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Now I know it’s not Christmas, but as it is Red Nose Day and the epic Red Nose Day actually was on today… I had to have today’s quote of the day from this! And what is better than a young Andrew Lincoln being completely adorable 😍😫😭👏🏼 - “To me, you are perfect. And my wasted heart will love you - Until you look like this *shows picture of mummy*” I love this film so much, it is one of my all time favourites 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Fave films for the Aesthetic™™??

Hahaha alright here are some really beautiful ones! 🍒🍇🍓

Summer in La Goulette 🍋

A Tunisian film about the friendship between a Muslim girl, a Catholic girl, and a Jewish girl. It’s very summery and the outfits are incredible.

Queen 💃🏾

An Indian woman is left at the altar. She goes for her honeymoon (a trip through Europe) alone and has funny and sweet and meaningful adventures.

La Piscine 🍑

A French couple in the Riviera are interrupted by surprise guests. Gorgeous.

L’Auberge Espagnole 🍒

A comedy about a group of international students from various European countries living together in Barcelona. Audrey Tautou is in it!

A Woman Is A Woman 🍓

My favourite film of all time. A lovely comedy set in Paris.

٩(๑・ิᴗ・ิ)۶ Another Kylux Fic Rec!

Dedicated to the three recently recieved anons, who wanted me to recommend some Quality Kylux Goodness™. Here you go.

what’s real or isn’t by @brawlite​ | au - modern setting, horror, monster!kylo, explicit, WIP

Hux’s new house is not haunted. It isn’t.

Psychomachia by @longstoryshortikilledhim | canon compliant, action&adventure, dark comedy, this is my personal favourite fic of all time not kidding, explicit, WIP

“I should’ve met your earlier, Captain Hux. You would’ve seduced me to the winning side right away, and I wouldn’t have wasted my time on a ruined planet with a half-crazed hermit and a dozen little jerks. I would’ve followed you to the end of the world.”

By the time the events of SW:TFA unfold, Armitage Hux and Kylo Ren are bitter exes. This is what happened before.

This Night at the Edge of the World by @nookienostradamus | techienician, au - modern setting, slowburn, friends-to-lovers, explicit

It starts the way a pornographic film might: one summer, cable installment technician Matt begins a torrid affair with Madeline, the disaffected widow of a pharmaceutical executive. It seems to be a perfect match - both of them volatile, both of them lost. But it isn’t long before Matt meets Madeline’s son, a reclusive and put-upon young man who is known by his few friends simply as “Techie.” As the bond with Madeline begins to deteriorate, Matt becomes increasingly fascinated with Techie, and Techie with him, and a relationship begins that is unlike any either of them has ever had.

Make every moment right. by @robokittens | au - coffeeshop, enemies to lovers, it’s hilarious trust me, explicit

Really, Ren reflects, he should try and be more in touch with his own feelings. If he’s going to be a writer — well, he is a writer; if he’s going to be a successful writer, he needs to be able to embrace the full spectrum of human emotion.

As it is, he’s just kind of embracing a desire to punch his coworker in the dick.

Kylo Ren’s Adventures With Fanfic Tropes by @sithofren | crack, crack, crack, but it’s awesome, mature

(AKA ‘five million times he tried to seduce the annoying General and one time Phasma helped out’.)

Anyone But You by zamwessell | au - college/university, (un)resolved sexual tension, drunk texting, explicit

Hux has always had a plan for his life. It’s going well. He’s following in his father’s footsteps with the College Republicans and writing for the prestigious “First Order” campus conservative magazine with his new friend Dopheld Mitaka.

Until he meets Mitaka’s roommate, Kylo Ren – who is everything he shouldn’t want.

and your hand in mine by yasgorl | au - modern setting, dom/sub, unhealty realtionship, age gap, expilicit

“I’m not a very nice person,” Hux says. Ben’s gaze snaps to Hux’s face, dark eyes intent. “Do you like spending time with people who aren’t very nice to you?”

it don’t come in a shot glass by @cracktheglasses | au - modern setting, millicent is important, kylo is just a brat, explicit

Kylo hates his job, his life, his hot neighbor Hux, cats, turning thirty, and everything, not necessarily in that order.

Well, maybe cats – and Hux – are OK. Whatever. Being thirty still blows.

 I Get Off by @robinasnyder | okay, this fic is classic, porn with plot, hux is a creep and ren enjoy things a little too much, explicit

Ren catches Hux spying on him while he changes, and decides to make use of the situation.

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write anything with sombra plz i'm too gay for that woman

YO SAME! Hence the url lmao. I’ll do some Date Headcanons for you!

- I hope you like movies!

- Her idea of the perfect night with you is cuddling on the bed and watching movies.

- She prefers to watch horror/thrillers, but if you get scared she’ll put on a comedy or an animated movie.

- I’ll tell you her favourite movies from our time because I have no clue what movies will be out in 2070

- For horror, her favourite movie that you watched together was Don’t Breathe, the one where those three people try to rob that blind guy but instead he locks them in his house and hunts them down.

