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I have such a longing to be here

St Pancras Station, in London, designed by George Gilbert Scott and engineered by William Henry Barlow, is seen here during the construction of the roof in October 1868.

The latticed ribs of the train shed’s roof were built by the Butterley Company, a Derbyshire ironworks firm, and erected with the aid of a giant moveable timber scaffold. The roof’s arch measures 30.5 metres by 73 metres.

Photograph: Science & Society Picture Library/Getty Images 
Favourite buildings

Been caught up with things this week so apologies to my follower, a second generation Scot from Yorkshire, who asked what my favourite buildings are in Edinburgh and Glasgow are. this post covers Edinburgh as I know the city better. I don’t want to go into the history I will make it more personal as to why I like them, they are in no particular order….well apart from the first one! 

Edinburgh Castle

Just look at it, it’s there it has always  been there, well not always but they do reckon a Castle of sorts has been on the volcanic rock for nigh on  a millennium. Back when I was a bairn ma Mum used to take us places that didn’t cost a lot of money and back in the  early 70′s it was free to get in, the only part that had an entrance fee was if you wanted to see the Honours, our crown jewels.  I love walking around Edinburgh and just looking up, not just to see some interesting piece of architecture or statue but just to see if I can see the Castle, it gives me a feeling of feeling at home, I used to post a lot of pics of it on here and just type in “My Castle”  It is the heart of Edinburgh. 

St Giles 

So much history in one beautiful building and a great place to nip in to shelter from the rain if you cant afford a pint! Well I hate paying tourist prices. It’s not the building as such I love, but the Crown Steeple, another focal point to me when looking at the skyline of the city. the original was added to the Kirk in 1495 but was rebuilt 150 years later. I’ve not been yet , but they recently started tours I will hopefully get round to it  this year in better weather, it costs £6. The entrance to the Kirk is free but they have a charge if you want to take photies, there is also the Thistle Chapel which has a couple of quid “donation” There’s a statue of Robert Louis Stevenson which I like but the man himself will have turned in his grave, he was no fan of the building, like me though he liked the spire. 

Whitehorse Close

Aye ah ken it’s no a building, but cum oan it’s a bonnie place tae huv a wee daunder in and hae a look at. Surprisingly for such a nice setting you can usually get this place to yourself . It used be an Inn which no doubt served as the departure lounge for the stagecoach which would take you to London 

Paisley Close

It’s the story behind the carving you see here, when showing friends around town I always tell them about  14-year-old Joseph McIver and his shout of Heave Awa that has gone down in history, to those in the know it is  “Heave Awa Hoose” google it or search my blog I just checked and have posted about a few times!

Canongate Tolbooth 

Another one with multiple pics and posts on my Tumblr.  The Tolbooth was built in 1591, it was here that the tolls or public dues were collected.It also served as the council house, courtroom and prison for the Canongate, it is now a museum.