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A court of wings and ruin playlist by Zara Otto on Apple Music
description of songs on my tumblr @incorrectacomafquotes. Enjoy ✨

OKAY SO, Here is the playlist I made for acowar/acomaf. I’m going to post a link to the playlist on Spotify right after this so if that works better for you check that out as well. This is a list + description of all the songs on the playlist. if you want to, give it a listen. If you want to add anything send me a message I’m always willing.


1. Terrible Love by Birdy: This song reminds me of Feyre when she is living with Tamlin after returning from the mountain. I think it sort of represents how alone she feels, and how intertwined with guilt she is as well.

2. When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars: I found this song to be sort of how I imagine Tam to feel towards the end of acowar when he realizes his mistakes, and only wishes Feyre the best.

3. I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd: This just reminds me of how Rhys feels for Feyre.

4. O’Sister by City and Colour: Wow okay this song reminds me of how Nesta and feyre feel towards Elain, how they wish they could help her but are powerless to the demons she holds in her head.

5. Not In That Way by Sam Smith: If you know this song, you know exactly who this is about. Basically how Az loves Mor but knows if he ever said anything, her feelings would not reflect his own.

6. Liability by Lorde: tbh I cried when I first heard this song. I find this song to relate a lot to Feyre and her process of finding self love.

7. Scene Two - Roger Rabbit by SLeeping With Sirens: I added this song bc it reminds me of Rhys’s encouragement towards Feyre to mend her own wounds, and to become her own savior. Kind if how he encourages her to love and forgive herself.

8. HEAVEN (ft. Betty Who) by Troye Sivan: This one is up to you. I find it could fit a lot of our beloved characters. To me, it reminds me of Az.

9. Self Control by Frank Ocean: When I hear this song I often think about how Az feels for Mor, and how haunting it must be to watch her suffer and not understand why she’s in so much pain. Az loves her so much that he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship by admitting his feelings. In short, Az has no self control when it comes to Mor.

10. Eyes Closed by Halsey: Literally all of Halsey’s songs remind me of SJM books so this was difficult to choose from. Honestly Badlands is just 100% SJM books. But this song in particular reminded me of Mor, and how she lost the girl she once loved and lives her life hiding her feelings.

11. 26 by Paramore: This one reminds me of the Inner Circle, and all those who dare to hold onto their dreams.

12. Moonlight by Ariana Grande: This song reminds me of when Feyre first falls in love with Rhys and Velaris in general.

13. Fly With Me by Iration: Well, this song talks about “flying” which is a euphemism of getting high bc its iration, but the lyrics remind me of how Rhys invites Feyre to fly with him, and how freeing the experience is when they all fly together in general.

14. Oh Death by R.I.S.E.: I added this song bc it kind of has a folk vibe which I like. I find it to remind me of the war in general, and how close to death everyone is.

15. Monster Lead Me Home by Sara Hartman: This song was suggested to me, I find it reminds me of when Mor picks Feyre up and brings her home, and how Velaris and the inner circle become home to Feyre.

16. Oceans by Seafret: This song was also suggested to me and ugh wow I love it thank you so much. This one is again, up to you. I think of Az and his feelings for Mor when I hear it.

17. Fallingforyou by The 1975: This songs reminds me of the night of Starfall, and Feyre falling for Rhys in general. But, you could also relate this song to Nesta and Cassian.

18. Talk Me Down by Troye Sivan: (can you tell I love Troye) This song is really innocent, and reminds me of how Elaine and Azriel would be if they ever started to be together, because it would be soft and gentle.

19. Marked Man by Mieka Pauley: Again, this song was suggested to me. This song represents how Nesta promised the King of Hyberyn she would kill him and have her revenge for what he did.

20. Saturn by Sleeping At Last: I love this song so much. The album is great as a whole, but this song really reminds me of Velaris and the inner circle.

21. Just A Game by Birdy: I know this song was made for the thg soundtrack, but, I find it reminds me a lot of how Feyre feels when she first comes to Paryhian. She’s lost and confused, plays Amarantha’s game, and then her feelings for Rhys change when he saves her under the mountain.

22. Bad Intentions by Nikyee Heaton: Okay, this could work for Amren, Mor, or Nesta. It reminds me most of Morrigan though….

23. Haunted by Poe: Another wonderful suggested song, meant to represent Elaine’s gift.

24. Love Is a Losing Game by Amy Winehouse: My all time favourite song. I totally think of Mor whenever I hear it.

25. Samurai (feat. Katy Tiz) by Vanic: I just love this song lol, but yeah this sort of reminds me of music that would play when Cassian and Azriel are training Feyre. Badass af.

26. Quit (feat. Ariana Grande) by Cashmere Cat: Reminds me of how Nesta pushes her feelings for Cas away, but she can’t let him go.

27. 99 by Elliot Moss: When I listen to this song I imagine what Rhys feels like when he gives the little goodbye speech before everyone splits up before the war begins.

28. My Baby by Julia Stone: Weirdly this song makes me think of Kallias and Viviane.

29. Bloom by The Paper Kites: This song reminds me a lot of Elaine. Maybe someday if she has growing feeling for Az. It’s just gentle, like she is.

Love Is A Losing Game - Trixya - 1/? - Kitten

Hello! Long time no post! This little thing just came to me after listening to one of my favourites; Amy Winehouse. Title and chapter titles will be named after her songs. If you don’t know her well, I suggest listening to everything now, but it won’t really matter to the fic. I said I was going to write fluff, but that’s something I can’t do so I compromised with this…

Lots more angst and smut to come!

Kitten xxx

(P.S) Sorry I know it’s another lesbian AU, but all my other fics are gay guys so you can stfu.

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🌼 Nicknames: Ary (I have many other ones but they’re really specific and quite odd, oops)

🌼 Gender: Female

🌼 Star sign: Taurus

🌼 Height: 161 cm (5′3 ½)

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🌼 Favourite bands: Monsta X, NCT, Seventeen, VIXX, EXID, Infinite, Astro, SHINee, Pentagon, UP10TION, f(x), Ladies’ Code, SF9, UNIQ

🌼 Favourite solo artists: Amy Winehouse, SoHyang, Reol, Stromae, Gain, Sam Smith

🌼 Song stuck in my head: Infinite - Breath

🌼 Last movie I watched: Madame Bovary

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🌼 Last thing I googled: “Nagaland” (don’t ask why 😂)

🌼 Do I have any other blogs: My personal blog is listed in the bio ( @cherryoons ) but I don’t post that often. I have many other side blogs for aesthetics!

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🌼 Lucky Number: 67 (I use it everywhere) or 4. 

🌼 Instruments: I used to play the piano for a while and the guitar but not for too long.

🌼 What am I wearing: Black long sleeved shirt with long pants.

🌼 How many blankets I sleep with: One but I need about 3 pillows to feel comfortable!

🌼 Dream job: Ever since I was little, I wanted to be an actress or a singer. I still do, but I guess it’s not too realistic for me. But I also used to want to be a teacher or a psychologist. Now I have found my path and I’m most likely going to be a translator.

🌼 Dream trip: I’ve always wanted to visit New York, Paris or Northern China! But if I’m not with the right people, the place doesn’t matter, it just turns in a mess.

🌼 Favourite food: I’m very picky with food in general so if my favourite food isn’t cooked well, I might not eat it again. I enjoy eating rice with chicken or Greek food!

🌼 Nationality: Romanian & Iranian 

🌼 Favourite song now: ah-ah - Teen Top 

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1. Nicknames: cam, mila, cami, eli, kamikaze

2. Gender: girl

3. Star sign: aries

4. Height:  5′3 ft / 161 cm

5. Time: 03:12 pm

6. Birthday: april 14th

7. Favourite Bands: fall out boy, metric and gorillaz but i like a lot of bands

8. Favourite solo artists: britney spears, amy winehouse, hayley kiyoko

9. Song stuck in your head: no below by speedy ortiz

10. Last movie you watched: uhhh i started watching nerv on netflix but still haven’t finished it

11. Last show you watched: i’m watching bojack horseman!

12. When did you create this blog: april 12th, 2014. notice it was 2 days before my 16th bday (it was because i really wanted people to say happy birthday to me and i didn’t think any of my friends would remember and i’m just making this question way more sad than it needs to be)

13. When do you post: i have a queue running all day but i usually fill it up when i have free time in between classes or at night after i’m done with schoolwork OR when i want to avoid doing schoolwork

14. Last thing I googled: “before the storm episode 2 release date”

15. Do you have any other blogs: i have a couple of sidebogs that i mostly keep for reference posts

16. Do you get any asks: yeah, sometimes

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22. Lucky number: 4 and some variations of 4 (like 14, 40, 44…)

23. Instruments: i tried learning to play guitar and piano but stopped going to class so, i don’t know how to play anything now

24. What am I wearing: ripped jeans, a grey tank top, grey vans and a dark blue hoodie

25. How many blankets I sleep with: a sheet and a duvet and sometimes an extra cozy blanket

26. Dream job: working for pixar, or making videogames. but to be perfectly honest, nowadays when i picture my perfect life i don’t ever imagine myself working. i just want a job that helps me get out of here and gives me free time to do what i want

27. Dream trip: i want to tour europe again, but this time with someone i love

28. Favourite food: i dont have any, but i really like sushi and sweat bread

29. Nationality: mexican

30. Favourite song right now: are you ready for me? by pretty vicious

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Mi, with my flat mate is probably the only one tbh.. Mishka is kinda a nickname because I work with a lot of foreign people and they cant pronounce my name properly, so all the English people i work with call me it too 😂


Almost 6ft1


24th January 1998

Favourite Bands:
Bears Den, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Skillet, Paramore, ive gone blank tbh

Favourite Solo Artists:
Hozier, Kesha, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, still pretty blank

Song Stuck in My Head:
Something In The Water by Tom Grogan (i think)

Last Movie I Watched:
I think it was Knock, Knock? It might not be called that, the film about 2 girls blackmailing some guy and torturing and sleeping with him??

Last TV Show I Watched:
Game of Thrones, the season finale bruuuuuuuuuuuuv

When Did I Create My Blog?
Almost 6 years ago, it was like 11th November 2011 or something??

What Do I Post?

Last Thing I Googled:
Bike crash maidstone 😁 One of my friends passed away this weekend and i was looking for the article on the bus to meet everyone when i found out 😁😁😁

Do I Have Other Blogs:
Yeah, I have a blog I use to store posts I want to see again 😂

Do I Get Asks?
Not anymore tbh

Why Did I Chose My URL?
My favourite 10th Doctor quote in the scene that causes his regeneration



Favourite Colours:
Purple, red, black

Average Hours of Sleep:
About 5 because I work a lot

Lucky Number:
Dont really have one, but 27???

What Am I Wearing?
A really long PJ shirt….

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With?
Studies show that the more blankets you sleep with the lonelier you are. At least 6

Dream Job:
Make Up Artist for films and TV

Favourite Foods:
Squashies, Reeses Pieces, cheese pizza, tuna sweetcorn pasta, tomato pasta…

White as a sheet of paper

Favourite Song as of Now:
Malibu by Miley Cyrus 😂😂

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A: Age | 107
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C: Current time | 08:32 PM
D: Drink you had last | Dr. Pepper (fun fact: the key to my heart is a cold dr. pepper)
E: Easiest person to talk to | Mi mamá!
F: Favourite song | “In My Bed” by Amy Winehouse. It’s literally an almost 5 minute roast with jazzy background music. Two of my favorite things lol.
G: Grossest memory | I went over to my grandma’s house one weekend, and the sunday before I came home, I ate something that didn’t agree with me. The whole car ride I was okay, but as soon as I got home, I barfed in the hallway on the way to the bathroom… Clean up was NOT FUN.
H: Hogwarts house | Ravenclaw. Seriously. 
I: In love? | Forever in love with robert sheehan.
J: Jealous of people | Nah.
K: Killed someone | My sims die all the time. (do they count???)
L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again? | walk by again
M: Middle name  | Reina!
N: Number of siblings | 0.
O: One wish | For WW3 not to happen.
P: Person you called last | Netflix customer service.
Q: Question you are always asked | “What are you mixed with?”
R: Reason to smile | HTGAWM & JTV’s new seasons coming soon!!!!!
S: Song you sang last | “Midnight” by Jessie Ware (an absolute BOP btw)
T: Time you woke up | 7:30 AM
U: Underwear colour | NOYB
V: Vacation destination | Greece.
W: Worst habit |  I procrastinate. A lot.
X: X-rays | ??????
Y: Your favourite food | Salmon/ Any kind of potato.
Z: Zodiac sign | Aries.

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Amy Winehouse - WIll You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

This is my favourite Amy Winehouse song, and I prefer this version of her cover of the Shirelles song, from the Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason soundtrack over the more arranged version that was included on the Lioness collection.  Amy takes the doo-wop sound of the original and slows it right down, giving it an acoustic jazz arrangement and showing off her voice beautifully.

I wanted to end with this song not just because I think it’s gorgeous, but because I think it encapsulates what Amy herself asked again and again, and had trouble believing people when they answered yes to it: will you still love me tomorrow? 

For someone who is depressed, or struggles with self-confidence, or is even just a little bit vulnerable, the hardest thing in the world can be to believe that they are loved or that they are worthy of that love.  I think that Amy struggled with that very much, the kind of other side to the double-edged sword of public- and self-perception I’ve been talking about all week.

When you are as vulnerable as Amy was, it is also very easy to be taken advantage of.  I’ve purposely spent this week not talking about a lot of the negative associations that are usually brought up when Amy is mentioned, and that has also meant avoiding some of the people who were in her life.  While I think that she did make her own mistakes, because we all do, I also very much think that she was not taken care of by some of the people in her life when it suited them to ignore what was best for her in favour of what was best for them.  Too much has been taken from Amy already; I wanted to do a week in which I wrote about her, yes, but I did so empathetically, and with love and appreciation for the music she gave us and the battles she fought.  I hope I have managed to do that.

The last thing I want to say is that I know that I’ve made a big deal, this week, about myths and assigning meaning to things or people or songs, and I’ve critiqued the public gaze rather a lot.  I want to emphasize that I don’t think finding meaning is the same thing as that public gaze.  A gaze fits a mode of looking and plays into overarching societal values.  A myth is simply a story we tell ourselves to help us figure out the unending confusion of life.  Anything you can do for yourself that makes living that little bit brighter and more beautiful is a good thing, so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.  I think Amy, who spoke often about how much music was her way of dealing with her own pain, would agree.  

Thank you for reading, and thanks again especially to Hendrik.