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Ladies of Star Wars Appreciation Week
Day 2
- Favourite Cast Member - Daisy Ridley

It’s definitely the most nervous I’ve ever been for an audition. And I was there an hour early, so I went to, like, sit in a coffee shop, and then I still got there half an hour early. I mean, I must have gone for a wee a million times. Then I’m pretty sure they told me to go away and come back, and I was like, Oh god! Just really nervous. It felt like a huge deal. And it’s funny, because Star Wars was not that huge in my life [growing up] at all. The whole way through, even though I was riddled with doubts and I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job in the auditions, I’d had this feeling that something was going to happen from it. So it’s that weird thing of both being driven on by something and being terrified by what that might mean.

Top 10 British Sitcoms! (In my personal opinion)

1) Father Ted (1995 - 1998)

What’s funnier than a bunch of bizarre priests and their clumsy housekeeper who loves tea? Well, barely anything. Hence why this is my number one.

Father Ted is one of those comedy shows that always seems to be on a channel somewhere, and no matter the episode, I’ll end up roaring with laughter. I adore this show on a magical level, and it’s definitely hard to top.

2) Blackadder (1983 - 1989)

Rowan Atkinson at his finest. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Mr Bean, but Blackadder is just spectacular. Fast paced, sarcastic and hilarious, it’s another show that I can always just pick up and burst out laughing at. One of the most interest aspects of the show though is the different era per series, however keeping the same amazing cast. Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Tony Robinson’s characters also having a special place in my heart due to the antics and hilarity. 

3) Fawlty Towers (1975 - 1979)

The quintessential British comedy sitcom. I don’t want to say too much about this, because if you have never seen it, shame on you.

4) Black Books (2000 - 2004)

Quite simply one of the greatest, but shortest, sitcoms ever created. Anyone who has actually seen this show has regarded it as one of their favourites of all time for good reason. Black Books follows the character of Bernard Black, the owner of a shoddy and sticky bookshop, and lacks all regard or care for people. The majority of the comedy is derived from Bernard’s two ‘friends’ who attempt to make his lifestyle more socially acceptable, much to his despair. I truly recommend checking out this show, but be prepared to be annoyed that there isn’t more!  

5) Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (1973 - 1978)

Probably one of the favourite comedy shows I watch with my Grandfather. Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em follows the character of Frank, a childish, often moronic and insanely clumsy individual who only wants best for his family, although all he does is infuriate and anger people. A show with amazing catchphrases and hilarious situations, I simply adore this show.

6) Dads Army (1968 - 1977)

An amazing comedy focused on the Home Guard during the Second World War, the Home Guard were the volunteer army of those deemed ineligible for military service, usually due to age. The majority of the comedy derives from the pure uselessness of the group, and their lack of contribution to the war effort. The humour is often subtle and hilarious, I’d recommend it to anyone, I love it.

7) Porridge (1974 - 1977)

Ronnie Barker was one of the penultimate lords of comedy, that is all.

Porridge follows the goings on in the prison HMP Slade, following the character of Fletcher and his cellmate, an inmate serving his first sentence who Fletcher takes under his wing. The characters are strong and well written, as well as having amazing comedic timing and execution. The majority of the comedy comes from the interactions between the prisoners, as well as their relationships to the guards. It’s a show with a lot of heart and a lot of fun. 

8) Red Dwarf (1988 - ?)

Sci-Fi and sitcom, a bizarre genre hybrid that was an amazing gamble, but alas paid off incredibly well for Red Dwarf. The show follows the interesting cast of characters aboard the ‘Red Dwarf’ ship, all of whom are odd and interesting in their own ways. Unfortunately, I would not do the show justice if I were to attempt to describe the plot, so I shall urge you to check it out yourself. Trust me when I say this is an amazing show though.

9) Only Fools And Horses (1981 - 2003)

One of the longest running and most popular sitcoms in Britain, for good reason might I add. The show primarily follows the family of Del-Boy, Rodney and their Granddad (who is later replaced by Uncle Albert due to the unfortunate passing of the actor). The show is set in Peckham, a district in the south east of London, known for it’s working class citizens, the comedy mainly deriving from the vast array of occurring characters, as well as Del-Boy’s constant attempts of quick-rich schemes, with his main catchphrase being, “this time next year, we’ll be millionaires”. The show is a lot of fun, and the characters are all well written and performed and it has truly earned its cemented place as being one of the best in British history. 

