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Hello I forgot to post my July playlist when July ended so here it is now! It turns out it’s incredible easy to write 1500 words when you’re writing about songs you love so sorry about that. Four hours of top quality bops that range from russian choral music to classic !!!, please enjoy.

Signs Of Life - Arcade Fire: Everyone hated the new album but in my opinion it’s not only not bad, but Signs Of Life is one of their best songs yet. Also the video is incredibly good.
The Man - The Killers: The Killers are back and they’re making good songs again! This song sounds like the bicep emoji!
Hung From The Moon - Earth: Accidentally listened to this album a lot in July and kicked off a drone thing that has lasted through august.
Elevation - Television: Everyone always talks about the guitars in Television but nobody ever talks about how good the rhythm of the chorus in this song is.
Taman Shud - The Drones: Good song to yell along to and the only song I know that uses the word ‘inchoate’
Mountain Of Air - Ellen Arkbro: I really can’t recommend this album enough if you like the sound of having a dream made of brass.
South Point - Grizzly Bear: Grizzly Bear are a prog band.
Apache (Jump On It) - The Sugarhill Gang: Not only groovy, but racist too. There’s a good part where he explains that maize is just corn.
What’s A Girl To Do? - Bat For Lashes This is a good song and a great music video
Glass - Bat For Lashes: Bat For Lashes does better worldbuilding in this song than most novels.
Offering - Cults: I may be the only person in the world who is absolutely gagging for a new Cults album but thank god they’re back.
Return Of The Mack - Mark Morrison: THE song about being back on your bullshit.
Baller Of The Year - ESG: If you play this in your car it automatically starts ghetto swerving AND you start crying.
You Know I Wantcha! - Devin The Dude: Incredibly gross song about being very horny by yourself in a strip club for you to listen to.
Crawling After You - Bass Drum Of Death: After all this time, this song may be the only thing I love about GTAV.
Bad Liar - Selena Gomez Maybe the only Selena Gomez song I’ve ever heard and it’s so SO good.
Seven Eight Nine (Part 2) - Kenny Wheeler: I developed a bad habit of listening to ABC Jazz when I couldn’t sleep but thankfully I found some real gems doing it.
Fine Di Cobb - Originale - Stelvio Cipriani: Yet another fantastic find from spotify’s Best Of Eurocrime playlist.
A Fifth Of Beethoven - Walter Murphy: It is so funny that Beethoven wrote one of the biggest disco hits of all time. Between this and Wendy Carlos’ Switched On Bach there’s a very funny history of classical music causing a big stir.
The Lighthouse - Amon Tobin: It’s crazy that Amon Tobin’s best album was the soundtrack to Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory but he really elevated video game music as a whole with this one.
If The Brakeman Turns My Way - Bright Eyes: The concept of an opium den with a periscope is very nice to think about.
Hold Music - Architecture In Helsinki: Places Like This is an all time classic that nobody respects because people think Heart It Races is a novelty song instead of a masterpiece.
I Found A New Chapeau - Jo Jones: “The world’s greatest jazz drummer Jo Jones!” goes absolutely off for nine minutes against an organ that sounds like farts.
It’s Real - Real Estate: [beckons you closer and whispers] it’s real real estate
Obvs - Jamie xx: In Colour was truly the album of the year cause baby it is simply breathtaking start to finish!
Blue Train Lines (feat. King Krule) - Mount Kimbie: I hope King Krule joins Mount Kimbie as a full member because they have such a good thing going. This song took a while to grow on me but now I really cannot wait for their new album. The video for this one is also extremely good even though it required me to read an artist’s statement from the directors and a whole wiki article to understand it.
Six Days Remix - DJ Shadow: Last month I attended a 17 hour Fast And Furious marathon that has permanently affected my brain chemistry (which I’ve been meaning to write a long post about) and at the end I was certain of only one thing: the Six Days Remix was the best thing about Tokyo Drift by a country mile and it’s easily a top 5 DJ shadow song.
Nandi - Jlin: I can’t say enough good stuff about this album and this song is an absolute standout.
3 Freaks - DJ Shadow: Everyone’s always saying 'oh it was such a mistake for DJ Shadow to abandon his sound after making two critically acclaimed albums pushing sample based music in a new direction and make a hyphy album that everyone hated’ but consider this: Turf Talk And Keak Da Sneak
