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lol this is a lot but 2,3,4,8 & 15 :))

hi bby!!!! how r you!!! also thank you :’) i have answered 4 and 15 sweetie!

2: Whats your aesthetic in your opinion?

i literally know of no such thing, i have 0 aesthetic tbh but i have come to terms w this

3: Who are your inspirations when it comes to editing?

see this is really hard bc honestly i’m not necessarily inspired by many people when it comes to editing, when i read amazing stories it definitely makes me think wow and it motivates me to write stories, so i’m definitely inspired by a LOT of ppl when it comes to writing/storytelling but not really editing, but there are an incredible amount of people who edit so well that it makes me double take bc how is that sims brother HOW

5: Who is your least favourite character you’ve made?

wow there we’re getting down n out its time to expose some simmies: well my least favourite character in terms of wow i hate this lil virtual viper then it would be mawusi (the crazy blue eyed bitch in my history challenge n u will see why -evil laugh-)

but in terms of just not liking them idk i have so many i’ll just make sims n scrap them in 2 seconds bc i want to kick them in the shin

8: Is there anything you look for when browsing for simblr stories to read?

oo this actually reminds to me go on a hunt for simblr stories bc i haven’t in such a long time! n tbh i used to just look on ppl’s recommendations n binge read n i used to stray more towards legacy stories but i’ve definitely grown towards those who do other genre’s (petition for some more fantasy or horror stories) i adore the idea of post-apocalyptic bc it’s so interesting to see others take on how the world will go to shit

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Least favourite character from Natsume Yuujinchou?

wow that’s hard. Mmmm probably pretty much any of Natsume’s foster families before the Fujiwaras. Like, Matoba is hateable as an antagonist, but he’s supoosed to be, and he doesn’t really feel as much like a real person as the shitty relatives Natsume stayed with do. And there’s a smorgasbord of them, I can’t remember how much any of them are named, but they’re all pretty uniformly awful in realistic ways- from the family he stayed with right before he was adopted by the Fujiwaras who treated him like a burden, etc.

I guess in particular, that girl he used to live with from that episode where Natsume goes to see his old house and remembers his dad REALLY bothered me, not because she was 100% terrible, but because she actually felt like a REAL person and was kind of shitty in a realistic way, even at the end when she and Natsume made up. She never really seriously reflected on how badly she treated him as a kid and explicitly used “I was a kid too” as an excuse. 

She was willing to “forgive” him for being a weird kid when she saw he was 1. kinda good looking and 2. better at covering up his “weird behavior” than he had been when he was younger, but the second he acted “weird” again (which again, from an outside perspective Natsume’s behavior would come off as mental illness, so there’s a lot of disturbing subtext here) she exhibits the exact same behavior she did as a child and lashes out at him. And Natsume is forced to reassure her before running off again.

And she seems to realize she went over the line and it reminds her of how when she was a kid she said some REALLY HORRIFICALLY SHITTY stuff to him, but just sort of shrugs it off with “well, kids will be kids” excuse. Which yeah,that’s true, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, y’know, apologize for how you treated him back then or apologize for the little tantrum you JUST HAD. You’re older now, you know better, so you should make amends for what you did, not let yourself off the hook. It doesn’t stop as “I was a kid” it should be “I was a kid and I did a really hurtful thing to this OTHER kid who was orphaned and abandoned and just wanted a home and really could have seriously hurt him and then I just reopened that wound too, maybe now that I’m older I should think about how this impacted his life, seriously apologize and try to understand him more. The onus shouldn’t be on HIM to make ME feel better here, I need to adjust how I  perceive people in the first place.”

So although she does change her behavior, (apparently, since she smiles and talks pleasantly to him when you see them meet again, meaning she feels less “threatened” by him since he “reassured” her), she doesn’t seem to make a real attempt to see things from his perspective at all or examine or take responsibility for any of what she did. Which feels realistic to me. She comes off as a kind of selfish person who is willing to realize when she does something wrong and will stop being as shitty if the other person is “nice” enough to her…. but she won’t really acknowledge just how damaging what she did was or take responsibility for that. And she wouldn’t have even changed behavior towards him if Natume hadn’t “reassured” her enough. 

And it’s common to see that kind of teenager and even possible once she’s an adult, she’ll be better about this kind of self-centered thinking. So she’s not a bad character nor is she anywhere near the meanest character in the series or the meanest member of Natsume’s old foster families, but yeah, I really disliked her because she feels like a shitty kid you could really meet.

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Hey :) when you think about both Aaron and Roberts personalities what would you say is your favourite character trait?

Oh wow, what an easy question…not…. because with both I like the mix, I like that they both are incredibly flawed but also redeeming. Okay, I will try anyway:

With Aaron I would say it’s his compassion. No matter his own connection to the person he can always emphasize and be compassionate.

With Robert I would say that despite his upbringing (or because of it?) he is the most loyal person (and yes, even after the ONS) Once you are in, you are in. He will protect you and care for you. People say he only thinks about himself, when in fact he thinks he has to constantly prove himself to others. And yet he is still there, caring and providing and doing everything he can.