10) Outnumbered (2007 - 2014)

Literally the most hilarious ‘family’ in Britain. Holy crap, I adore this show. The show is centred around a middle-class family who live in West London, the parents of whom, are ‘outnumbered’ by their 3 children. Jake, the typical teen, Ben, the hyperactive and strange child, and Karen, the oddly sarcastic child with a lot of questions, and a lot of answers. 
In essence, it’s a great show with hilarious situations, Karen and Ben being the funniest and most interesting parts of the show in all honesty. Even though it’s number 10 in my list, it’s amazing and I think everyone should attempt to watch this show.

And that comes to the end of my list, have I missed anything? What are your top 10 British Sitcoms?

I would like to thank

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall. Who taught me to never give up. That i always have hope, always.

Dylan O'Brien as Stiles Stilinski, you showed me that I don’t have to be special, to make a difference.

Holland Roden as Lydia Martin, thank u for telling me to never make myself less than i am for someone else.

Shelley Hennig as Malia Tate. Thank u for letting me know that i can be honest, sassy and bitter but still be kind and have passion.

Crystal Reed as Allison Argent. You taught me that if people underestimate me. Prove them wrong.

Daniel Sharman as Isaac Lahey, who showed that I am more than I’ve been treated, that if i see evil, make the world a better place and show some good.

Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, thanks for showing that if a lose a battle, to get back up and try again

Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar, thank u dearly for showing me that I’m more than my emotions. To power through what i feel.

Cody Christian as Theo Raeken. Thanks for showing me that people can change. That the bad can be good.

Victoria Moroles as Hayden Romero, who showed that there are many sides to being a badass, being tuff, compassionate, weak at some points, to be able to show emotions. Thank u.

Khylin Rambo as Mason Hewitt. You should me that i can always use my intelligence.

Michael Johnston as Corey Bryant. You helped me realise that even though i think im invisible to everyone, i might not be

Cody Saintgnue as Brett Talbot, you should me that I should give people second chances. They could turn out to be really lovely

Adelaide Kane as Cora Hale. Thank u for showing me to never give up on my family, even if they disappoint or leave. They are still my family

Ian Bohen as Peter, thank u for teaching me power isn’t everything.

Orny Adams as Coach. Thanks for being utterly amazing.

And soo many other cast members i love to bits

And i big thank u to Jeff Davis for creating my favourite tv show ever. Though u have made mistakes that have annoyed me, u have made my soooooo unbelievably happy by creating this show.

Thank u to all of u have made me happy in times of sadness and have taught me many lessons. I look up to your characters who u created they were amazing, i will always remember them. Always. And i look up to u as people, the incredible people u are. Thank u. I will never forget u all

I’ve got to say, out of the three films, it was the most enjoyable experience that I had. The first two films we shot in Los Angeles and of course, all the LA-based cast, you know, they have their friends there and their social networks, and so we didn’t really hang out together too much off set. But in Vancouver, we were all like kids away on a summer camp. And we had a lot of fun. We just had a blast, we hung out, and it really bonded us in a way that… you know, when I see the TNG cast and how tight they are, I really felt like at the end of Beyond, we were there. And even though we’ve only made three films, it feels like we’ve been in it together for a long time. We’re family. We love each other, we really do. It is literally my favourite cast I’ve worked with.
—  Karl Urban on his experience of making Star Trek Beyond, at Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, 2017 (X)

anonymous asked:

Dany coming in with Drogon was all for Cersei and it did the job. Lena said that Cersei is immediately envious and says that YMBQ prophecy was in her head during that moment.

OMG! I didn’t know Lena thought so too but I swear when I was watching that scene and the camera zoomed in on Cersei’s envious face, the first thought I had was “Queen you shall be… until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.” For someone who has clung to words her entire life, Dany’s entrance was meant to strike that chord with Cersei. Comments on my last answer about Dany slowly perfecting her image as the Dragon Queen made me realise that Dany’s motivations for it are a mystery to a lot of people. Dany’s display of power for her first impressions as Dragon Queen is very effective, even though it doesn’t seem effective to viewers when our favourite characters, Jon & Cersei, only felt annoyed by the display when they saw her for the first time (Jon at Dragonstone & Cersie at Dragonpit).

It all started in Qarth. When she stood at their gates, she was a naive and poor negotiator like Jon. She approached the city expecting them to take her in and help her without a well thought out approach. Much like Jon came to Dragonstone expecting her to join his crusade with stories of zombies and without even a proper royal introduction. So what happened? She was rejected by the Spice King, who throughout the season kept calling her a “Little Princess” and kept ridiculing her childish dreams of becoming a Queen. He refused to help her or talk to her without being condescending, every step of the way because to him she was just a little girl he couldn’t take seriously. On the other hand, there was Xaro, who wanted to take advantage of her naivety by using her dragons to become the King of the city. 

Only in the end when she learnt the lesson that Xaro’s wealth & power was built on an illusion, she realised that she can’t afford to go around presenting herself without a strategy and expect to be taken seriously by anyone. She has always required a plan of action later to succeed in her short term goals but her well crafted first impressions help her to be taken seriously as the Dragon Queen and not dismissed as a “Little Princess” 

When she first met Jon, his only statement that irked at her was, “Right now, you and I and Cersei and everyone else, we’re children playing at a game, screaming that the rules aren’t fair.” That’s the only time she broke character as the Dragon Queen and expressed her frustration to Tyrion, “You said you liked this man. In the time since he’s met me, he’s refused to call me Queen, he’s refused to bow, and now he’s calling me a child.” But thankfully they both soon realised that his intention was not be condescending like the Spice King.

Jon & Cersei’s first reactions of Dany might have negative connotations but they weren’t ineffective because they were crafted with the purpose of being taken seriously as a Queen and a grown woman. She succeeded at that both times. I mean look at how regal and composed she was and how rattled she left Cersei. 

That is why Cersei’s jealousy and frustration didn’t bother her in the least, because that was her intention, to stand as an equal in front of a Queen with a lot more years & experience on her and rattle her. It was a display of power to really show everyone what they were up against and Cersei might not have backed out but Jamie was effected by the display of military power enough for Cersei to lose he brother, lover & military Commander. So, I would say her display of power did the job which was intended. 

gay books that aren’t Gay Books™

the raven cycle series by maggie steifvater

my favourite series of all time. nothing more to be said. you probably already know this one but idk i LOVE

all for the game series by nora sakavic

second favourite series of all time. probably crossing over into adult with some very adult content but amazing story and characters.

carry on by rainbow rowell

favourite book of all time and though the plot is a bit iffy at points the characters make up for it seven trillion times over jfc

six of crows duology by leigh bardugo

even though the story is superbly crafted the brilliant cast of characters is the true standout

a darker shade of magic series by ve schwab

this is my favourite author of all time and hoo boy is she incredible at her goddamn job

the great library series by rachel caine


more than this by patrick ness

not actually read this one but it’s had rave reviews!!!

the mortal instruments by cassandra clare

PROCEED WITH CAUTION a) we all have probably heard of this one b) if you’re looking for good representation not just a good story come to this one last c) in fact if you’re looking for good representation just watch the show

the trials of apollo by rick riordan

you may or may not need to read all of the 10 books before this to make any sense of it so good frickin luck. you can say many things about rick but he’s good with his damn representation

red queen series by victoria aveyard

there are better options bc apparantly it’s a few minor characters in the 2nd book but if you’re at a loss it’s a good story too

the song of achilles by madeline miller

if you want to be happy don’t read this book

Real Talk:

Why don’t more people talk about ever after high? Sure, it’s a children’s show created by the same people who made monster high, but we know that shows originally intended for children can gain a massive following *cough* miraculous ladybug *cough* steven universe *cough* So why doesn’t Ever After High have the same treatment? Below are just a few reasons why I believe people should really consider watching Ever After High.

1. Strong female characters, both mentally and physically. There are literally so many strong female characters in this show, and they all show it in different ways. Even characters who you thought were two dimensional at first are shown to have way more depth. For a show about princesses, it really lacks in the helpless princess troupe. Sometimes it even makes fun of it. Though sometimes it is distinctly lacking in male characters, the guys that they do have are all amazing characters too.

2. The character arcs. As I stated before, even the most two dimensional characters are shown to have tons more depth than we ever imagined they’d have. My favourite character in the entire show was the biggest jerkwad in the beginning. But eventually, just like real people, even the most unlikable of characters are shown to have their motivations. And they don’t make excuses for assery in this show either. The characters learn to grow as people, and most never try to make excuses for their past mistakes once they have grown.

3. REPRESENTATION AND DIVERSITY. This show isn’t lacking in diversity (except in the body types, but that’s a style choice) Their are so many pocs in this show, and many of them have huge parts. All of the characters are varied in personality and looks, and they don’t find themselves restricted to how the princesses are usually portrayed.

4. I almost put this with representation and diversity but it deserves it’s own category tbh. ONE OF THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS IS KISSED BY A WOMAN. And not any woman, a kickass princess who she’s supposed to spend the rest of her life with. Did I forget to mention that it isn’t just any kiss, it’s true love/destiny’s kiss? Y'know, that kiss that most princesses are administered in their stories? Yah, the only on screen depiction of that we’ve gotten that actually worked was between two women. And this isn’t really seen as that much of a problem for the two characters involved (it’s more of a problem for the guy they thought was her prince tbh. I mean his sister took the destiny he was sure was his. That’s gotta hurt) One of the two that was involved in the kiss just kinda accepts it, because she’d been doing shit that wasn’t expected of her for a while now, and the other has been having a pretty hard time accepting it. The one who was kissed has also shown no attraction to men whatsoever, except politely saying that she wasn’t dating the guy she was supposed to be with. Like she uses guys, and does what’s expected of her. That’s it though.

5. HAVE I MENTIONED THE DEPTH TO THESE CHARACTERS??? I’m really passionate about this. They make mistakes, they try to fix themselves, some fail, other don’t. I just love these characters.

6. The ARTWORK. This show is in a really unique style, and it suits the fairytale aspect so well. The overall aesthetic of this show is amazing, and the detail in their eyes and outfits is phenomenal. I could talk all day about the tiny details in this show, but I’ll let you see for yourself. It’s gorgeous, simple as that.

6. It has a lot of content out already. The tv show itself is a Netflix original show and it already has 5 seasons. THAT ISNT IT THOUGH. It also has a bunch of webisodes that are available on YouTube. They aren’t really important to the actual plot, but they add background to the characters and makes them feel more real. They’re also super fun. Plus there are multiple books that are also great.

7. This is the last point guys. The backrounders. Y'know, those characters that are in the background to make scenes more populated. I love them. They all still feel like characters with their own lives and stories, and when I watch with my little sister we’ll point out our favourites doing things. Like they are all still gorgeous, and even though they are simpler than the main cast (well, some of them) a few main characters started out as backrounders. Basically the backrounders are amazing and I’ve rewatched the series just for them multiple times and though this isn’t the best point to leave it on and I could say a lot more I just wanted to make you aware of the backrounders and how much I love them.

Ever After High is a series with some flaws, all series have flaws. It’s main point is to sell dolls, but it’s a lot more than that. The characters all have real life to them and the plot is really intriguing. More people should give it a shot. Also I’m sorry that I didn’t add pictures, I had a few that I wanted to add but I’m on mobile so what are you gonna do?

Happy 25th anniversary to my longest-running obsession and one of my biggest creative inspirations since childhood. The entire cast of this series is fantastic, but if I absolutely had to pick, these are probably my favourite characters. (Though I guess I’ve had a lot of time to think about this.) I’ve drawn them all but never all together, so here they are!

An Intro to Weather Magic

let me start off by saying that i don’t recommend weather magic to those who want to control the weather, rather than work with it. the winds are unpredictable, untameable, and (from my experience) do not respond lightly to simply being told what to do. cast a spell for sunny skies and you might wind up with torrential rains. be careful & focused.

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Yuri on Ice ED Instagram posts!

So okay, the best thing I enjoyed about this anime so far is the ED Instagram posts made by the cast ensemble, but it’s such a disservice to have their posts scroll up so fast and I have a mighty need to know what they posted and sharing is caring.

I fully blame jjleeroy15 (aka Jean-Jacques Leroy) for this though because his tag was what caught my attention. I might now have to make him my honorary favourite supporting cast member.   Also LOL sukeota3sisters go figure!

*disclaimer: some emojis were impossible to find so I substituted them with the closest thing that makes sense. Enjoy!

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First Thoughts on the Anastasia Broadway Cast Album

So I grew up watching Don Bluth’s Anastasia, like a lot of people, and it’s now definitely one of my favourite movies of all time. I’m also a huge theatre geek, so when I first heard whispers about an Anastasia broadway musical, I was VERY excited. Sadly, I haven’t watched the show because I live in Manchester, England (I read the plot online and I am VERY disappointed that Rasputin isn’t the antagonist), but I pre-ordered the cast recording asap (I don’t think it has every single song on it, though) and they’ve recently released it onto soundcloud here  and I have opinions that I want to share lmao. Also, these are just my FIRST thoughts, after hearing the album ONCE - in my experience, I tend to grow more attached to songs the more I listen to them, so these definitely aren’t my final opinions on this soundtrack.

Prologue / Once Upon A December - This very first song actually made me cry because of the nostalgia XD and also Mary Beth Peil has an AMAZING voice.

A Rumor In St. Petersburg - I also really like this song, including the additions they made to it. Not much else to say really.

In My Dreams - I got chills listening to this song; it’s so beautiful, I can’t wait to learn it.

Learn To Do It - Admittedly, I personally prefer the faster pace and more upbeat original version of this song, however this new version saved itself with the part where Anya flips her shit and has a go at the boys. Amazing.

The Neva Flows - So this is the antagonist’s (Gleb) first song, and uh…it’s pretty good, I guess, especially during the crescendo. They’re definitely trying to create a more humane “villain”, showing how he’s been affected by what he witnessed as a child. Still would’ve preferred In the Dark of the Night, though…

My Petersburg - I like the energy of the song, very upbeat, I love the ending buildup. And I’ve always loved how adaptations of films delve deeper into the characters’ backstories a bit (like Shrek the Musical)

Once Upon A December - Beautiful. I’ll probably always prefer the original, due to nostalgia, but Christy Altomare did a really good job capturing Anya’s emotions in this more vulnerable moment. They were right to not mess with this song too much.

Stay, I Pray You - I have no idea who tf Count Ipolitov is but this is a very emotional choral song, and has a beautifully melancholic melody. I love how Anastasia ends it.

We’ll Go From There - Awh, this song is so cute! I’m glad they gave Vlad (ha that rhymes) a song about Sophie- sorry, I mean Lily. Nevermind all three of the gang are singing it….I like it! It’s a good, quick way to show their feelings (which are mainly anxiety) at this point.

Still - Um why the fuck is Gleb in love with Anya. I HATE that. Haven’t they met, like, twice at this point? I’ve only read the wikipedia page for the plot so maybe I’m wrong. But still….fuck this subplot. So yeah this song is ok I guess, I think I’m just too stubborn about my dislike for the changed story lmao. I also quite like the whole….idea? of this song, how it ends with “but still…” like, it doesn’t need t explain what comes after the “still”, it just needs to show his hesitation/inner conflict.

Journey To The Past - I’m not bothered by the fact that they moved this song to this point in the story, it still fits well actually, and like with OUAD, they smartly didn’t change it much. And like with OUAD, I’ll always prefer the original, but this version is also amazing.

Paris Holds The Key (To Your Heart) - It’s a great chorus number, and definitely a good one to start off act 2 with. Again, I prefer the original, although I like how Anastasia has a solo in this one too.

Crossing A Bridge - I love this song, tbh I’ve realised I think I just love any added Anya moment now lmao. I’d love to see this live, to see the image of her on the bridge singing this.

Closing/Close The Door - (the wikipedia says “Closing” and the soundcloud name says “Close”). Like the Anya moments, I will lap up ANY added Dowager Empress moments, too! Her tired, hopeless emotions were shown a little bit in the original film, but I love how this explores them further. So low-spirited and heart-wrenching.

Land of Yesterday - Another thing this musical explores more in-depth is Russia in general, the state of it, its people, and this song is really cool. Lily’s voice is amazing!!!! (Caroline O’Connor)

The Countess and the Common Man - Awh Vlad and Lily have a love duet!! Fuck yeah! This is what I signed up for!! It’s funny, flirty, and all-round lovely.

In a Crowd of Thousands - I don’t mind that the story of how Dmitry and Anya’s pasts were linked has changed, because the new one they made up is presented so beautifully in this song. I absolutely LOVE Altomare’s voice in this, possibly more than in the other songs, and omg when she realises!! When she realises!! You’re like oh shit ! It’s her and they both know it now!! It’s also a nice development to Anya and Dmitry’s relationship.

Meant to Be - This was also in the original film, and I think it’s done wonderfully here. ‘Nuff said.

Quartet at the Ballet - The Swan Lake music gives me huge Barbie nostalgia! And then it blends so seamlessly in and out of the OUAD tune…ahh I love it. I like how it shows all these inner thoughts of these different characters, like We’ll Go From There. The ending with the overlapping solos is beautiful omg.

Everything to Win - This is a good song, but not one of my favourites or anything, it’s nice to see Dmitry’s conflict. The ending is sweet (or I guess bittersweet).

Once Upon A December (Reprise) - I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!!!!

The Press Conference - Yet another good chorus number; I love the typewriter sound effects. And Vlad & Lily’s parts are quite funny (it’s funny when he spells out his name, for some reason. And her high notes at the end..DAMN GIRL). I’m slightly feeling like they’re being kind of lazy with the use of the OUAD tune, however.

Everything to Win (Reprise) - Nice!! Good! I like it!

Still / The Neva Flows (Reprise) - Can Gleb just shut the fuck up already. Yes, I’m still salty. (although admittedly this is a good song - I especially love Anya’s fierceness in it).

Finale - I’m not surprised they decided to end on Once Upon A December, and this is exactly what you’d expect from a musical finale, tbh.

In conclusion - I love the musical’s soundtrack, yet I’m still iffy on the whole villain thing. Feel free to reply or reblog with your own thoughts, it’ll be fun to discuss!

Why I love Uma

We all know I love Uma. Everyone loves Uma. Uma is my life. But I haven’t talked about her as much as I said i would, so here it is! The reasons I love Uma! But I’m also going to make this about ME so be warned, I’m gonna talk about myself a lot.

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I’m translating the main story for Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note. It’s accessible here, and from http://serizawayuririn.tumblr.com/boykira.

Currently, only the prologue and chapter 1 are complete. I will be translating the rest as I go along, but I’ll need time to raise my rank too.

(11/20 Update: Chapter 2 is complete now)

Recently, I noticed many people picking up the game though they haven’t played BF(仮) before. It may be because of the beautiful art, cute graphics, strong cast, and good music. I hope all the new players can find a favourite character in this game, so I decided to translate the story to make it more accessible to everyone. Do feel free to share it with your friends!

Let’s enjoy our time in Fujishiro Academy!

On My Own
Original Cast Recording
On My Own

365 Showtunes DAY 215: LES MISERABLES - On My Own

It’s my sister’s birthday today!

And I am NOT with her right now.

The fact that I’m on my own on her birthday makes me so, so sad. She’s my best friend, the most important person to me, and though I’m sure I could have found a wonderful sister song, I figured I’d post one of my all time favourite musical theatre songs and commiserate that I don’t get to spend my sister’s birthday with her.

For everyone who saw Samantha Barks in the Les Mis movie and were unimpressed with her… THIS is how she’s supposed to sound. Not breathy and weak as she did in the movie.

Love this recording.

michifer thoughts at 03:00
  • omg nicknames ok
  • when they were tiny fledgelings they’d just call eachother mi (and lucifer would say it really possessively) and lu (and michael would actually whine it when he got really annoyed)
  • and then when they were a bit older and a bit sillier teasing each other and pushing eachother around playfully michael would get called ‘mikey’ and lucifer would get 'luci’
  • and then it gets to the point where they don’t even use eachother’s real names anymore and michael forgets that lucifer isn’t actually called luce and lucifer doesn’t even care that michael’s name isn’t micha
  • and michael probably refuses to shorten any of the other angel’s names because even though he loves all of them to pieces they’re still soldiers and they’re not meant to have nicknames
  • but then he always addresses his favourite brother as luce
  • until the fall
  • that’s when michael calls lucifer by his proper name for the first time in a few million years and casts him out of heaven
  • that’s when they both forget nicknames
  • michael forces himself to forget cuddling; to forget who luce was
  • and lucifer never thinks of his brother as micha again because micha wouldn’t destroy him, micha wouldn’t leave him, micha wouldn’t give up on him
  • but michael would

anonymous asked:

Can you please give me alist of great christian songs to check out? Or christian artists! That ks

Heres a list of some of my favourite artists and my favourite of their songs (they all have plenty of other great songs though!):

  • Phil Wickham - ‘You’re beautiful’ and also ‘Safe’
  • Laura Story - ‘Blessings’
  • Casting Crowns - ‘Glorious day’
  • Chris Tomlin - ‘I will rise’
  • Brian Doerksen - ‘Come, Now is the time to worship’
  • Michael W Smith - ‘Above All’
  • Rend Collective - ‘Alabaster’
  • King’s Kaleidoscope - ‘And Can It Be’
  • Kari Jobe - ‘Be Still my Soul’
  • Chelsea Moon - ‘Be Thou my vision’ and ‘How deep the Fathers love’
  • Chris Rice - ‘Come Thou Fount’
  • Jeremy Camp - ‘I Surrender’ and ‘There will be a day’
  • Matt Redman - ‘Heart of Worship’
  • The Afters - ‘Lift me up’
  • Big Daddy Weave - ‘Redeemed’
  • Nicole Nordeman - ‘You are my all in all’
  • John Waller - ‘While I’m waiting’
  • Ben Cantelon - ‘My Deliverer’
  • Beth Croft - ‘Hosanna’
  • Brandon Heath - ‘The Harvester’
  • Building 429 - ‘We Won’t Be Shaken’
  • David Crowder - ‘Oh How he loves us’
  • Gungor - ‘Beautiful things’
  • Keith & Kristyn Getty - ‘See what a morning’
  • Selah - ‘Before the Throne of God Above’ 
  • Stuart Townsend - ‘The Lords my Shepherd’
  • Tenth North Avenue - ‘You are More’
  • Tim Hughes - ‘At your name’
Brains - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Sebastian loves your brain (simplistic but I’m trying to give you creative freedom lol)

Everyone on set noticed it before you did, and that made you seem very stupid considering the circumstances. You worked on the set of Captain America Civil War which meant you spent a lot of time with the cast, befriending all of them. You and Sebastian were the closest, though you didn’t even realise it.

Now that you were getting married, it was his favourite story to tell other people. He always began the story with, “this is a story all about how the smartest person I knew, and was the dumbest person any one had ever met.”

You of course disagreed with this statement but you allowed him to tell it because you thought it was insanely cute how much he loved the tale of how you two got together. It started off with Sebastian trying to make conversation with you all the time, eventually it just became a natural thing and you’d text each other all the time. By the time Civil War was ending, you’d become attached at the hip and were very sad to be parting.

Scarlet was the one who find you in the supply cupboard crying, “What’s wrong?” She’d asked, not beating around the bush but still running over to you quickly and patting your back gently.

“Nothing,” you said repeatedly, trying to stop yourself from crying but you’d been trying to do that for a while. You’d managed not to cry for the past couple of days, but it was that day when reality hit you hardest. Eventually Scarlet pushed it out of you, making you realise that there was no chance in hell you were going to get away with crying in the closet. “It sounds dumb, but I’m really sad that this is all ending because I know it means me and Seb won’t talk as much, we might not even talk at all.”

Scarlet laughed, which had hurt at first but she quickly explained why she’d found your statement funny. “Sebastian obviously cares a great deal for you, we’ve all noticed from day one.” She said, though your confused expression called for a further explanation, “Sebastian loves you and your brain okay, whenever he’s not with you, all he goes on about is you. I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll try and keep in contact with you.”

“What’s going on in here?” Just as she finished speaking, Sebastian appeared in the doorway and you quickly turned away, trying to hide how you’d been crying.

Scarlet walked over to him and patted his back, “just ask her out already.” Once she finished saying that she left you and Sebastian alone in the supply closet, both of you blushing madly at her statement.

“I- uh- I…” He looked back at you; trying to form some words but his mouth ended up just opening and closing like a goldfish’s. Then he saw you, and how red your eyes and nose were. “Had you been crying?”

“No,” you tried to say confidently but your voice cracked midway, “Honestly I’m fine.”

He moved further into the closet, making you realise that you’d picked a rather claustrophobic place to cry. “You know, if you don’t tell me I can just ask Scarlet who obviously doesn’t have a problem spilling secrets.”

“Obviously,” you mumbled, beginning to play with the sleeves of your jackets. “I just…” It was hard for you to get the truth out, even after what Scarlet had told you, she’d not given you any proof to back up what she’d said and so there was a heavy amount of doubt in the back of your mind. You took a deep breath. “I’m sad that this is all ending, because I’ve really enjoyed my time with you and I don’t want that to end either because… I… well I like you.”

He paused for a moment, “if you really think that I’d stop seeing you just because the movies ended, then you’re stupider than I thought.”

“Hey,” you whined, “Scarlet told me you loved how smart I was.”

“Did she now?” He seemed distracted, and when you looked up at him all of his attention seemed to be on your lips. You gulped, leaning closer to him, inviting him to kiss you. And kiss you he did, starting off a pretty darn good relationship between the two of you.

So, 12 Angry Men is probably one of my all time favourite movies, I recently watched it and although I dislike many adaptations of old Hollywood movies, I think I’d love to see this cast with the right director take on this film.


Mark Brendanawicz: “Honestly, Leslie, it’s going to be a long uphill battle. You are going to be super-annoyed with all the people who want you to fail. There is a sea of red tape, endless road blocks. So, yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know”

Leslie Knope: “Screw it. I’m gonna try to do it anyway”

Parks and Recreation, 7 Seasons, 125 episodes (2009-2015)

In the spring of 2009 Parks and Recreation aired its short first season. I remember watching those episodes as they aired, I’m not going to pretend that the show was perfect in its early days or that I somehow knew it would become the series it did but I certainly saw potential. There was enough in those six episodes to make me continue with the show when it returned in September 2009 for its second season.

By the Spring of 2010 I was officially head over heels in love with Leslie Knope and the characters of Pawnee. I remember at some point calling Parks and Recreation the best comedy currently airing and being met by disbelief, what about Community, or 30 Rock, or The Office? Well they were all great shows but something about Parks and Recreation just worked for me on every level. Parks and Recreation has a gigantic heart and it unashamedly shows that warmth and love episode after episode. 

The fact that its ending this week for good is truly a loss to TV. It is fair to say Parks and Recreation is not only one of my favourite comedies of all time but one of my favourite shows of any genre and any year. That the show has had a near perfect final season is just a great ending to a series that fought to stay on air for 125 episodes and 7 seasons in a TV climate where new comedies are cancelled before they even get a chance to shine. 

So here are 15 of my favourite episodes, though I could easily list more. 

+ Hunting Trip (S2 Episode 10) - One of the early S2 episodes where everything clicked and it showed of the casts talents. 

 + Telethon (S2 Episode 22) - Leslie trying to keep going and fill air is fantastic. I definitely remember watching this episode and realising just how much I had fallen in love with the show. 

+ Flu Season (S3 Episode 2) - Leslie trying to fight flu, Chris not being able to cope, Ben realising just how special and crazy his future wife is. Hilarious episode, a stand out. 

+ Harvest Festival (S3 Episode 7) - Honestly there is going to be a lot of S3 episodes on my list because S3 is a perfect season of TV and nothing is more amazing than American Girl playing as Leslie’s plan to save the department succeeds. 

 + Andy and April’s Fancy Party (S3 Episode 9) - A crazy decision to bring April and Andy together in marriage after only a few episodes together, crazy but worked out to be a great choice. 

 + Li'l Sebastian (S3 Episode 16) - Conclusion to a terrific season and a tribute song for the ages. 

 + The Comeback Kid (S4 Episode 11) - The ice scene says it all. 

 + The Debate (S4 Episode 20) - Any episode in which Leslie makes a rousing speech is a good episode to me, this one happens to be great. 

+ Win, Lose, or Draw (S4 Episode 22) - Much like The Debate this episode sums up the importance of Leslie Knope so well. 

 + Two Parties (S5 Episode 10) - I absolutely adore the bachelor party plot with the male characters, hilarious and sweet and shows the bonds between the characters really well. 

+ Leslie and Ben (S5 Episode 14) - One of the many episodes which nearly became series finales, this may be my absolute favourite 

 + London (S6 Episodes 1 & 2) - There is a lot of love in this season opener, from Andy getting a new job, to Leslie sending Ron off to Scotland at the end. 

 + Ann and Chris (S6 Episode 13) - Saying goodbye to Ann and Chris was hard but in true Parks and Recreation style it was equally heartfelt and funny. 

 + Moving Up (S6 Episodes 21 + 22) - God damn this show can do finales so well, everything about Moving Up was a lot of fun but then the surprise time jump at the end was shocking and ended up giving the show a new energy in S7.

+ Leslie & Ron (S7 Episode 4) - I could list a whole bunch of S7 episodes, Donna & Joe, Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington, Two Funerals and well let’s be honest the series finale is probably going to make my list but for episodes that have aired so far Leslie and Ron’s bottle episode was everything I love about the show. It gave us a emotional conclusion to a storyline we had only known for 3 previous episodes and yet it worked so well. The Leslie and Ron friendship has always been a delight to watch and seeing Ron so upset by the change around him gave Nick Offerman his best episode.