Fight For Peace - Frank Klepacki: I developed a brain parasite this month that forced me to become completely obsessed with the 15 year old RTS game Command And Conquer Generals, and then I found out that the soundtrack was on spotify.
Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits: Everyone’s always talking about Mark Knopfler being good at guitar or whatever but for my money the drummer is the real mvp of this song, and the part where he just goes ham for like half a bar at about 4:20 really cracks me up.
Strangest Thing - The War On Drugs: Literally every song The War On Drugs have released from their upcoming album so far I have absolutely loved and I cannot wait to hear the whole thing.
Kyanite - Jlin: Jlin baby!! This is like traditional music from an alien civilisation or something, it’s incredible.
Sophisticated Lady - Art Tatum: Speaking of music from another planet I firmly belived Art Tatum was touched on the brain by God.
Romance Without Finance - Tiny Grimes: Please enjoy this 70 year old song about not dating broke girls, the backing vocals really make me laugh.
All Is Written - Matana Roberts: Matana Roberts is a very specific feeling but if you’re in the mood for confrontational experimental jazz please get into this whole album. Start with Coin Coin Chapter One if you want the full experience.
Time For Us - Nicolas Jaar: I love when Nicolas Jaar does funny voice. In the world I dream of this song is a dancefloor classic.
Blanket Me - Hundred Waters: I love Hundred Waters and this song make me so emotional to the point where i’m almost afraid to hear their new album.
When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing - Lana Del Rey: Lust For Life is incredible and hearing Lana sing ’s it the end of an era? is it the end of America?’ is like.. directly targeting my brain stem. I cannot describe how much I instantly fell in love with this song when I first heard it.
Jane - Jefferson Starship: The new season of Wet Hot American Summer reminded me how good this song is. I spent like half an hour reading the wiki article about Jefferson Airplain, Jefferson Starship and Starship and how they came to be to my girlfriend this month and let me tell you: she hated it.
Take You On A Cruise - Interpol: The instrumentation in this song sounds so much like the xx’s first album it is insane.
Vegas - Polica: I feel like I have a new favourite Polica song every week they are honestly the best band in the world.
Woody’s Roundup - Riders In The Sky: Hello, I woke up with the Woody’s Roundup theme song from Toy Story 2 in my head one day this month and so I put it on my playlist. It’s a good song, highly recommended thanks.
All Night Vigil, Op. 37: No. 3, Blessed Is The Man “Beatitude” - Sergei Rachmaninoff: Accidentally got very heavily into this russian orthodox christian choral music this month.
Magic Arrow - Timber Timbre: My friend texted me out of the blue saying how good this song is and he’s absolutely right. Timber Timbre’s self titled is an album i’ve continually returned to for years now, it’s truly something special.
Don’t Say I Know - Tera Melos: Tera Melos are finally, finally back! And they’re making incredible impossible music that’s catchy as hell again!
Keep The Car Running - Arcade Fire: Had a very intense moment with this song this month, listening to it on repeat and convincing myself that it was coming for me too.
Hocus Pocus - Focus: Baby Driver is a good movie! And this song and scene was a real highlight.
How Long - Out Hud: Thankyou to @popculturediedin2009 for introducing me to this great song from a !!! side project I never knew about and thankyou to the Lindsay Lohan film I Know Who Killed Me for introducing it to them in the first place.
I Can’t Turn You Loose - Sly & The Family Stone: The guy making noises into the microphone right at the start is really, really funny and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long of watching The Blues Brothers pretty regularly to look up the original version of this song.
Oh Yeah - The Subways: Rediscovered this album this month after singing Rock And Roll Queen about 20 times in a row with my friends thanks to a Singstar glitch and remembered how I had an absolute breakdown about this song when I was about 19, listening to it on repeat for hours and fretting that I was going to die because I would no longer be a teenager soon.
Me And Guiliani Down By The School Yard - A True Story - !!!: Bring back mid-2000s dance-punk we need it now more than ever!


