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Christmas Kisses - Klaus Mikaelson Oneshot

Word Count-  990

Requested by anon.

Authors note: Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you have all had/ will have a wonderful day with the people you love! Happy Holidays everyone!

It was that time of year again. The leaves on the trees were well and truly a thing of the past, the roads were icy and cold and before you knew it the 25th of December had once again rolled around. Christmas day. Not that you ever payed much attention to Christmas in the first place but since you had moved into New Orleans you had not acknowledged the holiday at all, save the exchanging of gifts you partook in the previous evening with your closest friends in the city, the Mikaelsons. So here you were, christmas morning, sprawled out on the sofa of the flat you were renting just outside of the french quarter, cup of tea in hand. Just a normal day; that is until you got a knock at the door which, with a sign, you hauled yourself up for your comfortable spot to answer .

‘I swear to god if it’s more christmas carolers i’m going to kill them.’ You sighed to yourself as you opened the door, still clutching your cup of tea.

'First of all, I am no choir boy, love, however if you are intending upon committing the most heinous of murders on this joyous day I would very much like to witness it myself.’ It was Klaus Mikaelson. One of your closest friends and well, if you were being honest with yourself ever since you ad come to New Orleans you had found yourself attracted to the hybrid, despite all of the horrible crimes he had committed and the danger that came with being associated with him, you had a soft spot for the man and it was almost impossible to hide.

Klaus Mikaelson what of earth are you doing in my home?’ You questioned, arms folded, a scowl on your face as he invited himself into your home which he had been in many times before.

'Well, you mentioned when you were at our home yesterday that you would be alone for Christmas, an well, we cant have that now can we,. Not even the grinch was alone for Christmas so i’m sure even you shouldnt be either.’ Klaus smirked before entering your living room, throwing himself in the space you had previously occupied.

'So, can I get you anything?’ You asked Klaus, your back turned to him as you headed to your kitchen.

'How about some festive cheer love, your house has not one morsel of festivity or a solitary tacky christmas ornament in the whole building. Honestly you should be ashamed.’ The hybrid almost shouted, sarcasm ringing in his voice.

'Well then what do you suggest we do?’ You flared your arms up in the air, pretending to take offense at his critique at your home decor.

With this you saw Klaus’ signature smirk make its reappearance. ’ You do have Christmas decorations don’t you?’

Within a matter of hours your house was so festive it would put the north pole to shame. Tinsel and holly allover the walls, around photo frames, from the ceiling, wreaths adorned on every door, candles and snow globes on every horizontal surface. It was your own personal grotto.

'Happy now?’ You glanced at Klaus, raising an eyebrow at the lengths he had gone to to create a personal winter wonderland in your flat.

'Almost, we’re just missing one fundamental piece of this display.’ He replied, clicking his fingers, enter two men, hauling in the biggest christmas tree you has ever seen.

'What the hell Klaus! There is no way that is going to fit in my house! How did you even get it here?’ You questioned him in astonishment.

'I may have compelled a couple of people to call in a favour and collect a magnificent tree complete with the finest decorations money can buy. Shall we?’ Klaus asked you, gesturing towards the tree and a stack of decorations.

Once your tree was decorated the two of you had both agreed to settle down with a glass of mulled wine and watch your favourite christmas film, 'The Grinch’. You sat on your sofa, with your feet up and your head rested on Klaus’ shoulder for the duration of the film. It wasn’t until the film finished that you moved for your position. For a few minutes after the film finished you both enjoyed the comfortable silence between the two of you, before you finally broke the silence.

'Do you really think im the grinch?’ You asked him, jokingly.

'Well love, whilst the grinch and yourself do share certain attributes, a hatred for christmas for example, you have the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met, you are so caring and compassionate, and of course you put up with me which is better than most.And then theres the fact you’re not green, Obviously.’ He chuckled, looking into your eyes, it was in this moment you were sure, he felt it too. Just as the thoughts in your head were being processed about what Klaus had just said to you he spoke once more.

'Oh and one more thing.’ He stated.

'hmm’ You hummed, still thinking about what had been said moments ago.

'Look up.’

For a second you were confusing, however when you looked up to the ceiling, sure enough there was mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. Just as you looked back from the ceiling back to Klaus, his lips touched yours, taking you no more than a second to react you placed your had on his cheek as the kiss heated up, passionate, but not hungry. Klaus pulled you onto his lap and held you by your waist before you eventually had to part for air. Your eyes looked into his as he spoke softly too you.

'I love you Y/N, I have done for a long while now.’ He smiled down at you, gazing into your eyes, awaiting a response.