- (She was totally rooting for the blind man at the beginning but once the twist happened she rooted for the robbers)

- Favourite thriller is Gone Girl ~cause like honestly who doesn’t like Gone Girl I mean come on lmao~

- Admires Amy in that movie, Amy is probably her favourite character of all time tbh.

- Favourite comedy is… not an actual comedy, just movies that are so bad that she laughs at them

- Favourite animated movie is SHREK FOR THE MEMES. She hangs out with D.Va a lot and when she watches Shrek she’s just a bubble of giggles cause she’s thinking about the jokes D.Va told her

- Also likes The Incredibles and The Iron Giant

- Another good time for Sombra is hacking herself a reservation at a super fancy restaurant and paying with some corrupt politician or business man’s bank account

- Encourages you to get the most expensive thing you want

- Takes a picture of you if you get food on your face

- She gives you - t h a t l o o k - all throughout the entire dinner and it’s so hot in the restaurant it’s not just you right?

- For my people who are not asexual or sex repulsed. Some nights she just wants to get right to The Good Stuff™

- For my ace and sex repulsed peeps and for a non sexual thing in general, she likes to play “super old” board games from the 90s and early 2000s that she ordered from some site.

- Overall loves you so much and is down for whatever you want. She’s so lax tbh.


- Leaves you with a present at the end of all dates

99 Movie Questions To Answer Before You Die
  • 1. In a movie about your life, who would play you? Why?
  • 2. Which TV star did you think would make it on the big screen but didn't, or hasn't yet?
  • 3. Everyone's seen Mean Girls, right? Go on, tell us your favourite quote...
  • 4. If you could only watch films from one foreign language country for the rest of your life, which country would you choose?
  • 5. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye or Nick Fury?
  • 6. Which movie written by Charlie Kaufman do you like the most?
  • 7. Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?
  • 8. Your favourite Batman movie.
  • 9. Your least favourite Batman movie.
  • 10. Favourite song from a film.
  • 11. Which actors would you put in detention to attend a modern day Breakfast Club?
  • 12. Tell us your favourite biopic.
  • 13. Who's your all-time favourite comedy actor?
  • 14. Guardians of the Galaxy or The Avengers?
  • 15. Choose a sport, or sporting event, that you'd make a movie about if you had to.
  • 16. Choose your favourite Disney Pixar film.
  • 17. What's your favourite Christopher Nolan movie?
  • 18. Spike Jonze or Danny Boyle?
  • 19. Ewan McGregor or James McAvoy?
  • 20. Gandalf or Magneto?
  • 21. Jean-Luc Picard or Professor Xavier?
  • 22. Your favourite actor in the Harry Potter series.
  • 23. Spiderman, or The Amazing Spiderman?
  • 24. Harry Potter or Twilight?
  • 25. Titanic or Avatar?
  • 26. Your favourite Leonardo DiCaprio role.
  • 27. Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg?
  • 28. Rank: Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Indiana Jones.
  • 29. Rank: Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson, Dylan O'Brien.
  • 30. Rank: Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, as Batman.
  • 31. Your favourite female director.
  • 31. Your favourite foreign language film.
  • 32. Your favourite actor/actress of colour.
  • 33. Your favourite deceased actor/actress.
  • 34. Your favourite musical.
  • 35. Your favourite Western.
  • 36. Your favourite book adaptation.
  • 37. Your favourite sci-fi of the 1990's.
  • 38. Your favourite performance from a child actor.
  • 39. Your favourite documentary.
  • 40. Your all time favourite movie.
  • 41. Watching in the cinema or at home?
  • 42. Watching Netflix or a DVD?
  • 43. Tell us about a non-horror film that scares you. Why?
  • 44. A movie you've turned off because it was so bad?
  • 45. The Wizard of Oz or The Sound of Music?
  • 46. Willy Wonka (1971) or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)?
  • 47. Your three favourite animated characters.
  • 48. Your favourite romantic moment in a movie?
  • 49. Your favourite film from before 1950.
  • 50. Your favourite movie of the 1980s.
  • 51. Scenery that blew your mind.
  • 52. Acting that blew your mind.
  • 53. Special effects that blew your mind.
  • 54. Direction that blew your mind.
  • 55. Cinematography that blew your mind.
  • 56. What was your favourite movie as a kid?
  • 57. Which film character do you wish you could be friends with in real life?
  • 58. Which film character do you wish you could be in a relationship with in real life?
  • 59. Which film character would you 'get it on' with in real life?
  • 60. Which film character would you most like to punch in the face in real life?
  • 61. Name a film that never fails to make you smile.
  • 62. Name a film that you watch when you're sad.
  • 63. Name a film that you watch when you're ill.
  • 64. Name at least two guilty pleasure movies.
  • 65. Are there any classic films you'd like to see remade? If so, which ones?
  • 66. Write out a film quote that changed your life.
  • 67. Write about a moment that made you tear up with happiness.
  • 68. Your all time favourite movie moment.
  • 69. Who's the best antagonist in the history of movies?
  • 70. Who's the best protagonist in the history of movies?
  • 71. The Empire or the Rebel Alliance?
  • 72. Star Wars: The Original Trilogy? Or, Star Wars: The Prequels?
  • 73. Choose 5 movie characters you'd like as a part of your dream team/squad of Avengers.
  • 74. Tell us about your greatest film watching experience.
  • 75. Your favourite film score.
  • 76. Your favourite film soundtrack.
  • 77. Your three favourite film directors.
  • 78. List at least two actors/actresses that you can't bare to watch.
  • 79. What is the one subject matter/story that you'd like to see made in to a film?
  • 80. What's your favourite mystery film?
  • 81. A film you love but others may not know about.
  • 82. A movie that photographs a particular location beautifully.
  • 83. An unforgettable death scene.
  • 84. Your three biggest same sex crushes.
  • 85. Your three biggest on-screen crushes.
  • 86. Your favourite movie duo.
  • 87. The best movie to watch with friends.
  • 88. Name at least two movies that are so bad, they're good.
  • 89. Try and think of a movie character that you are most like. Now explain why you think so.
  • 90. Name one movie family that you'd happily be a part of.
  • 91. Outline one movie scenet that made you cringe.
  • 92. Name a film character that reminds you of someone you know. Explain why.
  • 93. A cult film you'll always love?
  • 94. A book that should get a faithful film adaptation?
  • 95. Outline your favourite action scene.
  • 96. Name a movie set you'd like to live in.
  • 97. Name at least two TV Shows you'd like to see made into movies.
  • 98. Admit to not seeing at least one movie everyone else has seen.
  • 99. Oh go on then... Pitch your own movie idea!

