favourite bad movies

Sugar Baby Movie Picks

 In case you’re bored on a night in, just a few suggestions for great movies that’ll get you inspired for the hustle.

- Casino (1995)- Absolutely brilliant movie, one of the greats. One of the main characters, Ginger, is a ‘working girl’ who marries the main character, a casino boss. That scene where he gives her all the jewellery…ugh.

- Wolf of Wall Street (2013)- For obvious reasons. If you haven’t seen it already, get on it!

- Pretty Woman (1990)- Needs no introduction. A must watch.

- Goodfellas (1990)- True, a lot of it’s about gangsters, but Karen and Henry’s relationship always inspires me to marry rich (or into a criminal gang).

- Moulin Rogue (2001)- Nicole Kidman is stunning and it’s so funny/sad.

- Chicago (2002)- Badass ladies murdering their scumbag boyfriends. Need I say more?

PS I know it’s not a movie, but if you haven’t watched Secret Diary of a Call-Girl yet, you really should.

 Feel free to add your own suggestions below, ladies x



12 - Your favourite part in The Lightning Thief book that wasn’t included in the movie? Chapter Sixteen: We Take A Zebra To Vegas. Kindness International Truck, a.k.a. Percy & Annabeth’s First Personal Talk

“So if the gods fight, will things line up the way they did with the Trojan War? Will it be Athena versus Poseidon?”
“I don’t know what my mom will do. I just know I’ll fight next to you.”
“Because you’re my friend, Seaweed Brain. Any more stupid questions?”

i want a boyfriend thatll do cute things for me like cook my favourite foods, watch bad movies with me, reenact the french revolution, murder cattle, bake me cakes and sing along to disney songs

terrible questions i'd like to be asked
  • 1: what is your favourite dog
  • 2: how many pets do you have
  • 3: what pets have you had in the past
  • 4: what is the coolest dinosaur
  • 5: which dinosaur would you rather be (v. different question)
  • 6: what's your favourite planet
  • 7: ever think about space
  • 8: what's your favourite meal that you can cook
  • 9: what's your favourite emoticon
  • 10: did you have a cool dream last night
  • 11: what's the furthest away from home you've been
  • 12: which animal makes the best sound
  • 13: try to explain what laughter is
  • 14: what's your favourite disneyland ride
  • 15: who's your favourite simpsons character
  • 16: if you were a muppet which one would you be
  • 17: what's the best fruit
  • 18: what's your favourite song to dance to
  • 19: how you doing
  • 20: what's the last animal you saw
  • 21: what's your favourite bad movie
  • 22: what's the best midnight snack
  • 23: what's your flappy bird highscore
  • 24: what's your favourite meme and why
  • 25: is it snowing where you are
  • 26: have you done any extreme sports
  • 27: if you were a wrestler, what would your name be
  • 28: can you do a handstand (show attempt)

i get so frustrated with small talk. tell me about your aspirations, your favourite shows, a bad movie you recently watched. i want to get to know you, not a cardboard cutout.