'I love you too, Niklaus’ you smiled before kissing him once more.


Favourite Christmas Films
101 Dalmatians (1996)

Fools aren’t born, Pongo. Pretty girls make them in their spare time.


Favourite Christmas Films
The Holiday (2006)

I’ve found almost everything ever written about love to be true. Shakespeare said “Journeys end in lovers meeting.” What an extraordinary thought. Personally, I have not experienced anything remotely close to that, but I am more than willing to believe Shakespeare had. I suppose I think about love more than anyone really should. I am constantly amazed by its sheer power to alter and define our lives. It was Shakespeare who also said “love is blind”. Now that is something I know to be true.

Christmas Pt. 1

A/N: This was requested to do a Christmas imagine with Shawn! This is part 1 of a possible 2, so if you enjoyed this please let me know and I can continue to write about the rest of Christmas day:) I may also be doing a New Years Eve and Day imagine soon so look out for that one! Hope you enjoy x


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It was Christmas Eve, and you were sat in your boyfriend’s living room with him, his parents and younger sister. The Christmas tree lights were glistening in the corner of your eye, and Shawn’s sister, Aaliyah, was putting on her favourite Christmas film for you all to watch together. The atmosphere was relaxed, but there was also a sense of excitement in the air as everyone looked forward to Christmas day the next day. Shawn put his arm around you on the sofa, and his mum smiled over at you both, content at your happiness.

 “Hey Y/N,” Shawn almost whispered to you, “I can’t wait to give you your present tomorrow.” He grinned, which made the butterflies in your stomach that are always there when you’re around him go crazy.

“Well, I can’t wait to receive it! I have high expectations.” You joked. 

Shawn replied, “No pressure then or anything.”

“I’m scared my present to you is going to be awful now.” You truthfully state to Shawn.

 “I already have been given the best gift I could’ve asked for.” Shawn says.

Confused, you ask, “And what is that exactly?” 

Almost embarrassed, Shawn replies, “You… here… with me right now.” You feel your cheeks warm, and the butterflies go crazy once more.

“Thanks.” You reply to him softly.

Aaliyah sat down on the other sofa with her parents by her side and shushed you both as the film began to play. You put your head into Shawn’s chest and muffle your laugh. Shawn looks down at you lovingly, as you attempt to get comfy and lie down to watch the film with everyone. He strokes and plays with your hair throughout the entire film, making you feel tired, but also at home even though your own family aren’t there. Before you know it, your eyes are slowly closing and you are drifting away into a peaceful sleep.

Waking up with a start, you feel someone’s hands around your waist and shoulders picking you up.

“Oh my god! Shawn! You scared me.” You laugh and tell him.

Shawn looks upset, “I’m so sorry, Y/N, I didn’t mean to I was just trying to take you to my bed without waking you up. You looked so peaceful and I know it’s normally hard for you to sleep on Christmas Eve because you get so excited.”

 “That’s very true,” you say laughing, “Well I won’t stop you then.”

Shawn proceeds to gently grab your waist and lift you up almost in a bridal carry position.

“You won’t be able to do this at this time tomorrow; I’ll be double the size with all of the turkey and chocolate.” You tell him laughing hysterically.

Shawn responds, “Don’t worry, I can manage.”

Shawn climbs the stairs, holding you close to his chest as though you are precious diamonds and gold. He opens the door to his room and places you delicately on his bed and you don’t even bother to get changed or take off your makeup, because you are that exhausted.

Shawn gets into bed next to you and whispers, “Goodnight beautiful, and Merry Christmas.”

It’s 6:00am and Shawn’s sister can be heard all through the house. “Wake up every one! Wake upppppp! Santa’s been!” As soon as Shawn hears her voice, he literally leaps out of bed and pulls on his slippers.

“Morning, Y/N! Come on, I know you’re probably not used to this, but I would like to show you a typical ‘Mendes Christmas’.” He says to you with an excited expression plastered on his face.

“Well, Shawn, I would love to experience a ‘Mendes Christmas’. Lead the way!” You say as you hop out of bed too and grab your dressing gown that you brought with you from home.

Shawn grins at you, and pulls you close in for a kiss, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” You reply.

He takes your hand and runs downstairs with you, to where the stockings hang by the fireplace and the gifts lay by the tree. His parents come towards you with open arms saying in a chorus, “Merry Christmas Y/N!” 

Aaliyah’s beaming face looks up at Shawn and you, the excitement radiating off of her.  It feels too perfect, like a cheesy Christmas film that you would watch to get you in the festive spirit, only it’s not. This is your life now, and it’s amazing.

“Who wants to give presents?” Shawn looks like a little puppy, his eyes wide with anticipation. You can tell he is probably the happiest he has ever been.

A/N: I’m really sorry if there are any spelling mistakes in this and if I overloaded on the cheese :/ hahaha but yes, if you would like to request an imagine, just pop it in my ask box here!

Every Christmas we have a Christmas Eve Box - James made one for me and now we’ve started making them for Emma. 

This year I’ve decided to make a Couple’s Christmas Eve Box, for the hours between Emma’s bedtime and ours!

Don’t worry- this isn’t going to be a sexy stocking type of deal; although you could definitely improve that for a little Christmas spice, it’s mainly focused towards a cuddly, chilled out Christmas Eve.

I don’t intend on spending a lot of money on this so it’s mainly simple things, and items you likely already own - just box them up! 

Snuggled up together, like two birds of a feather…

How else can you have a cozy night in if you don’t have a fluffy blanket to snuggle up in? 

We’ll frolic and play, the Eskimo way…

This is the section that really depends on what you like to do together for fun, be that watching your favourite Christmas film, playing board games, or..visiting the sexy stocking again… 

I’m planning on popping one of our much loved, but not yet watched, Christmas films in the box - A Christmas Story is a strong candidate!

It doesn’t show signs of stopping, and I’ve brought some corn for popping…

And while you’re frolicking you may be in need of a few snacks so this is where you can add in popcorn, a box of chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries, etc.

Say what’s in this drink…

As James isn’t into hot chocolate and this is an adult’s only Christmas Eve Box I’m planning to pop in a small bottle of Disaronno as well as a couple of small cartons (talking lunch box size) of cranberry juice and two glasses. 

Disaronno and cranberry is one of my favourites anyway and the warmth and cranberry flavour definitely have a festive feel. 

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…

We don’t have a fireplace (otherwise you could put in a box of matches, fire lighters, or even the remote for your electric fireplace!) so I’m just going to put in a Christmassy scented candle - a fire’s a fire, no matter how small. 

Over all - a perfect cozy night in! 

Let me know if you make one of these - I’ll be uploading pictures of this one and of Emma’s Christmas Eve Box once they’re all compiled. 

fic: the trace of pleasure or regret, (3/5)

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“You do realise this is the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me, right?” Rose asked two weeks later, as they sat inside an open-air monorail carriage, travelling slowly on a stilted track overlooking the Firefly Display of Ludolphi.

The Doctor chuckled, and tugged on his ear. “Well, it’s Christmas. Had to bring you somewhere special.”

“Thanks, Doctor,” she said softly, and snuggled into him, lifting his arm around her shoulders.

They had the carriage to themselves, and he held her close, unable to resist nuzzling the top of her head. “You’re welcome.”

Her hand was resting on his thigh, a warm pressure that kept making him blush every time he glanced down and saw it.

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Christmas asks!
  • Tree: is there a weird decoration that comes out every year?
  • Candles: favourite Christmassy smell?
  • Presents: what have you asked for this year?
  • Wrapping paper: what are you giving your relatives?
  • Cards: is your Christmas traditional?
  • Church: ever been to a Christmas Day service?
  • Santa: are you from somewhere with a different variation on Father Christmas?
  • Tinsel: do you enjoy decorations?
  • Movies: favourite Christmas film?
  • Carol: favourite Christmas song?
  • Turkey: ideal Christmas dinner?
  • Tradition: do you/your family have any specific traditions?
  • Stocking: does Christmas still excite you?
  • Family: who do you spend Christmas with?

Edward Scissorhands (1990) 

One of my all time favourite Christmas films!

"I don't even like Christmas" - Luke Hemmings [fluff]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “Can you write about a grumpy Luke on Christmas morning because y/n has woken him up really early and both y/n and Luke are really fluffy and cuddly. Take it where you want, that would be amazing. Thanks a bunch, love. xx”

A/N: I bumped this one up my list of 43 dang messages because I was scared that I wouldn’t get it done before christmas.

Word Count - 506

You’re first christmas in your new house and you’re determined for it to be freaking magical. You don’t even have kids, yet, but you’ve gone all out, dusting fake footprints in front of the fireplace, draping tinsel and ribbons everywhere possible, not to mention the tree, decorated to perfection as the center piece of your lounge.

Christmas is easily your favourite time of year, even if it isn’t Luke’s, so you naturally wake up pretty early on the big day.