I had never watched Vanilla Sky before tonight. But after wasting another hour searching Netflix for something to watch. I decided to give it a shot.

I have to admit Vanilla Sky surprised the heck out of me.

The beginning left me feeling disappointed because I was expecting another Sci-fi thriller by Tom Cruise in the tune of Minority Report. One of my favourite films of all time.

Instead I got a lovey dovey comedy. With the recycled romantic troupe of two best friends falling for the same girl.

But I’m glad I stuck with the film because I got sucked into the story and became emotional attached to the characters.

By the end Vanilla Sky was tugging on my heart strings in a way no film had done in a long time.

The film could’ve been shorter. With a runtime of almost three hours, they could have trimmed some of the fat. But I’m happy I watched it. Vanilla Sky leaves you with a sweet tale about love and life.


- oh and it’s probably a great date movie. With its long runtime and love themes, I could see this working as a pick for ‘Netflix and chill’.

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What was the moment you knew you shipped dan / Amy? What made you ship them?

It wasn’t exactly a road to Damascus moment…but I think it was Baseball in season 1 (I can never remember where precisely it falls in the season), that made me look closer at their dynamic.

Which, look, successful romantic comedy is my all time favourite genre - I can’t even tell you many times I’ve watched His Girl Friday, or read Pride and Prejudice - and one of the things that I think is…less than appreciated is that it’s damn hard to do well.  There’s a reason Much Ado About Nothing is one of my all time favourite plays - and Dan and Amy replicate the central dynamic from that play almost perfectly.  

(With one single exception.  When Benedick finds out that Beatrice loves him, his reaction is one, genius line - “Love me?  Why?”  The Benedick knows he’s done nothing to make Beatrice love him is the clearest sign that he has the capacity to grow into a man who deserves her.  I don’t know that we’ll ever see that kind of self-awareness in Dan).

But the main reason I started fic-ing for them, to be quite honest, is that I had been working on an original play script for months and months, and I was stuck.  I wanted to write something that was light and fun and straightforward - I do love writing sexual tensiony banter - in the hope that it would get my brain unstuck.  (Which it did - eventually).  I honestly think half the reason I enjoy writing them so much is that their relationship is almost entirely mediated through dialogue - Veep has barely even had them touch - and writing dialogue is very easy for me.

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Have you read the fanfic called 'My new roomate'? It's ItaSaku and it's by Kapootya. It's got to be one of my favourite fanfics for ItaSaku of all time. It's comedy and romance!!! This is the summary: 'A mistake on a lease has caused a doctor and a lawyer to become roommates. Unfortunately neither of them want to live with the other and this is the story of how they try to make eachother's lives miserable for an apartment. Itachi/Sakura. Who will last?' P.S. I LOVE your blog!!!!!!! ^ ^ xxxx



Mark Brendanawicz: “Honestly, Leslie, it’s going to be a long uphill battle. You are going to be super-annoyed with all the people who want you to fail. There is a sea of red tape, endless road blocks. So, yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know”

Leslie Knope: “Screw it. I’m gonna try to do it anyway”

Parks and Recreation, 7 Seasons, 125 episodes (2009-2015)

In the spring of 2009 Parks and Recreation aired its short first season. I remember watching those episodes as they aired, I’m not going to pretend that the show was perfect in its early days or that I somehow knew it would become the series it did but I certainly saw potential. There was enough in those six episodes to make me continue with the show when it returned in September 2009 for its second season.