Send me Robron related asks and I’ll answer them or your Robron headcanons and I’ll post them ♥

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Name: Nathalie

Nicknames: Nat, Natalia, Talia 

Zodiac signs: Taurus, Rat for the Chinese Zodiac

Height: 5′4″

Orientation: Idk man I just really like girls, so gay i guess

Ethnicity: White

Favourite Fruit: Strawberries! 

Favourite Season: Autumn! 

Favourite Book: uhhhhhh a lot, probably Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King or Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein 

Favourite Flower: Lilies 

Favourite Scent: Vanilla, lilac, citrus

Favourite Colour: Teal, dark green, indigo, violet, magenta 

Favourite Animal: Wombat! 

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Tea

Sleep hours: Trying to keep it at like 1am to 10am 

Cat or dog: Both! 

Favourite Fictional Character: WOW this is hard. I looked up to Chihiro from Spirited Away and Coraline a lot as a kid, maybe one of them if I only had to choose one

Blankets: Two 

Dream Trip: I’d love to do a road trip across the US someday! I’d also love to go to New Zealand and Japan. 

When did I make this blog: September 2016

Number of Followers: 92

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Tirion's probably my favourite WoW character and I was brokenhearted to see him leave us :( Can you honour his memory with a TFLN including him? Thank you <3 Hugs and keeses

*clutches heart* Tirion has been my favorite for YEARS, I bawled when he died. Absolutely! 


I want to mix it up on this blog, but I keep drawing Papyrus … he’s just so easy for me to draw … I love the other characters, I swear … hey, stop looking at me like that!!

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name: Julia

nickname: Julz, Kartoffelnkopf (it’s German for potato head), sometimes one of my friends calls me her main muffin

height: around 155cm (just under 5″1′)

ethnicity: Polish :) (It says UK in my description ‘cause that’s where I live)

favourite fruit: Dragon fruit (it’s actually so nice)

favourite season: Autumn/Winter I love winter when it snows, but we hardly get snow over here, so I’m gonna have to say Autumn

favourite book: The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

favourite flower: I really like orchids and lillies

favourite animal: Let’s be honest, it’s probably dogs

favourite beverage: Tea (no milk, I may live in England but no)

favourite fictional character: Oh wow. I can’t pick just one: Rentaro Satomi, Vincent Law, Nakahara Chuuya, Nagai Kei, Mirai Kuriyama, Kageyama Shigeo

number of blankets you sleep with: Just one

dream trip: Probably a trip around Japan

blog created: Umm, I think it was August 2015 (I kinda did nothing on it for about a year, before restarting it as an anime blog)

number of followers: 118

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let me be boring and say emmedale lmoa, is that even a series ?? i don't know ... just do it and let's pretend it is 😉

technically it’s a ~continuing drama~ so i think it can be allowed 

  • favourite male: wow!!1 what a difficult question!!1 (it’s robert) 
  • favourite female: nicola king could shoot me in the face and i’d say thank you
  • favourite pairing: rob/aaron or lachlan/prison cell
  • least favourite character: wow guyz these r 2 hard!!1 (it’s rebecca)
  • who’s most like me: probably robert?? maybe
  • most attractive: robert or charity
  • three more characters that I like: aaron, bernice, eric (i’m also a big fan of this guy called robert? idk if you’ve heard of him)
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Name: Molly

Nickname: Mo, Mols, Moppet, Moo

Height: Roughly 5'7"

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Favourite fruit(s)/berries: Bananas and watermelon

Favourite season: Summer 😎☀️

Favourite book(s): Dragonskin Slippers by Jessica Day George

Favourite flower(s): Roses (particularly yellow ones)

Favourite animal(s): Cats in general, but also snow leopards and clouded leopards

Favourite beverage: I drink water most of the time but tea is probably my favourite

Favourite fictional characters: Oh wow, I have looooads but I’ll try to include my absolute faves- Luke Skywalker (Star Wars), Princess Leia (Star Wars), Legolas (Lord of the Rings), Billy Loomis (Scream), Xander Harris (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), pretty much all of the main characters from Orange is the New Black, the main 6 from Friends, just about everyone from How to Train Your Dragon, Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead), Arya Stark (Game of Thrones), Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones) and Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 thin duvet in the summer, 1 thick duvet & a couple of blankets in the winter

Dream trip: China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand

Blog created: Early 2017 (I’m a baby blogger!)

Number of followers: 34 (hehe 😆)

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Favourite character? How can I choose just one!

WOY’s Trending 27th this month is about your favourite Wander Over Yonder character. Which like, wow, favourite character, as in singular? Yikes. That is… actually not possible with me. Because the main four each hold a special, unique place in my heart. Let’s see…


Literally the first character I connected to. Her sarcasm and dead-pan attitude spoke to me on a profound level. I’m going to be honest here – I didn’t like the show when I first saw it (first episode, The Greatest, somehow just didn’t do it for me on whatever day I happened to watch it). But I liked Sylvia. I thought, here’s a character that at least is reacting appropriately to the amount of ridiculousness that’s going on. I’ve come to adore the ridiculousness, but I haven’t lost my love for her. She’s strong, she’s funny, she’s an absolute model friend who really inspires me in her platonic love for Wander. I aspire to one day have a friend like her (and, in turn, to be a friend like her). Of course she’s one of my favourite characters.


