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When he sees something beautiful, he has to scratch it, to mess with it and he doesn’t even really know why himself. And that’s kind of what makes up the complexity of Peter Hale.

 Michael Fjordback (x)

Friendly reminder that Peter Hale is not a poor misunderstood wooby.

Also friendly reminder that this totally explains why he bit Scott  that night in the woods. He just had to mess with “something beautiful.”

This is my headcanon and you will have to wring it from my cold dead hands.

The scene from Teen Wolf "Overlooked", that did not make it in the final cut.....
  • Peter Hale: our little Scott...Derek, give me a tissue.
  • Peter Hale: blows his nose
  • Peter Hale: It feels like it was just yesterday when I found him in the woods..
  • Derek Hale: Ehm... Peter?
  • Peter Hale: so small and tiny in his little red hoodie...and look at him now.
  • Derek Hale:
  • Peter Hale (sobs): You think you have so much time to raise the kids, to teach them to lie, murder and manipulate....
  • Derek Hale: ?
  • Scott McCall: ??
  • Peter Hale: .....and before you realize it, they are all grown up, live their own lives and become true Alphas....(sobs at Derek's shoulder)
  • Derek (awkwardly pats his shoulder): there, there...
  • Peter: they never visit, they never call....
  • Derek: Peter?
  • Peter: not even a birthdaycard..
  • Derek: Peter!
  • Peter: ungrateful little brat....
  • Derek: could we maybe come back to the fact that currently there is an Alpha pack in the hospital that's after us?
  • Peter: Oh,.....okay.
Friendly reminder.......

 that Peter Hale does not think

that Stiles is smarter than Scott;


that Stiles would be a better werewolf than Scott;

and that it is als pure fan fiction

that Peter ever regretted that he did not bite Stiles that night in the woods.

Peter Hale is a manipulative and abusive asshole who does not give two cents about Stiles Stilinski. The only interest he takes in people is how he can manipulate them best for his own purposes.

So when he offered the bite to Stiles, he did not think:

“Wow, this is a smart cookie, he will make a much better werewolf than Scott. He will be a valuable asset for my pack and  other than little dense Scott he will actually deserve it!”

Peter Hale needed a pack.  He needed at least three betas. Peter Hale also is excellent in reading people. So when he saw Stiles Stilinski, he saw him as Scott’s friend,  as somebody who is important to Scott and could help keeping Scott in line. Because Peter Hale knows that Scott McCall does literally anything to protect his family and friends and that he listens to Stiles. And he saw Stiles as someone who thrived to be Batman instead of Robin, who felt inferior to his supernatural friend, who wanted to be stronger, more powerful and who wanted to be the hero. So Peter Hale thought that Stiles would be more receptive to his promises of unlimited power, easier to persuade and he decided to exploit Stile’s desires and weaknesses to kill two birds with one stone: Getting Scott in line by luring his friend in and getting another pack member that he thought would be easier to manipulate because he’s more receptive to the promise of power. And he did not force the bite on Stiles because luring Stiles in on his free will would be much more effective. He did not need another unwilling beta. He needed a beta who would convince his other unwilling beta that life as a werewolf is not so bad; that the upsides outweigh the downsides. Someone who would help him corrupt Scott.

He basically tried with Stiles the same thing he tried with Melissa, just with a more subtle and less violent approach.

What Peter did not know is that Stiles’ love and loyalty for Scott override even his ambitions to be stronger and more powerful.

a few more thoughts/headcanons on Deucalion and Scott..
  • Deucalion was lured into a trap by Gerard Argent, who killed members of his pack, blinded and almost killed him. So when Deucalion learns that Scott, a sixteen-year old teenager, who only has been a werewolf for a couple of months, brought down Gerard, he is fascinated and wants to know more. I wonder whether this was what actually gripped his interest and if he only learned later about Scott’s “true Alpha” status. (I am still not sure how he gets his information though I can imagine that he kept an eye on Gerard and the events in Beacon Hills while plotting and preparing his revenge).
  • After everything I have learned about Deucalion character before his blindness, he seemed to be a righteous and strong Alpha who believed in peaceful solutions. so it might be possible that he himself was a “true Alpha” (I know they are rare, but Werewolves seem to age very differently so he could be very old) and this is why he  feels connected to Scott, maybe even feels he could be a confidant and mentor (I do not think that Deucalion trusts any of his current fellow alphas and the scenes with Scott look like a display of a mentor/student relationship) but also projects his own experiences on Scott because he thinks that being a  righteous, virtuous true Alpha makes you weak and brings you nothing but pain..Maybe he thinks he saves Scott, makes him stronger and that he is doing Scott a favour by trying to corrupt him and trying to get him to kill somebody. He does not feel guilty for the things he plans to do to Scott (and Derek) because if they do not kill him, they can only make him better and stronger.
  • Lastly, he definitely values Scott’s qualities and his potential but he knows that Scott’s potential is useless to him if Scott is not willing to kill for him and the pack. So his goal is to break down Scott’s moral boundaries to use his potential for his plan to take revenge on Gerard and the Argents.