By the Spring of 2010 I was officially head over heels in love with Leslie Knope and the characters of Pawnee. I remember at some point calling Parks and Recreation the best comedy currently airing and being met by disbelief, what about Community, or 30 Rock, or The Office? Well they were all great shows but something about Parks and Recreation just worked for me on every level. Parks and Recreation has a gigantic heart and it unashamedly shows that warmth and love episode after episode. 

The fact that its ending this week for good is truly a loss to TV. It is fair to say Parks and Recreation is not only one of my favourite comedies of all time but one of my favourite shows of any genre and any year. That the show has had a near perfect final season is just a great ending to a series that fought to stay on air for 125 episodes and 7 seasons in a TV climate where new comedies are cancelled before they even get a chance to shine. 

So here are 15 of my favourite episodes, though I could easily list more. 

+ Hunting Trip (S2 Episode 10) - One of the early S2 episodes where everything clicked and it showed of the casts talents. 

 + Telethon (S2 Episode 22) - Leslie trying to keep going and fill air is fantastic. I definitely remember watching this episode and realising just how much I had fallen in love with the show. 

+ Flu Season (S3 Episode 2) - Leslie trying to fight flu, Chris not being able to cope, Ben realising just how special and crazy his future wife is. Hilarious episode, a stand out. 

+ Harvest Festival (S3 Episode 7) - Honestly there is going to be a lot of S3 episodes on my list because S3 is a perfect season of TV and nothing is more amazing than American Girl playing as Leslie’s plan to save the department succeeds. 

 + Andy and April’s Fancy Party (S3 Episode 9) - A crazy decision to bring April and Andy together in marriage after only a few episodes together, crazy but worked out to be a great choice. 

 + Li'l Sebastian (S3 Episode 16) - Conclusion to a terrific season and a tribute song for the ages. 

 + The Comeback Kid (S4 Episode 11) - The ice scene says it all. 

 + The Debate (S4 Episode 20) - Any episode in which Leslie makes a rousing speech is a good episode to me, this one happens to be great. 

+ Win, Lose, or Draw (S4 Episode 22) - Much like The Debate this episode sums up the importance of Leslie Knope so well. 

 + Two Parties (S5 Episode 10) - I absolutely adore the bachelor party plot with the male characters, hilarious and sweet and shows the bonds between the characters really well. 

+ Leslie and Ben (S5 Episode 14) - One of the many episodes which nearly became series finales, this may be my absolute favourite 

 + London (S6 Episodes 1 & 2) - There is a lot of love in this season opener, from Andy getting a new job, to Leslie sending Ron off to Scotland at the end. 

 + Ann and Chris (S6 Episode 13) - Saying goodbye to Ann and Chris was hard but in true Parks and Recreation style it was equally heartfelt and funny. 

 + Moving Up (S6 Episodes 21 + 22) - God damn this show can do finales so well, everything about Moving Up was a lot of fun but then the surprise time jump at the end was shocking and ended up giving the show a new energy in S7.

+ Leslie & Ron (S7 Episode 4) - I could list a whole bunch of S7 episodes, Donna & Joe, Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington, Two Funerals and well let’s be honest the series finale is probably going to make my list but for episodes that have aired so far Leslie and Ron’s bottle episode was everything I love about the show. It gave us a emotional conclusion to a storyline we had only known for 3 previous episodes and yet it worked so well. The Leslie and Ron friendship has always been a delight to watch and seeing Ron so upset by the change around him gave Nick Offerman his best episode.

preference #02 – you’re best friends and they/you secretly like you/them (4/4)

l u k e —

When you heard that 5 Seconds of Summer had a three week break from touring, you were more than ecstatic. Of course, there was the odd interview they had to attend here and there but you honestly didn’t mind all that much – you were just happy enough knowing that you could actually see your best friend, Luke, in person now rather than over skype or facetime. It was nearing the end of their second week break; it’d been a relatively lazy day for you  because you’d spent the day at their place watching movies, eating and just catching up with them all. Oddly enough, they really hadn’t been clubbing since they came back to Sydney and you being here (as well as being under-age as well) gave the older three a chance to go without feeling guilty for leaving Luke behind. It’d been at least ten minutes since they’d left – you and Luke were on the couch, he was scrolling through Twitter on his phone while you were watching some lame game show that was on tv when Luke finally put his phone down and shifted a little so that he was now fully facing you, “Well, uh, should we watch a movie then?” he offered and without hesitation, you just simply nodded. “I’ll gather up some blankets and pillows then!” And with that, you pushed yourself up from the couch, collecting as many freelancing pillows and blankets as you could see before piling them onto the couch you two were just seated on. Luke was now in the kitchen, you could here the few beeps on the microwave signalling that Luke was pressing the buttons on it before that known whirring noise began. He soon joined you in the living room only to dump several packets of assorted candies onto your lap, retreating back to the kitchen leaving you to arrange the pillows around and make yourself comfortable.