Talk about a character who really grew on me! I don’t think I ever disliked Hater, per se, but there was definitely a period of time where I didn’t really… care? But man do I care now. I have so many feelings for my skeleton son. I want to see him be happy. I want him to succeed. I want him to revel in the fact that he saved the galaxy (I am. so. proud.) He’s a comedic character, that’s for sure, and he definitely makes me laugh (his antics in the Good Bad Guy are an all-time fave), but that’s not to say he doesn’t have his depth. He craves validation, and I’m so happy he has Peepers and Wander around to engage with his “greatest in the galaxy” theatrics. Given a third season, I would love to see him grow even more and find that the recognition he receives from helping others (see: gif above) can be the happiness he needs. Hater’s great, best villain, forever fave.


What an unexpectedly amazing, relatable character. Like, wow. Peepers is amazing. Also, what a stellar example of excellent character development. Like, his progress through the show is amazing, especially given that he’s not “the main”, “the main’s best friend”, or “the main antagonist”. He becomes such a sarcastic, ambitious lil’ twerp and I love it. He offsets Hater’s immaturity perfectly, and his unlikely affinity with Sylvia (and their growing friendship) is amazing and I’m so happy for it. Going back and watching some of the earlier episodes with him is almost jarring given how much he’s changed. He’s really come into his own as a strong character with his own goals apart from Hater (and Hater’s latest shenanigans). Also his character design in undeniably cute despite the fact he’s literally an eyeball. I love Peepers and he will forever be a favourite character of mine.


And of course, our titular character. Wander is an absolute delight. A little ball of fuzzy sunshine that just brightens my day. Now, I’ll admit that his happy-go-lucky can-do-’titude didn’t sell it for me at first. It took a couple of episodes for me to fall for Wander’s charms. I’m not really sure what did it, to be honest. I think maybe it was because he just… tried so hard? His heart is so big. He doesn’t judge. He helps even when it does hurt – and yes I know “it never hurts to help” is kind of his motto, but let’s be serious here, sometimes helping is a struggle. WOY shows that. And I think it’s important. That sometimes, despite the best of intentions, things just don’t work out. Helping hurts. I think what “it never hurts to help” is really saying is that life’s going to be hard either so why not try to be nice to each other and lend a helping hand when possible. And Wander does exactly that. It’s inspiring. He’s not perfect, and I appreciate that because it makes his goodness that much more achievable. He just. Tries hard. He tries hard to be kind. Of course he’s a favourite. The show wouldn’t be Wander Over Yonder without him.

In Conclusion

So, you know, Wander Over Yonder is great and has amazing characters and probably, really shouldn’t be, well, y’know, cancelled? Especially with even more character development planned for these four lovable dorks. Sooo, you know what would really be ideal? A third season. Just sayin’. Saving WOY would be really neat-o.


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What are your favourite Unicode characters?

Hi, easynam.

WOW!!! I appreciate this message, big thanks.

Some of my favorite Unicode characters? are 1 Basic Latin 2 Latin-1 Supplement 3 Latin Extended-A 4 Latin Extended-B 5 IPA Extensions 6 Spacing modifier letters 7 Combining Diacritical Marks 8 Greek and Coptic 9 Cyrillic 10 Cyrillic Supplement Arabic Extended-A 21 Indic scripts 22 Thai 23 Lao 24 Tibetan 25 Burmese 26 Georgian 27 Hangul jamo 28 Ethiopic 29 Cherokee 30 Unified Canadian Aboriginal syllabics 31 Ogham 32 Runic 33 Tagalog 34 Hanunoo 35 Buhid 36 Tagbanwa 37 11 Armenian 12 Hebrew 13 Arabic 14 Syriac Vedic Extensions �� ������ ���������� ���� ���� �� ��� ����� �� ������� �� � ���� ��������. 

51 Phonetic Extensions 52 Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement 53 Latin Extended Additional 54 Greek Extended 55 General Punctuation 56 Superscripts and Subscripts 57 Currency Symbols 58 Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols 59 Letterlike Symbols 60 Number Forms 61 15 Arabic Supplement 16 Thaana 17 N'Ko 18 Samaritan 19 Mandaic 20 Khmer 38 Mongolian 39 Limbu 40 Tai Le 41 New Tai Lue 42 Khmer Symbols 43 Buginese 44 Tai Tham 45 Balinese 46 Sundanese 47 Batak 48 Lepcha 49 Ol Chiki 50  Arrows 62 Mathematical Operators 63 Miscellaneous Technical 64 Control Pictures 65 Optical Character Recognition 66 Enclosed Alphanumerics 67 Box Drawing

Thanks for this question. Bye! :)

i actually love making friends you know when you first meet someone and you already have a good vibe off of them and you just get along really well and then they tell you about their past and you have to complete their personal mission in order to gain their approval and loyalty for the final boss quest so you can complete the game