I am heartbroken. I have no words. I myself, was in Manchester on Friday last week seeing my favourite band live. I remember thinking at the time that for the first time in months, I finally felt free of anxiety. I finally felt safe, in a place where people understood me and my interests and even shared them. Yet that could be me dead. Had the soulless monsters decided to target the metal band I was seeing live instead of Ariana Grande, I might not be here to write this.

All those children have their lives taken from them before they could even begin. Just because they wanted to celebrate the music they loved. Those parents will be consumed with guilt over something that isn’t their fault for the rest of their life. Other parents will now be hesitant about letting their children experience the joy of seeing a musician live.

Music is an escape and a safe place for so many people and I have been crying this morning thinking that the safety and peace music once gave me and millions of others is under threat. 

I’d ask those in the community to please keep Manchester in your thoughts today and light a candle if you so wish to.

Ghost Appreciation Week!

Day 1: Favourite Papa

Papa Emeritus III

I got into Ghost when Papa III was the leader, so he’s technically the ‘Papa’ that got me into the band. That’s not the reason I chose him though. Papa III is more charismatic, more energetic than the other two. Don’t get me wrong, I love Papa I and II just as much, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Papa III. He’s charming, polite, dorky, caring, ridiculous, courageous, etc - I could literally go on all night. I’ll always love Papa III, and I’m blessed that I managed to see Papa III live before he was taken off stage (don’t talk about it, it still hurts).

Tack för allt. Vi kommer att sakna dig, Papa III.

25 Weeks ONE OK ROCK Challenge: Tasks

Week 01: What was the first ONE OK ROCK song you heard?
Week 02: How did you become a fan?
Week 03: Something you like about Taka?
Week 04: Something you like about Toru.
Week 05: Something you like about Ryota.
Week 06: Something you like about Tomoya.
Week 07: What’s your favourite OOR song?
Week 08: What’s your favourite song from Zeitakubyo?
Week 09: What’s your favourite song from BEAM OF LIGHT?
Week 10: What’s your favourite song from Kanjo Effect?
Week 11: What’s your favourite song from Niche Syndrome?
Week 12: What’s your favourite song from Zankyo Reference? 
Week 13: What’s your favourite song from JinseixBoku=?
Week 14: What’s your favourite song from 35xxxv?
*Week 14.5: What’s your favourite song from Ambitions?
Week 15: What’s your favourite single?
Week 16: Your favourite live performance(s).
Week 17: What’s the OOR song you can relate to the most?
Week 18: What’s your favourite OOR music video and why?
Week 19: Do you have any special OOR memories? And if yes, which ones?
Week 20: What’s your favourite OOR quote?
Week 21: What’s your favourite OOR interview?
Week 22: What OOR song that doesn’t have a music video should have one and why?
Week 23: Do you have any unpopular opinion about the band?
Week 24: What’s your favourite OOR era?
Week 25: Post anything ONE OK ROCK related.

*edited October 2017

Tag game

I was tagged by @happylilprompts​, thanks!! And seriously, everyone go check out her blog and prompts. and be prepared to be amazed!

rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

1. nicknames: woman, hey you, yo hooker…nah, jk. I don’t really have any.

2. gender: cis-female

3. star sign: sagittarius

4. height: 5′ 2.5″ (158cm)

5. time: 10:45ish am

6. birthday: December 1, (I’m turing 29 in like 3 weeks?!?!)

7. favourite bands: Cat Power, Pink Martini, Cranberries

8. favourite solo artists: Neil Diamond(!!!), Helen Forrest, Solomon Burke

9. song stuck in my head: “Thank You” by Dido

10. last movie i watched: The Dark Tower (brb, dying of Idris Elba feels)

11. last show i watched: Alias Grace (GO WATCH IT NOW)

12. when did i create my blog: February (?) this year

13. what do i post: fanfic (mine and reblogs), fic prompts, writing tips

14. last thing i googled: “keep squirrels from climbing window screens” Lol, this is my life.

15. do i have any other blogs: @webhoard​, which is my main blog and goddamn if it isn’t an absolute mess of shitposts, politics, and fangirling….but it’s my beautiful mess.

16. do i get asks: occasionally? but not much.

17. why i chose my url: LOL, for any of you wondering, Eufeme is the adulterous, cradle-robbing queen from Le Roman de Silence, and she is described by the Master Heldris as such: “what deceitful madness and burning lust/ lurked within this female Satan!” (lines 3698-99). Lol, it’s got some wonderful medieval misogyny in it, but really the whole romance is a mindfuck of gender swapping/bending, nature v. nurture, and Arthurian magic. [Also my footer text is a line from the prologue.] Go read it!!

18. following: 295

19. followers: 115, and not one of you is a porn bot!!

21. average hours of sleep: usually a solid 5-7

22. lucky number: 758982456 

23. instruments: I used to play the flute and harmonica….but not in years.

24. what am i wearing: skinny jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes

26. dream job: productive fiction writer, or, more realistically, I’d love to work in textbook publishing someday 

27. dream trip: I’m so boring, but I just really like to go trout fishing in Colorado like I do almost every year…

28. favourite food: tortilla soup, no seriously. It’s the ultimate comfort food.

29. nationality: from ‘Merica

30. fave song: I can’t decide on one, so literally any composition from Bear McCreary

Tagging: I’m gonna be lazy. If you’ve actually read this far, consider yourself tagged! :D

Notice me - phan. One- shot for halloween :) based on the film/book 'If i stay.'

Notice me.

Summary: a one-shot for Halloween 

Genre: Paranormal

Dan Howell just wants to be noticed by his crush Phil Lester. He never thought he’d be more visible as a ghost.

warnings: possible death. I say possible, you decide ;)


Phil Lester was perfect.

Fifteen year old Dan Howell leant against his locker, letting his head cock to the side thoughtfully. It was lunchtime at Coal Hill Academy. Dan was spending his time, like always, hiding behind his books and trying to discreetly get a peek of the most perfect boy, in his opinion, on the planet. Dan already knew he was gay. And he was pretty proud of it. Being just like his dads. Harry and Alex Howell had adopted Dan when he was a baby, and had asked, since he had turned fourteen, if he wanted to meet his real parents. And every single time, Dan declined. He was perfectly happy with his two dads. And was even happier that he wasn’t visible enough at school for people to care about him having same sex parents.

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Ask meme! 
Tagged by @maiikawriter

1) Name/nickname: Manny

2) Gender: Male

3) Star sign: Aries

4) Height: 6’0"

5) Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

6) Favourite animal: Dogs

7) Hours of sleep: Fun fact - this number is completely random

8) Dogs or cats: DOGS

9) Number of blankets: 2

10) Dream trip: America, specifically the East Coast

11) Dream Job: a video editor (which is never happening lol)

12) Time: 3:20 PM

13) Birthday: April 18th 

14) Favourite Bands: Changes every week I swear

15) Favourite Solo Artists: Maybe Phil Collins? Idk.

16) Song Stuck In My Head: Epic Trailer soundtracks, specifically Brand X Music. Woot.

17) Last Movie I Watched: Spiderman: Homecoming 

18) Last Show I Watched: Gravity Falls

19) When Did I Create My Blog: Summer 2016

20) What Do I Post/Reblog: Dragon Ball, random crap of whatever B-fandom I’m obsessed with at the time, and Pokemon.

21) Last Thing I Googled: “How to fill a tub with soap water”. I don’t know how to adult, leave me alone.

22) Other Blogs: I tried some things in the past but they’re not really being used.

23) Do I Get Asks: Hahahahaha… No.

24) Why I Choose My URL: Because Goten is my Daddy.

25) Following: 223

26) Followers: 67

27) Lucky Number: 7 and or 12. Maybe?

28) Favourite Instrument: Acoustic Guitar

29) What Am I Wearing: sweatpants + hoodie. 

30) Favorite Food: Spaghetti and/or Pizza

31) Nationality: European ;) 

32) Favorite Song: See “Favorite Bands”

33) Last Book Read: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

34) Top Three Fictional Universes I’d Like To Join: Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Harry Potter

Lemme tag @dbzebra @azkaabanter @kairi-yajuu @it-started-to-rain and @kiarikakawaiii

uzea-ke  asked:

14, 24, 34, 44? Have a nice day btw!

thank u !!! u have a nice day too

14: birthday

next week lol on the 25th

24: favourite band

ummmm idk i like daughter and beach house but i also like gojira’s older stuff (mars to sirius type stuff) and some dagoba and those are very different don’t listen to my weird music hhjgfjhgfjhgf

34: any talents

not like…. good talents? like im good ish at a bunch of things? i can sing but only if my voice is in the mood and i can write but only if the stars are aligned exactly right??

44: selfie

asdasadfs i just uploaded one but i can do another one if u want ??


Last week I saw my two favourite bands live. Last Sunday the Cure and it was Just Like Heaven. And last Tuesday Wardruna for the third time and they were just as magical as ever.
Of course I had to buy shirts from both of them. Both are size S, and both of them are still too big. I think it still looks cute with oversized cardigans tho.