dynamic relationship with Ez, but because he can make her laugh and piss off in the same time it’s more love/hate relationship in that moment rather than crush, but maybe it will be something more. (Side note: not crush but Syanna find herself comfortable near the Valkyon, so they will be definitely a friends)

Describe Yourself in 5 words: calm, tactful, kind, observer, INFP -T,

What does she like to do in her free time?: Syanna is really nature-lover, so she spend a lot of time outside, but mostly after dusk when air is a little chilly (not much sun lover, don’t like the heat). Her favorite spots are forests, usually she sneak out from H.Q. like a pro and rarely have troubles because of that and play with the Companions all day long (or just reading a book). Her room is kind of her ‘safe zone’.

What does she think of the Human World?: Actually family and her animals are the only things she miss from Human World. Syanna think that Human World is cruel and people become more and more greedy and selfish, forgetting what is really important. She like Eldarya World because of beautiful nature here but also because she see that peope here care about each others.

What your Guardienne looks like :

And while missions: