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Hello! I wanted to thank you for running this cool blog, it helps me to remember why I chose to study architecture during stressful times. As someone who comes from a country that has a lot of forests, I am curious about your thoughts of wood as a building material. Are you more of a classic or a modern wooden aesthetic person? What are some of your favourite wooden buildings? Well, that's all I have for now, have a good day!


Wood has many advantages. It is and exceptional insulator and energy saver, it is light and easy to build with so it save money, and environmentally friendly if deforestation is properly addressed. I guess I am more of a modern aesthetic person. Here are some recent wood buildings that I like:

LiYuan Library Li Xiaodong Atelier

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I think the directors of Homecoming read your fic Fitting In Tiny Space and were like "yes let's take all the hurt and forget the comfort". That scene under the rubble really REALLY made it plain that Peter's just a Kid and i cried

I’ve gotten this comment from multiple people, and I just want to point out how often Peter gets trapped under rubble in the comics because it’s one of my favourite tropes. 

Shifting collapsed buildings off himself is a frequent thing this guy does 


Cut From the Same Cloth

A Peaky Blinders Fic 2/10? part one

Character Pairing: Alfie Solomons + OC

Summary: Cara Shelby has been caught in one of Tommy’s, her brother’s, schemes once again. But this time his plans lead her down a far more dangerous path than she was anticipating. A far lonelier path, so she thinks. Now it’s her time to live up to her name- discover what it means to be human.

Word Count: 2,983

Warning: swearing, violence, mentions of abuse & food restriction & torture (not terribly explicit?), hospital, sort of drug use

A/N: This fic will be inconsistent with the current PB timeline, I won’t say exactly how since not everyone might be caught up. But I pretend certain things are different, don’t judge me!!! More story building in this one too, but stay til the end

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A spot in one of my favourite buildings and a productive last day of work on my summer research project. I’ll be continuing with the project part time once classes start in September but I’m looking forward to a nice two week break. I hope everyone’s having a great day! ✨

🎧: Barcelona - Ed Sheeran

Boyfriend Key {SHINee}
  • Really soft and sweet, like a friend with you
  • Loves dates that involve home cooked meals and candles and flowers on top of roof buildings
  • His favourite things about you are the weird things about you that make you different, they are everything to him
  • Sings to you all the time, or hums, literally just constantly making sounds
  • Loves to make you dance with him as he sings
  • Loves to spoon at night, switching positions regularly
  • Secretly loves when you cuddle him, and sometimes pulls your arms around him to make you snuggle him
  • When he’s feeling down he comes and lies on top of you, sleeping as  you hug him
  • Likes to play with your hair and plait it when he’s bored
  • He paints your fingernails too, and he is pretty good at it
  • Also helps with your makeup, because he thinks it’s fun (and he’s actually quite good at it)
  • Isn’t with you 24/7 but likes to message you to just check what you’re up to during the day
  • Sends you Snapchats (without filters, he’s too beautiful to need them)
  • Uses you to get his way with the group a lot “We have to have pizza tonight because Y/n wants pizza”
  • When you argue he glares and just sits silently, staring at the floor with a disappointed look on his face
  • Writes songs for you, but doesn’t sing them to you
  • He just likes to get all his feelings down in a notebook
  • Because he’s actually super cute about you, and if people talk about how much he loves you he gets a bit blushy and giggly and tries to hide himself
  • Loves to wear matching clothes with you, so expect regular shopping trips
  • Calls you his best friend to anyone who asks, or his life partner
  • When you’re together and he’s describing you to others, he calls you annoying, weird and a pain in his ass
  • He’s actually super protective of you, if anyone hurts you he would actually do something about it
  • Would wanna learn with you, so he’d take you to random classes to try new things with you
  • He’s really playful and sweet, and no matter what he does to annoy you, he is so soft and kind and romantic with you you can’t ever be mad.

☼ Iris

Onew | Jonghyun | Key | Minho | Taemin

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Hello! I have a question related to a project that's on-going with a completely useless architect that among many blunders failed to mention in his translation that the planning application has to be in-keeping with 'agricultural' buildings aka aesthetics, in design. Do you have any suggestions or favourites of rural buildings with a hard working exterior to conceal something much different inside? P.S Planning application in FR is a real pain 0/10 would recommend.. Thanks Archy! <3

I feel your pain, but probably everyone thinks the same thing, that their own planning application is the BIGGER pain! Maybe one of these examples helps:


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The Brilliant Beresford

I’ve briefly mentioned The Beresford Hotel before and it’ll come as no surprise to most of you that this example of Streamline Moderne is one of my favourite buildings in the city.

It was originally built a year before the outbreak of World War II (that’s 1938, history fans) to provide accommodation for visitors attending the Empire Exhibition in Bellahouston Park. Unusually its architect was also the owner and managing director of the hotel, something which I’m sure your boy from Grand Designs would be furious about.

During the war it became a favourite haunt of American servicemen but it went into steep decline after the war and was sold off to Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in 1952 and was converted to offices.

It was sold again in 1964 to Strathclyde University who reconverted it into accommodation for their students and renamed it Baird Hall, both uses a far cry from the glamour of its original purpose.

The Beresford was converted again in 2003 to private apartments and, speaking as someone who used to live on Sauchiehall Street, they must be lovely and quiet at the weekends.

Image Sources (Row-by-row L-R):

[1] The Beresford Hotel shortly after opening in 1938. (Source: Glasgow City Archives)
[2] Renovated Beresford Hotel c. 2007. The unit on the right is now a Tesco. (Source: seapigeon/Flickr)
[3] The Beresford during its stint as the headquarters of ICI c. 1955 (Source: Partick Camera Club/RCAHMS)

[4] Sir James Campbell in caricature. (Source: The Glasgow Story)
[5] The Beresford shown on the left in this Miller & Lang postcard. (Source: Miller & Lang Postcard Archive)

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Hi there! Have you by any chance already told about your favourite buildings in Helsinki? If not, could you, please?

We have featured our favorite Finland projects and many posts about Helsinki and Finland. Like in the previous Finland posts only one Alvar Aalto project allowed because if not I could fill the sic spots with Aalto projects.

Here are some additional projects in Helsinki:

Helsinki Cathedral

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