“Merry Christmas,” you beam rolling over and looking into the tired eyes of a sleep Luke Hemmings.

“No,” he groans rubbing his eyes.

“Yes, you need to get up, we’re having a nice breakfast, opening presents and a christmas dinner for two,” you say.

“I don’t even like Christmas,” he mumbles against a pillow.

“Well I’m going to change your mind,” you nudge him. “Come on”

He reluctantly gets up and shivers in the winter-y cold since he’s wearing only his boxers. You get up too and toss him his dressing gown.

He’s grumpy all through breakfast, only letting out grumble-y answer every now and again, but as soon as you mention presents he lights up a little.

“I’m surprised that you got me a present, Mr ‘I hate christmas’,” you saw when he brings through a little box with your name on it.

“I’m not that much of a scrooge,” he smiles a little.

You happily take the present from him and carefully open the wrapping even though it’s pretty badly wrapped in the first place. You open a small black box and see a small gold charm bracelet.

“It’s gorgeous,” you grin.

“It’s also a cheat of a present because now I can just get you new charms,” he grins.

You almost entirely win him round on the idea of Christmas when you get him the electro-acoustic ukulele that he’s been eyeing up in the music shop in town.

To compromise with Luke a little you don’t go all out with the Christmas dinner and just make fancy turkey sandwiches which the two of you enjoy a lot.

That night is a lot more chilled out as per Luke’s request, you pick out your favourite Christmas films and Luke brings down a pile of fluffy blankets and pillows. 

It’s obvious that he couldn’t care less about the films but you don’t bother telling him to watch because from the corner of your eye you can tell that he’s content to just watch you completely overreact to every little thing that happens.

When the lights begin to fade and he starts to get a little sleepy he lazily kisses your cheek and hugs you around the waist, pulling your body in to his and nuzzling his face into your neck.

“I love you,” he grins against your skin, rocking the two of you from side to side gradually.

“I love you too, do you still hate christmas?” you ask.

He looks up at you, “If they’re like this, I think I can stand the idea”



Lord Help The Mister... Who killed Charlotte, Uber A and more

(I’m going to refer to CeCe as CeCe before the end of 6x10 and Charlotte after that)

This theory has stemmed from my idea that in 6x10, Game Over Charles, someone was watching CeCe and Ali in Radley besides Mona and the liars. So the other day I was thinking about when CeCe turns to the camera and says/sings “Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister”. This has always stuck out to me as its a line from a song in one of my favourite films (White Christmas) and also because I’m not convinced this was purely directed at the liars, if at all. I believe that CeCe knew that someone else would be watching, someone that would want to stop her, this person being Uber A. This was CeCe warning them off, she had the building rigged with explosives and an alarm so she’s know if she’d been interrupted. What if this wasn’t for the liars but as a fail safe against Uber A. Maybe CeCe even intended to give them up too?

I think that CeCe was working under someone else, she was taking orders from Uber A and carrying out his bidding. I think that CeCe went off book that night, disobeying Uber A, this reveal wasn’t a part of Their plan at all. Maybe they didn’t want her to reveal herself to the liars, or she gave too much away, lied, took credit for too much or just forced the game to be ended too soon. I also would like to point out that I don’t believe those working for CeCe knew about Uber A (ie- Mona and Sara etc).

Uber A was livid after it all and it is for that reason that they arranged to meet up with Charlotte the night she got out and killed her. He didn’t want to risk her giving up any more information on the game he intended to continue now he knew he was safe. I think we can assume that Uber A is a guy due to the flash forward at the end of 6x10.

I believe that Uber A could be Wren. I won’t go into the countless ‘Wren is A’ clues that people have found over the years but I will mention;
- the Melissa and Hannah scene we’ve had this season. I think that Wren would have contacted Charlotte in hospital to convince her that he wasn’t upset with her, basically to gain her trust so that she wouldn’t give him up. Maybe Wren left Melissa because he’s related to Bethany Young or knew her from Radley or maybe he just needed to get away to start putting plans into motion for when he could start the game again.
- In the dollhouse the Charles we see at the masquerade ball is definitely not CeCe. A transgender person who had fought to be a woman would not want to pretend to be a man again, plus there’s no way her boobs were hidden in that costume. I think this was Wren. Spencer says that it felt like someone she used to know.
I don’t think that Wren is the one with a twin. I think that the twin is emoji person and this person is connected to Charlotte. Possibly Mrs D’s twin or a friend from Radley? What do y'all think?

Thanks to @spencerslakehouse for listening to my theory for me!