favourite bromances


“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”


Favourite bromances:
Chandler and Joey / Barney and Ted

“Hold me to a promise
That I’ll always be the kind of friend
That in the end
Will always keep you company
‘cause when the world gets tough
And times get hard
I will always love you
I’ll be your bodyguard”.

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Hc: Tony bonds with Natasha by doing each other's nails

I’m not sure if you realise how many IronWidow bromance feelings I have but either way BLESS YOU FOR THIS HEADCANON!

The way I see it, doing your nails is one of those things that Tony (perhaps surprisingly, considering all those ‘don’t show weakness’ lessons that have been drilled into his head, thanks a lot Howard) has absolutely no issue with. The first time he lets Natasha paint his toe nails, Bruce not-so-jokingly asks what she’s blackmailing him with. 

But to the surprise of everyone (Natasha included–because when he offered to let her do that, she’d assumed he didn’t expect her to take him up on it and his pride didn’t allow for him to back out) he’s not insecure about it at all. He doesn’t hide his bright pink nails either, in fact he goes out of his way to wear flip flops for a couple of days. (Tumblr is a mess and nobody asks how many of those pictures Tony himself leaked.)

So, the next time Tony asks Natasha to do his nails, she offers to let him do hers, in not quite those words (and with a couple more death threats should he mess it up). And he’s really quite good at it, even manages to draw patterns on them because he has freakishly steady hands.

And well, with how they spend all that time together, bowed over each others’ hands and feet, it’s only natural that they talk about something, right? It probably starts out with Tony babbling on and on about whatever is on his mind and Natasha adding the occasional acerbic observation. But things shift when they both find out they like Buffy–and she doesn’t belong with Angel, where do you even get that from? And before the rest of the team realise what’s happening, the unholy alliance has already been formed.

Clint joins them sometimes, but he inevitably ends up complaining about the smell of the nail polish, which leads to Tony and Natasha teaming up against him–which is a fight he’ll always lose. And if, after a couple of official outings end with “Mama, I wanna have pretty nails like Iron Man!” and “But Daaaad, Iron Man has them too!”, a new line of nail polish in the colours of each team member become part of the official, unisex merchandise, well. That’s just the combined power of the Black Widow and Iron Man for you. 

Really, their PR advisor never stood a chance. (Neither did the rest of the team, though Clint is still pouting about his set being the wrong shade of purple.)


Favourite bromance - Will & Jem

“They say you cannot love two people equally at once,” she said. “And perhaps for others that is so. But you and Will—you are not like two ordinary people, two people who might have been jealous of each other, or who would have imagined my love for one of them diminished by my love of the other. You merged your souls when you were both children. I could not have loved Will so much if I had not loved you as well. And I could not love you as I do if I had not loved Will as I did.”

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  18. Favourite bromance?
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  24. At the end of the show, who do you want as the permanent #1?

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You write so so well. I was wondering if you could do a Shitty comfort fic? I never read anything that explores his character (most people use him as the scapegoat now, it seems like). I would just like to see something with him having a hard time and receiving comfort from Lardo or Jack. Timeline doesn't really matter.

This turned out longer than I expected. Also more cheerful, but I think there is enough emotional content. I love thinking about Shitty and Jack, and how they have this ridiculous close relationship despite being so different on the surface. I am a HUGE fan of bromance. Anyway, enjoy!

Jack: What are you up to tonight, Shits?
Shits: This stupid fucking 1L mixer. I’d rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty fucking screwdriver.
Shits: SAAAVE MEEE!!!!!
Shits: lol jk brah

Jack wasn’t sure what exactly made him do it, but he made a beeline for his car. There was just something about Shitty’s text that left a bad taste in his mouth, a tight feeling in his chest. Jack was worried – not that Shitty would literally do the screwdriver thing, of course – but something told him that Shitty needed some help. A warning flag in two little letters – ‘jk’ – just kidding.

Shitty had a flair for the dramatic. His texts would have seemed completely normal if they had ended with the first two… but they didn’t. And maybe Shitty was completely fine and Jack was worrying for nothing, but… maybe not.

Too often in his own past had he voiced his true feelings only to dismiss them as a joke. It had almost cost Jack his life. So this time around, Jack would rather be safe than sorry. He made it to Cambridge in record time, and and hour and a half later Jack was wandering the Harvard campus, hopelessly lost, in search of the fabled ‘1L mixer’ from Shitty’s text.

He found it ten minutes later and cautiously entered the room. Was he even allowed to be here? Jack was not sure. Either way, he was glad he was still wearing his suit – sweatpants and yellow sneakers would definitely make him stand out like a sore thumb. He spotted Shitty about twenty feet away and tried to catch his attention.