You wrinkled your nose as the smell of fresh popcorn wofted into the room as Luke plopped himself on the couch beside you with a large bowl in hand, reaching for the remote beside him to press play on the comedy he’d chosen for you both to watch. As the movie gradually follows through, you shed a few giggles here and there – you can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable, like something’s missing. Little do you know that Luke actually isn’t exactly paying any attention to the movie, even though he put it on and even though it is for a fact his most favourite comedy of all time. Instead he’s merely just flicking his eyes from the tv screen then ever so discreetly back to you. He’s also not sitting as close to you as he usually does, and you unconciously miss the warmth of his undeniably long and lanky legs tangled with yours and the way your shoulders just barely brush against each other when you relax back into the cushions of the couch. The screen of the tv is now that faded black colour, white text slowly rolling followed by a somewhat chirpy instrumental backing music playing. You sighed happily, “That movie never gets old.” “Mmm, yeah..” That’s when it hit you – you cocked an eyebrow at him as your head turned to look at him and after a moment or two of silence, you ask. “What’s up?” He just shakes his head a little and gives you this small half smile. You know something’s bothering him but you also know he’s not one to really share his feelings because he feels like he’s being a burden, no matter how many times you assured him that he wasn’t.


It’s now Sunday morning, around ten am. You hadn’t seen Luke or the other boys since Friday and even though it was only two days ago that you last saw them, you couldn’t help but miss Luke a lot because after-all, he’s your best friend, your partner in crime and the one you confide in the most. You end up sending him a text or maybe two along the lines of “Lukeeeeeeeey. L” and “LLL”. After ten minutes, you grew impatient waiting for his reply and decided that you’d try calling him. A few rings later, the call finally fell through and just when you were about to speak, Ashton’s cheery voice interrupted you. “Hi y/n! Luke’s in the shower right now. What’s up?” “Oh, uh, I was just wondering what he was doing today, actually. I’m a little bored, to be honest.” You could almost hear the smug grin that was plastered on Ashton’s face when he finally replied, “I know Luke, and he’d want you to come over.” As you both ended the call, you made no haste in grabbing your phone and keys, and driving yourself right over there. When you got there, Calum welcomed you in with a hug and you slumped down next to Michael, who unpaused his and Calum’s game of FIFA, while you watched absentmindedly. It was then that you could hear Ashton’s voice, poking questions here and there followed by the occasional groan from Luke. You turned you head a little seeing them both standing in the doorway, Ashton nudging Luke’s side before mumbling softly quietly to him before Luke swatted at his arm, his nose wrinkling a little in the process – you took this as your cue to interrupt and step in for your long awaited hug from Luke. Ashton only giggled when you approached the two and made a beeline for the couch, sitting where you once sat only moments before. Your arms wrapped around Luke’s slender waist as you engulfed him in a warm hug but instead of reacting almost instantly, he hesitated for a moment before bringing his long arms around you awkwardly. You huff a little at his hesitantly awkward hug and peer up at him, your chin resting on his chest as you stare up into his bright blue eyes. He says nothing and only gives you that same small half smile like he did two nights ago when you asked him what was wrong. Before you know it, you’re in his room – you two are sprawled out on his bed and this time, his legs are infact tangled with yours. He’s laying on his back and you’re on your side with your arm draped across his middle. It’s quiet, but it’s not awkward; it’s that nice kind of silence that you can only have with certain people but he finally breaks the silence. “Y/n…” He mumbles quietly, “Mm?” You can hear suck in a breath before he exhales, it coming out more like a sigh than anything else, “What would you do, or rather say, if I said that I liked you?” His voice is a lot softer than when he mumbled your name but still so unsure, and you’re more than quite positive that this is what’s been bothering him. It’s quiet for a moment, you leave him anticipating your words – you know you shouldn’t because he might get anxious, laugh it off and act like none of this ever happened but you finally break that second silence, “I’d say I like you too.” You feel the bed dip and your arm is now shifted into his lap. He’s sitting up now and you’re sure that he’s looking right at you with the most serious look, you haven’t seen him this serious since that time a so-called fan called you a “slut” for being close with the boys in front of him. You don’t move from where you are because you don’t want him to feel uncomfortable with your sudden eye contact. When he finally decides to say it, there’s so much emphasis on that simple and little yet totally over-used verb, “No, y/n. I like you.”

c a l u m ―

Being next-door neighbour with the guy you’d had a crush on since your primary school days wasn’t the least of your problems but ever thinking you had a chance with him definitely was. Calum Hood had been in nearly every class of yours since grade three – you were sure you would’ve been in the same classes earlier but he’d only been transferred to the same primary school and into your class at that period of time. Luckily for you, his mother and your mother clicked instantly; always having cups of tea with each other and discussing how you were growing up beautifully or Mrs. Hood making a not so discreet opinion of how she wishes Calum would marry a girl like you when he was older – so when it was time to choose what high school you were going to, Mrs. Hood had suggested that you and Calum attend the same one because Mali-Koa had gone there and she knew it was a decent enough yet affordable one. The thing was though, you never spoke to him, ever. Sure you’d see him at school, sometimes on your way home from school, even when he took out the trash on Tuesday mornings or sometimes when his dad made him mow the front and back lawn but he was just so goddamn gorgeous and popular and the star athelete, he was smart too and of course while you were smart as well, your self-esteem was a lot lower than his – you were sure that he could have any girl he wanted.


It just so happened to be that one afternoon, Mrs. Hood and your mum were both on the back patio having their daily afternoon chat that she suggested you family to come over for a barbeque that following weekend, your mum agreeing almost immediately. So that evening when your mum announced it to the family at dinner, you could only nod at the thought of possibly being a little closer to Calum, even if it was just being over his house. That week honestly couldn’t go quicker because Saturday afternoon rolled around so fast. Your mum, of course, went over a little earlier to help with the dinner preparations and such – Mali-Koa just happened to be visiting home from Uni that weekend and was sent over by Mrs. Hood to collect you and your younger sister, Ellie. When you arrived, Mali-Koa had practically swiped Ellie from you and disappeared into the house with her. Your dad and Calum’s dad both had a beer in hand and were both working the barbeque and discussing the best way to grill steaks – you could only giggle at how feminine they both seemed whilst conversing on such a topic. Your mum was seated beside Calum’s mum and instead of tea in hand, they had a simple yet classy glass of white wine in it’s place. The only one missing was Calum but not for long – you were soon joined by him, two cans of coke in hand when he offered you the unopened one before sipping from his own. “Hey y/n.” He smiled, and you could’ve sworn that a smile like that was carved by angels, not to mention how husky his voice sounded as per usual. “Hey.” You gave him a soft smile back and tried so goddamn hard to ignore the raging storm of butterflies swirling around in your stomach.


As you finally cracked your can open and took a sip, Calum began to make light conversation between you two and asked a few questions here and there about the things you liked – you obliged happily and answered away, the tension between you two soon clearly. You end up finding out that you two have a lot in common and you both recall some hilarious moments from your primary school years and early high schools years. You also realise that you two like a lot of that same music and before you know it he’s tugged you to his room. He rummaged around for a while until he finally pulled out a cd from a shelf and handed it to you, “Do you like them?” They just so happen to be one of your favourite bands and you can’t help but answer in this amazed yet shocked tone, “Wow, yes, I love them.” He could only nod in agreement and let out a small chuckled. ”This album has to be their best one yet, hands down.”  The two of you then sunk down onto the carpet, leaning up against his bed – your knee touching his when he abruptly grabs your hand, mumbling about how small your hands actually are before measuring them against his. All you can think about is how nice and warm his palm feels against yours and you just kinda get a little flustered because you realise that Calum Hood has now entwined his fingers with yours and is holding your tiny hand in his fairly tightly actually, as if you were going to up and leave any moment soon. “You know y/n, I’ve sorta had a thing for you for a while.” His voice is steady and when you turn to look at him, he has this smug grin on because he’s more than well aware that you feel the same way. “I like you too.”

a s h t o n ―

You always thought it was kinda weird how you and Ashton just clicked. He was your brother, Tyler’s, best friend for crying out loud – you shouldn’t had even come close to being this friendly with him but he just had this vibe about him. He was warm, unlike other guys your brother was friends with, and actually bothered to pay attention when you had something to say. He also gave the best hugs, and you knew this for a fact because he often hugged you whenever you looked the slightest bit down. Ashton was just honestly the most genuine guy you’d ever met, but you’d hadn’t ever considered the possibility of ever falling for him and only really ever seen him as another older brother, which you constantly unconsciously reminded him, completely unaware of his true feelings towards you.


His contagious smile faltered as soon as you mention the whole brother thing again, you didn’t happen to see it and he was glad that you didn’t otherwise his entire plan of keeping his feelings about you to himself would be foiled. Noticing the small silence you peer up from your phone to look at him – he’s somewhat slouching with his nose wrinkled as he fiddles with his own fingers. So you lean over and deliberately lay on his lap to grab his attention. By now, Ashton would’ve blushed as such because you’re laying on his bloody lap but over time, he’d learnt to control his feelings a little better and was able to push the thought back and merely just pull a face at you as if to say “what on earth are you doing?”. You shoved your phone in the back pocket of your high waisted shorts before reaching a hand up to annoyingly poke at his cheek. That was another thing about Ashton, he took a lot to get annoyed – his tolerance levels were actually very impressive, especially being that you were honestly the biggest little shit ever and liked to annoy your brother a lot. Ashton could only let out a small laugh at your attempt to bother him before shifting arm over to your side, sending you squirming as he tickled you. “N-No, I’m sorr- Eeeeeee.” You squealed, curling yourself into a ball while he laughed wholeheartedly at your reaction.


It was pretty rare for you to actually see Ashton at school – being a whole two years younger than him and hanging out in a completely different area with a completely different crowd than him made seeing him around the school grounds basically impossible. So when he approached you just after the last bell of the day rang, when you were actually looking around for your brother and his white ute, you were a little shocked. “Y/n, hey.” You turned almost immediately and he shot you a smile followed by a wave, you did the same. “Hey Ash! What’s up?” When he finally got closer to you, he shoved his hands in his back pockets of his jeans. “I think Tyler went home earlier, he didn’t look to good during second period.” You could only force out a drawled out ‘Ohhhh’ in response before he finally offered, “I could drop you home, if you’d like.” You smiled at his suggestion before nodding, “I’d like that a lot, thanks Ash.”


It was weird, admittedly very awkward for the both of you. Neither of you actually spoke during that fifteen minute ride to your house in his silver commodore but you were grateful because it would’ve taken you almost half an hour to walk home or perhaps even longer. As Ashton turned down your street, he finally broke the silence, “I probably shouldn’t say this because I’m friends with your brother and all…” He started, before shaking his head vigorously not even five seconds later, “Actually, don’t worry, it’s nothing.” He sighed but your curiosity was already piqued. “No no, tell me. I’m all curious now!” You pried and he merely let out a small chuckle in return before you turned a little to face him, lifting a hand to settle it on his shoulder. “Tellll me!” You whined, hoping he’d finally cave. By now, you’d reached your house and he’d turned the ignition off. “Alright, alright.” He sighed but his eyes never mind yours and you titled your head a little, still high curious on what he had to say. “I like you, y/n. I like you a lot and I know I shouldn’t because I’m Tyler’s best friend, for fucks sake.” You were quiet and stayed quiet, feeling a blush creep onto your cheeks. “Y-You like me?” As far as you were concerned, Ashton was very attractive – you’d always thought so. He frowned a little as his eyes met yours and nodded, “Yeah, I do.”

 m i c h a e l ―

You and Michael had been best friends since your first day of primary school. It all started when he put glue in your hair – you were six at the time so you cried about it and threatened to dob him in but then he put glue in his own hair to make up for it and the following day said you had to be friends with him because his mum went ape shit at him for having glue stuck in his hair. You always reminded him of this too especially because after sixth grade and to this very day, he’d pride himself on how strong his hair game was and today was no different. Because you two only lived a street away from each other, you often visited one another but it usually consisted of you walking to Michael’s house because he was too lazy to come to yours or was in the middle of a game when he called you. You two were playing Borderlands 2 today, mainly because it was way easier to level up and get new guns when two people were playing when Michael’s phone started ringing. Usually he’d just ignore it unless they were really persistent and decided to ring another three times but surprisingly, he paused the game and answered his phone within the first two rings before pushing himself off the couch to exit the room. You could only pull this face that was a mix of confusion and shock but that soon passed and he made his way back into the room, leaning against the back of the couch. “Who was that?” You asked, leaning your head back to peer up at him. “You know Kat?” You’d seen her a few times, she worked at the local video store. “Yeah, I know her.” “Well, we’re dating and all, so she asked me if I could come over.” You cocked an eyebrow at him slightly. “I know I said we’d hang today but I haven’t seen her in almost a week, I guess I miss her a bit.” “It’s cool, Mikey. We can hang another time.” You were a bit peeved at the fact that you and Michael had made plans to chill that day but kind of hurt due to the fact that he hadn’t mentioned you that he was dating someone – there was also this pang in your chest because you may or may not have had probably the biggest crush on Michael since forever. He could only smile at your words, “I figured you’d understand. You always get me, y/n.”


By the time the Summer break had rolled around, Michael and Kat had been spending well over too much time together, well at least you’d thought so. So much that you actually started hanging out with other friends you had at school, that you never thought you’d ever hang out with outside of school but of course, it just wasn’t the same – they weren’t Michael. There’d been a fair few times where Michael had actually made you come with him and his girlfriend, only resulting in you being the third-wheel and her turning into a right bitch when Michael wasn’t looking. After hearing countless insults about how Michael was never going to be interested in you and that you were making a complete fool of yourself as well as other unmentionables, you were honestly fed up of dealing with her shit and stopped hanging out with Michael so much – you didn’t have the time or tolerance for people like her.


It was Thursday afternoon and the end of your Summer break was nearing and you were sure that this had been the worst Summer break of your life. You were scrolling through Tumblr on your laptop when you heard your phone go off from across the room. You thought nothing of it because just about everyone you hung out with this summer had plans made and you’d be aware of this for weeks now. But then it went off again, and again, and again. You grew irritated with the constant droning notification tone and trudged your way over to your bed to grab your phone, all over them just so happening to be from none other than Michael himself.

   “I’m bored.”

   “What are you up to today?”

   “Come over.”

   “Or I’ll come over.”

   “Or we can hang out somewhere.”