By the way

“You must be Stiles…..”

does not translate into:

So you are the handsome, smart young man Derek told me so much about on his countless visits in long term care, the teenage genius I should have bitten instead of ungrateful and dense Scott McCall and the one person I find so fascinating and intriguing that I immediately recognize him and remember his name when I finally meet him face to face….”

It is more like

“You must be Stiles, the tiresome little insect, thee unimportant little shit I  chased through a school for a whole night in a desperate attempt to get my most wanted beta to kill him. The beta I am so obsessed about that I stalk him 24/7, know all his friends and even found out his girl friend’s phone number so I could lure her to this school as well.”

Just thought I clear this up, since there seems to be quite a misunderstanding in fandom about how Peter saw Scott and Stiles at this point.

I am deeply uncomfortable with all these theories that Stiles’s spoilered hallucination about missing half of exact the same finger that was cut off Peter Hale’s hand might be actually caused by Peter messing with Stiles’s head.

Firstly, alone the possibility of a storyline  that resurrects Peter Hale, lets him walk around living and breathing without ever being held responsible for his actions,just to give him another chance to mess with the mind and soul of an innocent teenager makes me want to strangle the showmakers.

Secondly, Teen Wolf already has enough repetitive story lines. Please find something new. I do not need every season new variations of “Lydia redeems jerks with the power of love” or “Peter manipulates innocent teenagers for his own gain.”

Thirdly, I do not care about Peter Hale creating another sick and messed- up relationship with a teenager. I want the already existing problematic relationships with teenagers he has already messed with, namely Lydia and Scott, properly addressed and resolved. Both of them have never been given the opportunity to confront their trauma and Peter properly. So yes, I will be very angry when the writers unnecessarily create a similar storyline with Peter and Stiles just this time with the twist Stiles actually gets lots and lots fo screen time for dealing with his trauma, the aftermath and the confrontation with Peter Hale,  Do not dare to deprive Scott and Lydia of this just to give it to Stiles.

alchemy replied to your post “No worries, anti-Scott fandom, you are not alone. I am pretty sure…”

peter is torn between desperately wanting to corrupt scott and finding something admirable about the fact that he doesn’t have any villain in him (but peter will help out if he wants a villain in him HEY)

exactly. I mean of Course Peter is endlessly frustrated that Scott is so stubbornly good and morally incorruptible. He sees that Scott has so many talents he values in people, the talent to strategize and plan and to come up with the most cunning out-of-the box thinking in difficult situations, but he cannot use it for himself because Scott is such a do-gooder and that grates on him so much. Peter cries himself into sleep over Scott wasted potential as mastervillain every night and then dreams of the great evil things they could do together.

I consider it as kind of poetic justice that Scott now teaches Malia, Peter’s daughter, everything what is important about being a werecreature in every physical, mental and moral aspect, especially when you consider that Peter Hale went a whole season after Scott to form him after his own psychopathic self in what can be compared to a sick, twisted “I just want the best for you” pseudo father-son relationship.

I somehow want to screencap every single scene between Peter and Derek.....

 and replace the actual dialogue with a dialogue that basically makes it about Scott:

Peter beating up Derek in the hospital:

“What exactly were you doing with Scott those nights in the woods, Derek?”

Derek beating up Peter in the Hale house:

“We were dong exactly what you thought, Peter! Ha!”

The Hales and Scott discussing strategies in Derek’s loft:

Derek: “This kid helped save your life!”

Peter: “You know that I made him, right?”

Derek: “I know…”

Peter: “Not that I want to brag….who am I kidding? OF COURSE I want to brag!”

Derek: “I know!”

Peter; “What happened to your Betas again? Oh, I know, they RAN…except for Scott..oops I forgot, he never wanted to join your pack…

Derek: "At least Scott and my Betas did not set me on fire…”

Peter: Ouch; Touchè.  but at least this is a sign of initiative and courage and I would not expect less of a beta of mine….tell me,Derek does it hurt as much to know that my ruthless and cunning little beta and his little human friends had to take me down for your chance to be the Alpha?“

( endless quarrel continues)

I really want so many more scenes where they are basically doing nothing else than bickering and quarreling about Scott and who sucked worse as an/ his Alpha….