Shitty glanced over and Jack waved. His friend stared for a moment, narrowed his eyes, and then turned back to his conversation with a few fellow law students. It made Jack wince. Maybe he was not welcome here after all – even by Shitty. But this was Shitty, his best friend. Even if he was embarrassed by his old jock friends, he would not ignore Jack completely in a room full of people like this, right? Jack’s heart started pounding and his palms began to sweat. It was weird of him to just show up at Harvard like this, uninvited. He did not even live in the same state. Shit. This was a mistake. No wonder Shitty was ignoring him. Maybe he could sneak away before anyone–


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  4. Who is your favourite bromance / friendship?
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  6. Who would you want as your best friend?
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  21. Most heart-breaking moment.
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  23. Who is your Wanna One bias?
  24. Who is your Wanna One bias wrecker?
  25. Who do you think would be a good leader for Wanna One?
  26. What concepts do you want to see Wanna One do?
  27. If you could add one member into Wanna One, who would it be?
  28. Super hot or Hands on me?
  29. Kang Daniel - pink hair or brown hair?
  30. Park Jihoon - wink or jeojjang aegyo?
  31. Lee Daehwi - on stage or off stage character?
  32. Kim Jaehwan - laugh or vocals?
  33. Ong Seongwoo - baegopa or slate ?
  34. Lai Guanlin - swaggy rapper or maknae?
  35. Yoon Jisung - meme or hyung?
  36. Hwang Minhyun - seonho or jaehwan?
  37. Bae Jinyoung - shy or confident?
  38. Ha Sungwoon - vocals or dance?
  39. Unpopular opinion.

Football edits challenge: Day 3 [Favourite bromance]
Eden Hazard and Cesar Azpilicueta

“I played against him in France and when I came here we knew each other a little bit. The relationship is good because we’re more or less the same age and we speak French. I know every time I give him the ball he’s going to do something different.”

FFXV Week Day 4: Favourite Pairing/Bromance // Recipeh // Ravus Nox Fleuret

A scene that never happened in-game: Noct and Luna having some quiet time for themselves, Noct using Prompto’s photos to tell Luna about all the shenanigans adventures they had on their journey so far.

I actually enjoyed all their scenes together (and some flashbacks) and found the communication via an exchange diary a sweet idea and a logical one because electronic messages can easily be pried upon if you have the right technology, whereas for an exchange diary guarded by magical floofy doggos and an Astral Inkognito this is much more difficult to do. The scenes showed how much they care about, trust and respect each other and ultimately that’s what I like to see in a relationship. Plus, this pairing has surprisingly little fan art, so… 


favourite bromance: James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender

“It’s not a contrivance at all. I love the guy. I do mourn your absence sometimes when I’m working with lesser dudes.“ - James McAvoy

"James came in to do the screen test with me, and from there, there was a respect and friendliness between us. But then as it developed, there was more trust, and you realize that the other person’s got your back. Then the trust becomes deeper and it goes somewhere else, for sure.” - Michael Fassbender

LCS Ask Meme

1. who is your favourite player?

2. why should everyone else also stan your favourites?

3. how many hours of competitive league do you watch a week?

4. depending on whichever league you watch the most, rank your teams from most to least favourite

5. which player is most likely to murder everyone?

6. which player is (in your opinion) the cutest?

7. have you ever been to LCS? if so, describe your experience

8. who is the most underrated player? (using any metric)

9. favourite bromance/ship?

10. the best LCS game you have ever watched

11. which player that is not on an LCS team, do you wish would join one?

12. best caster?

13. funniest player?

14. which player would you want to travel the world with?

15. which player would you want by your side in an apocalypse?

16. any players that you used to like before, but don’t like anymore?

17. any players that you disliked before, but like now?

18. controversial LCS opinion (regarding anything)

19. why do you like LCS?

20. favourite LCS tumblr blog?

21. favourite LCS girlfriend?

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most likely to take over the world & best bromance = KHR? biggest flirt & cutest couple = Natsume Yuujinchou?

Yearbook Ask Meme


11) Best Bromance: Kusakabe Tetsuya and Hibari Kyoya!

Originally posted by thepepx

Sorry, I couldn’t find any gifs from the actual anime >3> Anyways, yeah, definitely my favourite bromance XDDD I love that Kusakabe is, like, the only one that Hibari openly approves of. And I love that Kusakabe accepts and respects Hibari 100% despite how messed up he is.

17) Most likely to take over the world: Byakuran Gesso

Originally posted by juminss

Lol, I don’t know who exactly you were expecting, love XD He literally did take over the world. In multiple parallel universes even!

Natsume Yuujinchou:

2) Cutest couple: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Shigeru and Touko will always be my number 1 otp in this series!!!

Originally posted by seihanndas

I love them so much, they’re so sweet and I would DIE FOR THEM. I’d watch a six season anime just about how they got together, and the things they got up to in their high school days.

10) Biggest flirt: Natori Fucking Shuuichi

Originally posted by kishou

Originally posted by lazyfebruary

This man literally never stops sparkling. His very existence is flirtation. Even if it it’s a part of his facade as a popular actor. Nishimura Satoru comes at a close second though.