You snorted at how impatient and clingy he got when you didn’t reply after a minute or so before typing a reply back.

   “Is she with you?”

   “She? You mean Kat? Nah, she told me she’s got work all this week.”

   “Ah, okay.”

It was after a few texts later you’d found yourself in the park with Michael. You two were sitting on the swings and it was that silent, you could’ve sworn that you could hear the wind. “I missed you this Summer, y/n.” “Mm.” was all you could say. He sighed and stood up, “Let’s go back to mine, yeah?” You nodded and stood up shortly after, dreading the walk there a little. As much as you liked Michael, it pained you to know he was with Kat. You knew you weren’t one to talk on who was right for him but Kat honestly didn’t look like someone you’d see with a guy like Michael and you really wondered how they’d even got together. When you reached Michael’s house, you noticed the petite blonde sitting on the steps of his front porch looking more than a little pissed off to see you with her boyfriend. “Michael!” She chimed as she pranced over to him, practically launching herself at the poor boy before shooting you this god awful glare. “Kat, I thought you had work today.” “I did, but I got off early so we could hang out.” Before you knew it you were situated on the couch to the far right, well away from the two of them as they made out. You sighed in disgust and scrolled through Twitter on your phone before making a tweet on the matter that you were once again third-wheeling. You were well over it all and decided that you’d let yourself out and head home because you obviously weren’t feeling welcome but Michael soon pulled back from sucking face with his girlfriend and questioned you. “Are you leaving now, y/n?” You nodded, “Yeah, I’ll see you at school.”


You didn’t hear from him again that week and finally the last week of Summer break had come. You’d already spent the Monday, Tuesday and that Wednesday morning re-watching the entire Game of Thrones series up to date when finally, around three am, someone decided to call you. You had only just fallen asleep and was abruptly awoken by the sound of your phone going off and practically had your eyes still closed when you answered the call groggily, “Hello..?” You yawned and heard what seemed to be a very bummed out Michael on the other end of the call, “Hey y/n…” He sighed. “What’s up?” You were somewhat a little more awake now and pushed yourself up in bed, using your free hand to rub your eyes. “I broke up with her.” “Huh?” You may’ve been awake but your brain certainly was not registering anything yet. “Kat. I broke it off with her.” His voice was pretty steady when he finally repeated himself but you knew he’d been somehow really into her, I mean she was beautiful of course but her personality and attitude towards you was rotten as hell. “Why?” It came out a lot rougher than you’d wanted it to and he could only sigh and change the subject. “Are you gonna come outside or what?” “Yeah, sure.” And then he hung up. You pulled on a pair of acid washed high-waisted shorts and a floral cropped tee before tying your hair up into somewhat messy bun. You didn’t bother about make up because after-all it was a little past three am, and merely splashed a little water on your face to freshen yourself up before shoving your phone in your pocket and heading out. When you finally got outside, he was standing out front in a muscle tank and skinny jeans, leaning against the brick fence that surround the outside of the lot. “Hey.” You nodded as he pushed himself off the bricks and brought himself closer to you. He only acknowledged your greeting with a nod before gesturing for you two to take a walk. It was silent against between the two of you – not that awkward kind of silence, but the silence that was comforting, where no words were even needed. Before long, you’d reached that very same park you two had came to last week and before you knew it, he’d already taken a seat on the grass so you complied and sat beside him. You weren’t one to to pry but you were curious, “What happened?” “I was talking about you. She said some things I didn’t like. We argued. Then she blurted out that she’d been fucking her co-worker the entire time. So I told her we were over and I told her to get the fuck out of my house before I put her out.” His voice was stale with a bitter edge to it, as if he wasn’t in fact hurt over the whole issue – but you knew he was and it killed you inside because he was the light of your life, no matter what. “I’m sorry, Mikey.” He just shook his head and sighed and then laid back, his head landing in your lap and you began to subconsciously play with his hair on instinct. “Why can’t I date someone like you, y/n?” You stopped threading your fingers through his hair for a moment and peered down at him, shocked by his words, “Huh?” “Well you like a lot of the stuff I like, and you’re always there for me and you just know me.” “Mikey, we’ve been friends for what, eleven years? Maybe even longer.” He only shrugged, “So?” “So of course I know you almost as much as I know myself.” His brow furrowed a little and he sat up slightly to look directly at you. “Wha-“ You started, only to be cut of by his lips moulding against your own but he soon pulled back, “Mikey…” You breathed out and he swallowed, “Give me a little time to figure out some things.”  

(a/n: Hiiii friends!!! Sorry about the wait - admittedly, I was having a little writer’s block and on top of that I’ve been trying to finish my Cert/ III course because the close of study date is the 27th and I still have like another 5 or so assessments to complete, ooops. This was a request, I didn’t know if they anon wanted them to confess in the end so I just made it happen - in the end either you or him know the feels. I also didn’t do outfits because these ones basically were over a certain time span but it you want outift prefs, tell me. So yeah, let me know what you think of this one and keep those requests coming!!! xxx)